Jews (((VK Clark))) Apply New Tactic (against me), Defamation!Snap47992719b

Covert Jew op, VK Clark took my article revelations  from a year ago concerning my schizophrenic mother and implied I was schizophrenic by planting the words "Hereditary schizophrenia" in a  description of a video she lifted from my site.

That account is not me but a forgery. It is the same account where Sinead and Clark had celebration wine after their collusion against mevkcx

This is the way the website looked five days ago. The description clearly denotes a VK Clark mindset focussing her major source of concern, debunking any reason to respond to my request to prove who she was with a video. Her thanking Sinead, since this is an obvious fake account is clearly "inside talk" between her and Sinead as displayed with this commenting between the two folks in collusion against me


Interestingly, today The fake Sigur troll denies being Clark and changes the site description. Is that just a coincidence or a cohencidence!

Note, dark blue around the name connotes site ownership of the troll account, and the comment is found here

Below, this is the site description as of today! Clearly trying to delink VK from this troll account by removing the obvious comments seen above to something looking more associated with exclusively me but the facts are that anyone who knows (((Mrs. Clark's))) style of video making can recognise it as her doing.

In either case the style of commentary in the description makes it  an account designed  to do a hit job on me....and Queeny, as it turns out. Queeny, I never thought we would get linked this way, haha!

I hope my "name" recognition helps your hit count Clark. You know Jews can't do anything without  goy talent!

Obviously, Clark has no real experience with scizophrenia or she simply doesn't care about the truth and wishes to defame me in any way possible. Schizophrenics are dysfunctional individuals who literally can't take care of themselves. 

This then is another danger of outing the Jew World Order, a behind the curtain operation where average onlookers here can't figure out what the hell the guy is talking about. Behind the curtain Jews use these tactics to defame folks for getting too close to the truth

 Here is the link if you would like to tell her what you think of her defamation

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