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 How I got Here (the Real Story) Part II


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The end of part I sees me about to become acquainted with  Andrew Winkler AKA "The Rebel of OZ". " Blindlight" was the the ID I was mostly using at this point, I'd say 80% of the time. In around August of 2013, I had registered at "therebel.org", Winkler's website.  Beyond enlisting his aide to do so, I had had no interaction with him.

Reader's may recall that, in Part I, I had defined myself as an independent Hitlerian Left activist (1) fighting the JWO. I am independent because of signs of co-option internally within all movements. 

Being a Left leaning Hitlerian which at the time, I referred to as an "Inclusivist". In December, an article Winkler wrote caught my eye for it's "inclusivist" message. Before I go further with this,  let me include my 1st article publication ever which described my philosophy back then. It was initially written as a Facebook note:

(Though much of my core beliefs are the same, I do not focus on having two movements, I focus only on having one unco-opted movement, at this time)

Rebel's reaction to a deNugent piece about  Muslims showed an inclusivist bent in Winkler  that I had not noticed in the few editorials I had read on his site. It prompted me to PM him in December,  and talk about it and we hit it off. Pretty soon, I  volunteered to  go over all his editorials of the past five years  for mistakes and I was finally, it seems, joining a cause.This began in December and by the first of January, Rebel and I were the  only two regulars working behind the scenes.

obligatory Jew shit for comic relief and placating the goy who need their Kosher fix for the day

John deNugent and his girlfriend were regulars, I suppose, part of the team but their attention was sporadic, mostly focusing on themselves. I was the only one available, always, when not working, to help at Winkler's website. The  first week in January,  Andrew was complaining that his server couldn't handle the load but he couldn't afford the upgrade. I was pretty convinced of my continued commitment to his website and I saw a need  and, as Blindlight, notified Andrew that  a relative was impressed and going to donate one thousand dollars to allow for a server upgrade for three months. The relative was me of course but, Blindlight, my sock-puppet ID was a twenty-something Eurasian female, so I had to come up with a believable way it could be done. I, therefore, invented an Uncle.

With this move, I think any honest observer will see that my use of Blindlight, here, was an effort not on the take in any way. Rebel got that $1000 (he had confided that he averaged $300 a month in contributions from others) and  in the wink of an eye, Blindlight was a serious junior partner (Winkler also said he had never gotten that big a gift before)

 My suggestions suddenly carried more weight and more responsibility was given. I asked for areas of control that I could add my personal touch on and Winkler was accommodative but this ended up being kind of weird and quite quickly so (two weeks).From running the site so long, alone, Andrew had been lax in some areas that immediately stood out to yours truly. Rebel had some odd ideas about advertising that seemed counter-productive and when we consulted over it, he agreed. 

as "Blindlight", I had many "spellbound" on Rebel's site

For example, when a person shared an article from his site onto Facebook, all you could see as a user was an ad for therebel.org. You could see nothing about the article of interest. No teaser or picture related to content. I pointed out the obvious and said, you just lost 90% of the possible folks that would be receptive to viewing the post because of lack of relevant information to entice reading. Those kinds of things.

An area that was going to end up being an explosion issue in a few weeks to where I would get fired, temporarily, (fired from a job I didn't get paid for and had invested heavily in) and it took a few weeks to build to a problem was the article links section . There were other issues that contributed as background but the jist of the problem was this:

I saw a huge number of links on his wall that seemed to lack a personal touch and clearly many of them were compromised. I wanted to fine tune that and make it my area and I believe the one thousand dollar contribution caused Rebel to, initially, say yes. The problem occurred for me in Rebel not following through and when he is finally convinced after numerous remindings to do so, changes things in a way little to do with my, very often, specific suggestions. Suggestions he acquiesced to. He acquiesced and then proceeded to do what the fuck he wanted with a minor gesture here and there towards my aim. This aggravation could have been totally avoided if he had just refused the whole project but my belief is that Rebel had a life long habit of placating the women in his life. My sock puppet, Blindlight, fit into that placation, would be my guess. I believe Andrew placates women or says what he has to, around them, to move on. This aggravates the women because Rebel's revenge is by only halfway following through on whatever he agrees to do. Finally, the woman explodes like an atom bomb. After a few of these occurrences, it's safe to say the relationship in whatever form, mom, girlfriend, whatever, website mate, is damaged irreconcilably. I would call this an intelligent guess of mine.

Of course mommy is special and right before my permanent firing, he became absent from the website due to his mother coming into town. It seems that Andrew is not able to show his mom what his passion is. Noticing how Rebel feels entitled to being funded in his latest efforts such as his website by others, a feeling I see a lot amongst ingrained info-disseminators in our fake resistance and  noting he gets handouts from his ex who is still in the corporate world while he is pretending to go under once a month in order to solicit donations, I have to assume this game-playing with mummie is either about financial support or inheritance entitlements. I can not imagine any other reason why a forty-five year old man pretending to be a kangaroo most of the day would hide the real him from his mum. I am sure his women placating problem started with her.

 The other major bone of contention and it didn't start out that way, was creating the WN forums. They were to be a password protected area to share information with like minded folks that can't stand anybody that doesn't have white skin. I have found that they are basically incapable of addressing any other audience but themselves. If you read an article by one, he will always make it clear within the article  who he is addressing. The white man

We had talked about creating a movement  in association with therebel site and that was my first concern and Andrew was  not willing to give up on WN types uniting with others. My compromise with Rebel, because I had decided WNs were basically hopeless, was creating a separate forum while maintaining an all-goy, friendly, environment in the public areas. I was so sure this policy was to be implemented that I began recriminating and challenging members that  began addressing issues I perceived would not be for anywhere but WN forum discussions. One issue that would be contentious was  that we needed to assure that what was said in the WN forums did not stream out into the public. This method I used alienated WN types, deNugent's wife especially, a German born woman brought up in a mind-controlled cult which made her an interesting match for deNugent who claimed to have gone through MK Ultra programming as a privileged elite.

Of course, if you know WNs, they think it's their duty to speil race-hate at every opportunity, time and place. This was my way of giving them the place to do it while showing that discipline in behavior was expected. Rebel and I agreed on the plan but a meeting needed to be had with WN heavy weight, John deNugent over it. Time and again, before the meeting, I asked Rebel if he had sent any feelers to deNugent and Rebel kind of hemmed and hawed

 The night of the meeting was the first time the SHTF between Rebel and I. A problem arose when the WN forums were set up but with no wall screening comments made in there from the public activity screen. I considered opening the forums up in such a manner, a "foot in the door" to getting the lax Rebel to never close the site from public notice. It was my contention that  the WN forums should not be made available until everything was properly set up. For some reason, this was a problem and I assume so because Rebel was starting to pull away from the idea.

I made clear that this position or bottom line was it for me. I didn't move it any lower and it was a link-pin issue for me to continue working and promoting "therebel".  Up to that time, Rebel had been very happy with my performance. I broke three windows screaming that night to get Rebel to listen and Rebel went from  our cyber room to deNugent's room to hash it out. I lost my blindfaith in Rebel and he probably started actively rebeling against my input after that...... Incidentally, deNugent refused to interact with Blindlight in any real sort of way for about the whole time I was there. What became more interesting was that once I was deleted, we became, till recently, pretty active with each other through PMing on Facebook. Of course deNugent obsesses on his political image and is, bottom line, a WN for political reasons. Due to this,  much of my interactions with him had to be in private.

What I had assumed was an agreement in concrete was being nit-picked away by Rebel's need to placate John and for four hours, Rebel tried to get me to modify my position and I refused. Though I ultimately won a temporary  victory,  my trust in Rebel's authenticity had seriously been damaged and when the other issue stated above occurred, I totally lost it when it occurred one time too many in the long line of "failures to follow through" department.  I said some words I never even knew that I knew and Rebel decided to ban and delete me from his site, this two weeks after the one thousand dollar gift.

I said, "can I have some money back?" Rebel replied, No way, that was a donation!"

The fact was, it was a donation made with the expectation I would be part of the team and now it wasn't two weeks after a three month investment was rendered, I was removed. In a last ditch effort to restore everything, I told Rebel who I was. He didn't believe me. He was convinced I was a girl. After many efforts at restating the fact, he did believe and he allowed me back in but with some conditions.

Rebel too has a sneaky nature. I was never informed that he dismantled the WN forums and I spent the next two weeks being misled as to the reality of the situation. The redo was a pail attempt to save the unsavable. DeNugent's girl friend was constantly trying to piss me off by posting stupid white shit. Then Rebel stopped talking to me; we had a public forum meeting over direction. By this time Rebel had undermined all the things we had earlier agreed upon to do. In the meeting I reiterated what I felt the direction should be and the next day it was announced I was fired, again for doing free work and giving him a thousand dollars, three times the amount he normally got for the one month I was there.

None the less, not only was I fired, but Andrew took to the email list and sent out a news item blaming me for all the sites problems and he was in dire need of money. So again, it's never Rebel's fault, a scenario that occurs once a month to this day. It's freeloaders who use his site and don't pay. Of course if Andrew held content for pay for use, registered folks, I think he'd find out folks don't think it's worth paying for is my guess.

In the wake of devastation, blindlight.org is born and my learning starts in earnest!

Down but not out, I resolve to start my own site, blindlight.org. February 15th, 2014, I began blindlight website. I knew nothing about it but as luck would have it, stumbled into a great webmaster and they had tons of tutorials on how to put your site together. See I had gotten the article writing addiction and  I knew that writing on the Jews would limit anyone else  publishing plus I didn't want to be censored. Also, and the one good thing that came out of my work at Rebel was  the writing I started doing and beginning the use of the editor. Since Rebel had used Joomla, I got myself a Joomla site and in two weeks I was up and running putting in extremely long hours to get the basics down. Even so, I wince at what that web page looked like in the early days.

 For reasons I have a hard time explaining, I continued to use my Blindlight persona as my main ID. In May, I began Goybiscuits and it was that month that I wrote my most popular ever article and to this day I really don't know why it was more popular than others. What I do know is that it didn't get read in the beginning but three months down the pike caught fire.

In June or so, I wrote my nine probable ops article. In it I had, initially, included G. Duff and John deNugent. For sensitivity reasons, I removed those. All the folks put in here I still consider probable ops. Too, a bit before that, I had my first reader spike posting  a cointel pro claim against the  Jew, libertarians, Carrie Wedler and Adam Kokesh. I am not going to repost that until I can go over it for there are a lot of weaknesses to structure.

Through all this, Joos-light was created, initially as "The Jewess of Marbury", a fictional Jew modeled after my very first Shalom Juitsee character.  I literally did one mega post with seven articles revolving around this girl.

Joos-Light Confronts Veronikha K Clark on her home page and gets the "get lost, goy" treatment.

I give VK Clark credit for helping me kick my "female persona" addiction. My far and away biggest operative confrontation to that point which, I suppose, began in July- August of last year. To be clear, what, for me, is proof that she is an op, I understand will not be enough for many others without a prediliction to dislike her. I told a well respected lady in the community, recently, that the only way we are ever going to get proof about folks is by having a sophisticated spy ring. We don't even have a real movement, just gathering places to obsess over going nowhere preoccupations or gossiping about the latest claims from the Jew op down the street that pretends they are a resistance site, never mind the spy ring.

What is obvious and what has to be restructured is this weakened goy condition that resigns themselves to a "the Jews will never go away and I must just learn to live with it" pessimism. Let's be extremely clear.  They are all ops, paid or not, aware or not. When you cater to the Jewniverse system in place you support it and therefore run counter to a resistance movement in fact even if you intellectually praise one. What I have found is that those not willing to compromise are being demonized so the answer is to stand strong and keep waving the flag of denial. My recent experience with Andrew Winkler is my latest and possibly my best example.

 I was convinced that we should or could be working together for a common purpose until I saw, krystal clear, that for whatever reason, Rebel has thrown his hat in with "going along to get along" and of course it isn't obvious to most because most are doing it too. I'm sure he's been like this all along and I didn't see it.

Also, because this is fairly harsh, let me clarify that I am sure Rebel believes he is doing the right  things and I was out of line, a loose cannon and all I can say is, "It's a matter of perception".The question is whose perception is right and I am aware most people would  not really get the extremes needed to stand against the Jew. Rebel is not willing to go to those extremes in my view for the reason most aren't. It's bad for business. His business is more real to him than the idea of implementing a successful resistance and I believe  that is because the folks he has been around these last six years reinforce exactly the same thing. This makes me, for the most part, the odd man out while it causes me to say I am the only unco-opted resistance in town, a phrase that triggered Rebel to tell me, three days ago, if I made such a claim ever again I would be permanently banned from his site. This was my response to that. That  became an aha moment for me for, until that moment, I had thought we should overcome our differences and work together for the good of the cause. I now see our differences are irreconcilable.

We need  to turn that around to where, first, it ain't so obvious what behaviors are needed and, next, that it is obvious who is right and who is wrong, or that full blown resistance is required and not accomadation while intellectually going through the motions. The community mindset has to change to do that. Make no mistake, infiltrators are behind the rudder steering our boat and they have a whole lot of support in the effort and we, as freedom fighters, are being ostracized and demonized..

Anyway, Veronikha had an indirect shooting match with  Joos-light and I became concerned that some of the WN folks that might secretly be friends with VK would pass on their knowledge about my sock-puppet past so that is when I made the decision to out who I was and present to her, MK Ultra, as her new antagonist. I left my real name in a place she would find it for I knew she was casing my site for offending lit about her. I have for all practical purposes put the others in storage and it feels a whole lot better. 

Gimme a shout, hon!Make no mistake, playing female was lots of fun till the community started getting pissed. Odd thing, Rachel Reigersperger, the girl who was so good at keeping secrets pertaining to her cult, had a big mouth when it came to yours truly and told her cuz  who started screaming it at VT comments section about Blindlight. My partnership with Rachel fizzled when my uncompromising self on the race issue caused some irreconcilable differences. Rachel, if she could have her way, would want the races separated. I neither want nor particularly not want all of that. Get government out of the manipulation game would help.

 I think it rubbed her the wrong way when I called her out on all those phrases and memorized lines WNs throw out like "a Jew invented the word racist", "Anti-racist is anti-white"- them old chestnuts.

I am not going to go any further on this how I got here stuff because from meeting VK Clark on , I have been the real me and have about 150 articles explaining the shit hitting the fan since.

Thanks for watching and listening. This is a pre-emptive strike to undermine crazies that may try and make some kind of moral issue over  the sock -puppet stuff. Now it's all out there. I will be happy to answer questions after the inquirer reads these two posts. I won't be answering "idiotic drama" over it.

{This article is still in the proof reading stage}

Odds and Ends

Hitlerian left-right-  my way of describing folks in the NWO resistance that were aware that it was primarily a Jew World Order tyranny being faced.

It is the counter to my other invented phrase, the Masonic left and right, which is a literal description of status quo mason dominated Republican-Democratic politics in America today

  • Hitlerian Left- people Jew wise that have a contrary view to the establishment on Hitler. Viewed in a more realistic way than the way he has been demonized in the mainstream. They do not tend to see other goy races as adversarial in spirit and potential but recognize that a Jewish on-going effort for hundreds of years, enabled by their control of money and by extension many other areas of political discourse, has pitted, intentionally, not only races against each other but classes and ideologies to name a few. The reason is to disunite the people in any solid effort to stand up against Jewish power-this movement has the signs of being infiltrated and must be watched closely.


  • Hitlerian Right- comprised exclusively of white European origin descent.Marked by extreme tribalism where one standard is  invoked for the tribe and  another standard evoked for non-tribal  folks. Similar to the Jewish method of viewing things but less extreme and less method effective. Likely infiltrated very early on and indeed Jews likely helped form the ideology on the sly. They are highly patriarchial as well and even now see their own women as a liability though this issue  is a contentious one.
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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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