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Image result for Jewish race exploitationThe antidote has started to take effect, but…

Posted by Admin in Aryan Sanctuary....Oct./18/2015

As we promised would happen...and this

Now the only thing that can go wrong is if the parasite can trick the host body into rejecting the antidote before the antidote is fully absorbed. Unfortunately, it looks like the parasite is succeeding. When a FIREFIGHTER is committing arson on a refugee centre and the government is letting him walk, you know we are in serious trouble.

***Interesting use of the word "Antidote". I speculate that these Jew-aware SJWs are referring to the Euro-invasion as an anti-dote to some sort of identarian domination they don't like***

And then, literally while I was writing this post, this happened:..More about the victim. We need to hold out for DECADES in order for the antidote to have time to work. Far-right terror attacks like these will continue through these decades. Unless we have an organized paramilitary fighting back against the far-right terrorists (because we’d be naive to expect the Zionist police to deal with them), they are likely to win. If you live in any EU member state and are willing to organize such a paramilitary, please contact us at once.

While we welcome volunteers for this project from any and all countries in danger of far-right backlash against refugees, I would be dishonest if I did not admit that, as National Socialists, Germany is and will always be sentimentally special to us, therefore at this particular time I especially hope that we hear from German volunteers. We owe it to Hitler to defend Germany from the 21st century Identitarians just as the SA once defended it a century ago from the 20th century Bolsheviks who attacked innocent people with much the same tactics (and almost identical motives) as the Identitarians attack innocent people today. Identitarianism is indeed the Bolshevism of the 21st century;

***there must be a covert Jew behind this evaluation. I think this writer misses the fact that his prejudice against tribalist gentiles clouds his view and makes him miss the huge forrest but for his surrounding trees. It's clear to me that provocateurs are leading the identarians as well as the refugees to cause chaos which then allows for more draconian laws and police state clampdown measures, not to mention the bad blood that emanates from the confusion. No who's orchestrating the chaeos and focus there!***

this becomes clearer with each passing day, and understanding this equivalence is crucial for making sense of what is currently going on:

***Wow, comparing  doofus identarians  that are being played by the Jews, covertly, to Bolshevik Jews which was a Jewish orchestrated attack on the host using communism as a goy con to elicit support is a poor analogy!***

The other thing to understand is that the supposedly “pro-refugee” establishment Zionist governments (Merkel etc.) are NOT on our side on this issue.

***they are on the side of chaos cause they represent Jews***

If they were on our side, they would not be keeping refugees packed in publicized but unguarded asylum centres where they are sitting ducks for arson and other attacks. If they were on our side, all the arsonists and other attackers would have been arrested by now. You really think the police can’t solve such simple crimes?

***The fact that AS or Aryan sanctuary has picked a side (for the refugees) in lieu of the bigger subversion problem (Jews forcing chaotic multi-culturalism on native Europeans) defines this leader of that movement (As far as I can determine) to being locked in the masonic matrix and prisoner to Jewish mindcontrol or worse,  an infiltrator misdirecting his flock in service to the enemy of which he portends to be resisting***

No, I am willing to bet that the police are deliberately letting almost all the criminals get away with it, thereby sending out the message to other rightists that it is OK to burn down asylum centres, and hence encouraging more rightists to become arsonists! (And if the police are reading this, please prove me wrong by launching a serious crackdown on the criminals soon. I would love to be proven wrong. It would be a relief for me to be proven wrong.) If they were on our side, they would have been dispatching their navies to ferry in refugees safely, instead of leaving them to cross the Mediterranean in overloaded dinghies. If they were on our side, Turkey would have been allowed to join the EU ages ago. If they were on our side, they’d deal with PEGIDA the way China dealt with the Tiananmen Square protestors.

***It's clear to me the government have not been responsive to native Europeans concerning this immigration issue but AS seems unconcerned about that in pursuit of some higher purpose of his***

No, the establishment Zionist governments are doing what the Jewish parasite wants them to do: encourage rejection of the antidote. One way to encourage rejection of the antidote is to deliberately administer it clumsily and unhygeinically, so that the body enters convulsion. This is what is going on right now. We have far-right useful idiots too stupid to realize that the establishment Zionist governments are deliberately trying to put the far-right into power via reverse-bluff, and a False Left too stupid to realize the exact same thing (and hence continue to merely trust the government to protect the refugees). We need people who understand that when it comes to crunch time,  the establishment Zionist governments are NOT going to protect the refugees. Either we protect the refugees ourselves, or no one will.

***I beg to differ, the Zionists are responsible for the influx. Why does this go unmentioned?***


My response

October 19, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Slave says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

So, the antidote for far right extremism, and an identarian Europe is to do what is being orchestrated? Funnel in , in huge numbers, refugees, making it impossible to assimilate with the host and undermining the far right??

Well, I can tell you Jews thrive on goyim conflict and this is part of the tearing apart process, before a rebuilding occurs in the full Jewish image, to erect the Jewish utopia (or that’s the vision)
Me, as neither a Hitlerian leftist or rightest, for they have both been infiltrated with covert Jews or agents, has to question why you are not addressing this intentional flooding. Are you with Barbara Spectre here? Europe must learn to be multi-cultural to survive?

I tell people, nothing, to better society, can be done until, like Hitler did, we remove Jewish power in the strategic places that subvert us and which has been orchestrating 80% of this shit all along. Simply read the protocols and know it’s three times worse now than in 1895. The major difference for us is that we must recognize this as an international struggle. One nation can not stand against Jewish power.

You do know that the identarians have been perverted by Jews to accentuate the crassness they are so well known for, right? Since at least WWII this has been the case.

Even if you see the evil identarians before you, you should know that the leak is the Jew, the water that results are the identarians. Same principal holds true for identarians with their racial hatred. The leak is the Jew, not the Muslim flooding, the Mexican illegaling, or Nigger, niggering. They are water, bailing water slows down the sinking of the ship, but doesn’t solve the problems till the leak is addressed. (Carpentry 101)

I tell all of you that our struggle rises above race. Those that will be fighting the true enemy will do so because they are aware of who that enemy is or they have hooked onto a leader who knows that the enemy of all gentiles is the Jew. Let’s accept the Jew at his word on that, ok?

Therefore, it’s not about race because if and when the SHTF, anyone buying Jewish lies will consider us, the Hitlerian world view, resistance, the enemy. Many whites will be our enemy! On this fact, there is potential to convince, over Jewish subversion efforts to prevent, that it’s an awareness issue, and not a race issue!~

The race obsession is Jewish misdirection and likewise, your obsession on identarians is Jew mis-direction.

I’m just adding 2+2 and getting four guys. It’s not that hard

So that means I’m anti-Jew and on that being the priority, the uncoopted parts of the left and right Hitlerian political scene, by all rights, should be able to unite.

There’s Hitlerian thinking and masonic thinking. Masonic thinking never acknowledges the root cause of the problem. Hitlerian thinking always strives to uncover the root cause, Jew behind the curtain.

The Masonic arena price of admission is accepting the lying premises upon which it is based otherwise you are locked out. The Hitlerian arena has an obligation to try and infiltrate, legally, the masonic and take it’s power away. If that is impossible, as Hitler said, you have a right to more drastic measures at that point.

For this reason, Those leaning to the Hitlerian are tempted to compromise to get a seat at the table to vie for power except as soon as you compromise the truth principle, you become masonic.

From what I can see, you, here, are engaged in masonic thinking in this post and world view, as well.

By all rights, like democrats and republicans come together in crisises, the identarians and SJWs that are Jew wise must realize they are on the same side, for now at least, till the Jew is disempowered.


Face it goy, Jews thrive on goyim conflicts. Why would you help make his job easier, oh you SJWs that are Jew wise.

WHEN TWO GOYIM FIGHT, A JEW ALWAYS WINS.”- the Jewish Catechism-1958-Tele-Aviv

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