Brandon Martinez, Assignment Change Chameleon

Brandon Martinez, Assignment Change Chameleon

From ZionCrimeFactory, to mild Mannered reporter Brandon Martinez,

to ISIS ophobe, to toleration for Muslims , to livid Putin hate,  to derogatory language against his peers, not for being ops but for having a different worldview than Brandon's all-seeing Eye, that see's a different landscape every few months but pretends it's the same, Brandon Martinez is the Yang of Andrew Anglin's yin.

A reinvention accomplished over and over simply by pretending no reinvention occurred with his fan followers tricked through Martinez subtleties of never noticing the Con. Well, we are noticing, reporting and outing and we've been doing so for two years on the guy. In our opinion, he's Jewish slime looking for an oven which we are happy to provide

Sunday, 27 January 2019 07:20


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