Is Andrew Anglin a part of the "Mandela Effect"?

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The problem is "the obvious" is the exact  opposite of his position in 2013 concerning online anonymity.

I recall the huge effort by all WN leadership back then to get everyone to use their real name with the accompanying taunting at the time for those who didn't and I thought it was an obsession that exposed the desire to do just what he is claiming folks have a right not to do now. Expose who they are. Yesterday, Andrew claimed to be stating the obvious, as if everyone has always known and believed this:

If your real name is on a list, there is no timeline on which it does not get leaked to the SPLC and the feds. And for the time-being, that probably means you will lose your job, and then be hunted by the SPLC for the rest of your life (or until we fully normalize our politics – whichever comes first).
As I have stated, I do not personally understand the purpose of real name lists. This is the digital age, and there is no need to send people anything through the mail. So allowing for people who do not want to be doxed to use a pseudonym and a throwaway email address seems to be a no-brainer.

I personally do not see that huge a difference in circumstances between 2013 and 2018. IMO, it's a personal decision , whether to be anonymous or not and because this need to be open about who you are was pushed by all WN leaders , I was never comfortable with those efforts. Here's his statement then, a position he reiterated multiple times till chairman Weev announced a new policy:

Online Anonymity: Hasbara, Nihilistic Humor, A Coward’s Ego and the Ninth Circle of Internet Hell
Posted on February 15, 2013 by Andrew Anglin
This is chaos.

The Internet surely has many positives. We are able to speak freely and disseminate information about controversial topics and organize with like-minded individuals in a way which twenty years ago would have been impossible. However, there are a whole lot of negatives involved with this technology as well. One of the most massive issues our pro-White community is facing is the problem of online anonymity.

Within the mass of anonymous members of this online network, we have four main groups: Jewish agents of either Hasbara or the JIDF, people who find causing dissension among internet groups to be humorous, faceless cowards who boost their small egos by acting out fantasies online, imitating macho behavior patterns they are incapable of acting out in real life, and finally people who are genuinely interested in finding the truth and doing something to save our people. Individuals from each of these groups are maintaining websites, posting in comments sections, chatting in chat rooms and contributing to forums. Because of the almost ubiquitous anonymity, the total inability to tell who is who, all of this creates a unique type of hell.

This phenomenon is entirely new in human experience, and so we really have no capacity to classify it in our minds. Surely, hearing the opinions of individuals we are not personally acquainted with is not something new, but historically there was always either a face or a name attached to these voices. Internet anonymity, and the concept of having no idea, at all, who the people you are communicating with are – where multiple opinions could in fact be coming from a single person, where a person may be presenting a position that is totally different from the one they hold in real life, where a person could be purposefully starting arguments because they are paid to do so - is all very new, and it is very difficult to know how to deal with it, and those of us who are real, genuine people risk being swallowed by the noise, or drawn into the game. Given all of these factors, we really could not expect anything other than more

Image result for changing positionsBlindlight - my thoughts at the time when I heard such propaganda was, of course actual agents don't mind not being anonymous. Ultimately what it meant for Anglin in actual behavior was putting forth the illusion of identity opennous - take the case of one Joshua Goldberg, AKA, Michael Slay, whom we are supposed to believe simply wrote provocative WN sounding shit and was invited to post daily on Anglin's site between January and April, 2015 with no vetting done before hand. 

Of course, that is all if we are stupid enough to believe Anglin's explanations of the event, forced in the open when Slay was exposed as a Jew named Goldberg and a literal online terrorist named Australi Witness. At the time, what it actually exposed was Anglin's online rhetoric didn't match up with his real life behavior. He didn't practice what he was preaching to his base and the worst case scenario, he'a an agent working with Jews to allow further infiltration of hasberat on his site and within the movement ( this is the concern with Weev, by the way)

Of course, I have exposed Andrew's ability to adopt exactly opposite positions in a very short time and behaving as if the new position has always been his position (ex - the white race should be bred out, said a year before calling Hitler the white messiah at Total Fascism, a site he ran for a year before he started Daily Stormer)

So May, 2016 seems to be when Andrew moderated his position on online anonymity. It was the day Weev, supposedly a subordinate @Stormer, posted an article I no longer have a valid link for but here is what I copied:

On the History and Power of Pseudonyms

Daily Stormer
May 8, 2016

There is a clique of fools or traitors in the midst of our movement. They have taken to attacking the methods of which that make us successful. They attack white nationalism as a refuge of the uninformed and ineffectual and refuse to respond when presented with data that proves their statements false. They frequently refuse to name the Jew and say that those of us that do are hurting the cause. Their latest talking point is an attempt to insidiously delegitimize some of the most effective actors within our movement.

They say things like, “you aren’t really serious because you won’t show your face.” They attempt to propagate catchphrases like “avatard” to delegitimize those who do not operate under their real name. They condescend with scorn and pretension to “keyboard warriors” who supposedly need to “do something” to prove their commitment. They call any sort of political speech made under a pen name a form of cowardice..

 modified on Monday, 09 May 2016 19:55
Here's Andrew's response that I noted at the time made me quip that it appears Weev is the boss over there:

As I point out down below in the original post on this subject located on my home page, Anglin was well known for releasing lecture articles at "Total Fascism" about the need to  reveal who you are.. Apparently, he has walked that back in his alias:

Perhaps this explains why in this comment taken from the Weev article, he posts a new statement on anonymity which guts his old world view as "The Daily Stormer" profile rather than his Andrew Anglin profile. I suppose he's embarrassed the Jewish handlers sided with Aurenheimer here over him but that is also nothing new as you will recall Anglin was forced to accept Joshua Goldberg as a major Stormer writer for three months in early 2015.

For those who don't know, Goldberg was a partner with Rita Katz under a Muslim ID as well as Stormer where he went by the name Michael Slay. Basically his job was to recruit suicide bombers for Jihad and to make WNs look like non-white haters. Weev also gave him tutorials on how to mass market his bullshit on Twitter and wrote an article about it, bragging.....

Don't bother looking for any Slay material as Anglin purged his site when Goldberg got arrested and pretended ignorance....Notice the humor here.

So, is Andrew Anglin part of the "Mandela Effect" Question!


Added the teaser that motivated the abover writings


"Occidental Dissent" is now making noises about the Jew op over @ Stormer. I suppose, better late than never.

My voice is horse from the over two years of screaming the alarm on the bunch


Scoop: Andrew Anglin Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

January 17, 2018 Hunter Wallace 

I’m so tired of this.

I woke up to the news that Andrew Anglin has published an article on his website about an alleged leak of the League of the South’s membership list:


I don’t call people out in the movement. The regular reader knows I don’t do that.

But right here we have an issue that is so extreme, that I don’t have any choice.

The League of the South, an old school pro-white group in the South, was keeping a real names list, and their entire membership just got doxed. Their real names and their addresses. Probably a majority of these people are going to have their lives destroyed, because the leadership of LotS wouldn’t listen to basic fucking reason.

This is absolutely insane, and it is inexcusable.

I have said from the beginning “NO FUCKING LISTS.” People attacked me when I told people to leave groups that keep lists of real names and demand that their names be taken off the lists, and told people that under absolutely no circumstances should they ever join a group that keeps lists.

You have a right to have whatever kind of disagreements you want with me as to how you run your groups, but you don’t have a right to destroy our guys’ lives. And every single group that is keeping a list of real names is going to end up destroying the lives of every member of their group who doesn’t want to be doxed. …”

Hunter Wallace

Image result for Hunter WallaceIf I was going to publish an article like this about a group, I would have at least have had the courtesy to reach out to the group to confirm that the allegations were true. My first reaction was to check my email. I have nothing from Anglin who knows my email address.

This is old news. We’re not sure where this list came from, but it started circulating a few months ago. The SPLC and Antifa have had it for a while now. We haven’t been concerned about it or felt the need to publicly comment about it because it isn’t real. It is worth noting that the SPLC hasn’t written anything about it either which is probably because they suspect it is a hoax too.

How do I know it is a hoax? My name isn’t even on this membership list. I’ve been a League of the South member since 2012. I’m one of the most prominent members. If this list was real, my name, address and telephone number would be on it. Surely, Antifa would have called by now.

Andrew should focus on the lawsuit relating to his Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT. He should also look into this Weev situation seeing as how he runs the website:

“(JTA) — The mother of a neo-Nazi who co-runs the white supremacist website Daily Stormer and said Jewish children “deserve to die” has Jewish relatives on both sides of his family.

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer’s mother, Alyse, confirmed to Newsweek magazine in an article published Wednesday that her son comes from a “large, mixed race family” with Native American heritage, and that he has Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.” His Jewish heritage was first reported by Gawker in 2012 when he volunteered the information to a reporter, but this is the first time a family member has confirmed his background.

Auernheimer, who runs the technical side of the Daily Stormer, with its more well-known editor Andrew Anglin, is believed to be in Ukraine, where he has lived since serving jail time in the United States on a computer hacking charge. He has been estranged from his mother for over a decade, she told Newsweek. …”

Weev doesn’t sound like a White guy from Arkansas to me:


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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.