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a Medley of Bjerknes

a Medley of BjerknesImage result for Christopher BjerknesChristopher Bjerknes is interesting to say the least. I have the strong feeling we have an expert disinfo agent  on our hands who is basically blaming  Putin and Russia for just about everything. When Kyle Hunt asked Bjerkness about "staged events", Bjerknes and  in a very measured tone discouraged the notion of looking for staged events in media claimed massacres and if you can believe it, blames Russia and Putin for the encouragement and Jews. Something smells horribly wrong here but, I confess I can not take it out with proof. Here are three recent posts and videos from Bjerkness's site.

Read with "Eyes Open"!

big red flag (click to expand)barnesRed flags concerning Chris Bjerknes are, he's Jewish and from an elite background so very well may have been assigned to infiltrate,  he discourages investigating false flagged staged events, His holocaust support does not engage the deep research he uses in other areas and supports the OCT of the Jews. He defames Hitler and all his supposed anti-semitic books are carried at "Barnes and Noble". He is being promoted by Kyle Hunt whose wife Sinead  behaves in a Jewish matter and supports the known Jewess, Evalion who is being promoted in the MSM.Christopher has an anti-Putin agenda and often substitutes blame on Putin for Jews


The Dangerous Precedent Trump Has Set

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