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Activism and police harassment in Sarpsborg

Nom de Plume

Nom de Plume



Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Department 1 carried out a successful day of activism in Sarpsborg on Sunday. As usual, the police were present to unlawfully harass NRM activists.

Our activists arrived at Sarpsborg town hall at around noon on Sunday with flags and leaflets. We chose the town hall as it’s the site of one of the polling stations in the upcoming general election.

At first we didn’t encounter any problems and had several conversations with passers-by. However, after a while the police inevitably turned up and started acting very aggressively.

They weren’t interested in having any dialogue with us and appeared to be visibly provoked by our presence. Two of the policemen were upset that independent journalists were filming in a public place, and one of them struck the camera out of the hand of one of our members.

They defended their rabid behaviour by claiming they were being “harassed” by being filmed. Conversely, a journalist from the establishment media company NRK was also there but was left to freely document the event by the police.

As usual the police tried to defy our constitutional right to freedom of expression by attempting to disperse our activists, saying that we hadn’t asked for permission to carry out a “demonstration”. The event was otherwise successful, and a film from the day will soon be published on Frihetskamp.

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