How I got here (The RealStory)! Part I

 This author, in his continuing efforts over the last four years to understand the evil that rules, began stumbling into suspected "co-opted assets" of the tyranny that had infiltrated via Aliases, or "staged identities" while masquerading as  brothers in arms within a resistance movement I assumed was as advertised, the real thing.

I took for granted growing up in America, believing in free speech and fair play and it never entered my head that when it comes to those that rule and their protecting or seizing more of what they want, there is no such thing as justice. This "people's movement" was but an illusion, a substitute for an authentic movement that allowed those involved to remain calm in the believing they had champions on their side enabled by the, disguised as us, infiltrators trained to protect and serve.......THEM, the enemy Jew!

This is a quick story of how I got here, to this moment, standing alone, gazing at the unknowable with all around me giving signs there's a goose cookin on the stove and we ain't going to be the ones sitting down to eat it in fact.....well you don't want to know....or do you goy? 

My first major change

 In 1969, I started doing psychedelics. I had grown up in a dysfunctional environment due to various illnesses and diseases and problematic marriages of my caregivers , so I was ripe for rebellion. In a six month period where I, basically, pretended to attend college at the University of Louisville, I had "seeing the face of God" experiences that turned this late teen from an agnostic, all-American kid who liked sports, to a person unsure of who he was and how he fit  into the scheme of things and who had adopted a black man for a hero. Everything that had led me to where I was at that point became irrelevant, in my mind, to what I had become or would go.

 Protest was in the air and I hooked onto it like many and the idea of fighting what was clearly a senseless war was not an option. So I dropped out of school and saw the signs on the wall and bought a plane ticket to Canada, leaving the day my induction was due.

All you vets, who have become Jew-wise and know your service was for naught and lost your buddies for banker chess matches, real goyim being the pawns, I saw it back then and am not conflicted one bit not serving. I know this is a problematic area for vets who want to feel their time in the service was for what  it was claimed but we now know that no wars the US has been involved in, ever, were what they were claimed to be and drastically more so since the Fed became the great enabler of non-stop wars for the Jews.

hippy-ed around for the next five years, primarily, in Toronto off of Queen Street-Kingsboro Road district and became a guy referred to by the locals as "American Joe". As Jimi Hendrix had introduced me to the world of the unknowable , through the album "Electric Ladyland", he became my roll model and hero and God. I, literally, considered Hendrix, a black man surrounded by white musicians and the star of them all, a God!

I wore a head bandana like he did, dressed as much as possible like he did and bought my first guitar in around 1972. The other major influence of that time, musically for me, became John Prine and to a minor extent, early Dylan. My efforts as a musician took the form of a wandering minstrel, with a guitar on my back walking the streets of TO and the boardwalk in what I imagined was the way the great musicians of the day must have gotten their start.

Steve Goodman-John Prine

 For various reasons, these efforts discontinued and I moved back to Atlanta in 1975 unsure of what to do next. The following two years had me going back and forth to Canada and in 1977, being totally broke and without direction, grabbed onto the idea of hiring myself out as a handyman which quickly gravitated into owning my own lawn-maintenance business which, but for two years, was a solitary operation or in other words, I worked alone. I hurt my back in 1983 and was forced to hire help. At the same time as my injury occurred, I had been dabbling in a Christian ministry cult called "The Way Ministry". I faked speaking in tongues to pass the entrance exam. However, when I injured my back, I needed to hire some help or lose my customers so I grabbed a few from the ministry. 

That worked fine for two years but they left to go  recruit folks elsewhere. I was never serious about their cause and was not tempted to follow and tried hiring folks through ads and quickly realized, as boss, I was looked upon as "the enemy". I  wasn't interested in being anyone's enemy so I fired them and have been doing my job ever since without help.

I continue doing lawn-maintenance to this day in a part-time effort that leaves me independent, in many ways, of the  corporate tyranny psych project that most people deal with. I have worked fully for myself as my own boss for thirty-eight years.

Jack London, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Carlos Castenada were my bibles. I added Libertarianism in 1980 to my repertoirre when I read the book "Looking Out for Number 1" which included the basic logic of Libertarianism in its writings as the author, fascinatingly, told of his experiences as a real estate broker.

Ronald Reagan adopted Libertarian rhetoric in his campaign efforts to get elected, and I became, for the first time in my life, interested in the world of politics, as an observer, not a voter. My hippy heritage had given me a complete disdain for mindsets of the mainstream culture and I. literally, never liked my choices. There were other reasons, legal in nature which I shall not go into here. My piercing experiences with drugs helped me see through the inadequacies of the dialogues occuring that persuaded people to vote this way or go that.

 So, I began to make myself an informed observer in 1980 and I did join the local branch of the Libertarian party which I quickly left after two years realizing they believed in so much freedom that they wouldn't be able to act, coordinatedly, as a group, on anything (Libertarianism is the opposite extreme of Communism and is another ideology invented by Jews with a Utopian concept of a pipe dream that people become so trusting and free that the need for a state withers away).

However,  this is when I was first exposed to someone that was Jew-wise. He gave a speech at a party meeting and had some books for sale. I met him to buy one or two and he gave me his speil about the Jews which I respectfully listened to but politely didn't buy. Indeed, it took me thirty more years to buy the "It's the Jews" mindset as fact.

In the meantime, I became a regular CNN watcher, a Fox News hater and a person, you could say, that had all the ground work laid together that, when exposed to a few indisputable facts, he would assimilate the rest in a no-time jiffy. 911 came and went, I had just bought my first computer because my daughter was at the age of needing access to one at home. I spent the next ten years as a video game junkie in my spare time which included, because I could afford to, having all the latest and greatest hardware, upgrading as it became available.

  As you can imagine, this was a quite expensive addiction. Facebook appeared on the horizon and in the spring of 2011, having gone gung-ho and then become totally disappointed by the campaign and after election performance of Barrack Hussein Obama, I now, signed up for Facebook and quickly joined some mainstream left-right political groups. My Libertarian past made me basically a guy that adopted both masonic left and right positions depending on my beliefs and the way I felt that day and if I was ornery or not. It also made me curious and impressed with Ron Paul.

My fascination with Paul hemmoraged when I saw his compromises to be viable. Interesting many that greeted me as Paulies, are still on that same level and I stayed there for so short a time

 So much so, that I started looking for Ron Paul people to "friend". Ron Paul people "friended" everybody and many were 911 aware. Like I said earlier, I was awakened to the point that all I needed was the right push at the right time and I was headed fully down that "rabbit hole". So about two months after joining Facebook, I swallowed the "red pill" and became 911 aware. I was astounded that my revelations had no impact on the folks I was meeting in my political groups. As efforts to communicate wisdom to my comrades repeatedly fell flat and I began getting attacked as being unpatriotic, a tin foil hat wearer and a person who had no respect for the feelings of those who lost loved ones in the 911 attack, I resigned myself to having to find new spaces to tread and new folks to interact with if I was to stay positive and on focus. Mainstream political life I had always barely just tolerated and my toleration quotient had finally been used up.

I go from a dumbed down red pill swallower,  to getting the whole enchilada, unweakened by the, "Jones", middleman "cut" and start becoming Jew-wise!

By the winter of 2011 and the first of 2012, I was a Veterans Today follower, mainly because of Gordon Duff. For me, at the time, he offered some astounding revelations about real history pertaining to WWII  and like I said before, I was a loaded cannon waiting for someone to light the fuse and release my newly awakened mind to new interpretations and the New World Order began to evolve into a Jew World Order very quickly. In the spring and and early summer a whirlwind of new information entered my computer screen.

To quickly name the main catalysts that occurred so quickly, it is hard to remember what came first but I would say Duff's revelations and, then, probably, Juri Lina and his exposure of the Bolsheviks and their Jewish nature. Then came my finding out about the great Zander Fuerza and this article but there were so many on his site that awed me.

  I have to say, here, that Zander Fuerza gave me one of the biggest "ahahah" moments in my life with the simple statement that "Hitler wasn't trying to found a NWO, Hitler was fighting the JWO!" Zander, if you are reading this,  it's probably why, to this day, I do not give you the benefit of the doubt as to why you have become who you have become.

 From there I believe, I discovered this page, a must fave! Through Zander, I learned about Banjo Billy and the story of how the Jews tried to pretend they didn't write the protocols.  The next super big thing for me that put the nail in the coffin and truly made it a, "case closed", Jew World Order problem was reading "Nameless War" which basically detailed that  since 1600, the Jews have been leading us from one disenchantment to another in their efforts to reach their final supremacist destination. That journey began in Amsterdam or England, IMO,  the basically non-stop juggernaut  that we have today called the Jew World Order or international corporate, under the table tyranny working it's way to bring out an official king that can, then, rule in the sun as their enemy Jew God dictates. 

   Somewhere in this fabric, getting more and more coated with "Jew" by the day, waltzed into my life VK Clark via the Deanna Spingola radio show. VK, if you are reading this, know that you were one of my heroes. So much so that when a Facebook character called "Talmudawaregoyim" decided he needed a new infiltration op to infiltrate the Jews with, he, in your honor, named her "Shalom Juitsee".

My most popular-VK Clark More about her when I get into how I began my career as a detective against the JWO. I told you this once before, that when I turned on you and Zander, I connected you two, for various reasons. One included the Spingola commonality where each of you had such a regular platform through her broadcasts and the other, TBH, you seemed so alike. 

I am not here to spend much time on my recent challenges but to tell you how I got here. One other book worth mentioning and probably the best book I have personally read that talks about the Jewish horrors associated with World War II, written in the year 1958 is called "The World Conquerors" and is easily "Googled"  and obtained in free PDF form.

Now that it's all been revealed as to the source leak of our problems and I started steppin "all in" on the "It's the Jews" format, I met a whole new passle of "friends" which I was later to realize were connected with Christian Identity and White Nationalism. We are in the late spring of 2012, one year since I learned about the realities of 911. This new problem was built around the fact that I didn't get the connection they all espoused between Jewawaredness and goy on goy hate. In their minds, justified hate but I didn't get it and found that I couldn't tolerate being exposed to it in the groups we shared so I limited the unpleasantness to mostly interacting on my page where people tend to respect the areas of focus an acquaintance has if visiting their wall

I have my first encounter with an op or cointel pro agent.

My intro to Julie Mitchell

I noticed Julie Mitchell in an NWO group; a group I got kicked out of for talking about Jews one too many times. Julie had this big confrontation with a possible op, actually, and I got to watch a very interesting cat fight. At some point, feeling we should be comrades in arms, I "friended" her and one day PMed her about "the Protocols of Zion". 

At the time Julie was somewhere between a "New Ager" and an "it's the Jesuits, dude" kind of girl. In other words, it ain't the Jews, it's the Jesuits and I'll have some blood drinking lizards on the side with butter! It was this first chat and only chat  that made me realize that Julie does not like to be challenged. When I swore the Protocols were of Jewish origin, Julie argued for a moment and then blocked me. Later, I was to realize that  that was an MO of hers. To eliminate by any means necessary those folks that disagreed with her claims. I was later to find out that Julie Mitchell was a real Jew and upon that revelation, discovered she was a real op

Meeting Rachel Reigersperger, started me down a new road- that of Cointel pro  detecter

Before I mention Rachel, I had a very short interaction with the man known as JAM. At the time, I didn't realize how famous he was, didn't know he made the movie about 911. He is the guy that introduced me to "" and his idea of a political party-"The Monarchist Party". Being half-black, he had a short fuse and when he tried to manipulate me into an early on and, in my mind, premature phone conversation, I balked and he got offended and but for a short disagreement as to the inherent evil of usery that he claimed was and I claimed wasn't, we went our separate ways. I was also unaware that JAM was getting fed up with the movement cause I hardly have heard of him since.

Where did you go?Now to Rachel. I saw a cute girl on someone's Facebook wall, went to her wall and tried to "friend" her with no option to do so. I therefore PMed her and she thought it was the funniest thing ever and said she was on Facebook restriction and was not able to "friend" people at the time. That ended that but out of the blue, maybe six weeks later, she pmed me and we "friended" and after a short acquaintance, she asked me if I knew who Julie Mitchell was.

My detective partner, Australian born, Rachel ReigerspergerI most certainly did I said, and me and Rachel became temporary partners as a cointel investigation team against the JWO. Rachel was Jew wise and  I have determined, after some acquaintance, that she belonged to a cult that operates out of Europe and Australia. Rachel was very disciplined about not admitting it or telling me about it other than it was a group that more less "saved her life" and I mean that as a metaphor..

Rachel had been having interaction issues with Julie and apparently the group she was in did investigations into folks they determine are co-opted agents. It was Rachel that showed me Julie's real picture that had Ashkinazi Jew written all over it. Also she was very intrigued by what I had to report about my argument and the blocking over the Jewish origin of the protocols issue with Julie. Intrigued because three months later, as it turns, out Julie is hosting a page for WNs and CIs about Hitler love, Jew hate, and plenty of non-white goyim dissing to fill out the plate.

I guess I have a natural bent for quizzing things that don't add up and Julie blocking me three months prior about, basically, my claim of a Jew World Order, and now her adopting that narrative from an extreme position to the contrary and running groups, as an expert, saying the exact opposite made me perk up my ears.

I always thought it interesting when an aware goy is willing to use the enemy Jew to ban you. VK does that as well in her own way. Now, if I was cointel pro, why would they ban me for giving a "goy", as she claims she is, who outs the Jew, a problem. (need critical thinking skills here and she counted on her followers to avoid that)

I out, fully, the cointel pro nature of Julie Mitchell and the goyim don't care. My second education into the "patsy" nature of the goyim

My first education was when I realized 911 was an "inside job" and bringing solid evidence to the table in my earliest political groups back in 2011 to be met with mostly ridicule as opposed to discernment. Then, my confrontation with Julie Mitchell, one that started my MO of making a bigger fuss than  the cointel op who was opposing me and here is how it went down:

Rachel and I entered Julie's page and I broached her about her miraculous conversion to Jew-awaredness. I think I had already equated what she had done to a cointel pro assignment switch but I was willing to hear her out and, initially, she responded well. Loose ends remained and when she realized we were not going to be easily won over she ordered us to drop the subject, of course, with little effect on getting us to do so and we both got kicked off of her page

It may have ended there with us declaring victory and moving on but while we were banned from the group, she proceeded to tell everyone on her page that WE were the ops and then made up a fake ID profile pic of Rachel having her look like a hooker and posted it to her page.....

It is here I need to go into the scene that I was finding on Facebook. Having discovered the answer to the world's problems to be to out the Jews or so I thought, I then received the effects as to how the Jews combat that. They do it by banning you and putting you in time out. This is where I started resorting to multiple IDs. I wanted to be able to continue surfing when one ID was disabled.

I believe I lost my TalmudAwareGoyim ID because an IDF guy PMed me that it was against Facebook rules not to use your real name. I said thanks for his concern but why are people  from Israel telling Americans what to do, please leave. He said no problem and a few days later I was either deleted or in major time-out, I can't remember, so he counseled with his buddies at Facebook headquarters and yes, the Jews have a right to tell cattle what to do. 

It was this fact, that Facebook seemed so serious about us being exactly who we say we are, that made me extremely suspicious of this WN online campaign to henpeck users to do so as well. I still believe this obsession was led by under the table ops for identification purposes. Of course that is not to implicate all that believed the logic they used. My view was and still is that it's your online ID consistency that gains you reputation points and what name you use is really no one else's business unless you make it so.

In the final analysis,  I  gave into this obsession just to not keep getting distracted over it, making a final decision to use an online ID persona but to be willing to give my real name when asked in a reasonable way

Another time, I took a picture of this Jew commenting at a Jewish online website  where they wrote that the Jews were always persecuted and  that Hitler boycotted Jewish made goods in 1933. This was a great demonstration how ordinary Jews, who clearly know better, distort history to enter self-serving facts. Most of us know that it was Jews that implemented a full boycott world wide forcing many goyim businesses to do so as well under threat  as well while the German reaction boycott was very short lived, in fact.  I wish this type of stuff was rare but  once you know Jew psychology, it's to be expected. They only shade things in light of what is good for their people, irregardless of the truth. Long story short, the  Jew threatened to sue me for taking a picture of his wall that had the comment.It was a public comment so I don't think he had a case and he never pursued it. Just wanted to try and scare the goy.

How Shalom Juitsie was invented

Remember now, we are in the summer- fall of 2012, I am getting Facebook banned out the yin yang. I have two IDs. My real ID of Joe Sigur and my Talmudawaregoyim ID which was a kind of warning shot to the Jew, that I wasn't the stupid goy that they were used to dealing with so be careful! It was my Jew fighting ID.

On Veteran's Today comments, a fake Jew entered a great obnoxious comment. It took me about a half a day to realize it was a goy pretending to be a Jew. He entered comments from both a female and a male perspective. I was blown away and if I find the comment, I will post it but suffice it to say that for my next ID I was going to play the part of a 20 year old obnoxious Jewess and I named her Shalom Juitsee.. I got right into it. It was a piece of cake for me to act out and tell the goy how stupid they were. I even tried to exaggerate so much that the goy would figure it out and they never did.

I created this ID, right before I met Rachel and though I faked her out for 36 hours, she did guess, maybe because she knew me pretty well. So I had access to Shalom when Talmudawaregoyim got banned and was able to continue causing trouble for Julie and really, at that point, I might have had several other male IDs as well. So not only did I need them now for the Jews, these extra IDs, but when confronting an op on their page as well and being banned.

Back to the Julie psyop, I decided to basically write my first note in response to her crazy claims. By the way, I immediately had a gut reaction that her so quickly going into a lying pattern in regards to us made our suspicions right on. Then add in the Ashkinazie face and bingo, you got an op. I was locked out on the street so to speak, and Julie was wailing away inside about how evil we were..So I wrote out exactly what we found about Julie, that she was a fake goy and her quick getting of religion about the Jews and all the other things we had on her and upon finishing the note  I tagged about 60 people to notify them that it was published and this was on Friday I suppose or SATURDAY.

Let me tell you, I sat at the computer hardly having a chance to go pee that weekend from being so busy with the curious on this issue. By Monday, Julie was fully outed, I was convinced she would have to disappear but, like I said above, I got my second extreme demonstration on just how little the goy give a fuck. Whether they have been infiltrated so long they just  feel comfortable with it, or still couldn't add 2+2 to get 4, whatever, Julie Mitchell dialed up the hate porn and continued business as usual.

 I have equated "dialing up the hate porn" as a form of "goybiscuit" Jews give to goyim to get them to roll over and play dead and nothing makes a WN's IQ drop by 30 points faster than some juicy stories about how whites are getting fucked in the ass by minority, non-whites. I found out Julie had a year's supply of these hate porn goy biscuits for just these types of problematic intervenings by disrespectful, critical thinking animals they prefer to call "cattle". Yes, folks, I was "cattle" but I was stomping all over her; it's just the fact the other goy were slurping down the goybiscuit shakes Julie had on the ready that saved her ass to fight another day.snap286

 Like Veronikha, now, this back and forth with Julie lasted quite awhile. I actually created an ID with a username titled "Jewlie Mitchell" with a profile picture of a black and white couple. That pissed her off. I was getting in all kinds of trouble from the Jews at that time and this just added to it.

This chat pic above, Julie is "Conspiracies:Dogs etc" and I am "Shiksa Chick", a blue-collar, hard nosed, Jew-wise sock puppet. Talmudawaregoyim is banned and Shiksa is extracting info on her page. Take my word, we have established Jewlie as a Jew. Note what Julie says about not being able to work with any non-whites. Jews telling goyim as fake goy what to do that is good for Jews, "Fight other goy because they want to kill the white man!" Can't get any clearer than that.

 As far as Julie goes, she's still around but she did have to change her Facebook name.  I pmed her under her new name and she shit a brick! Lol! I said, I got VK, now, and much bigger fish to fry! She didn't trust me and started lying about me again but I moved on. See, since I come to realize that WNs don't want the truth, they want the lies, I decided it ain't worth my time to keep trying to enlighten them though I shine a light for all to see and they are more than welcome to come by.. By the way, Shiksa Chick is going to have some fun on Andrew Anglin's "Adam Kokesh should be hung for sedition" page in a bit.

Shalom Juitsie crosses paths with Jack Heart at Veterans Today

Shalom Juitsie

Somewhere in all of this and which came first I can not recall, Shalom Juitsie had a mild interaction with Jack Heart who currently writes for me and Veterans Today. At the time, he was blogging at or some such. Quite a good researcher into extraordinary phenomenon and the occult, I might add. Well, he took a liking to Shalom and "friended" her.

Shalom, being a sock-puppet whose purpose was to promote Jewawaredness was then presented with the difficult acrobatic act of encouraging Jack Heart to be interested in outing the Jews while discouraging Jack Heart from being interested in her and that was  interesting. Let me say that it took about six months but I got Jack to apply to write at VT. To this day he gives me the credit.

Shalom died a Facebook death after six months use and I suppose I went through six or seven females IDs.Theresa Feardon, Connie Dumar come to mind. My last two were Blindlight and Joos-light who exist to this day in dormancy status on my websites as brands as much as anything else.

Abe's Jewish reaction to having his pants pulled down by a goy Now for Shiksa Chick. Shiksa had an extremely interesting but short lived time on Andrew's page. She had a major  confrontation with a supremacist Jew that started on the page and ended up in a back and forth pms between Shiksa and Abe Levy. We ended up being respectful combatants while we started  out with Shiksa having him by the balls for the first day.

 Abe came on drunk and started spouting his supremacist shit so Shiksa said, "keep it comin son, it's all going on camera and all over Facebook". Abe tried to delete his comments but it was too late. (remember, aware Jews have to lie to prop up the mainstream media narrative their cousins wrote. Awaregoy have to call out the lie. Abe had committed a horrible Jew sin of telling the goyim what's up-Truth is deadly to Jews) Then next morning he claimed to be sending in the cops but he realized his threat was making us laugh so he gave up the fascade. This was an amazing altercation!

Here is a link to an old article  where I cover this in a lot of detail. Please remember, I was not only an inexperienced writer but was in the early stages of understanding the editor as well.I will post to this page the best comment I got out of him. Also remember, this is a Jew talking to a Goy he respects in private about how strong the Jews are and he admits the protocols are Jewish. 

I crash a Jewish page that is pretending to care about Treyvon Marin

Shalom Juitsie uses her sock puppet power to go hang around a bunch of Jews on a Trayvon Martin Justice page. It is also, here I met  the Jewess Alea Acta Est who gave me some great Facebook comments. So great, I made an article out of it  here. This page was pushing all the Jewish Cultural Marxist shit  but once the verdict was reached and I was a watchin, they had a fake burglery of the page to where control supposedly shifted into white supremacist's hands. Since Shalom was following their asses grabbing comments where warranted, I actually saw the Jew's bios connected to Tele-aviv that were playing the racists.evil

I got comments, before and after, of the same Jew taking opposite sides at different times just to piss off the goy. If you don't get what I am aimin at, the purpose of the page was to get  the goy fighting each other and also keep pinning "white privilege" whenever and wherever they could. I followed these folks around for months hoping for some leads but, soon after, I got distracted by the fact that some WNs got wind of my sock puppet personages.sock-puppet Blindlight monster

That coupled with my unsympathetic view of the WN lifestyle meant that after some nasty but brief altercations, bruised and battered and sock-puppeted in the personage of Blindlight, I limped into the wilderness looking for respite.

 I had become addicted to my female persona and preferred to be a sock puppet. I didn't have health insurance so was unable to get  "sock-puppet addiction" treatment and limped out of Dodge, looking for a new environment. After a point on my journey, I came upon what looked to be a shining beacon on a hill, a beautiful massive structure made out of the best cyberbricks available and timidly, shivering from the cold and aching from wounds that made me weak, I knocked on the door!

****{By the way, I was banned from Facebook for the picture of the Nazi girl! Also, my current lack of interest in arguing with folks has removed the Facebook banning problem from my life, it seems. Posting Jew-wise articles does not seem to get one banned these days}

To be continued!

Part II- Joining Rebel, Beginning Blindlight and Goybiscuits, confronting VK Clark , the plot thickens!.....PartII

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