A Tale of Three Ops!

I continue to educate myself on the history of some folks I am following. Today, I am talking about VK Clark, Andrew Anglin and Zander-Brandon Fuerza-Martinez. I, personally, am convinced they are all ops and possibly brought up to be ops from a young age

Zander-Brandon Fuerza-Martinez (claims Martinez is his real name)

  Let's take Zander Brandon, first. This guy appeared out of nowhere, moreless at Mike Delaney's site in, roughly, 2009. He used an annonymous ID, Zander Fuerza, and no one really had any direct contact with the guy.From the information I can gather from his ZCF site, he was a completely hard core- Jew truther with a provocateurish presentation. He claimed to be like twenty years old and his articles had a lot of sourcing.

  here is a sample of his no holds barred approach:

What's the truth about Zander and Brandon?

"I have received another comment from a gutter-dwelling Yid residing on the stolen and usurped Arab territory known as Jerusalem. This mental midget has revealed that most Jews are retarded imbeciles with the intellect of a four year old. His comment is completely incoherent, utterly stupid and bereft of any semblance of logic. Nonetheless I wish for my readers to view his asinine remarks for entertainment purposes. My response will be below his comments.

Yoni says:

I don’t know if you’re gonna post my reply, maybe you’ll think that it helps you in your ridiculous campaign of hate here (which frankly is probably doing for most people the opposite of what you’re aiming to achieve…)

Indeed your absolutely retarded comment does help my campaign of truth and further illustrates just how incompetent and mentally ill Jews really are.

First, it’s funny to see how much efforts you’re investing in “exposing” how “the Jews” try to prevent “others” from finding out “the truth”.

While you pretend to laugh, you are in reality shivering and convulsing in fear that my message is reaching people and having an effect. Hitler said that the Jews used to laugh at him as he was rising through the ranks of the political system in Germany, but when he achieved victory in 1933 their wicked smiles quickly transformed into paralyzed faces of abject fear. They weren’t laughing any longer, but fleeing like cowards. When the Jews are stripped of their political power their inborn cowardice comes to the surface and they crumble like apple pie under the pressure.

You make ridiculous accusations against “the Jews” for doing all kinds of evil things (most of the people you mention are not Jews, most of the things you mention are not evil nor ever happened, but ok..)

The “accusations” I make against Criminal Jews are 100 percent documented fact. I do not make claims without backing them up with solid sources. Often times I use specifically Jewish sources to prove my points. Criminal Jews have loose lips and will quite readily admit and brag about what they are doing to us. Your delusional denials that most of these criminals are Jews is hilarious. What are you trying to pull a comic routine here? Of course you do not believe their actions to be evil because, as a Jew, you have no morals and your religion permits any ill-boding act against gentiles. Your claim that these things that Criminal Jews have committed “never happened” is typical Jewish ‘chutzpah,’ denying the sins of your kin is standard fare for Criminal Jews."----------------------------------

  *****This comment came from an article very close to January 1st, 2013.  Eleven months later, we find that he has "disappeared" Zander Fuerza and reappeared as Brandon Martinez. Though I was not around for the early part of Zander's work at ZCF, having just become Jew-wise in January, 2012, I caught up with most of his work during the next year. I was closeby when his "problems" with Mike Delaney ensued which engulfed the whole Jew-wise community for months.

Please note, Brandon gives a substantial explanation of what led to his involvement in the truth movement with no mention of his previous identity of Zander Fuerza. What's up with that?

   Zander claimed to have his site and all his articles commandeered by Delaney and started up a temporary site called "The Real ZCF" for the next six months. At the end of those six months, despite having a loyal following, Zander just disappeared with no explanation although he had alluded to getting out of  the biz due to this horrible experience. Before he left, he gave clear clues as to a change in perspective occurring within himself. If that was real or part of a psyop is open to speculation and I have opted that is likely a psyop considering his behavior since disappearing.

Brandon popped up immediately  after Zander disappeared and had writing gigs with VTN and Press TV on the ready. This fact leads me to speculate some kind of deal was made by someone that coordinated the ID change with the new jobs and the disavowing, or total ignoring of his Zander Fuerza past, a past, by the way, he is never forced to own up to in all the interviews he has done since as Brandon.

 Some of you may recall my claim that all the alternative media is a good ole boy masonic network of bought off ops acting in concert while feigning division in service to the JWO (Jew World Order). The orchestrated bypassing of four years of Brandon's life as Zander just reaffirms this feeling and actually helped me form it. Now, please review Zander's writing style either in the quotes above or by going onto the provided link and then compare it to this new writing style and it's like a totally different person is involved! Here's a random quote from the very first article Brandon wrote to illustrate:

We're Trying, Brandon, please cooperate!

"Harper’s love affair with Zionism

By Brandon Martinez

"Most Canadians have at one time or another heard the dubious platitude that Canada is an “honest broker” and a “peacekeeper” when it comes to international affairs.

This widely held view is one of the grand myths that are repeated time and again in mainstream political discourse in this country.

Canadian foreign policy is in reality much more nefarious.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who some critics suggest is more of a neo-conservative than a true conservative, has spearheaded an unprecedented shift in the direction of Canadian foreign policy, favouring militarism, colonialism and imperialism rather than peace, justice and stability. Two of Harper’s closest allies on the global stage also happen to be two of the world’s worst human rights abusers: the United States and Israel.

The Middle East is a particularly troubled region of the world, and this is where Harper’s most egregious double standards come to the fore. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which lies at the heart of the broader Middle East crisis, is an issue where Harper has revealed himself to be a willing accomplice to imperial aggression."

*****Zander morphed from a writer focusing on the Jewish problem to a writer commenting on current events with toned down references to areas he was extremely specific in regards to the "Jewish problem". Now the Jewish problem does not specifically exist but is alluded to which allows the aware listener to know what he means but keeps the clueless listener in a fog and this my friends is "making a deal with the devil"!

Let me give you two more quotes referring to Bolshevik Jews in Russia. First from Zander Fuerza:

 Moreover, in 1932 Jews did in fact carry out a genocide of at least 6,000,000 Ukrainian Gentiles in the Holodomor (“killing by hunger”). [7][8] Another 30-plus million Gentiles were shot, hung, starved and/or worked to death in Gulag slave labor/death camps during the six decade long reign of Jewish Bolshevist terror in the Soviet Union. [9]

It has been conclusively proven by Jewish journalist John Sack in his book An Eye For An Eye, that Soviet dictator Josef Stalin specifically placed Jews in charge of the additional 1,255 Communist concentration camps that he had set up after the war. Tens of thousands of German men, women and children (even babies!), were brutally tortured, raped and murdered in these camps by Jewish commandants and guards. [11]

Now from a recent article that is also representitive of all of Brandon's writings:

"Conservative estimates hold that more than 40 million people perished at the hands of the Soviet regime under Stalin and his deranged predecessor Lenin. Mass detentions and executions, slave labour, institutionalized torture and every other odious atrocity known to man were exercised with cruel precision by the Soviet security agencies.

For various reasons, Western news and entertainment media is soft on the Soviet Union’s horrid legacy of repression and terror. The ‘Nazis’ are always singled-out as the ultimate embodiment of ‘evil’ despite Communism’s much worse track record of human butchery. America and Britain likewise have larger body counts to their names than all of the Axis countries combined if we tally up the victims of their pre and post-WWII military interventions and take into account the exaggerated numbers of the ‘Holocaust’. That is not to say that the Axis Powers don’t have any blood on their hands, but it is important to emphasize the realities which clearly undermine Allied claims to moral superiority. There were no ‘good guys’ in WWII – just different players with competing interests."

****One question, "Where are the Jews, Brandon? I liked Zander a lot better. I hope the money was worth it! Folks, maybe there is an innocent explanation about all this sleight of hand trickery but what is clear to me having made 20 efforts to elicit a response, Brandon wants to ignore this issue away.

Final Answer-"He's Co-intel Pro

Veronica Kuzniar Clark (no confirmation this is her real name)

Now, let's take a look at VK Clark. Many of you reading my articles are aware of my manywritings, mostly written and still at, concerning Miss Clark and her "weirdness" shall we say. A person whose main vocation is outing Jewish lie narratives about NS Germany and Hitler, has certain obsessions that she makes very public that has nothing to do with confronting our enemy but much to do with bickering with potential allies. I am not saying that she makes no valid points in the doing of this, but I do begin to  doubt her motives for the continuing of the endless distractions, the idolizing of an MK Ultra Jewish enabled entertainer, the obsessive hate she conducts with the WN community, her clear  feminist concerns while denying she is a feminist and this new distraction currently on the front burner called MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way!

The main focus of her NS writings is to push  multi-ethnic diversity claims for the Thrid Reich. This in and of itself, would not be an issue, but when you add the intentional negativity concerning all this that keeps her in constant battle with WNs and her attention off of userping Jews, whom she never criticizes in her blogs by the way, it's an eye opener. Extremely possessive, time and again she demands people unpost her material. Her website is the only website I know that you can't "copy" her stuff in like a copy and paste deal to share the info. 

   She has gained copyright to a rare Hitler speech that she makes all pay money for to access beyond the teasers meant to make you want to buy it. This is actually the issue, her charging for that speech that got us off  on the wrong foot and by her behavior, got us, already very psyop aware,  to start investigating her.

  Like a feminist, she is discreetly trying to bring her, what she calls, A-sexual identity or to be blunt, a person grossed out about intimate contact, added to the list of "protected" weird behaviors that the Jews have been so good at getting instituted such as rights for homosexuals and fat people and pedophiles. Anything to upset the apple cart. She actually  will bring in her A-sexual identity when discussing public policy and arguing with a MGTOW or WN as if, at best, one percent of the population should be significant enough to consider in the discussion!

Elsewhere I mentioned my belief that co-intel pro have a support network of grunts that feed them material to use. Please be aware, the JWO has an infinite amount of cash to pay for any services they need to do or wish to do so it only makes sense that this occurs. Take Anglin for example.  His sites have many more postings that one person by themselves are normally capable of making. Even though on his new site he has help, he often releases 5 or 6 articles of his own in one day and makes out like he's a word machine. At the least, the material is brought in and they put it in their own wording is my suspicion.

Take Veronica Clark. Here is a woman who claims to have a full time job, claims to be an author of 20 books and writing them all the time and has time to argue and write blogs to annoy the MGTOW and WN community (which is her assignment). Recently, she just off-handedly presented this out of the blue from a dormant account of two years ago to score MGTOW points. I seriously doubt she found that herself but had "help". Here is the link she used and quoted in her article

 She has totally disowned anything to do with resistance against the  Jews or the NWO and I suppose will not even admit there is an NWO so I have to ask, "Was it not orchestrated, all these lies about WWII that has enveloped pretty much the whole world or did a bunch or random people just accidentally all spew the same crap!" Since I don't buy these claims of hers but see them as excuses to remain aloof from those she's psyoping, I have to assume, till better info comes along, that she is a Jewish agent (one of the 1st things she did with me was charge me with anti-Semitic hate speech). Here is a summary of my experiences with her back in the day.

Final answer-She's Co-intel Pro!

Andre Anglin (claims using his real name proves he has nothing to hide, lol!)

Finally, we come to a current case, although all these individuals can be brought back up at anytime as they are active in the movement and considering the potential for damage, especially with Andrew,  their activities and things that don't add up about them must be exposed. Andrew is trying to take the WN movement into a Jew-approved race war zone mentality which would be fine if it was against the Jews but it isn't.  He is "agent provocateuring" three obsessions that consume 80% of  "The Daily Stormer's"  site posts.Since he keeps reminding and looking for all situations he deals with to accentuate his preferred takeaways, which are:

  • that Islam is an endemic threat
  • that females need to get out of the movement
  • that blacks are idiot baboons that are raping our women

and he is focusing less and less on the Jews as a primary threat, every effort must be made by those who actually want to head in a direction of confronting Jewish power to out this misdirection.

  Andrew's history, here, is quite interesting and disturbing actually.  I've said this before, though, when you throw, racists, "tenderloin" racist goodies, they lose their ability to think and this is the way an obviously compromised individual can maintain control of a movement or following despite overwhelming evidence of his cancerous nature to the cause. TBH, goy are programmed to trust  anyone they get to know and Jewish power takes big advantage of the tendency.

 Three and one half years ago, Andrew had a recorded interaction with a black Muslim where he was quoted saying "The white race should be bred out!" and he preferred black women for sex. He has since tried to disown those comments as the price of growing up and youthful mistakes but I must ask, "Is it a cointel pro op changing assignments?"Carole is referring to Andrew's "White race breedout" statement-PR seems to be aware of the old, former Andrew. Andrew never refuted the claim  One year later Andrew starts up "Total Fascism" and it's almost 2013. The site is obviously implemented as a way to reach out to the WN community, a community that is heavily racist but in his earliest statements, he shows great sympathy for the plight of the Arab as well as black man:Andrew currently never brings up blacks without derogatory insinuations and often name calling but even with this statement Anglin was provocateuring a fight and reading a whole lot into a rational man's response (Giuliani whom I don't follow) to group habitual mud slinging of potential allies

  • Total Fascism is a new site, but we adhere to an old idea: that all severe social, political and economic turmoil stems from the International Jew, and that the solution to this is to rise up with bold words and inspire fervent nationalism as a defense against this evil infestation.

    We, as others on the web, also differ from the various “Neo-Nazi” movements, who are in large part made up of drunken idiots, who appear to lump the blacks and Arabs – two groups with which we share a common enemy – with the Jew, and thus destroy any real chance we have of presenting a unified global front against this international plot against all people.  Most of these groups appear to be founded and run by Jews.      

  •                          *** clearly implied in this initial mission statement is a focus on the Jewish problem being the priority. As I am re-reading in the wayback machine all of Anglin's "Total Fascism" postings, I have gotten through the first three months of operation so am up to February of 2013. Anglin is Jew focused   but loosening, a bit, his respect for other races.

  • buzzy mcgee says:

Cracking good start! please twitter to the usual suspects when you update.

I’ve come to the same conclusion. We need to support the black and Muslim separatists. The jew is our common enemy. I believe most of our problems will be solved by separation.

In Islam Jesus returns with the Maadi to defeat the jew(so I gather). Its our job to pave the way to make that happen, so to speak.

  • Andre says:

Thanks, Buzzy.

Yes, basically the entire religion of Islam is geared toward fighting the Jew. A lot of the anti-Muslim groups (almost entirely Jewish) will quote various Hadith (commentary which isn’t considered cannon by the mainstream, each individual Muslim sect respects different Hadith which have been written by different post-Mohammedian scholars) that possibly say something like “go take over the world and kill anyone who disagrees with you,” but the actual core doctrine of Islam – the Quaran, which is the only text that is universally accepted by all Muslims – says that you should respect both pagan and Christian people, simply saying that you should charge them an extra tax when they live in Muslim lands, as they are not a part of the majority collective, which sounds pretty reasonable to me. The book teaches both strength and compassion, exalts women as the givers of life, and condemns all the same things I want condemned: sexual perversion, Jews, materialism, exploitation of the working classes, etc.

I see no problem with Islam, unless the Jews are using it as a tool to infest and destabilize our societies. 

  • Andre says:

I am all for White Power, but I oppose the hateful nature of most of the alleged Nazi groups currently in existence. Most of them appear to be funded by Jews. They are hateful and generally dumbed down morons. Pushing off things on black people is a completely Jewish tactic. This is not to say there are not a whole long list of very valid complaints we can lodge at black America, but why are they like this? Who brought them to America in the first place? Who killed their valid Black Nationalist leaders in the 60s? Who ships drugs and guns into their neighborhoods and then produces music telling them it is cool to sell drugs and kill people? ......I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Thank you massa fo givin us a place to stay in yo home.We'd sho nuff be lost by ourselves!

****Let's be clear here, Andrew implies that he disagrees with the Muslim blaming and black blaming while acknowledging most of the race hate is funded by Jews

   OK, so we'll take his word on that. Go to his site and look where the focus is. His current site is "The Daily Stormer". Everything is changed and the next few weeks I am going to be studying exactly how, why and when these changes were invoked but Andrew is clearly advocating things two years ago he would have lumped in with Jew funded and influenced sites and I'll take him at his previous word on that.

 You all remember the Speilberg movie about the suffering of the holocaust? Well, let's just say that this article reminded me of that but  in it Andrew claims of the "happy nigger" under slavery. Oh, how bout the happy niggers on the way to being enslaved where nine out of ten died? Life good for them too? This article is a recent "Daily Stormer" release as is the one posted in full below. Clearly his point is the mindless stupid nigger was happiest when he had whitey there to tell him what to do and no you can't make this shit up! Remember all those poor holocaust survivors in the Speilberg film? Well, these niggas sho was miserable when theys bein freed, sho nuff! "


LBetty Cofer, age 81:

The rest of the family was all fine folks and good to me, but I loved Miss Ella better ’n anyone or anything else in the world. She was the best friend I ever had. If I ever wanted for anything, I just asked her and she give it to me or got it for me somehow.


I done lived to see three generations of my white folks come and go andthey’re the finest folks on earth.

LMAO!. You know I am sure there were some blacks that had good white masters but this is a bunch of  suck-up self serving racist crap that Andrew does to placate his idiots. Does Andrew believe it? Probably not. Does Andrew find this stuff or is it served him. Probably served to him. Ops get fed info and that's why they seem like experts and start being looked up to. Unco-opted goy get no inside info unless they infiltrate and I am not aware of that happening in any way at this time.... You  think Andrew goes in three years to being a web admin posting 70% race provocative material from a sweet guy three years before who gives every consideration to the trials and travails of other races as well as whites?

   I can think of two reasons why this change would happen so quickly. One, he's a paid operative or the other, he's a "weather vane" that goes wherever the wind blows and has personal objectives where he does not let conscience get in the way. Now here is a typical article taken from his site, today: (obviously his "weather vane" is well hidden to the self absorbed.)


Black Threatens Anarchist Faggots with Racial Extermination

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer.........source
May 21, 2015

Here in a YouTube clip which epitomizes our age, you have some unfortunate White “anarchists” (drug-rattled street parasites) who apparently missed the memo that we are in the middle of the greatest war of all time: the global race war.

The clip begins with a Black crackhead, in his late fifties or early sixties, rambling incoherently at some super-hardcore and uber-edgy 25-year-old White people who posses a pre-packaged free spirit that allows them to pretend they are 15 for life.

The aged Negroid is accurately describing them as faggots, but is as harmless as any other crackhead in that age range.  Anyone who has ever lived in an urban area in America knows of these older crack smokers and knows that while they pose a serious threat to the bicycle on your porch or the lawnmower in your backyard, they pose exactly zero bodily threat.

Despite presumably being aware of the fact that crackhead senior citizen represents no threat, one of the White kids does a cowardly and bizarre flying knee/shoulder-push move on the old man while his back is turned before raising open palms and trying to slap the geriatric Negro.

Why would you do that?

Why would you do that?Like my daddy always told me: "don't start a fight with a sixty year old crackhead you can't finish."

Like something out of a slapstick comedy, the old man literally beats him with his walking cane and the faggot flees the wrath of a aged crack-addict, running away after having attacked him from behind.

Like my daddy always told me: “don’t start a fight with a sixty year old crackhead you can’t finish.”

A Black then comes up to the group from which the White attacked the old man.  Which, to be perfectly honest, was fair enough.  Regardless of skin color, attacking an drug-addled old man – while his head is turned! – is as low as it gets.  The Black actually shows restraint.  Presumably he had a gun in his belt and could have just shot them all.

Defending his race (Blacks in their racial pride have created a complex fantasy about how they are gods who used to rule the earth), he says “you should be bowing to him,” in reference to the old crackhead who suffered the unprovoked attack, and backs away.

There is a Black with the “anarchist” group, but he is only there for his drug-slut who be has dat sopf hair an dem ping nipples.

Proof there’s no point to racism? Are you sure you aren’t miscalculating this situation?

Proof there's no point to racism?  Are you sure you aren't miscalculating this situation?

The Whites of the group seem to look to him for confirmation they are not doing something evil and racist, and he says, clearly uninterested in the whole ordeal, “it’s like White supremacy but in reverse.”

The Black who defended the old man then returns and says “and just so you know, yalls time is comin, you’re all gonna die.”

I can respect a man who will openly threaten a genocide on the street. This one Negro has more balls than every single White “anarchist” on the planet put together.

I can respect a man who will openly threaten a genocide on the street.  This one Negro has more balls than every single White "anarchist" on the planet put together.

The low-testosterone faggot holding the camera is in complete hysterics at this point, and says “who’s that???  Who do you mean yall?  You mean White people?”

“You. All.” replies the Black.  “All of you people, and all your derivatives.  And all the people who love you.” And he turns around and walks away.

“You talking about White people??? You talking about White people???  You’re a racist, dude!” says the utterly ridiculous faggot.  As if that any single Black person cares about the term “racist” in any context other than “hey  Whitey, do what I want you to do or I’m gonna call you a racist and it’s gonna stir-up that massive guilt-complex you are genetically programed with.”

The camera faggot continues to rant and rave like he’s on PMS about how the Black man is “full of ignorance.”

What exactly is he ignorant about, you silly little girl?

You attacked one of his people, and he told you that he is not only going to kill you, but your entire race.  Seems to me that he has a pretty good grasp of the immediate situation as well as the basic, foundational laws of the universe.

He actually seems to have a pretty good understanding of the reality situation.

He actually seems to have a pretty good grasp on the situation.

We are in the middle of a race war.  The Blacks know it.  The Mexicans know it.  The Moslems know it.  And you’d better believe the Jews know it. Everyone on earth knows it except sniveling White cucks who have swallowed this goofy television propaganda about “equality” hook, line and sinker and become the butt of a Yiddish joke.

The Black, from a distance now, shouts “by the end of this year, you’re gonna be dead.”

I wish I could see this faggot’s face in the video.  He actually believes that Blacks are what the Jews have told them they are, so seeing a Black man threaten to commit genocide against his race simply did not compute.  He acts like this Black man is an individual. But if he was an individual, he wouldn’t have come, with a bunch of other people of the same color, to defend a random person who also has the same color, would he now? You don’t need a doctorate in Aristotelian logic to make this deduction.

The hilarious thing here is, while these “anti-racist anarchists” are out on the streets provoking a race war, there is not a chance in hell I would ever end up in a confrontation like this on the street with Blacks.  Because I have a shaved head, I wear fitted black t-shirts, and I’m smart enough to either keep Blacks out of my way or stay out of theirs.

I get respect from Black people because they immediately pick up on the fact that I know the score.  They instinctively respect that.  That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t murder me in an instant if they got the chance, but they sure as hell wouldn’t start pointless crap with me on the street, nor would I with them.

To prove the reality of what I am saying here, just ask yourself if you have ever seen Blacks protest a White racist organization.  Maybe they have, but if they did it was because some Jewish “community organizer” group paid them to.  They just don’t care what we’re doing, and they tend to respect us.

The people they hate with the fierce passion are the weak Whites who pander to them.  They hate them because of that weakness.  Black people are wild animals, they smell that weakness and it makes them want to kill.

Blacks, very literally, view people like these SJW homos as food.

Back before the feminization of society in America, during segregation, every Black man you ever met on the street was gonna call you “sir.”  Now they call us “faggot” instead, because that’s what we’ve become.  A bunch of complete faggots.

You can really look at the present state of Black hatred for Whites as a manifestation of their anger over the White refusal to play their role as master.  When we were their masters, they loved us.

And these particular faggots – the “anarchists” – are the exact same people who willrush Stormfront meet-ups and hit old guys with hammers while they’re eating lunch because they want to “stop hate.”

Malcolm Harris is a Jew who leads stupid goyim off to violently “stop the hatred” of people who want to genocide them.

Malcolm Harris is a Jew who leads stupid goyim off to violently "stop the hatred" of people who want to genocide them.

And I’ll tell you what – I don’t think in a million years you
 could find a White man at a Stormfront meeting who would ever even consider jumping on an old guy’s back while his head is turned.

I personally don’t even hate Black people.  I think they’re stupid, ridiculous, parasitical and violent, and I think it is suicidally insane to have them in your society and pretend they are equal to you, but the emotion associated with those positions is not hate.  In fact, it isn’t an emotional position. 

Only women, children and faggots base their worldview their emotions.  I am a heterosexual adult male, and my views on Blacks are based on a logical assessment of the situation on the ground. (really pushing the alpha male theme- just change your diet and it will happen!evil)


*****So much for the focus  on Jews as the primary source of the problem and I am looking into just how that got lost. Andrew came out of nowhere in 2012-13 and introduced his site and as you will see in that article link, he talked about ZCF, Prothink, Carole Yeager, Deanna Spingola,  John Friend referring to them all as equals. Only comment on that , I have is Andrew was most likely set-up to succeed and he passed the test at Total Fascism, covertly switched assignments by creating the new website which is all about pushing race wars with non-Jews, not like the stated purpose of "Total Fascism",  Fighting Judaism.

In Anglin's New White Order located at "The Daily Stormer" it's more important for allies to focus on goy on goy disharmony than, once upon a time, Anglin's stated purpose of focussing on the Jew. Simply endorsing a guy like Jarod Taylor and Robert Ransdell who only focus on blacks, gives that game away. Randell had a great slogan and Anglin calls him a hero, "With Jews you lose!" I have randomly run into three or four videos of the guy always voicing displeasure with the black situation in America and NEVER talking about the Jews (is that why Andrew pushes him so much?).

 What is clear to me is that Andrew is being enabled to be the new leader of the WN community that will engage in "same ole same ole" dressed up a little differently and his idealistic notions he proclaimed in his first few posts upon creating "Total Fascism" are being tossed out to the way side either for political expediency or he is and always has been an infiltrator.

  As things stand now, Americans, supposedly aware, are only paying lip service to resistance or maybe they have no clue what is required but I can guarantee you no resistance can succeed if it is led by the people you are supposed to be fighting...................................................................Final Answer!!

 Andrew's an Op!

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