Andrew Anglin, officially part of the MSM?

I've said it a bunch of times over the last two years. Andrew Anglin is assigned to herd Jew-wise truthers into the masonic left-right arena. There have been many clues Anglin's current proclamations of each day were  assignments and not a heart felt belief. The most famous was the "white race should be bred out" statement,  made on a skype call to some of his former good Muslim Jew-wise buddies. It was a heartfelt proclamation at the time and one that two years later he panicked over as Scott Roberts played it again and again in a vein attempt to wake up fellow WNs to what Anglin was. Anglin, defended himself by making copyright claims again and again.

Image result for hiding the evidence Then you saw the co-opted WN elders such as Don Black and Mike Delaney delete unkind forum threads and act on bogus copyright claims as it started becoming clear Andrew had an assignment to do that they all agreed on and a tarnished past which undercut everything he was proclaiming at,  "Total Fascism" and then "Daily Stormer". 

The goy that were to be his followers would reliably provide all the excusing as long as Andrew could funnel in non-stop racial slurring, through articles depicting the worst elements of the non-White muds while ignoring the better parts and hide the evidence of his other life.

Image result for I was for it before I was against itAs I write this, Andrew is making my statement claims totally come true, for he has proclaimed "The Daily Stormer" to be a Republican web site as of this week. Claiming partial credit for Trump's success, Stormer has fully entered openly into the masonic left-right arena where lying is the ante in order to have a seat at the table. No more need to play games, lying it will be, only enough truth to attract a crowd!

What new omissions will Andrew have to make? Andrew has been allowed one false flag that  he and his other writers at Stormer may address. The holocaust and I assume that is because, the tone of his site is so outrageously full of blind hate for anything or cause that isn't supposedly good for whites, the Jews actually find it to be a plus that Andrew says the holocaust didn't happen within that niche. No other false flags may be talked about and for two years now, Stormer has faithfully executed that call while semi-accepting the official story on 911. Soon we can strike the semi part out.

No matter how obvious that the event in question was a staged event or government psyop, Andrew, like 95% of the rest of the WN movement pretends things occurred exactly as the Jew media said it did, and the culprits, exactly who the Jew media says they are. That this inevitably promotes goyim race wars and hate are not of consequence to Andrew for since his conversion to Fascism, he has been noting all negative news stories involving other races like the good hater he was programmed to be and no need to assure accuracy in the report so no positive stories about the race in question need be advanced (the agenda is race wars, after all).

Pawns are so much easier to target than Jews and some MSM time might  be in the offing going this route. ya think?

Those of us too stupid to quit watching Jewish propaganda, are being shown what is cool and what is not, in this case, through Kendall Jenner and a boy-toy


Related imageRemember, this overnight conversion literally turned him into a mindless hater of all things non-white. As I have said repeatedly, in 2012, Andrew said the white race should be bred out, not Jews, not blacks and not browns. Andrew had been in the truth movement for a likely five years before that (move over Kalergi). He wasn't wet behind the ears when he said the offending comments. He knew big players, had been promoted on Alex Jones, interacted regularly with Muslim, Khaneverse, who wrote 70% of "Missing Links" and when he went fascist, had a network of well known peers helping him along (Yeager, Martin, Delaney, Clark, etc).

This kind of overnight change is not believable considering all these elements but leave it to the goy to lap up the race hate posts and stump for a legitimate heart felt Andrew Anglin awakening. It's not what they do, it's what they say that matters seems to be the unspoken mantra that I have seen with so many fans of folks like Julie Mitchell, Sinead McCarthy and others.

Two ops, same pyramid symbol!maret

Image result for cointelpro changing assignmentsOvernight conversions seems to be a trademark of Jewish subversives because what it really is is a change in assignment. When I met Julie Mitchell, she was a Jesuits are behind the NWO kind of gal. Low and behold, three months later, I run into her with Facebook pages set up to lead WN racists to Hitler worship, Jewish subversion and mud hate. Too fast a change to be legit and too much power too quickly to be believable.

Then we have Sinead who hung all over gay black men as a young adult  to, within two years, screaming nauseus disdain to think about ever working with a WN white man that was gay. Again, history contradicting the current narrative, an MO. THEY ARE ALL DEGENERATE FAGGOTS!

Notice Sinead's total comfort around this male, black faggot. Two years later, she openly plants her disdain for homos such as Milo by calling them "degenerate faggots"  Again, change of assignment, Sinead? Overlooking Evalion camwhoring for sheckles, Sinead? Causing mindless WN friction for "divide and conquer", Sinead?


Image result for Sinead McCarthy

Finally ZCF turned from a Hitler lover to a Hitler defamer supposedly because Mike Delaney stole his intellectual property. Friends became enemies, enemies became friends, ZCF vanished, unannounced and Brandon Martinez appeared unannounced to start anew, old enemies BECOMING friends, old friends, enemies (GO FIGURE)






Why were Sinead McCarthy, Scott Roberts, Andrew Anglin and Matt Heimbach all doing this before 2012?Image result for Race mixing party

Then doing this in 2013?

Image result for black lynchings

Take the red pill, then start figuring out why!

Image result for take the red pill

Notice Sinead's totally comfortable with a gay black man below. Hasn't she been defaming white, gay men non-stop? Let me emphasize a few things. Sinead, as an adult woman, is demonstrating her comfortableness being socially intimate with, not only, blacks but with gay blacks.

This is significant because now Sinead is fear porning the idea of interacting with blacks at all telling tall tales of friends getting killed by blacks,yada,yada, yada. Do you see fear in Sinead's face here?

Also, if she is now calling gay, WN men "degenerate faggots" (a pretty severe slur) where is her outrage here (close enough to kiss this gay black man on the lips)?

Answer, there is no outrage because Sinead didn't have a problem with it which makes her provocateurish ranting now against guilty WN men  highly suspect for not being genuine and has all the appearance of intentional divide and  conquer.

Why would she want to do that? Take the red pill!

Image result for sinead mccarthy

See Scott, see Scott's multi-cultural brood!

Image result for Scott Roberts-race mixer

Matt couldn't help himself and two timed his goy white girlfriend for this Zionist Jewess

Image result for Matt Heimbach and Jewish girlfriend

Andrew Anglin's Phillipino lifestyleImage result for Andrew Anglin-black girlfriend

Don't forget the red pill guys, then come to Blindlight and we will start a "real" revolution
I could do this all day but we better get back to Andrew!!

This blind acceptance of life altering change where previous value systems disappear overnight is a major part of the problems we face in a movement that needs critical thinking skills applied to every event it assesses but rarely applies them to anything. The mindless form their clics, learn the memes that need to be regularly promulgated to be part of the clic and tune out any information that would have them thinking otherwise.

rdftSo Andrew started "Total Fascism" with the stated belief we should work with non_whites against the enemy Jew but within six months had started up "Daily Stormer" giving the exact opposite impression. Again, too quick a change to be believable unless you are a blind follower.

Then a Jew enabled Republican Hacker, Weev, out of the blue, picks Daily Stormer to be his venting spot for his racialist leanings. Notice that up until that point, Weev had made a documentary film with a Jewess director,  been interviewed on MSNBC by Jewish financial analysts and was covered for his trial by Jews are Change, the Luke Rudkowsky corporate "grass roots" op.

Image result for josh goldbergNow, all of a sudden Weev had anointed Daily Stormer, or was he assigned there? Three months later, the Jew infiltrator called Michael Slay had become a huge force all to come apart in the fall of 2015 when he was arrested for pretending to be an Arab trying to bomb St. Louis for the 911 anniversary. Anglin claimed ignorance even though he had an announced need to use your real name policy for his writers. He claimed he never checked the guy out, met him on Reddit and then let him post an article a day for the next three months!

Just to be sure, before he announced this, all Goldberg-Slay Material, written at Stormer, were deleted, a pattern, an MO, right Andrew?
Image result for hiding the evidence
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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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