The King in the North

The King in the North

The fact  Brandon Martinez wrote about 33 negative articles on Trump and about two on Hillary you would never know by reading this mildly pro-Trump screed of Brandon's, post election. Questions pop to mind such as why the  bias before the election against what you feel, by your statements today, was clearly the better choice? It makes no sense unless it was an assignment but then Brandon never answers such questions. There was more positive stuff on Trump today and more negative stuff on Hillary than was included in the previous six months before election and who knew?

I come from a secular Jewish background, the son of Jewish parents who belonged to the Communist Party during the 1930s. They left the Party in 1939, around the time of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, and also left each other, getting divorced when I was about two years old. I was raised in the home of my mother in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Manhattan which at that time was about half Jewish. Most of my boyhood friends were Jewish, and so too were most of my mother’s friends, who tended to the same “progressive” point of view as she did. My father too remained a “progressive”, meaning someone who agreed with many of the positions of the Communist Party without necessarily belonging to it. So from an early age I received a heavy dose of Jewish secular culture along with a sense of identification with the progressive current in American life.

Jews studied Islam intensely n decided to fight it by any possible means :media ,fake web productions about Islam to create isalmophobia , etc

Islam warns us of the plans n prophets told us in their prophecies about what they will do in future

The best way to discredit some one or something is to tell lies about them so the best way to do that is with media, hoax n faking attack in west to fear Muslims n depict us as a terrorists to them. They are aware of western mentality so they are preparing individuals to attack any Muslim men n women feel that it's just.

They made Americans think that we hate them cos we hate their freedom, hahahahaha (George W. Bush)

Sunday, 04 September 2016 12:38

Nazi UFOs: The Plot Thickens!-Ernst Zundel

A 180ft-wide crop circle cut in a Nazi swastika-like design has mysteriously appeared in a field in Wiltshire, southwest England, sparking conspiracy theorists (unsurprisingly) to speculate about alien involvement.

We hear from Ernst Zundel through Veterans Today an occasion certainly out of the ordinary and worthy of your attention! - Blindlight

The Nazis, as the West’s obligatory punching bags, are always a sure bet. That’s how one can put oneself in the company of the Forever Righteous Ones and get oneself a tree planted with one’s name in the thriving Marxist statelet in what used to be called Palestine.

A judge, no less, named Michael Shrimpton, referred to sometimes facetiously as “the Shrimp” in commentaries on Veterans Today, claims that a shadowy organization is planning big mischief. And wouldn’t you know it? It’s the Nazis again! Three generations ago, the bloodiest war in history was unleashed on the savages to finish them off, once and for all – but there they are, resurrected!

Since the world’s democracies have just about run out of original rogues, this time it’s the UFO Nazis. We are talking about those who were transferred out of the ruins of a beaten, smoking Germany at the end of and after the war. With some imagination, you can spot them on the Net – they are tall; they are blond; they are white; and they are in–your-face with their own race and ancestry. According to today’s politically correct etiquette, all of these telltale features are suspect.

Sunday, 28 August 2016 08:55

The Jewish Kehilla


Thursday, 25 August 2016 21:53

Mehmed The Jewish Conqueror

Let me translate this for you.

Image result for Mehmed The Jewish Conqueror"Greek girls and women as plunder" is really Christian girls and women as sexual slaves to be raped at will.

And "Jewish families repopulating empty homes" translates to unharmed and free Jewish fathers, mothers and children allowed the bloody booty of Christian homes in Constantinople.

Mehmed awarding Jewish families the spoils of war by giving away stolen homes, with Mehmed's Christian sexual slaves taken away from their homes, squarely places Mehmed as Judeo-Muslim, and not at all Christian in heritage or morality.

Naturally Jews would say that Mehmed was not Jew and they were "ordered" to fill the empty homes as a people only "slightly" more despised than Christians.

But that argument only raises more questions, for if Mehmed was fully Muslim, why would he give Jews extra special treatment after decades of barbarism toward Christians?

The answer to that question is that the Jews were collaborating to help the Muslims slaughter and enslave the Christians and so, the free homes in Constantinople were payment for a job well done.

Thursday, 25 August 2016 01:34

Ben Klassen's Jewish- Mennonite Origins

Image result for Ben Klassen's Jewish- Mennonite OriginsKlassen started a religion in 1973 called "Church if the Creator" which has been renamed by Matt Hale to the "Creativity Movement"

Recently I began looking into Ben Klassen, precursor to Matt Hale. It has been claimed that Klassen is Jewish and it has also been refuted by folks committed to the racist values of his teachings. I am beginning to look into this but what  is clear, many things he advocates in this religion has a JWO ring to it. One that really jumps out is his  belief in loyalty to race above country and by that I mean that permeates borders. This is quite similar in tone to the idea of the Jews as an international people.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 06:48

Western Civilization Must Die

Due to the global pandemic of Western civilization from the colonial era onwards, modern-postmodern rightist and leftist positions have closely corresponded to positive and negative evaluations of Western civilization respectively. Rightists believe that non-Western societies should feel fortunate and grateful for the ideas that Western civilization introduced to them; the only real debate within rightist circles is whether – the neocon* view – Western civilization did the right thing by sharing its content with non-Western societies, or whether – the paleocon view – Western civilization should have kept its content exclusively to itself in the interest of maximizing Western competitive advantage over non-Western societies. Leftists, on the other hand, believe that non-Western societies justifiably feel wronged and resentful for the ideas that Western civilization forced them to adopt (“The white races have imposed their will by force … One solitary success must be conceded to the colonizers: everywhere they have succeeded in arousing hatred.” – Adolf Hitler) and that material gain as a side-effect of Westernization is no compensation for this (“I claim that the English have governed India very well, but their error is to expect enthusiasm from the people they administer.” – Adolf Hitler); the only real debate within leftist circles is whether – the paganist view – traditional non-Western societies were virtually flawless prior to Western interruption, or whether – the National Socialist view - non-Western societies were already fallen long before Western interruption (“We know of no historic civilization based upon a joyous earthly wisdom, implying active love towards all living creatures … neither man-centered nor pessimistic, nor lacking truly universal kindness in the Buddhistic sense of the word. We only know of a very few individuals who have put forward such a philosophy, professed such a religion — consciously or unconsciously — from time to time.” – Savitri Devi) and therefore Western interruption merely pushed them from bad to worse (“It is only in recent years that pernicious influences from the West and from the North … have begun to distort the mind and vitiate the feelings of a number of Hindus, especially of the so-called “educated” ones. It is only now that partiality in favor of man is creeping into India, in defiance of India’s professed Pantheism, and that the noisiest representatives of the Hindu people (and therefore the most well-known abroad) often seem to forget the outlook on life implied in the age-old philosophy of which they are outwardly so proud.” – Savitri Devi).



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