Believes  White People are God! Nice and so Jewy!I begin uncovering the garbage that invented the "White Race Religion"

I am just now beginning to learn the history of the movement that supposedly is offering resistance to the Jew and known as the White Racialist Movement or a term I came up with because it is religious like in the ferocity with which it proclaims it's claims for facts, The White Race Religion. It includes Heathens, Christian Identity, and White Nationalists.  They have certain rules about what you have to profess about the White race and their current predicament to be allowed a voice in the movement, otherwise you are rejected as a person of no consequence and demonized as a race traitor if you happen to be white.

Self admitted Jew infiltrator, David Cole, who got a lot of goy pundits to suck his cock after he had been outed now disses those that oppose Jewish narratives

Some tenents of this religion which are professed by all three sectors are:

  • the white race is the greatest race that ever was
  • the white race is chosen
  •  Jews are assholes
  • Chinese steal  ideas off Caucasians and are moochers
  • Arabs and blacks are actually primates and have no rights
  • Jewish colonialism where it is deemed good for the white race is to be supported while any non-white invasions or inconveniences anywhere there are whites are to be trumpeted in the most scurrilous terms demonizing the pawn immigrants rather than the Jew man that controls the spicket. Indian genocide is justified due to a claimed white genocide from 5000 years earlier in the Americas
  • they claim as fact that Blacks and Browns are the enemies of whites and there is  nothing to do but shun any cooperation where white purity is not a fact
  • (New) - All staged, false flag events but the holocaust are to be used in race war propaganda in service to the Jew. This then forces the recipient of Jewish lies surrounding a false flag to pretend he is not being lied to. For reasons only Jews and WRR folks in the know understand, the holocaust is allowed to be openly debunked

The important thing about this list is that it has to proclaim superiority of all things related to the White race and it has to refer to all other races in the harshest of terms, assigning despicable character traits, and primate like behavior qualities backed up with lots of Jew fed National Enquirer-like stories  gotten off a Jewish AP like newsfeed for  low-life whites to transpose to their websites of choice

I have realized it's a full blown psyop enabled and probably created by Jewish brains disguised as whites where you can see this MO being perpetuated by the likes of Andrew Anglin, David Duke, Andrew Aurenheimer, Angelo Gage, Sinead McCarthy, Matt Heimbach and the whole alt-kike movement being assigned to blend in and become one with The White Race Religion.

Pretty SINEAD, who decided not to advocate for real resistanceThe latest perceived twist I have come to realize about it's advocacy is the Jew-like assertion that Whites are a nation without borders. That loyalty is first to race and then, if at all, to country. This allows a Sinead McCarthy to offer weepy sentiments about the need to report on the plight of a certain besieged white population somewhere on the other-side of the world while giving her the excuse but to yet again extract money from these hapless white goy who needs some sort of champion to proclaim for the world to see the shaft that Whites AND ONLY WHITES are getting.

How someone such as herself adopts tunnel vision for only a small part of the earth's population I can only assume is sheckle driven

It's interesting how these problems are magnified because it is a WHITE PEOPLE'S problem and how problems caused for other people that benefit whites are swept under the rug. I suppose that is what being a great race is all about, eh?

For a time I had great hopes for Sinead, young with great potential but have come to see her high standards for other resisters is more a need to create division of low consequence (secondary issues that distract). Her outing the Jew is a marker that identifies her as unique as a woman but with her major focus on SAVING THE WHITE RACE.

Because I know she is keeping some things quiet that conflict with her advocacy about her past because  she wishes to be received well by her target audience of which she has always expected funding, I encouraged her to join me and go "Anti-Jew" so as to make these conflicts and false positions irrelevant to her advocacy.  I pleaded for her to leave the White Race Religion behind to no avail. She stands with her people and basically is going to promote race wars, for she will not be allowed to stay unless she fully falls in line. She is living under a grace period now. Accepting of most of the religion talking points, the leadership is waiting for her to cave on the rest.

deNugent and former friend turned enemy HolappaAlso, for six months or so I tried to reason with John deNugent about compromising his huge ego for the anti-Jew cause. John, however  has been in it THE OLD RACE HATE WAY for forty years and I quickly realized all he really wanted to do was what was good for himself. Many delusion-ed white supremacists have found him way too flawed, personally, to pay attention to and been warning with scurrilous attacks on his character for quite some time. John would have you believe these are folks that have been "turned" but I can verify that many of the facts they bring up about John I have witnessed myself for John sells an image of a reincarnated Hitler, of a white man with vim and vigor signatured with choreographed pictures taken to put substance to the illusion.

He uses race hate bait to pull folks in and at other times seems to be totally above the fray. Are they MK Ultra alters being envoked, a psyop he admits to having undergone? Very possibly. He is also all too pleased to play on contradictory blind patriotic narratives such as service to country (bankers) and wearing tee shirts naming favorite Jew elitist training grounds (Georgetown) as some sort of advertisement about the quality of his person-hood.

Sinead, if you do read this, consider this a warning shot over your bow.  I will not disclose things you said to me in private but all things you do publicly will be assessed and pointed out if I consider it counter-productive to an anti-Jew movement (the only real resistance that means anything if we wish to solve the problem)

All of these white race leaders have huge egos that never take note of anything they don't produce that doesn't give kudos to themselves personally, a trait the Jew can play over and over as it handles them to follow their dictates.

Take Sinead for example. She's big into white race advocacy and occasionally they make videos demonstrating how to push race advocacy to the public. Why is it always about their projects that they can make money off of that  is the vehicle used to promote and the free work advocacy claimed "for the cause".  Where is unified real resistance?
This then makes these ventures money making fund raisers for mwa and little to do with real resistance. My parting shot to Miss McCarthy was you can fight the JWO or make money in it's name. You can't do both, not if you are real resistance. A real resistance has committees set up for money raising where the raisers are but handlers without preferences for how it's spent and the only proper way to do advocacy  of fighting Jewish mind control
Also, what is interesting for those able not to get hooked under the mind control of these groups and look at other pockets of resistance, one can see the Jew furnishing all with a personal disenchantment dialogue that talks about how great their race would be but for only other gentiles standing in the way and once in awhile Jews stepping on their toes

Jew Miles taking over "Alt-Kike"?

Notice in the video, no mention of the Jewish false flag nature of the event in question and thus a fomenting of a proper discussion. Instead, it accepts Jewish claims through the media  as legit and  bashes other goy with the ammo. If this video sounds outlandish, what WHITES  do in this religion cult is much the same (maybe on a little higher plane since they aren't primates!Evil).

Anglin pays homage to the idea (that the WN movement is cucking itself) with calling his site an alt-right site. Nathan Damigo, is a goy, enabled by Jews, who is surrounded by a GoFundMe family that since his HBO Jew-documentary about PTSD, has been on a constant GoFundMe psyop ever since. It seems he is being enabled to be a controlled rising star. He's a guy that you can't even call anti-Semitic. That is how cucked the whole White Race Religion movement is getting.

Yes The WRR is trying to remove Jews from the list of white racialist concerns and leaps and bounds are being made with the choreographed Trump support by almost the whole movement, a guy who says it was Arabs who danced on 911 and  Jews he supports 100% percent

Can't cuck yourself much more than that if you are Jew-wise!

One of the old veterans, barely holding onto a place at the race haters table is John deNugent and he is a goy that came up along with David Duke to become bitter enemies with Duke and often refers to people in the movement long ago I have basically never heard of.

My fight with Odinia last week caused me to dissect just what I meant by my self-invented phrase "White Race Religion" as well as look further into the history of where these obsessions about white seclusion from all others came from and who has set the stage with the initial mind controlled in claims for its happening.

Photo shopped picture, to the right, below, to make Matt Hale look like he is in jail

This brought me to a guy named Klassen and a guy named Matt Hale. Klassen was born in the Ukraine and is claimed to be Jewish though this is hidden. He invented a weird  religion called the "WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR" in 1973. Living in Canada during WW II Klassen got a deferment and avoided fighting, something all Jews are asked to avoid as long as possible. In the 50's he joined the Koch op, John Birch Society, controlled by Jews and then moved onto creating his religion. It was a religion based on loyalty to whiteness worldwide. The roots were set and have been growing ever since in a myriad of ways.

Please note that before 911, the history of White racialists were not so Jew-wise and race issues generally took priority. Ten years after 911, the Jews psyoped the movement already being psyoped to angle White Jew-wise truthers towards Klassen's White Race Religion so as to assure divide and conquer while neutralizing some of the best Jewish informed people in the movement.

This baggage from the old days and actually believing they can work the Jew system to white advantage if they keep screaming White Victimhood scenarios, is what keeps folks like deNugent in limbo and useless to a true cause and folks like Duke and Kevin McDonald self-censoring themselves for personal and Jewish advantage.

Apparently life became a drag for Jew Klassen and it is claimed he committed suicide and a few years later, media darling Matt Hale comes on the scene, takes over Klassen's church op and renames it "the Creativity Movement" Mathew pays constant homage to Klassen the founder, much like I recall Malcolm X constantly offering kudos to Elijah Muhammed of the Nation of Islam.

Matt was basically a lawyer who couldn't get licensed and who liked to use provocatuerish language denigrating non-Whites to latch onto low lifes in the white community to fund his psyop. The Jew media followed him around like the pied piper figure but made him wear a "dunce cap"  so their audience would make the proper connections. After all, he was here to throw mud on the white race in the name of promoting it. 

Such a role model mother does Matt have!What I mean by that is Matt's level of advocacy impressed his low IQ white followers while making him a mockery to everyone else exposed to his style. Matt's MO lives on with Andrew Anglin, the current MSM goy to boy toy when they wish to make whites look like idiots

Image result for Glenn Greenwald-Matt HaleMatt got in trouble because of these low life sorts and hooked up with a Jew homosexual named Glenn Greenwald. Yes, that Glenn Greenwald of Edward Snowden fame.  I guess for regular blow jobs, Glenn did all his lawyering for Matt for five years and apparently had a falling out cause there is not one picture together of them  on the internet. 

Currently Mathew is spending 40 years  in jail but you all know how government ops are.  Can we really take their word he's in jail as claimed? His crisis actress mother,  Evelyn Hutcheson, is doing 24/7 fundraising and he's earned tons of money, in jail. As trusting as the goy are with shit like that, who knows where it's been spent. I am sure no one expects an accounting cause it would be divisive to mention that verification should be done.  All this in the name of the church for the worship of white people.

As JdN pointed out in many of his defaming articles against David Duke, David was brought up in a connected family like JdN and John asserts over and over again that Duke is an MK Ultra slave. Duke is clearly compromised for he accepts Jewish false flag lies as facts thus allowing the Jew to keep the  rose colored glasses on the goy with supposed resistance leader's aid (exposing Jew lies is necesary to fully expose the Jew).

The dead Jew Klassen was instrumental in forming the mindset of these internationalist whites (again, this is a Jew copy op of an internationalist people that knows loyalties to nothing prioritized ahead of race. The main difference as in all poor copies is that the white race makes sure everyone else knows what they are doing, the Jew does the opposite. Could that be because it is a Jew op and programmed to fail? Yes it could)!

Also recall the compromised roots of Klassen and the Jew like nature of his religion advocacy. It basically helps the Jews towards their JWO much like the New Age movement does but it's for low IQ whites to absorb not NWO aware college grads. Again, like Hale, highly educated, Klassen used the magnet code words such as "nigger" to make him acceptable to the rift raft he sought. Hale enters the picture upon Klassen's demise in full MSM coverage of all his latest comings and goings, this in the late 90's.

We also have Jew infiltrator David Cole a hero to whites for his work on holocaust claims. This "JEW" later disappeared and joined the republican party under an alias and made holocaust promotion films for his audience. Even after this was exposed, upon writing a book about it all, David was welcomed on every white radio program for racialists. This issue was fully exposed by the other "disappearing man" Brandon Martinez in a Facebook confrontation that I wrote about calling into question Brandon's coming so late to the realization that Cole "wasn't one of us".

In other words, once Cole was outed by the Jew stream media as a republican insider, why did Brandon  have an interview with David Cole and why is it still on his site being promoted after the recent Cole debunk?

Back to Hale, multiple MSM coverage from the get-go allows us to assume he is an op. Watching his claimed incarceration and 150,000 dollars fund raised and continuing since his incarceration, one, Jew-wise and aware of goy blind stupidity, must wonder if Hale's trial was "staged" like Sandy Hook was "staged" and if his mom is a paid crisis actress spouting her lines in poor execution style. One must then wonder if Matt makes staged appearances at the incarceration centre while fully released and on reassignment otherwise but for "special appearances".

Robbie Parker made "Crisis acting" famous!

Notice Matt's pyramidThe great stupidity of the goy is their total obliviousness to co-option from within. If Hale is not co-opted he's evil to the core in my view but I do believe he is a covert Jew playing a role as his mother and many supporting members of the movement are playing a role in this  psyop FOR THE JWO.

Their religious op is constantly fundraising which whose history of doing so allows new folks working into the movement the expectation they may manufacture reasons for need of funds as well. Mathew Heimbach was photographed with Breitbart personnel as a college student, two timed his goy girlfriend for a Jewess, and has a movement operation incorporating distorted images of a pyramid and  a 6-6-6 reference to "Folk family and freedom" (6-6-6). Probably means  he was born into masonry and possibly has Jew blood.

Mathew Heimbach and Jewess working together

 David Duke, John deNugent, Rebel of Oz all whine constantly for the need for funding, promote people that undermine the Jewish conspiracy narrative oblivious to the contradiction and carry on the White Race Religion tradition that people like Klassen and Hale (almost a messiah like figure to some in the movement) helped develop. They all imply that working with Jews within the JWO is  worthy of effort which in and of itself isn't a problem but their race distractions and intentional cover-ups are.

I, Blindlight, say that the only proper way to enact change within the Jew power structure is to do so as an "anti-Jew" party refusing to discuss Jewish misdirections as facts till the lies are corrected. This then leaves us with refusing to engage in most of the attempted dialogue these folks perpetuate without fully exposing the Jew role. Lip service to the Jew is not enough to fight the Jew. All his MOs must be exposed.

We will continue in this area, the only area of inquiry relevant at this time to pursuing a  removal of the Jewish power system in play which grows towards further enslavement of white people and all goyim

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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