Your Crazy White Race Religionist Neighbors, Kyle, Sinead And Jewess, Evalion and other goofs

Your Crazy White Race Religionist Neighbors, Kyle, Sinead And Jewess, Evalion and other goofs

Kyle, Sinead and Evalion have been exposed. 

This category is dedicated to keeping them exposed till they get their priorities straight. Quit snorting coke and leave your White race worship baggage at home!Snap4799804mThe nose knows!

Sunday, 24 June 2018 23:00

Image result for sinead mccarthyIt's very interesting that Sinead ignores  Little's message and then adds speculation the fire as to why he's Jewish. Of course, oldies should remember Sinead's very rich background she tried to hide, her liberal interacting with the black race while living in New York and many claims about her being Jewish Sinead became such an issue as far as credibility goes, she had to kill off herself and hide behide fake names to continue her advocacy, much like VK Clark

Are there concerning things about Little to be worked through brought up in the Morpheous piece? Absolutely, eventually, but why I give slack is because of the "focus on the Jew message, that npo one does better than Pat

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 05:14


This is the problem with Sinead. Her "stirring up the pot" about Left-right JWO operatives that our movement should see as being irrelevant to our cause fixates attention to irrelevant corners in the false notion that reaching a consensus about a JWO operative will somehow aide our cause.
It literally distracts us from the cause to obsess over such people. Sinead has earned the "being obsessed" label concerning Putin as has the whole Renegade crew and folks, when everyone on a website agrees to demonize someone that is loved by many others, we can say it's an assignment which causes Blindlight to ask,"Who did the assigning?".
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 17:33

I was on the fence as to whether she really was a racialist in her year in the movement, half of which was making videos and asking for donations and received from people she now slurs without a care in the world. Heck, she's from the ultra mega-rich, goy, you should have known

Back in September of last year, rich race compatriots Sinead and Grace Alice got together to talk about whose friends were richer and more connected. Crusader Girl one that argument (go to 40 minutes in and listen for 4 minutes. Her family had a casual conversation about whether or not to go to a bar mitzfa in Israel or not)

Saturday, 20 May 2017 09:24

dsdOn May 6th after a JWO documentary featuring Piccolini, Crusader Girl and Nathan Damigo aired,  we find Sinead creating false drama implying Piccolini is some kind of demon

Sinead, Piccolini is a Jew op as are you, Evalion and Crusader girl and last year was a continual staged event, bros!

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 17:47

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Teal Swan claims, she is going back and forth between skiing and nude modeling having set up this website still found at "" and apparently, with the name "" immediately after her supposed escape at 19 in 2003 (sure doesn't seem to have left her with any hangups and promoting polyandry and all).

 Please note, her captivity occurred in interludes while she was living with her parents, apparently completely oblivious to the issue

Monday, 27 February 2017 12:03

Obviously, Clark has no real experience with scizophrenia or she simply doesn't care about the truth and wishes to defame me in any way possible. Schizophrenics are dysfunctional individuals who literally can't take care of themselves. 

This then is another danger of outing the Jew World Order, a behind the curtain operation where average onlookers here can't figure out what the hell the guy is talking about. Behind the curtain Jews use these tactics to defame folks for getting too close to the truth

Such as difference listening to the reasonable (((Mrs. Clark))) on a Spingola interview and then being subjected to her Jewish lying troll identities. Here is the link if you would like to tell her what you think of her defamation

Wednesday, 25 January 2017 14:42

First of all I didn't get on the evalion train for shekels. I genuinely thought people had lied about her and I had a lot of people fucking with me. It's often hard to know the truth but I can admit when I'm wrong" - Sinead McCarthy...................

Sinead is the one who told me that Evalion was luring men onto google talk for sheckles or cam-whoring before she got supposedly taken in. When I exposed Evalion, her immediate reaction was to call me a pedophile and threaten to harass my uninvolved, racially mixed daughter whom she called a "Mongrel". - BL

Friday, 06 January 2017 05:51

Image result for sinead mccarthySinead had a female friend of David icke on her show and used it as a platform to whine about how bad off White people are.

This would be fine of Sinead was Nathan Damigo or Richard Spencer but Sinead and Renegade are heavy Jew outers and false flag realists.

Sinead has admitted to me privately that nothing can be done about White issues without removing the Jew. Even so, she blocked me because of an intellectual difference of opinion about whether white people, in effect, own North America.

Sunday, 11 December 2016 02:46

Image result for Sinead McCarthy, South Africa

This started off being a comment on my home page but I came to realize it grew big enough to be it's own article. I began by reiterating my doubts about this provocateur named Shield Maiden who came out of nowhere to be pretty important to the Renegade site. At some point I saw the link to the South Africa video that Sinead had sollicted 2000 dollars from her audience in order to make so I started watching it and I ended up critiquing the typical WRR shortcomings that give evidence in all their scripts.

White people are always the acted upon, blameless victims and everybody hates them because the Jews lie about them and all other non-Whites are shiftless and no-good. Well, this may be, to an extent, true, in part, but then you act the perfect scapegoat by performing your part of the Jew ,psyop dance on que, White people!

Sunday, 04 December 2016 02:50

Brian Ruhne has jumped on the Evalion bandwagon and does his second interview with her. I was scanning John deNugent's site when I noticed that he had post  the you-tube video remarking what a great asset she was. deNugent claims great content. I analyze and see if that statement is well founded

Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:44

It's looking more and more that my initial thoughts on Sinead, that she is controlled opposition and fake dissent are correct.

Image result for Sinead McCarthyRecall, she is the one that stirred the pot on FLAT EARTH that got so many people annoyed. She is the one that spends a huge amount of time focusing on women's libbish type issues in a  movement that is anything but women's lib.

She is the yang to Andrew Anglin's, white male, supremacy, yin and assures that all WNs stay disorganized, dysfunctional and non-compliant. She goes after the alt-right for homosexuality while promoting a Jewess acting cam-whore who introduced herself to the public by using the provacateurish word "nigger" to hook the lowest racists who think with their 3rd arm.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 01:56

Is Sinead under Kyle Hunt mind control? Question! (just click here and the answer will be obvious! No prior red pill consumption needed!)

I am going to post an article by  Kyle Hunt where he displays, for all to view, the shortcomings of the White Race Religion movement. Quickly put, the WRR is a composite of the various forms of White Race Worship that exists today  encompassing a supremacist world view, a belief in victimization by Jewish, indeed, all other races carried along by a self-serving tale of history to support the idea that the white race is the only good race subverted by parasitical Jews with the help of all other creatures referred to by them as "The Mud Races" (Let's forget about Jewish colonialism where for three hundred years the whites helped the Jew subjugate all them's that are helping the Jew now. After all, the We NEVAH DID NUTHIN WRONG WHITES have!).

Friday, 23 September 2016 21:28
Click the pic of Sinead and Kyle to hear 90 minutes o!^@%#^$!%#&*!^#^@&$#&@&*. It's the best(*#^&*$^&@!&^$&* I have ever heard

I decided I better say something about this. Kyle  and Sinead bring out the worst in each other, sadly. This is a mean spirited show where they basically trash talk anyone not part of their Renegade op.  Sadly, they get the Jew but somehow they got obsessed with white people, a problem that can't be solved by just white people since the Jews have a plan to genocide them as long as they stay in power

Basically the 90 minute segment was Kyle ranting about any and everything he found wanting in "the whites are the God race" movement.  Apparently Sinead's job was to go "Yea!" at every short interlude of Kyles non-stop analysis of the WRR-ist world around him. Their personal White Race Religon mindset was on display since they only considered relevant to talk about those who put race before the Jew. I say that because that is in fact the standard by which those are judged within this unrecognized but actual religion. Folks can ignore the Jew if they say a few phrases that all members are to agree about when it comes to white chosenous or supremacy.
Sunday, 18 September 2016 16:28

It started off so innocent, my tweet PM with Sinead. The other day I asked her for a history on how she and Kyle adopted their racialist views, seemingly out of nowhere. This general topic has been of interest to me for quite a time because I  have noticed what looks to be an orchestrated deliberate shift of what was once white, Jew-wise truthers into the racialist aquarium. A place where no non-White is welcome while they are subject to continual ridicule and derision  and with the help of the co-opted WN leaders,  the most extremist racialist views and slurs are tolerated as "normal and healthy".

Sunday, 07 August 2016 20:00

Image result for John de NugentDeclaring that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of George Patton (there is a pattern here as JdN claims he is Hitler reincarnated) John, in bold headlines, has proclaimed his endorsement for the "You're Fired!" guy. "I now believe more than ever that Donald Trump literally is the reincarnation of General George Patton, a charismatic war hero with a pugnacious personality  who became a fierce anti-Semite and admirer of the Germans, then was murdered".

This is explained by deNugent with this prior comment:

"I have now concluded that he is, just as he seems, one of us, that is, a closet white nationalist and yes, an antisemite as well — yes, despite the jew-married kids and the key jew employees.
That is what a sleeper agent is, someone who for decades acts like everyone else, pals around with the target, but is not their “pal” at all."
Friday, 27 May 2016 23:24

Kyle Hunt and Renegade's Anti-Trump Agenda

Ever since Andrew Anglin got on the Trump bandwagon, Kyle Hunt has made it his responsibility to be anti-Trump. It striked me as curious at the time and still strikes me curious today as I look over his latest piece linking the Trump name to a high end escort service...

Thursday, 26 May 2016 12:26
 Profile imageThere is a girl that just kind of showed up one day at Renegade called Shield Maiden. Back in my Sinead McCarthy huntin days,  I focussed in on Shield Maiden and determined Sinead was indeed her. Sinead swears up and down now that  she is not her and after seeing this fairly recent post by the woman who claims to be Shield Maiden, It probably isn't. It seems more like Jewlie Mitchell
This article below was a "Negroes are bad even if you know a good one". Jewlie Mitchell specializes in those. Jewlie Mitchell is an agent provocateur and the anonymous Shield Maiden may be as well, if this article is a regular part of her routine. Hopefully she was PMSing real bad because otherwise she looks like an agent appealing to the worst of our natures. Read bits of the two with links to the whole and decide for yourself
Monday, 01 February 2016 10:34

I’ll be honest with you dude after watching this I have several thoughts. Lana is the front person of a big jewish operation that pretends to empathize with the white race knowing that this separation of concern (white people only concerned with white issues) is a natural divide and conquer strategy few will see through....

Let me ask you this, “Where in the protocols do the Jews single out the white race?" They never do. They are out to enslave all the goyim so their concerns go deeper that fixations on just whites.


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