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Struggling to "Dig" the New World OrderImage result for password craziness

Little did I know that when I added my Samsung 8 to my life possibilities, how it would turn my life upside down. Whether it's a good or bad thing has yet to be determined. Folks, Windows 10 has been designed and each new Android software update to your phone, as well, to take us ever closer to that day when "Big Brother" says,

"All who wish to enter, stick out your arm!"

I see it in my personal psyche dealing with the invasion techniques to my being necessary to get full functionality out of my phone and to integrate it fully into my lifestyle, my slow acceptance of this invasion. There can be no doubt that,  starting with Windows 8, adding new devices to your person or reinstalling operating systems such as Windows, has become child's play and a much more pleasant experience than  just a few years before. Gone are the days you have to go to all your component websites to get the most recent updates. Windows makes you press a few buttons and then, it does the rest.

Windows 10 updates so often, with a brand new operating system (a couple times a year) that is still called Windows 10 (and will be forever?) and it's a 90% probability your component's drivers, etc, are covered in these updates unless it was somehow so new that windows hadn't incorporated it into the install system yet.

True, for full functionality you still may have to go to the specific website (say for a Creative sound card) but the basics are all covered.

I first noticed this "convenience" quotient rising in the Chrome web browser, perhaps because I had been gun shy with Microsoft suggestions that I trust them.  Google Chrome has all your settings in the cloud and all you have to do is link and sync your new devise to the cloud of google. Interestingly, "saved passwords" require a Windows or, I assume, Apple account to get access to if you are having difficulty logging in.


You see, I was a gamer come lately starting in 2001 with my one advantage over the younger set being that I could afford the latest hardware for the latest games which often meant building new computers and reinstalling operating systems. Recall ,if you will, that back in 2004, computer gaming had not yet linked to X-Box and Playstation.

There was nothing holding game developers back for upgrading the eye candy but upgrading  the goodies also meant beefier CPUs, more memory, faster hard drives and super graphics cards to keep up.

When Vista came along, almost all new games were prioritized for X-Box and Playstation, with computer gamers usually having to settle for ports. Stability of the x-box environment as well as the problems of piracy caused this exodus from PC gaming for many developers but "Big Brother" still needed a modest effort there and I am sure offered rewards for a few developers to stay in the game.

Games have shrunk to a trickle of what it used to be, the new technology forcing the earlier game developers to join with higher up the pyramid ops and the messages these games share are all NWO positive, lie myths sold as facts, enemies of the state, in accordance with the needs of the banker elites footing the bill and we are supposed to buy into the con, keeping quiet if we know better, ignorance is bliss if we don't.

It's that old corporate thing ya know. The little guy gives way for the big op as the corporate communist foot protrudes further through the door opened once upon a time to let it in, this, the Jew capitalist model that leads to the same place, in the end, that the Jew communist model leads to....hell on earth!

Even with this new stabilized environment taking over in 2007, upgrading your video card, if you could afford to, was typical of many gamers, me included till The New World Order knocked on my door and told me they were thinking about enslaving me. At that point, my top of the line stuff from 2012, served me quite nicely up until recently.

But back to the main focus

I began to notice the convenience ( I am sure intentionally created) of having the latest windows release in 2012-13 when reinstalling Windows 7 took twice as long, due to all the critical updates that needed to be added, than new installing Windows 8 which had gotten a bad rep upon release.

Because I literally did 10 to 15 installs a year back then, I naturally tried Windows 8 and decided the new apps feature everyone was complaining about was pretty easy to live with once you got used to it and, hey,  all you do is install this new baby, link and sync to google, add a few software programs and you are settled in.

Not only by sticking with the older operating system did it take much longer to get Windows updated, but, as a gamer with the latest hardware, which often included a new motherboard that came out after Windows 7 was released, another hour or two was added for downloading and installing all the driver needed. Couple that with the Microsoft technique of syncing new games to features only found in the latest Windows release, and I became a "born again" updater.

But then i got paranoid when I realized, TPTB weren't so much my friend as my enemy and began getting deeply suspicious of all this prying into my daily habits. Not only did they do 911 to accomplish some societal transformations quicker, but had caused and false flagged all the wars written about in history to fulfill some agenda of a Jewish privilege utopia, taking along enough goy with them to make things go smoother between their authoritarian dictates and our feeble acquiesence, dare we ever question anything they do say, or tell us is true.

That's addicting folks (this simplicity of staying current).

No doubt about it. Add to that the fact that many of us and especially those putting out content on the web,  use multiple devices, the inter linkage and auto migration with them to fit like a glove between each other is something I have found myself reluctantly accepting.

It is these conditions that assures a BIG BROTHER can and will know everything it needs to know about you. Your laptop is practically ordered, now, to sign into Microsoft, if you want to play in computerville. The newer devices have multiple ways to sign in conveniently and with no effort. My new Asus laptop is a testimony to that as well as the Samsung 8.

On the 8, I can do face recognition, finger or Iris scanning, password, pin or draw a memorized pattern.The finger scanner, is great and always works.Then to get in from a full shutdown, a password is the only option. All this to make it very hard for a criminal who grabs your stuff, to know all the hidden details you prefer to keep private....and all is integrated in with your Microsoft account.

Google Chrome is integrated with your Microsoft account. Oh heck folks, let's get real!. It's all integrated with "Big Brother" and Microsoft and Chrome, and finger scanners are all big brother props.This complicated immersion of various networking devices has made "Big Brother" your protector and safety guide, as he informs you through "Cortana" or whatever, how you go from here to there all protected from some evil invader created in our minds or honed through mind control techniques to create the problem.

Here's Window's Hello. I have it  on two computers and it definitely spoils you!

And we are all depending on "Big Brother" to keep us safe and to tell us what to do next. In actuality, it takes a lot of mind effort to do all this efficiently. I am actually starting to see why these various checks are being put in place, to be sure we are who we say we are as we navigate within our "safe" spaces provided on NWO terrain. In this cyber-space designed for full 24/7 mind control of the masses, the phone addiction surely is a huge stepping stone to getting the "666 chip" voluntarily received inferring they are protecting us from all who wants what is rightfully ours, a protection that obviously keeps themselves as part of the problem, as much as possible from an area of our concern but, on the contrary, our protector or....


for whom which we must depend onImage result for big brother 1984

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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