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C. Ervana Exposes Herself as a Shill, in her Gray State Murder Video

I learned about Ervana about  sixteen months ago while I was investigating the Renee Moses false prophesy psyop surrounding the claimed end times occurrence of September 23, 2015. She was posting analysis of many Hollywood productions that were making veiled references to 9/23/15 (this was a huge psyop that went way beyond just Ervana and Moses). The fact that these were all Jewish movies and many of her biblical calculations were based on Jewish text never seemed to bring her to the obvious. The prophesied end-times as well as  the NWO agenda are all Jewish ideas being put into effect. Renee, it seems, is addicted to making great presentations about some future cataclysmic event and when it doesn't come to pass, takes an extended vacation till the goyim forget the last ruse while she is fomenting a new one.

It was at this time that C.Ervana came to my attention because as I watched Renee's site, Moses was reposting a lot of her work. It turns out Ervana was harping on the same subject. These folks seem to have a few things in mind with their distraction capers, some which probably leaves some of their believers penniless. They want you obsessed with stupid shit while the elites fulfill their real plans and they go about blaming everyone as the problem except the INNOCENT Jews!.

C. Ervana tackled a subject recently,  that I spent a lot of time on last year which was the claimed David Crowley murder suicide that occurred on January 17, 2015. Rather than rehash why I believe that event was staged and the three supposed dead were reassigned somewhere's else, I will give you this and this link to read my thoughts at the time.  I was the only one calling this event staged but many, like Ervana, now, called it a government hit. My Gray State articles were my most popular articles of 2015, by the way, the Renee Moses articles were very high up as well.

It seems Ervana did this video more to promote her evil masons theory than to worry that much about the Crowleys. She claims as fact that Crowley was killed by the government or masons, no ifs, ands or buts because Crowley was exposing them.  The fact is Crowley produced a five minute teaser and no  actual film footage, so to claim the elites needed to kill Crowley is a hoot.

We don't even know if Crowley produced the teaser. It was extremely high quality. What we do know he produced was a disinfo special of low quality that included "We Are Change", Alex Jones and every libertarian celebrity that ever lived like  Adam Kokesh as spokesmen. There was no talk of masons in the documentary but plenty of Libertarian propaganda. Production had been stalled on the actual film and Crowley has this history of a super gung ho soldier which a year before starting the movie he was all "god-bless America!". Also, the people that hung with him were simply not very bright. Many still thought Arabs did 911.

However C. Ervana needs to make a martyr out of the guy, for some reason. What I do know is she used the subject material to talk about the evil masons who, she claims, were behind the French and American Revolutions. In Ervana's world, Jews are docile bystanders only trying to make a living if the goyim would just leave them alone. So while it's true masons were an arm of Jewry, the Illuminati was  formed by a krypto Jew-Jesuit, Weiskopf and Jews were the source of the problem.

One of Ervana's favorite go tos for back up on all of this is Albert Pike's three world war blue print.  I, too, was enamoured with the blueprint before I became Jew-wise. So much so, I tried to prove it's existence as far back as 1925 and could not. It was only claimed to have existed back then.

The 2 pics below display Ervana's soft censor technique-taken within minutes of each other, my comments show up for me and my friends, but no one else as demonstrated in the bottom picture

The blueprint itself was written, if at all, in 1871. The problem is there is no proof of it existing before 1950 that I am aware of. The blueprint is a Jew's delight, because  if you believe it, you simply have to believe Hitler was a  NWO puppet and it takes the Jews out of obvious culpability. Therefore, until it is proved to have existed in 1871,  we  can assume Jews spent a lot of money hiring folks to spread this rumour.

Another interesting fact that Ervana seems to accept is that the Pike blueprint is real and  the protocols of Zion are a forgery. It is possible to follow the history of the protocols from about 1900 on as the Jews spent twenty years trying to get it outlawed for consideration as a legal thing to think about.

Of course you never hear a peep out of the Jews complaining about the Pike three world war blueprint and that's a clue that it's probably Jewish dis-info and their screaming holocaust whenever the protocols is mentioned is a clue that they are authentic.

Regular readers may recall, Ervana  came to my attention recently when coin-tel pro site pushed one of her videos as made by an expert in medical issues. I am sure glad Rixon Stewart is able to determine that an anonymous blogger is  a career medical expert and I am sure all her occult wrong prophesying made the claim seem legit. Recall, Rixon also promotes the anonymous blogger Darkmoon as a literary pro.

We pretty much can see Ervana is a shill for she feels the need to censure her channel at the slightest provocation. If you are a shill, what is important  is that only your message gets out and no one makes you look bad and like a liar. I post two pics of her video about Crowley. One with a comment I made and the other without it. One pic was taken on a browser where I was signed into you-tube. That showed my comment. Then I used internet explorer and looked at the same page and my comment was nowhere to be found. That's called hidden censoring and is the Jew's favorite trick to disable the ability of dissent to awaken the public because it leads you to believe your comment has been heard and posted whereas only your friends and yourself will see the comment. It is assumed your friends will have similar views on the subject and therefore are of no concern.  What is the main concern for an agent is to keep new people from becoming aware of the ruse..

Interestingly, I always assumed C. Ervana was a gay male but it seems she is a female. She pushes Islamophobia and blames the coming one world religion on both the Pope and Islam (somehow) as well as masonry. She claims expertise in areas of  her interests which I always find funny since she wants the benefits of provable notoriety while keeping herself hidden at the same time and that's not possible...unless you pretend it is and unless you are Rixon Stewart mind controlling gullible goyim. Very similar MO to Lasha Darkmoon whom I've posted various issues surrounding her advocacy 

So Ervana, you are definitely on my "watched list" now

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