The King in the North

The King in the North

Monday, 23 November 2015 07:34

Two Krypto Jews in the WN Community?

I thought I'd pull up two krypto Jews pushing white victimhood and race wars as fake WNs. Julie (Jewlie) Mitchell is small time but my forst op encounter from three years ago. Angelo Gage is someone who just caught my attention being pushed out and enabled by known infiltrators like Andrew Anglin. He has, like Jewlie, fairly obvious neanderthal features, brags about his hero worship of infomercial huckster Anthony Robbins and is a trained hypnotist.

Sunday, 22 November 2015 12:44

Angelo Gage, "Hang race traitors!"

***Editor's note- what is said down below defines either an op on assignment to push the lowest mental outlook for his targetted group (the white supremist" that he can, or someone who has deep seated issues defining him status quo neo-nazi mixed with neuro linguistic mind control techniques. It's easy to see, now, why he so easily forgets about the Jewish controllers and psuhes the race issues between goyim.

Gage has a habit of hiding his animosity of the Jew. Notice his user name "natural socialist" that hides his linkage to NSN ideology


Saturday, 31 October 2015 19:49

History of the N.S.D.A.P.

Note from Slave-I found this document, apparently written by the hand of John Alan Martinson Jr., (Creater of "Missing Links") on a defunct website through the "Wayback Machine" called The Own Party. I barely know Martinson and the guy apparently is not a perfect human being but he could sure write an impressive piece of literature. I personally believe he was prematurely too ideological. It's not possible, with the racist brainwashing inundating our culture, to accept his very specific vision of a multi-racial volk with too explicit renderings of behavior built on his view of  a perfect society. You limit yourself to cult status, IMO, by being so ideologically pure and resign those you wish to persuade, to rule you out as too extreme It is, however, my contention that if we can unite on being anti-Jew (power) we can put the other ideological stuff on hold while we build a resistance***

A Michael Slay of the Daily Stormer essay from June of 2015, two months after he supposedly was fired at "The Daily Stormer" "The Right Stuff" is a site that communicates with Anglin regularly so that's somewhat interesting that thye would allow the connection with Stormer included in the article if it is a fact that Slay had been let go. Recall Anglin scrubbed the site of Slay material before he responded to Slay AKA Joshua Goldberg's arrest. In fact, this article covers the material that Anglin claimed caused him to fire Slay regarding the impersonation of Bornstein at the Israeli Times***

Slave says: 
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So, the antidote for far right extremism, and an identarian Europe is to do what is being orchestrated? Funnel in , in huge numbers, refugees, making it impossible to assimilate with the host and undermining the far right??

Profile imageJulie (Jewlie) Mitchell

 The Most Dangerous Negro
We’ve all heard it – at least us white people who do not live in fear of speaking the truth about the wicked, horrible, blood thirsty negroid simian beasts.  Those of us who have no fear of speaking the truth in reference to the true savage nature of the vast majority of the CLEARLY (and scientifically proven) non-human, negroid simian species are all too familiar with the ignorant contention “But I know a nice black guy,” or “But there are good black people.”  When I hear those words spoken from the average white skinned drone it makes me just want to bitch slap him or her.  And they certainly deserve and need it.  If I can wake up to the true facts of the negroid simian beasts after almost 50 years, I expect the same from ALL White Americans, former libtard and negroid defender or not. 

{Lasha Darkmoon says :  This 29-minute Panorama video shows the BBC interviewing Edward Snowden in a room at the Hotel Metropole in Moscow. The video is new and mint-fresh. Don’t miss it! It is electrifying.}

According to the mainstream media, Snowden is the ultimate traitor who betrayed his country by revealing to the world how Big Brother spies on us all incessantly: reading our emails, monitoring our phone calls, and snooping on all our internet activities. ‘They’ve said they won’t torture me,” Snowden reveals. Meaning that if Snowden hands himself in to the torturers of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib for “debriefing”, they will treat him with kindness.

You might know me for inspiring the attacks in Garland, Texas, where two mujahideen entered an event mocking the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with intent to slaughter the kuffar in it. When I encouraged the attacks in Texas, my biggest inspiration was the Australian Muslim human rights activist Mariam Veiszadeh, who has worked tirelessly and diligently to outlaw blasphemy against Islam in Australia. Any true Muslim knows that blasphemy against the Prophets of Allah (SWT) is a capital crime which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, and Mariam Veiszadeh's work has provided me with a great deal of inspiration. All who defame the Prophet (PBUH) must be crushed. Bill Leak and Larry Pickering will soon meet their demise, as will Josh Bornstein.
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