Snap5gThe Strange Story  of ZCF and Brandon Martinez

Image result for ZioncrimefactoryBrandon Martinez, from Ontario Canada, came on the scene in middle November, 2013. He immediately got writing gigs with Press TV plus others as well as doing some interviews. Mildly anti-semitic, he quickly caught the attention of the ADL who spent  a good part of an article warning their readers about his anti-semitic bent referring in vague ways to being an experienced writer but offering no examples before November of 2013.

   How does a writer, with no specifics he can point to before a said date, land prestige jobs with the likes of Press TV? This is Brandon's bios. It is the only bios that refers to his history as Zander Fuerza and found on a site called Metipedia. This means the information is available to the public that, yes indeed, Brandon's most lucrative part of his career was as an intellectual leader of the Jew-wise NS revisionist camp done through a site called" ZionCrimeFactory. It is the only bios I am aware of that connects him to ZCF. It is not a place truthers are likely to go and only researcher quality proles would be motivated to find details about Brandon outside of his writing haunts.

Below to the left in the "firing announcement picture", there is a first name reference to Brandon as opposed to Zander with no explanation. Odd, since at that time Brandon was not a name he used on ZCF or to represent him ever in connection with his writer persona. In a later thankyou letter after the disappearance, same thing. Please refer to the months of whining ZCF did pertaining to his firing. A firing that in no way precluded him from loading his old content onto another site but Zander chose to whine instead.After three months  of whining, he then feigns justified anger for his "treatment and takes it out on


  Scuse me but the bullshit is a little bit too thick. This IS a scripted play and we will give more evidence as to why that is but also offer opinions as to what is the objective behind the whole Zander Fuerza Psyop infiltration. As Zander was teaching you how to worship Hitler he was working for the other side. This is a big one for you all to get. Just because someone tells you what you want to hear doesn't mean he's legit.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! When everyone in the comments area at the above link is calling Delaney an op, ZCF 2 goes silent but simply shows his expertise in using vilifying language.Good psyops are very convincing and I have to say, Zander is a true shill and well taught in cointel pro distraction tactics. Like I have said, he is likely trained from an early age for this role. Talent was noted, a connected and very possibly aware Jewish family, his base and enough money to train or mind control him towards the desired focus. It's what they do.

Also, Zander is a 21 year old kid here that has no sense of humor to speak of. Boldly trashing Jews is not a sense of humor but can be taken for it but I have noticed little evidence of a young mind at work but an older mind who makes robot like claims and is incapable of flipping the reality switch to find humor. At 21, just listen to the discipline in his interviews. I place odds on a Jewish or masonic connected family upbringing but all that is hard to know since he has never been part of the community.

Brandon, as ZCF author, thanks the guy that fired him (What?)He's thanking the guy that he said this about on" target="_blank" style="text-decoration-line: none; transition: color 0.2s ease-out 0s; color: rgb(30, 166, 30);">February 26, 2013?

. Nowhere on the web, today, does Brandon Martinez refer to himself as just Brandon. It is the bare minimum in these two places to refer to him and it is not by accident that the full name wasn't used while, contrarily, being able to later claim his identity was not hidden, "See, look here!" But the fact remains, the vague reference was a semi-guarantee that no connection would be made and I, personally, never did at the time and in fact didn't notice the name at all but focused on the startling "firing". Magician's trick, sleight of hand, ladies and gentlemen!BRANDON'S WEBSITE

  So why doesn't Brandon mention any of this in his bios or better yet, when he is interviewed by a "Red Ice" Radio or "Truth Jihad", why don't they mention it? I have listened to four or five of his interviews and it's never brought up, his previous life so I have to assume that there is an elitist agreement to hush this issue up knowing the proles and the goyim that listen in are half thinking about the next ball game or whatever Jewish distraction they have addicted themselves to.

Let's dabble further into the psychology of not recognizing your life before Brandon. I can see why no one would bring it up if his work was amateurish. However, ladies and gentlemen, it was not amateurish. Below I have a you-tube video with Deanna Spingola interviewing Zander. This guy at 21, in many ways, was leading the movement. His logic is so thorough I am still inspired listening to him as Zander of 2012! So, later we are going to touch on Zander Brandon's explanations as to why he changed from Hitler champion to a guy whenever he hears a positive word about the fuhrer fills obligated to be a contrarian. A contrarian when 6 months earlier he was leading  the pro-Hitler position. I, myself, right around 2012 hearken to reading ""Patriotard Lies about Hitler" when Zander said, "Hitler wasn't representing the NWO he was fighting it and lost!

 Ladies and gentlemen, it's not that the contrarian position can't be argued but why is a guy trying so hard to "Churchill" a guy all of a sudden when he spent the previous three years enlightening on that same person as to his greatness.. and since we have an enemy jew to fight, why is it so important to discombobulate the core of potential resistance with less important distractions endlessly for months? Why the focus on imperfect truthers rather than conniving Jews.

As we shall see, Zander has seen the light! The Jews are just like us just smarter!  I submit this is much more than a WN fisticuffs gone wrong. Misinterpretations of Hitler by mental retards has nothing to do with who Hitler was but more to do with the influences playing havoc in the WN movement and ladies and gentlemen, I submit that Zander Fuerza was sent in by the Jews to play havoc with our movement and tear it apart and with an end result to link the greatness of Hitler to the kooky mind worship of a white supremacist cult!

What is even funnier or more pathetic is that folks like Deanna Spingola who gave him a platform for several years with regular appearances, is now sitting idly by and supporting Zander, now Brandon, in his watered down Abbey Martin style, new approach to journalism. Zander either sold out or was never one of us from the beginning but more on that later.

  "Stone Cold" Delaney 3.16!So it was very odd and a seeming, caving to the Jews, to disown the honorable history that was Zander Fuerza. Once the WWE cagematch I'd like some VK Clarkshaken not stirredhappened in February, 2013, a month after the Spingola interview below and upon his resurfacing after the "mortal" wounds" received from "Stone Cold Delaney",Zander came off like an MK Ultra mind controlled slave with a different "programmed alter"being used. It was simply not the same person. This guy had an agenda to divide and weaken the movement while championing "real history".

Interestingly, the closest person I can think of with a similar mindset was someone I have called a government agent close to a year ago, VK Clark and guess what? She became Zander's seeming backup to defend and buffer him from the unhappy folks not liking what they saw in the new Zander. Clark, who never made an appearance at ZCF in comments on the site before the "cage match" (which Stone Cold won in a knock-out), all of a sudden is involved in every comment area on Zander's new temporary site.

However, there has always been a connection between Zander Fuerza  and VK Clark though not publicly till after February 2013 and that connection was Deanna Spingola. Zander and VK both were favorite folks to have on, both popular with WNs but different in psychological makeup. I claimed nine months ago that Spingola may have been their handler and I can't discount the possibility that Clark became Zander Brandon's handler as she continues to  go on his new site to encourage (the site really sucks because so many co-opted writers are airing their stuff there of watered down, "Well, it's sort of the Jews but don't say it out loud or they might not pay us this week!" You know Gilad Atzmon, Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakenly, Alex Jones, all the guys Zander zeroed in on as Jew apologists before and all making many sheckles by hiding the core of the truth.

Now, Brandon has become a boring commentator going into minute  details of various tribe factions engaged in across the world, middle east and Ukraine drama conflicts and hiding the perpetrators behind the scenes for pretend government front men that Zander Fuerza fearlessly used to out in seconds after noting their unimportance because they were just bailin water a focussin on it for all is sprung from the leak Jew which simply has to be confronted so we could stop the water bailin and, by god, Zander Fuerza was gonna confront it..........but he done gone now, hidin away and don't know if he'll be comin back! We have Brandon and we have Anglin. The Rock and Roll Little Richards and Elvis's and Chuck Berry's and Buddy Holly's have been replaced with Fabian, Connie Stevens, Ricky Nelson and yes, Brandon Martinez has replaced Zander Fuerza.

Oh Fuck, this is crap!

Thems the good ole days. Now we are spendin all our time on what nigga killed what innocent whitey and where the next IS terrorist is gonna be found by the Katz radar psyop and the next terrorist threat on Twitter to be found and god knows we can trust her, right? And so many all in for believin it,too and Andrew Anglin fannin it to make sure the fire of hate distraction hides the obvious hate attraction, Jew leak as Andrew by fannin pulls the curtain that allows for seeing past the matrix programming till no longer the real stage is in our awareness!


Andrew Anglin, the timing of his arrival coinciding so perfectly with the timing of Zander's decay and they say in war there are no accidents and the protocols says the Jews are at war with us and Zander used to say the Jews are at war with us. Zander left and Anglin came in and took the mantle and said the Jews were at war with us but wait a second. Don't worry about that now! Sharia law has come to your neighborhood, look away from the Jew, niggas are running through the streets out for blood , your formerly fine white ladies are going down with the closest black stud, "There's time for the Jew later, we got goy problems right here and Now!" Anglin says and the ghost of Zander whispers,

"It's the Jews, amigos, it's the Jews!"

But Andrew's on a roll and gettin fed too good under the table to be a stoppin as the few restless goy that found a way to get behind that curtain that Andrew has shut  wonder to themselves,

I think what is troubling, looking back, is that Zander had a strong following and was looked up to and then.....NOTHING! He was gone! It's interesting that Zander claimed the need to be anonymous and  then when he supposedly changes IDs, the new one is his real name but he has to do that anonymously? By the way, other than answering questions in comments and sometimes with biting sarcasm,  he did not interact or hang at all with the community he served. In obligatory ways while at Prothink, he interacted as necessary. For one who is aware, like me, how the elites select people  to represent THEM as those people, selected, claim to represent you, that fact is extremely concerning and one that many of these information guides have in common, a cliquish comradery that excludes us and if that's not so, why are they aware of the Brandon-Zander connection and keeping that fact quiet, including, even, his enemies (but are they REALLY his enemies?) It would seem to me that after the fired Zander said this about Anglin:

I think you have been reading too many zany skinhead websites like that of the crackhead, borderline-pedophile Anglin.

and Anglin responded with this and subsequently, Zander goes on to sneak into the Brandon Martinez persona we might expect an article from "Daily Stormer" addressing the new unimproved Brandon Martinez or from Stone Cold Delaney but mums the word, not only from his co-opted new friends network of Mark Glenn and Kevin Barrett but the guys that Zander supposedly had the fight with (See why I am having trouble buying that this was a real fight?)

 We will look into the strange circumstances surrounding a guy I have come to refer to in disrespect for the secrecy with which this was handled along with the capers committed in the doing of this Zander-Brandon Fuerza-Martinez "thingey". There are many unanswered questions. To this day people think of him with respect, this Zander guy, or with disdain over the way certain things went down. People don't realize how deeply into your wheel house co-opted opposition is willing to go to hook you. The tendency is always to look for villains outside your gate but the JWO is in control because of the ones inside your gate ladies and gentlemen and there are a whole lot of gates! It is my contention Zander was never who you thought he was when he was at ZCF but was playing a role and we are going to learn more about this  because

 THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!" February 10, 2013, the Jew-wise community that  was within hearing range and tuned into the ZCF site was set abuzz with the news that Mike Delaney had fired ZCF as well as terminated a site called "The Jewish Problem". The superficial reason given were that both guys "weren't white" and disrespect had been shone by them towards fellow peers, especially religious disrespect.Underneath that, there was a racism conflict going on.

   While Zander was teamed up with Mike Delaney at Prothink and did weekly radio shows, the fact was that Zander was never into the White Nationalist focus so much as just into the Jewish problem focus. That seemed to work for awhile and given that it was Mike's site and he was paying the bills, Zander put out his articles outing Jews and proclaiming Hitler as king and Delaney, an avowed Christian Identity person proceeded to attract to Zander's site a lot of folks that were heavily into the supremacist  mindset that Zander was trying to overlook but possibly getting sick of. I recall a comment under one of his articles, made in roughly November, 2012, where he said, "you had to be a "moron" to be a Christian. I imagine there were other snide remarks ongoing and very possibly the natives were getting restless.

   However in this Jew World Order we live in, and dealing with a tyranny that tries to control all potential resistance that are beyond considering the Official Conspiracy Theory or OCT of this episode, as well as the easily duped, we must also look into a deeper potential explanation, with rationales in play, hidden from the distracted public's view but not necessarily hidden from an aware goy's view (me)! At the time, this being two and one half years ago, I totally bought the OCT but as I have been psyoped since a few times and started learning what to look for in regards to "being psyoped", I have seen a  lot of circumstantial pieces of information and weird behaviors occurring and "disappearing strangelies" manifesting and letters of thank yous  to enemies  rendered, enough so to make me continue to question this fairly big event in one significant segment of the truth community.

  To reiterate for those who question why I "obsess" on motives of behavior I would point them to protocol 12-12 and say that we have "enemies" whom most in our community take for friends or loyal leaders. I have been attacked by the taken in for questioning those loyalties of their  revered. I believe almost all have fallen for the bait. The Jews are in control of our opposition movement (thus making it pretend opposition) and as long as that is so and they have us falsely believing we are in control and they have leaders pointing in directions away from themselves, resistance is not only futile but a not so funny joke.

  So,all of a sudden, Mike Delaney is annoyed by Fuerza one too many times and in a fit of rage, "fires" Zander.This  was how it was presented to the public. Luckily, there is a program you can access on the internet called "The Way Back Machine".

from this day forth ZCF was AWOL

It allows anyone to save a page they would like to save and Zander's site was popular enough, that every page just about on that site that was ever rendered has been saved. The comments area holds many clues as to the mindsets going on and one thing is clear.

A change had been taking place in the behavior on the site well before the supposed spontaneous firing. The fact is Zander stopped operating the site as of January 14th, 2013, a full month before the firing bolsters this argument. His input before that was bare, to say the least a month prior to that. From this" link you can verify what I say but I will include a couple of pictures to show you his absence or presence. The style of content portrayed on January 14th, changed noticeably and the site was becoming stagnant. User interest accordingly dropped as it was Zander's creativity that made the site hum."Here is a link from January 1st. Notice that it is signed by ZCF or ZionCrimeFactory. Here is the first day that" "admin" is operating the site. It is January 14, 2013 or twenty-six days before the firing.

  Now let me say here I am going to offer many clues as to why I believe what I do about what occurred. There is no one clue that proves my point but I will advocate when you put all the weirdness together, there  is, indeed, a smoking gun here. Just give me time to weave that web for you but back to the story at hand if I may.

  Now, having said all that, if you look at the "firing" picture above we see, with hindsight, a potential hint of collusion between these two "WWE cage match" opponents. The thank you picture, that was most likely posted four to eight months later reinforces the "firing" picture.

   I am going to propose that Brandon knew before the firing what his plan was as a coin tel pro operative for some handler representing the big picture pyramid. I know what you are going to say. "Why would Brandon, as a coin-tel pro op,  be assigned to inform us "stupid proles" about how we are getting""fucked in the ass" by the Jews"? That answer is simple and this is where that protocol link I mentioned comes in handy. First let's understand that society is very compartmentalized intentionally.  Part of the reason is to create distrust between different segments but also to keep one area clueless about what the other area discovers.Liberals don't trust conservatives, libertarians don't trust liberals or conservatives, Jew-aware WNs don't trust Jew-aware Islamists, the followers of Mark Glenn don't trust the followers of Andrew Anglin (Since Mark and Andrew are "fake" opponents they often do mushrooms together in the winners lounge where the duped aren't allowed).

  It goes, hopefully, without saying, that what the Jew-aware truth movement learns from it's co-intel infiltrators  who pass on privileged information to co-opt attention and loyalty will not be garnered and understood by Alex Jones followers or the 80% cattle that believe corporate news is "free and honest and accurate". What this allows is for psyops to go down for specific purposes against a particular segment, in this case the WN community and ripple effects beyond not occurring so much, this done by the separation of dissent as well as near total control of messages sent through the media. A final 1st and 2nd tier op barrier offers impenetrable security for the tamping down of priviledged information getting beyond the targets  (see protocols 12-8 and read all the relevant info there) if these claims are questioned in the public arena. Basically, it means that they are "Fake debunked" by trusted servile news commentators who have  mind controlled those stuck in the Matrix to trust their explanations of what is real and believable.

 Beyond this, I have my doubts that Zander at age 20 did all this "research" and article compilation on his own which brings me to some relevant comments I ran into the other day:


Anonymous says:

ZOG said:

I was just re-reading messages that ZCF had sent to me on YouTube last year. It’s almost as if he has turned into a completely different person since that time. His recent change in behavior is very bizarre. I don’t understand what happened to him.

If you’re wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt then…

Never rule out “tough love” / fly out of the nest stuff either.

One never knows what somebody is thinking…

Hey ZOG, I’ve got a cool idea for your site…

Since I’ve been anywhere from lightly (ZCF) to heavily (Kapner/EOZ/Incog/Glenn/etc) censored on almost every Jew-wise site known to man, why not create a side heading on your site similar to your Who Controls X format that basically says:

Too Hot for Real Jew News aka Brother Nathaniel Kapner
Too Hot for Total Fascism
Too Hot for Mark Glenn
Too Hot for End of Zion
Too Hot for IncogMan
Too Hot for ProThink
Too Hot for ZCF

We could post whatever it was that those entities blocked us from posting. It would be a hoot!

As you probably already know, some agent sites will use the “delayed post” censorship technique while they consult their think tank(s) for a clever answer- so that the poster can never match wits with the “site owner” on an even playing field. Those cases should be fair game too- where it’s obvious, not an illness/vacation thing or anything- you know, obvious game-playing stuff.

An extremely Jew-wise and knowledgeable poster can never appear “Robin Hood-like”- the agent “site owner” always has to appear to always have the upper hand.

It’s hilarious (their inferiority complexes/problems with control)- especially when you understand that some of the agent sites are NOT ONE PERSON but a gang of persons- think about that one for a while. 

******************Just a recognition by the commentator and a reference to the fact that these single run sites might not be so single run and a seeming knowledge of the gigantically large infiltration occurring in the "scene".


As stated above, Zander moreless was presented to us as an expert. Whether he did all that research or not or somewhere in between and memorized his lines, whether he is getting help with comment responses to tough questions or expertise summoned, whether all his Spingola interviews were worked out as far as subject matter that primarily  required memorization of lines we certainly can't rule out.. Below is a video that occurred just before the altercation.

Interesting possible misdirection where ZCF and Spingola complain about infiltrators but of course, oh no, they themselves couldn't be infiltrators because look at their great info, and they are warning us about it! They have earned our trust and are  experts cause see all this information they have that no one else does? The price of being unco-opted is to not have inside information to be dangled by our trusted assets because that great info comes with a price of doing the info provider's bidding down the road and thus is born a Zander summer 2013 psyop on the goy when Abe calls in his chips  or a Spingola year long demonization of  uncool dissent pertaining to Sandy Hook. Until or unless we become as good as they at infiltration no inside information is possible from our leaders in a clean movement which means......


But then look at who they hang with and  have for guests. It's a little elite clique and you can bet someone other than "We the People" is buttering their bread. They only have folks on that are like them. We are the enemy-audience whom games have to be played with to keep us in the dark because

"we can't handle the truth!"

written by "Ultra" S 5/29/15This information validation your trusted leaders have received from you is a false comfort reality for the knowledge is paid for with a loyalty to our enemy when it counts and besides, good info or not, if they are willing to share it, is it really all that great? 

  Now, back to the "firing picture" If you will read through it, Mike has just referred to "Brandon" of ZCF. Now, tell me if he was outing him in revenge, why didn't he say "Brandon Martinez? Now notice this picture once more. Again, just the name Brandon is used. This picture was probably published after Zander disappeared and became Brandon. Again, only the first name, "Brandon" was used. This is one of those "not smoking gun" facts that along with 20 other weird facts starts to become a smoking gun. Brandon Martinez in referring to himself on his website or when referred to by others in introduction is never just called Brandon. I submit ladies and gentlemen, this is having it both ways. Giving out new truthful information  but not enough for most to connect the dots fully and I submit as well, that in the midst of this supposed fight between Delaney and Martinez, Delaney was wording this firing  in a prearranged way and agreed to by both the antagonists as well as possible handlers involved. Again, read the"

In the old days wrestling always had a good guy and a bad guy. On Dallas, JR was the bad guy and usually won. Zander is Bobby Ewing and Stone Cold is JR. You hate that JR is winning but you can't turn away and ladies and gentlemen, you just been played and been beaten because the real fight was never between Zander and Stone Cold but between Vince McMahon and you and Vince won that round! In WWE, the  crowd thinks there's a winner but there is really just a "play" and both opponents win by serving their master,Vince McMahon and not "we the People"..... We need a legitimate resistance to Vince mcMahon and not the same old fake shit between co-opted opponents!!---repost  of my original currently in THE WAyback Machine

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