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 -------------------------------- launched linking Friberg, Jorjani and Richard Spencer

This was predicted by me. Remember, I have labeled Jorjani as a misdirection artist with huge talent and possibly a leader or anti-Christ figure who supposedly represents  real Iran as opposed to taken over Iran by Muslims

I expect to have more to say about this in article form or here later on the home page

Mike Delaney Rant day against Jew Sympathizers
It must be noted Delaney stays away from all false flags but his money maker, 911. Why would you assume a known liar (the Jew media) ever tells you the truth after you been 911'd?
Again, Much of Delaney's dogmas is baggage that he espouses as obvious truth, sort of White Race Religiony
This picture says it all about (((TRS)))enoch

Another False Flag, This TIme in Israel ( I suppose to hide the fact  no Islamists ever seem to attack Israel though the whole war on terror started because of Arab reaction to Israel)

Of course they have their evil crisis actor photo op showing how he hates our freedoms by shooting us the bird! Jews create a reality of hate and then pretend to be the good guy on camera. Too funnyTunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel killed 86 people in Nice on July 14 by driving a hired truck directly at innocent pedestrians 


This video footage is obviously  faked. The Truck looks like it goes through things, the area hit doesn't really look hit afterwards and no people in the surrounding area went to check for survivors....notice the camera man just happens to be filming basically nothing when this happens and contrary to normal human reaction, keeps filming and not moving.  Notice that the camera slightly wavers so it is a hand held camera.....Also, right at impact at 48 seconds, look closely to see that the film has been clipped there...

Minor correction, the wavering camera was from a hand held camera watching a tv screen or monitor.

Palestinian Truck Driver Drives into Israeli Soldiers   Jerusalem truck attacker mows down four Israeli soldiers then reverses to make sure they are dead before he is killed in hail of bullets

No actual proof offered from the above link with 15 photos. All Sandy Hook-like stuffMembers of the ZAKA voluntary community emergency response teams and Israeli police work to help the wounded in front of the truck A forensic investigator of the Israeli police examines the cab of the truck after it was covered with bullet holes in Jerusalem 

Members of an Israeli funeral service carry away what is believed to be a body, past the truck and tourist bus

Israeli police confirmed that the incident on Sunday morning was a deliberate terrorist attack 

Surprise, no blood!

Richard Spencer says Hitler  was very bad. It's called "lying to get into the arena" folks and the whole alt-right does it one way or another. Hitler never would have

Do you see that with Spencer and the alt-right, the conversation will not be about Jews but about getting rid of blacks and Muslims. It will be about white victimhood and folks Jews are totally fine with that!

Image result for baked alaska-naziHeads up, my gut reaction to the guy called "Baked Alaska" and that whole big circus of events surrounding his entry into the alt-tight.

Spencer has the hail Hitler salute festival, Molyneux, Cernovitch and Watson cry "anti-semitism, let me outa here!"  and then this "baked Alaska" guy comes out of nowhere to become alt-right from alt-lite when he pisses Cernovitch off.
I would like to suggest that whole series of spectacles were orchestrated divide and conquer events to keep us dysfunctional as possible. I knew little about Baked Alaska but it seems he was a black lives matter supporter a short while ago. Anglin got on his rag to attack anyone attacking Baked Alaska. Folks, this is how you have new experts join your movement, by giving them publicity usually having them be unfairly persecuted in some way so they can then hoist your banner of freedom for you.
Image result for junior samplesImage result for junior samplesBut folks, you are the uncontrolled opposition and they are the third tier dissent meant to herd you back to being controlled. Just as Weev, as Damigo, as Evalion and so many others are being"staged event" persecuted so they can then become your champions, I see Baked Alaska as the new enabled kid on the block. My two cents
Notice all the supporting actors and announcers that make you believe the event is real and sell you it's reality. Now go get your "farmer John" overalls and a dunce cap because you are now totally controlled by the NWOImage result for baked alaska-nazi

13640766 1753780114899536 6110591439274807232 oJason happily sells the official story of the Paris attacks to then use the narrative to sew paranoia into the nativist European psyche.

Protocols 12-5  says all the goy look upon events with the glasses we Jews place on their noses. How is selling this event with Jew glasses on going to help bring down the Matrix? How is pretending the Islamic State is anything more than an arm of the NWO going to bring down the Matrix and free us from this Abrahamic suppression?

The problem in accepting events colored by Jew Rose colored glasses and refusing to remove them to see them for what they really are, it is impossible to draw any kind of accurate conclusion about the objective and the remedy however it is great for using it  against a goy you hate like Islam. Right Jorjani?


No automatic alt text available.

Jason Reza Jorjani
November 21, 2015

We now know that TWO of the Paris attackers were migrants who entered Europe back when those of us warning against this scenario were dismissed as paranoid xenophobes by the traitors who facilitated this assault on our civilization. One of them was actually rescued from a sinking migrant boat. The Islamic State claims to have infiltrated the migrants with THOUSANDS of its soldiers who now constitute sleeper cells embedded in European metropolises.

Image result for paranoiaImage result for jason JorjaniOf course the worse danger is from the children of those millions of migrants who are not soldiers. Given current demographic and sociological trends of second-generation 'radicalization' (i.e. authentic embrace of Islam by alienated and uprooted children of fairly secular parents), within 20 years the consequence of this 'migration' of 2015–2016 will be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of soldiers for the internal conquest of Europe. By the early 2030s Paris will be burning on a regular basis.


Question, why is it that these Islamaphobes refuse to consider the probable false flag, staged event probabilities of the occasion? Are they blinded by their Islamaphobia or are they working for the other side or both (in Jason's case). I am beginning to understand why  Jorjani is aligning himself with the clearly 3rd tier op known as the alt-right.They both ignore the Jew, except for crazy man, Anglin, they look for reasons to attack Islam as an enemy apart from Judaism and they both are likely working for Jews

If you aren't targeting the Jews you are targeting for the JewsImage result for turn your weapons to snow

Image result for the shahBlindlight has stumbled into the evidence that validates his speculation that Jorjani, new enabled rising star in the alt-right,  had family ties back in Iran to the highest levers of power, namely the Shah of Iran who was deposed in  a coup in 1979.

In a comment addresssed to Abu T Audi, Jorjani says vaguely, "Wonderful. My father also knew her(The Persian Empress, Farah Diba Pahlavi)actually my family was fairly close to theirs, but that's a story for another time."

If I may blow my own horn, I had quickly surmised that a New York born kid obsessing on Iranian history and politics and whose family moved from Iran at the same time the Shah was deposed and with an obvious, elitist upbringing able to travel the world  as desired was connected to the former power structure of pre 1979 Iran and this led me to make this claim in my recent video introducing my take on the philosopher, historian, Jason Jorjani.

Play video for quick reference to my statement

Image result for Farah Diba Pahlavi

This then forces us to ask the question, "Is Jason on an enlightened quest to bring about I higher evolved world as his interviews seem to imply, or is he just trying to get back what his family once had in their country of origin. Either way, he is unlimited fund-backing that allows him to globe-trot the world as demonstrated in his photos section on his Facebook page.

Click picture to better read Jorjani's specific comment claiming close family ties



Also, it is my guess that Jorjani understated his family's closeness with the Shah so as not to come off as bragging

Abi-T. Audi, is a diplomat and writer who, like Jorjani, is connected to Arktos and CEO Daniel Friberg. Friberg is connected to closet Zionist Brinkman.



Oh, Jeez, there's a lot to figure out here. Lest people get confused, Jorjani is a great talent but we have to determine whose side he's on, the ruling elites and the Jews or the people of the world


14573048 1796363897307824 1647769405893994259 nWhen Jason Jorjani says this, "The globalists and Islamists who confront us.",

he is promoting a false narrative that implies that Islam has signed up with the globalists and we, white Europeans and Americans as well as Iranian Renaissance advocates have somehow not been infiltrated by these globalists and are pure victims.  A Jason Jorjani, surely aware of shades of gray and infiltration techniques has chosen to bluntly align Islam with the NWO against us, the common white man.

This self-serving definition of good and bad that labels Islam a voluntary agent of the Jew and not a duped agent of the Jew, like we are against them, effectively links equally Islam as the seen enemy and the NWO, the untouchable behind the curtain enemy. What this means is to fight the unseen enemy, we fight it's proxy.We fight Islam (Jews go yea behind the curtain)

Whether this is intentional misdirection by Jorjani or the delusional bias for the behavior of Islam over the ages in regard to Iran, his inquiry into the nature of the problem is horribly simplistic when we also look at the capabilities of this man's analysis in other areas. Because his good research always brings him back to his advocacy and statement of belief that Islam is our enemy and war with it is inevitable while refusing to credit the Jewish subversion that helps Jason paint this picture for us, one must question whose side Jason is really on.

His political activism is based on some obvious rendering of the lack of a complete picture. Jews have always been part of the problematic Islamic mix as they have reeked havoc on other cultures. In fact Jews have always been part of the European mix reeking havoc inwardly and outwardly.

Jorjani actually has the nerve to imply that Jews actually would prefer an Islamic Iran because a new dynamic Iran built around an Islamic Renaissance would make Israel irrelevant if it succeeded. Folks, Israel and Jews have been anything but irrelevant for  600 years. This greater Iran world view though does remind me of the greater Israel world view. Something tells me we aren't getting all the news fit to print from Jason. It does seem the Jews may have censored his commentary

Let's remember who the real enemy is, ok goyim and tell folks like Jason Reza Jorjani, an American that cares  more about Iran than America, to explain himself better or take a hike



Why Jason Reza Jorjani's (Rising Star in the Alt-Right) advocacy is misdirection

JR Jorjani - What I will go on to argue in the subsequent installments of this essay, is that the renaissance of Pre-Islamic Persian culture in Greater Iran promises to bring about this cataclysmic event within the next few decades. The readership of this magazine hardly needs to be reminded of the metaphysical power of myth in Metapolitics. In the imminent world war with Islam, Europe’s vital interests are indefensible without an alliance with the Neo-Zoroastrian youth vanguard that is preparing to ignite an Aryan Renaissance in the heart of the so-called ‘Islamic world.’ This is the eve of the final battle in a millennial war between the worship of Wisdom and Submission to enforced ignoranceThere will be no peace treaty, no retreat to any safe haven, and no surrender. You will have to choose. The twilight lands must prepare to bear witness to that blazing light from the East: “Come now, Fire! For we are eager to see the dawning of the day…”source

***Though Jason, elsewhere, claims nefarious elite are in league with Islam, there is certainly no mention of them here and no mention of Jew's deliberately focusing our attention on Islam as an enemy through media mind control. This is too huge an omission for such a deep research scholar addressing many red pilled readers aware of Jewish subversion to give Jason a pass.- BL***


I read Jason Reza Jorjani's article about Iranian Nationalism and the Globalist Agenda just now.

In the article, there is what looks to be two parts. The first part Jorjani describes the plight of Iran and why an Iranian Renaissance is necessary. He also links the welfare of White identitarians to the welfare of Iran. He claims Islam and the Globalist elite (who apparently aren't Jews as a group) are undermining the native people of Iran and throws out many of the problems racialist whites in Europe and the US are complaining about that Iranians are having, too.


***These globalist elites are referred to specifically as the Bilderbergers and Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. He blames these folks as well as the neo-cons for the destabilization of Iran and overthrow of the Shah because of the fear that Russia was about to take over Iran.

Jorjani knows he's selling his interpretation to folks too busy paying rent to think through what he's implying. He would rather let the Jewish myths stand that the Cold War was real (when Jews controlled both sides) and not in place for the excuse to harass and land grab exploited areas in service to the globalist agenda. The Jewish induced western psychosis that it was Russia trying to take over the world in evil expansion is nullified as soon as you see where the US military bases were located as compared to Russian military bases.

Question! Who gives Jorjani all this inside info? Russia was about to take over Iran so the US had Iranians convert to Islam to hinder that? This not only undermined authentic Iranians but European whites as well? Folks, I am not arguing that a behind the scenes, nefarious op involving the rich and Jew races didn't take place but I do question the self-serving, care about us (authentic Iranian nationals), explanations Jorjani is serving up to the goy.

I am all for supporting a one volk ideology that this article alludes to but  to have a Jewless enemy that has Islam at the top of it's concerns by definition when we see all the Jewish pundits blaming Islam for terrorism and all the Jewish pundits say don't blame Islamic immigrants for Islamic terrorism so they can migrate in and dilute the European natives is one more Jewish encouraged exercise to grab a whole new set of deck chairs to arrange and keep the Titanic sinking.

This seems to be the sign of the Islamic Renaissance Resistance Jorjani supports

13458741 1742882295989318 4167362279861214913 oIt's one more covert Jewish explanation for the goy that assures it accomplishes the opposite of what it proclaims it wants to do. Jews want Christianity to fight Islam. Jews want another goyim war to end all goyim wars. Jews want to install the anti-Christ to signify their total dominance and the arrival of the overt Jew World Order.

Rearranging deck chairs won't do diddly to stop the leak. Bail the Muslim water out of the ship and the Jewish leak let's more in or an adequate substitute to take it's place. Folks we just got to find the Jew leak and that is done by exposing misdirections like this and all the other lies that emanate from that source.

You go after the enemy of authentic Iranians and Europeans (and other non-Jews) by spreading Jew-awareness. Explanations that avoid this concern are inherently designed to fail for us and succeed for the Jew and the Rich Race (Please see my article on"My New Slant on Race" that divides the races into master and servant races and yes, Arabs and Caucasians are part of the servant races and have a common bond in fighting  the master races).

What Jorjani is selling is an inevitable war with Islamic ideology that will attack whites in Europe from within, with the migrant invasion as well as without,  with such countries as Islamic Iran and I assume Assad's Syria and others. He claims war with Islam is unavoidable and common cause should take place with the good but subjugated authentic Iranians and the authentic Europeans.

Not mentioning the Jewish Kalergi Plan where Whites are to be mongrelized into another race form, skipping over the fact that it is the Jewish propaganda system not only selling the war on terror against Islam and now 911 truthers while being in on chronic event explanations unworthy of legitimate news sources, Jorjani is here to give Jew aware white identarians the same reasons to fight JIHAD that Pam Geller gives Zionist Christians with the appropriate sugar coating, to suit the audience being tricked, applied.***

 Jason comes from a rich family, was born in America but acts like he is closer to his Iranian heritage than his American one. He is a dual citizen who apparently can not return to Iran for fear of his life due to some activism he engaged in there in 2009. He worships the memory of the Shah though he was born after the Shah was deposed.

Is this a clue that his parents were tied in with the Shah's power structure before leaving Iran after the revolution? This is yet to be vetted and needs to be. So I am going to post this article and comment where I need to. The second part of the article is a public letter that I assume Jason also wrote for the style seems in accordance with the former but I could be wrong. He clearly stands behind what it's saying. Before I post the article and my comments, I am reposting my long comment I left under the article at "Right-On" a website owned by Daniel Friberg whom I expect to have more to say about in the coming weeks. Friberg also owns "Arktos" a publishing company where he made Jason head of the US division. This was so relevant that Jason was asked to speak at the NPI, Alt-Right conference and give us his vision. It is that video of his presentation that made me aware of Jason Jorjani.

 Continue reading



Image result for Sibel KekilliBefore the US  got it's "Belle Knox", AKA Miriam Weeks, Germany had it's Sibel Kikelli

Interesting Knox on her casting couch porn debut pushes mandatory vaccinations. Staged?  Miriam's cutting and liking to be kept in a cage screams MK Ultra

MiriamMiriam1About eighteen months ago, I explored the, what I call, "Bell Knox Psyop" with my readers. To remind, Belle or Miriam Weeks was a Washington State gal who enrolled in Duke and before the first semester was up, was doing triple x porn. This was picked up by the MSM and she landed on "The View"as well as "Piers Morgan" and many other news shows, basically treated as a barrier breaker by the Jew media in heroic fashion.

She declared herself a Libertarian who was for mandatory vaccination and a pro-sex feminist (she wants to feel totally free to swallow cum on camera). Here are the two main articles I have saved from that time period about her. Be forewarned, some of it has pornographic more


My complementary video to this article that I didn't ask for funding on!ky

Sinead, South Africa, Shield Maiden and Renegade

This started off being a comment on my home page but I came to realize it grew big enough to be it's own article. I began by reiterating my doubts about this provocateur named Shield Maiden who came out of nowhere to be pretty important to the Renegade site. At some point I saw the link to the South Africa video that Sinead had sollicted 2000 dollars from her audience in order to make so I started watching it and I ended up critiquing the typical WRR shortcomings that give evidence in all their scripts.

White people are always the acted upon, blameless victims and everybody hates them because the Jews lie about them and all other non-Whites are shiftless and no-good. Well, this may be, to an extent, true, in part, but then you act the perfect scapegoat by performing your part of the Jew ,psyop dance on que, White people!

Have a read!

Spencer praises Jew's ability to non-assimilate and is called anti-semitic

A rabi attending a speech given by Richard Spencer while asking a question, said  he believed in inclusion.

Spencer responded that it was the Jew's ability to non-assimilate that makes them strong and he wants that for white people (all other people can simply be genocided) The rabi became somewhat flustered and afterward said the Spencer's line of inquiry BORDERED ON ANTI-SEMITIC . That's a new one!....continue reading


Watch to the end where she begs for money.

Her name is "Deplorable Princess", she belongs to Sinead. She appears to be made of part Jew. I think, maybe, we turned her grandpa into soap back in '44, a very good year for soap indeed!


Random, New Thoughts as I Test Out  My New Editor- Excerpt

As has been going on in one Jewish psyop after another since 1492, there is nothing the racialist folks are trying to do that will break the pattern of gentiles killing themselves off for Jews. One of my favorite sayings is, these folks who at minimum, respect Hitler's memory regardless of whether they want to bring Hitler to the political table or not, all, if it was 1939 all over again, would be on the ready to help Uncle Sam fight Hitler.

Folks, if I am right, that either makes them easy tools susceptible to Jewish propaganda or literal Jew tools here to subvert us while pretending to be our friend.

Either way, is a win for Jews, a loss for us till openly recognized and dealt with. You can't waddle around accepting Jewish lying explanations for why and what events occurring are worthy of note, refusing to ascertain what events  are staged for political reasons and what events are real and hope to improve the plight of one gentile group or the other in any significant way given that we know the agenda of the Jews is a total dumbing down of all goy into happy slaves to serve the Jew and a few elitist servants.


Image result for Nina Rosenwald

If you think I don't take events seriously, let's say that I don't take the way we are seeing these events seriously. The events are a huge problem, hoping the Jewish system will resolve the problems seen, though, is a no go.  Perhaps a go for political careers of the Evalions, the Sineads, the Anglins and the Spencers but not for us. Like I said, the fight, currently, is for Jew crumbs whereas the fight should be to break the Jew table that these crumbs sprinkle to the floor from and remove the problem.

The New Me!

I am "the Rape Face" (From Her Nightmares)Jim Stone continues PMSing over whether Hillary can still steal the election and having you believe Trump is the  real Jewish messiah masquerading as our messiah. Gordon Duff and his  gossip rag is telling you the opposite and one more reason that I can say never take alternative news as a serious legitimate alternative to MSM news.

It's MSM news geared to your conspiratorial lifestyle and the doors are closed so we can't spread our message to their other branding op. Nina Rosenwald is still doing quite well pretending to be one of us as a Lasha Darkmoon and Brandon Martinez is in "harmless" mode and I'm waiting to see where his next serious strike will be. That's all for now buckaroos and remember

I am the the Rape Face from her Nightmares!


JdN would have been here celebrating turkey day if it wasn't for the Jews and David Duke and your lack of supportobama-white-house-gay-colors-lit-june-2015-north-entrance-front

John deNugent gives thanks for......John deNugent (who is really Hitler!)

 BL - John deNugent did what he does best in his latest article written on Thanksgiving. He did a marathon piece telling you all the ways you, goy, can be thankful of his existence. Beginning with outright bragging about having articles highlighted on Russian TV and Alex Jones, John then goes about telling you why A. Jones is not a shill. Then wouldn't you kn ow it, we are treated to a huge replay of John's whole life story from his father's concerns about John's anti-Jew stance to his running for presidency and how his life was materially ruined by the oh so scared Jews that Hitler incarnate was going to win the presidency.

Walk down memory lane with me goy and once again, enjoy John's hard-luck story for the 30th time in thirty weeks!



james-nugent-usmc-dress-blues-uniformMy father was a Marine Corps war hero in two wars, but he was petrified of the Jews.
He stood up to President Ford over his closing a naval base in our native Rhode Island
He refused two demands by Ronald Reagan that he join the National Security Council.
But he was afraid of Henry Kissinger and the Jews, as all rightwing Republicans are, and said to me in 1979,
“John, your [NS] activities could destroy my business and end the livelihoods of 72 people, my employees.”
I replied:
“But Dad, don’t guilt-trip me with crimes the Jews would do to you. I don’t want your business destroyed, they do!
Where is freedom of speech? What did you fight for in WWII and Korea?
You just admitted the Jews DO control America and they terrorize the American people!
You are choosing the Jews over your own son!”
But at that point, grateful for my dad’s support of my college education and respecting his hard work of decades, building up Davis, Bateman & Nugent, a huge insurance brokerage in Providence, RI, I resolved to both stay active as an NS but go low-profile for his sake, using the name “Arthur Grogan” in my writing and activities — until I finished Georgetown University with high honors.
So I personally understand how dangerous it is, physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically, to openly oppose the Jews and offer to lead that resistance. I understand Alex Jones.
continue reading

Where did Hitler go?Daily StormerAnglin repudiates former "special" relationship with, Jew, Molyneux but says he's not a Jew!

Apparently, Stefan joined Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich defaming Richard Spencer's new found fame in the MSM as exemplary of being a coin-tel pro asset. Of course he's a coin-tel pro asset but Andrew can't allow that to stand because he's a coin-tel pro asset, too.

Andrew says Stefan says he is isn't Jewish, this you-tube video says he is but Andrew believes he's not? Huh?

You may recall my demonization of Andrew for bringing-out Molyneux to debunk any notions of false flags when they occur? He also, in the above video, debunks any notions that Jews are anything but innocent




Kicked out of the marines or the Rothschild mercenary groupJdN nevertheless pretends he was a heroImage result for john deNugentThe more I look at John deNugent, the more I see a controlled operative kissing Jew ass

Today he is trumpeting the fact Evalion is being promoted on Jewstream TV. Sorry, but I consider that a red flag that they want us to know about her and of course you guys already know that I know enough about her to stay away from her... Of course they would promote a girl with an agenda to Judaize the WN movement and deNugent likes fame anywhere he can get it. He's hopeless

From deNugent's site. Apparently he's being persecuted like the Jews again:

CONSTANT HACKING OF MY SITE ON EVE OF ELECTION; Evalion on Canadian tv Monday 5:30-6:30p

November 5, 2016

JdN: Evalion with Canadian reporter  Christina Stevens… What a brave — and winsome — lass this Evalion is! She has more guts than 100 average white men!  


….From Canadian WN Paul Fromm

“Evalion” & CAFE Interviewed by Global TV About Thought Police Seizure of Laptop & Personal Notebooks

***Likely staged event***

Young You Tube sensation — 2-million hits — “Evalion” was Interviewed by Global Television’s Christina Stevens about her videos and her recent 8-hour detention by Canada Border Services Agency operatives and the seizure of her laptop and personal diaries and notebooks.  

Nina Rosenwald (Lasha) with best Jew friends Nira and Ken AbramowitzImage result for Nina RosenwaldMore limited hangout crap from Lasha Darkmoon clearly showing she's a Trump lapdog with intelligence ties. My campaign to out her as Nina Rosenwald seems to be working for she is trying to block me now from her site. Let the games begin!


Explosive Assange/Pilger Interview on US Election: Expect Riots if Hillary Wins

RT :   “Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special  [released late yesterday] courtesy of Dartmouth Films. Here he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails leaked by WikiLeaks this year.” 
LD : Despite the enormous populist support for Trump and the Image result for Nina RosenwaldLasha (Nina) and fellow, Jew race subverter having a giggle at the stupid slave race goyimextraordinary loathing in which Hillary Clinton is held by millions of American, Assange says that “Trump cannot be allowed to win.”
Trump has already indicated that he will not recognize the result of the election if he loses, given the enormous enthusiasm he has generated during his speeches, compared to the relatively tepid and anaemic response evoked by Hillary Clinton on similar occasions. Recent news reports reveal that “election related violence is increasing and Right-wing armed militia groups are even preparing for unrest if Mrs Clinton ‘steals’ the election, as they fear will happen.”
If Hillary Clinton wins this election, as Assange predicts, we can expect riots to erupt all across America. Violent insurrection, in the circumstances of a rigged election, would appear to be more than justified. Hillary Clinton clearly belongs behind bars, not in the White House.   [LD]  


John Pilger (left) conducted the 25-minute interview at the Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange has been trapped since 2012 for fear of extradition to the US. Here is a transcript of the interview followed by the YouTube interview itself.


John Pilger: What’s the significance of the FBI’s intervention in these last days of the U.S. election campaign, in the case against Hillary Clinton?

Julian Assange: If you look at the history of the FBI, it has become effectively America’s political police. The FBI demonstrated this by taking down the former head of the CIA General David Petraeus over classified information given to his mistress. Almost no-one is untouchable.  The FBI is always trying to demonstrate that no-one can resist us.  But Hillary Clinton very conspicuously resisted the FBI’s investigation, so there’s anger within the FBI because it made the FBI look weak.  We’ve published about 33,000 of Clinton’s emails when she was Secretary of State.  They come from a batch of just over 60,000 emails, [of which] Clinton has kept about half — 30,000 — to herself, and we’ve published about half.

read more stuff Nina Rosenwald, Islamaphobe, wants you to read



White Man's burden is an interesting phrase and here is the definition found at "free dictionary":

The supposed or presumed responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to nonwhite people, often advanced as a justification for European more

Image result for white man's burden

Folks, it wasn't "White People" that wanted to colonize the world, it was the Jew and RICH PEOPLE. This above phrase was one of many techniques used to impart the spirit of Jewish colonialism to WHITE PEOPLE.

Did it have to be white people? I doubt it. It was where Jews were located when they got a fancy to undertake the ventures and like getting the local populace all up in arms about Protestantism and Catholicism while slaughtering each other in huge numbers for new Jewish thoughts of malcontent, colonialism, too, had to be given a reason for it's existence and, for that, the duty to civilize the savages and the need to save them through Jesus worked more miracles than could have ever been imagined prior.

Not only did they get the white man's complicity, they convinced him it was his idea, gave him responsibility for the transgressions to uplift his ego and lay him bare for future demonizations to come for having partaken. All taking place while the chief Jews and rich goy that serve them, looked on, unmentioned behind the curtain.

This illustrates, visually, the, can't be denied, honestly, fact that the English Empire began to take shape  upon Jewish legal re-entry into Europe in 1650

--------------------------------------Image result for homerun

totblindlight.orgmy website, run exclusively by me without donation requests at a basic cost of $200 a year, a website with content no one else will regularly print; that goes after the Jews, and more importantly, the  infiltrators of the Jews, subjects shied away from by almost all due to the uncomfort it creates, nevertheless is lining up with the big boys according to Alexa, a site specializing in web-traffic statistics.

When I realized, today, that  Blindlight had inched ahead of Renegade Tribune in USA ranking, I decided to celebrate a little. Blindlight gets all of it's traffic butsay 5% from the US audience. Clearly, the subject matter bluntly revealed would have trouble being posted in Europe with all their hate crime laws which are actually Jewish power protection laws.

Though spanked badly by Renegade, John deNugent and Lasha Darkmoon in international ranking, Blindlight beats both deNugent and Darkmoon handily in the US (note- deNugent claims he spends multi-hundred dollars a month for his website as justification for his need to ask for donations.((by the way, JdN offers to middle a website to you for a hundred a month. Cashing in on your readership much John?)) Renegade, too, is obsessing on the donation angle. Since Blindlight is a site  that exists in order to foster a true creative revolution, Blindlight waits for a nucleus to form in an anti-Jew movement necessary  before any concerns are raised about funding  so money will more surely be tied to resistance needs as opposed to personal rent checks paid. Blindlight believes in a volunteer movement which assumes people coming to the table are self-sufficient and not a baggage to drain resources needed for operations)...

London sold to the public as poor white was actually a product of "The Rich Race" and pushed communismImage result for jack LondonA Different Slant on Race

In the beginning , there were four different races created through  isolation one from the other over thousands of years. If representatives of one or the other race made their way into the location of another, it was not a big event even if this newcomer assimilated into the native population. It was a rare occurrence and within a short span of time his mixture of DNA was swallowed up by the nativist whole often times with the admixture having a mildly stimulating affect.

The folks that would later become the "Rich race" initially were the leaders of the various tribes within each race sector. To survive and thrive they had to take into account the needs of their less prosperous brothers. They had many mutual supporting interests to assure that one or the other was content. The rich within the community found it in their interest to meet all the basic needs of the poorer elements in exchange for the utilization of the lesser's skills in service to the aristocrat.

Within these confines in an area where blacks and whites had met in the middle, a land we now call the middle east, we had an outlaw band arise that would become the fifth race or the Jew race.  Before they could become a "race" they invented a secretive code of ethics amongst themselves that viewed all non-members as goy or cattle to be exploited. Because loyalty and secrecy were imperative to make this system thrive they encouraged or mandated that members only marry and procreate with fellow members and over time a distinguishing DNA started to formulate that allows us to call this small but amazin.

Fake goy, Columbus- started the American slave trade

Image result for marano Jews1492, a pivotal year in the JWO and the subjugation of "the rich race"

Since they considered themselves a "master race" they were unable to content themselves for long with a small piece of their own land but needed what they termed "the cattle races" or the slave races to do their bidding. This then created the need for what is now called Jewish diasporas, or a blending in of their own people to various adjacent locales dominated by another race.

This has occurred over the past 2000 years in large and small ways on many occasions and created the climate of a nation within a nation or race within a race if you like. Due to their small numbers compared to the locals, they found that they needed to invent devias ways to present themselves to the locals. If that meant changing their names to a more normal sounding name in the region they were in so be it. If it meant intermarrying for strategic reasons to make their own different ethnicity less clear, so be it.

In these maneuvers, overtime, began the separation of the well to do local race members from the people that they were part of. When Jews would strategically interbreed with the locals it was almost always with the notion of garnering more power and therefore, only the well off locals were considered appropriate additions to add to the Jewish tribe that normally was so stand offish.

This they did wherever they went , no matter which locale or race area in question. Be it black, brown, white or yellow, strategic interbreeding of successful assets from the slave races was an MO. Overtime, this created a gulf between the rich people of the region in question and the ordinary peasants that shared the land. The Jew worked his way into the power structure of all those rich folks while never losing his Jewish origins or getting confused about who he served, his tribe or theirs. He always served the Jewish tribe and only theirs when it conformed with the aims of his tribe.

In the changing of names and intermarrying with the locals the subversion technique was perfected and as the rich locals became more divorced from their fellow nativists, they found themselves turning to Jews for support.

This then slowly brought on the rise of the other master race, the "Rich Race".The Rich Race mimics the Jew race  in that their first loyalties are not to the locals but to their own survival, survival as rich folks entitled to be in the Rich Race.

Much is made of the 100 times Jews have been kicked out or removed from foreign lands. First off, it is important to note that this was overtly the case but the infiltrator Jews, or secret Jews or those Jews that could pass for rich goy often stayed around to do their handiwork and work for Jewish long term aims on the sly. Clearly, these banishments  acted upon the ordinary Jews full force. The elite Jews with their connections now to the Rich Race which they actually claimed being part of when it suited, had a myriad of disguises with which to pull the wool over the locals eyes with cover given by the now traitorous to their origins, rich race.........continue reading

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Is Evalion helping to make  Wns more Jewlike?
What Milo doesn't do Evalion Will!

Get a pretty face like Evalion talking, writing and doing videos while saying all the agreed upon talking points of the White Race Religion, and you can be assured no scrutiny or evaluation will take place. Of course this has been my on-going effort at Blindlight for two years now, to point out when questions should be asked and to point out when the obvious shill is going unnoticed.....continue to the full article but be warned, very adult content!

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