The King in the North

The King in the North

From Twitter, McAdoo in her apparent Wiccan attire. OK, I am going to call it as I see it here. I am not defending Alex Jones and as far as I am concerned he is a known zionist shill. Been that way awhile and a guy named Timothy Fitzpatrick makes "a living" off of gathering evidence to that effect. I commented under an article of his one time that it might be more helpful to out unknown shills rather than known ones but he continues on. Whatever

He's one of those Catholics who says it's sort of the Jews but don't say it too loud. He shills for people like Michael Hoffman, David Duke, Brother Nathaniel and E. Michael Jones so it is quite common for him to suggest a relevant book by one of them for us sheep to buy. With this article, Michael lowered himself or debased himself, if you will by having primary sources be Stew Webb and has side kick pal always on the money take Glenn Canady a truly superficial clown.

Sunday, 20 September 2015 20:00

Neo Nazi leaders often equals "JEW"!~

1946 to 1979: The Animist Party and National Renaissance Party (NRP), early U.S. “neo-Nazi groups,” are organized under titular leader James Madole, 

• 1950s & ’60s: The foreign intelligence division of Stasi, Communist East Germany’s secret police apparatus, infiltrates spies into West Germany to pose as “neo-Nazis engaged in anti-Semitic vandalism,” a psy-ops campaign organized by Stasi spy-master Markus Wolf—a Jew. ADL director Benjamin R. Epstein follows through by traveling to Germany and advocating long-term Stalinist “re-education” for West Germans. In other words this is just the Jew World Empire performing a “pretext operation” so it can further torment people it hates (Joseph P. Kamp, The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree

It’s been all over the news lately, and it’s something that every European is talking about: thousands and thousands of inferior mud-blooded subhumans have been flooding into Europe by the boat loads. Eager for welfare money to spend on drugs, White women to rape, tourists to mug, and buildings to bomb in the name of their goat-fucking prophet, these primal, feral nigger savages have become like a cockroach infestation on the once-great European continent. Except they are much, much worse than cockroaches. Cockroaches can be easily dealt with, and they damage they cause is relatively minimal. The nigger virus, however, is much more destructive. Cockroaches only destroy houses, but niggers destroy entire nations — and, if we let them, these primitive apes will destroy the entire world.

Saturday, 05 September 2015 20:00

Adolf Hitler: Man of Peace

"This war thrusts us years back in our constructive work. It is deplorable. I have not indeed become the Chancellor of the Greater German Reich in order to conduct war!" – Adolf Hitler 1940

“Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said to U.S. ambassador Joseph Kennedy that the reason why he had made war against Germany was that "America [MY NOTE* Jewish controlled] and the World Jews" had pressured him. Kennedy later told this to Admiral James Forrestal, who recorded it in his diary; "neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington," is how Forrestal summarized Kennedy's recollection [The Forrestal Diaries, entry of 27 December 1945].

 To become a Satanist you simply make a pledge of allegiance to Satan and pledge yourself to follow the Satanic way of life. This can be done in two ways. First, it can be done by yourself, alone. Second, it can be done with a friend or some friends who also desire to become Satanists.
The Pledge of Satanic Allegiance can take place at any time, and anywhere, indoors, or out, and no special preparation is necessary or required, although if desired and practical, it can be undertaken in a darkened area with subdued lighting (the source of which is not important) and with the ONA sigil (if possible coloured purple, on a black background) in a prominent position and drawn or reproduced on some material or on a banner.

But first, of course, it’s not a pretty picture, I admit it. At first, we had all sorts of difficulties, and you can really get some white hair before you’ve put everything back in order again. But I always counted on one thing: the time will come when that will all have been worth it; then you’ll see that this selection process, which has been made one of the hard principles of the party, is correct.

This unrehearsed talk was taken down by stenographers at the time it was given by Adolf Hitler to his top officers. A single typed copy exists in the archives of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich, Germany. To obtain it, a Munich woman familiar with the Institute had to go there in person and request i

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:00

WARNING: White Women Declared #1 Enemy

All over social media, pro-white girls are being viciously attacked by English Speaking White Males.  Ladies, if you’ve been attacked, it was probably by one of these types.  If you see posts similar to what is shown below, you know that you’re dealing with mad men.  They are vermin and out on the warpath.  Once you identify them, block them as fast as you can!

 Chip Tatum

David Cameron in his speech to the UN in September described how ordinary members of the public who look at alternative news and conspiracy websites will be treated in exactly the same way as ISIS. Killed by the SAS!

 So how do you turn ordinary people of your own country into a serious terrorist threat “hellbent on the destruction of democracy”. It's easy and yes the global manipulators have done it before, fact!


Alex Jones the most dangerous man in the ‘truth movement”? THINK AGAIN. For all Jones danger as an agent of disinformation, at least he is not ready, willing and able to send armed thugs into the home of someone he disagrees with politically.


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