Brandon Martinez's "non-alignment" becoming laughable

this is a "IatNH" productionWell,  it seems each time Brandon Martinez, of "Non-Aligned Media", releases another headline story, it displays one more piece of, go to, illuminati agents he relies on to get his anti-Putin information out to us. Today, on my homepage, I, again, teased his latest story because, again, it deals with an evil Putin and, again, it deals with a highly connected insider who hob nobs with the rich and famous in the NWO of politics.....

This time his name is Bill Browder. After watching three or four of his video crusades that , supposedly, are out for justice for a now dead former employee and after googling the history on this guy and his family, all I can say is "Wow!"

A couple of days ago I told you about Karen Dawisha and Amy and Malcolm Knight. Malcolm was THE illuminati banker for Canada a few years ago. Amy and Karen have both been tutored in England's Fabian society and the Woodrow Wilson Center. To remind, last week, Brandon released this article that invites you to watch a six part series on Putin's Kleptocracy. In the video, credit is given to Karen Dawisha for almost all of the information contained therein.... As well, Brandon linked an article by Amy Knight, whose husband is the Illuminati banker I referred to earlier. The important point is the NWO ties all these people have and to bolster that claim, check the, linked, two videos that have Dawisha, first, talking to Oxford University, or where the Rhode Scholars all go to become agents for tyrants or actual tyrants, and then, to  "The Woodrow Wilson Center" (Interestingly, Dawisha says the level of corruption under Putin has not been seen since the Czars were in power, totally bypassing the pure evil of the communists bolsheviks, telling..)....

Earl Browder-USA CommunistBrowder-Earl-R-1939.jpgSo, let's look closer at Bill Browder. Bill is what you call a clever Jew. He knows he can't hide the fact his grandfather ran the communist party in America for thirteen years, in the 30s and 40s, so he pre-empts an attack on that by stating it as fact and the reason why he became a capitalist. Of course that does not work on us, Jew-wise folks since we  all know how closely linked capitalism is with communism because of the Jewish commonality connection.....It seems Earl Browder went to Russia and met with Stalin in 1927, married a good communist Jewish girl and came back to the US with personal instructions.. The family has been extremely connected ever since and Bill's 20 year old son Joshua, possibly enabled, as well as talented, is already making headlines (maybe Brandon knows him?)...

We know the family has always been connected to Russia because Bill admits, in one of the videos I watched, that he went there as a sixteen year old in 1982. So, by coincidence,  when Bill decides to become a capitalist, he chooses the newly liberated Russia in the early 90's to do it. It's got nothing to do with the communist past and family communist links as part of the equation, ROFL....So, now we come to Brandon's post earlier today, that includes the Russian Untouchable series...Once again, Brandon continues his Putin attack by using JWO insider sources without telling you.

This untouchable series of videos is actually a complementary addition to the book, Browder wrote, surrounding the death of an investigator on Russian soil. He has been so touched by it, that he gave up his capitalist endeavors to campaign for justice, getting a law passed with the help of John McCain. You could simply say, alternatively, as I do all the time with others that HE GOT A NEW ASSIGNMENT FROM BIG BROTHER!....

It becomes clear he is a shill when, in this video, he talks about Russian seizure of land in the Ukraine while never uttering a peep about any USA impropriety (the Russian behavior came after the US subversion):

Please take note of Natasha Mozgovaya. She comes off very Russian but the video to the right is a pro Israel piece of crap and she was educated in Tel Aviv which means she is Jewish. The link above with Browder can therefore be considered a "kosher" hit piece on Putin. It's telling that Browder is found using only controlled, kosher forums to make his case and that Brandon, too, is quite happy to do so as well, especially considering his past history as Zander Fuerza, the person who defined for all us Jew-wise folks the meaning of "kosher conspiracist". But again, this is why Brandon pretends Zander never  existed, as I have said three million times ....I will finish with some videos linking Browder to Oxford, the Rhodes Scholar Institute and being interviewed by the same gal that interviewed Dawisha....I have to call Zander on the name of his site here. It is clearly not accurate unless he means he is not aligned with any alternative media sites.

If that is all he means, he is right on...

Last summer I questioned why Brandon, who as Zander , the in your face Jew-wise asshole, could go around ranting against Jews for three years , in Canada who has strict anti-semite protections in place,without a problem while Arthur Topham, a man living in British Columbia and who has a mild mannered, anti-semitic site, in comparison, can be non-stopped hassled by their thought police. I suggested it is because Brandon is and was "controlled opposition"..
His linking so many JWO bullshit pushers in such a short span of time in order to continue to delegitimize Putin can not be ignored. When we simply observe that the western media, whom all these folks, Knight, Dawisha and Browder represent, also have that same agenda, we can tie a bow around Brandon's neck with the fact this guy while claiming non-alignment, is walking lock step with JWO programming off orders from JWO handlers. His job, to make you think he is resistance and to sell their program in a way palatable to your ears. At the least Zander had the duty to inform you about the compromised nature of these sources because by not, he implies he seeks the truth in a way that others don't with true analysis of right or wrong. If we realize that the sources he claims to be offering us facts with are Kosher, JWO, paid trolls, that argument falls apart. If we then notice his standards of proof with the pro-Putin crowd, mixed with his blind acceptance of his JWO data, we can call that  "pig cooked" and "stick a fork in it". ...

And that argument has now fallen apart because I have exposed it, him and his fake "Non-Aligned" op

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