C Av hJUAAAQ sDfffqvvvBefore we get back to my main theme in the doing of this three part narrative, Brandon has been busy as a little beaver creating his alt-right concern credentials writing two short pieces  contemplating the proper way to deal with the alt-light and I thought I would address some facts about all of that.

The main difference between the alt-right and light is the identity question. The Jewish question is something tolerated within the alt-right comment area but never talked about by post makers invited to write on

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In part II of my critique of Brandon's overt assignment change into an anti-Islam crusader we will deal with the 3rd article written in his newly cleansed web page called

The Thoughts and Writings of Brandon Martinez

BL note - Here is a link to his latest screed just put out today. While apologizing for this guy's unwillingness to confront the Jewish question (or the one true enemy) Zander nevertheless promotes him much in the same fashion as he recently did when he promoted Nick Griffin, exposed in my first article as a Zionist operative. It seems the new "Lite" Brandon Martinez, while making a show of non-support for the alt-lite, will in reality be an alt-lite version of himself in this third edition or assignment for himself. Many hints over the previous six months were given by Brandon prior to the official removal of all prior evidence of his past. One being his support for pro-Zionist Geert Wilders because  of the Muslim question

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As has been mentioned recently on my site, Brandon Martinez erased the last three years of his life in you-tube vdeos and article writing that he had done primarily through the horribly mislabeled "Non-Aligned Media" Why that name proved horribly inappropriate has been pointed out time and again by me in my article analysis made on many occasions, of Brandon's "evolving?" world view.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:11

Jim Stone says WW III is here, get ready!

 BL- Does this explain Why Brandon Martinez has been non-stop attacking Russia and leaving  unmentioned corruption at home!



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October 11 updated October 12 2016


THIS REPORT IS NOW 100 PERCENT CONFIRMED, WITH MAINSTREAM MEDIA PICKING IT UP (despite lacing the report with lies about why the war is probably going to start) which further confirms the call back really is true.

RUSSIA HAS ORDERED ALL STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD TO RETURN HOME, AND ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, PLUS ALL RUSSIANS LIVING ABROAD WHO ARE NOT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS BUT ARE WORKING JOBS ELSEWHERE AND STILL HAVE THEIR CITIZENSHIP, EVEN IF IT IS DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Most people are not making the point that it is more than just a call back of the college students. I will be buying more food storage tomorrow with whatever I can scrape up to put toward it.

THIS IS THE TRUE MARKER OF WAR ON THE HORIZON. The Russians believe a huge war is going to start, and they don't want people trapped everywhere. Unfortunately, Russia has every right to take it quickly to nuclear.

My hunch? The hidden camera video that was released yesterday, where the Democratic election commissioner from New York talks about plans to steal the election triggered it. Russia knows the election will be stolen beyond a significant doubtand is getting ready for war.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 20:00

A Tale of Three Ops!

I continue to educate myself on the history of some folks I am following. Today, I am talking about VK Clark, Andrew Anglin and Zander-Brandon Fuerza-Martinez. I, personally, am convinced they are all ops and possibly brought up to be ops from a young age


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