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With this picture below (under the creativity picture) probably gotten off google, Kyle Hunt complains about the Jewish problem while assuring his white readership also knows there is  a "mud" problem (non-whites who, it is claimed, hate whites for all sorts of jealous reasons).

Renegade #HappyGoy

"Mud" is a term used over and over for anyone not born white or Jew by Ben Klaussen, the founder of the "Creativity Movement", a movement that defines "good" as whatever  is solely favorable to white interests regardless of the consequences elsewhere and believes your "country" is your "race".

Anyone schooled  on the nature of Jewish thinking will quickly understand that this is a poor Jew copy formulated by a person who looks to be of krypto Jewish origins, Ben Klaussen.

See "Ben Klaussen's Jewish Mennonite origins"

If nothing else, the use of a bullhorn to disseminate this propaganda defines it as a philosophy designed to fail because it is good for Jews that a goy threat, whites, thinks every other race is the enemy, who are inferior and are out to get them and live off them. It also let's every other race know that their enemy are these ostentatious buffoons who promote the belief, megaphone toting whites (deluded by much of Klaussen's propaganda).

Image result for "Creativity Movement"

While the Jews essentially believe the same thing, they are trained to keep these facts closely guarded and, indeed, trained to give the exact opposite impression.

As they have also infiltrated and promoted the exact opposite in white obsessed groups, they, then, can proclaim a bogus humanitarian value system which is nothing more than a disguised attack on the primary host, in this case, white people who are loudly  shouting their superiority to everyone else

Jews know they have to throw bones to co-opt the attention and the heart of various resistance operations not happy with their existence above them in covert ruler-ship.

With control of 90% of information dissemination through various censorship techniques and phony opposition websites, he goes about revealing truth nuggets about himself, while disguised as a white goy, in order to then herd his new found allies into obsessions of little consequence. Using today as an example, getting all caught up in defaming SJW's, homo-sexuals, non-whites, religions taught to be threatening to whites, etc., etc.

He can "out himself" so to speak because the divide and conquer already in place keeps that information, potentially deadly to the Jew, from spreading across all their targeted entities for slavery.

The compartmentalization of dissent has freed the Jew to say almost anything without fear of being caught in a lie

Image result for "FOOT IS IN THE DOOR"What he has done, since his plans are hidden from view to almost all, is make sure the easier to see and kill enemies are foremost in his adversaries mind. So, look at these two pictures, above and below, complaining about the white predicament. Though at first it seems to be a frontal assault on Jewry, the "FOOT IS IN THE DOOR" with the derogatory references to "muds" and "non-white" invaders to then devote total attention to these inconvenient secondary issues, all dependent on the Jew source for their existence as a problem and unsolvable till the primary problem is handled.

The below picture seems to be a Renegade copy made by Kyle to say exactly what the one above says. Same ole racialist tactics that keeps my warm fuzzy thoughts from ever developing about Kyle and Sinead.

Kyle softens the "Creativity-like" mud language found above with "Non-white invaders" denoting Kyle's audience is slightly more sophisticated but gullible for the same, tired ole divide and conquer antics so entrenched in this resistance that can only be described as "fake"!

Especially Sinead who goes full tilt on irrelevant issues that can't be solved with the Jew controlling the levers of power, so whether true or not, her obsessions, they are a distraction from the main fight, the Jew fight, that uses goy pawns against other goy pawns to keep any real resistance from ever emerging.

Sinead is the yang to Andrew Anglin's Yin when it comes to the male-female issues so prevalent today but they are both distracting even though lip-service to the Jew cause is paid.

It is a divide and conquer issue to promote. It looks like both are being handled and, with Sinead's recent traitorous behavior regarding helping VK Clark, an outed Jew that promotes Jewish faggots and Nazi-feminism, and Anglin's ushering in MGTOW as part of the white-Jewish resistance program when he started up "Daily Stormer", one is only rational to assume someone else's agenda is being put in play from behind the curtain with these two.

The idea of Sinead standing with a woman that links trannies, Jewish homosexuals, Jewish traitors (David Cole) and defamation of Renegade itself as a Hitler Worship Cult while on stage, in opposite political stance, hit home the reality of the compromised pretty Jew-like goy that she is.

Watching Anglin promote PewdiePie as some sort of white Nazi hero, a guy from super wealth with assumed loyalties to the super wealthy, reveals we are surrounded by enemies, within and without. There are no "safe spaces" at the moment.

Yes, cultural Marxism is a problem as any belief system based on Jew lies and propaganda is or any people who fall for the Jewish spread ruse. Let's not demonize the deluded but target the intentional, knowing evil, being perpetrated against us

That is our problem that currently looks unsolvable. If you disagree,  take a walk away from your clique of like minded Jewish obsessers and see if anyone out there in the real world have any kind of clue.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.

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