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Paul Cancer • 3 hours ago

I think there's something to your "rich race" theory, however, I don't see how you think that colonialism is the only reason for the white race to be proud.

Colonialism was a huge mistake. But the white race is still the most creative race and the Jews could not have embedded themselves in the blacks or asians and ended up producing a technologically superior force that would have subdued the world. The white race is being subdued now largely because of propaganda and the theft of technologies (which continues under Chabad-Trump's watch). Africans in fact can't even make use of things which are handed off to them, although Asians fare a mite bette

  • 1492 occurred, the inquisition happened, early colonialism had already begun in Spain and Portuguese Jewish power centers soon switching to new Jewish power centers (Amsterdam and then England).

    The question needs to be entertained if the Inquisition in reality was a fake pogram to force evil Jewish mindsets into the rest of Europe, in high enough numbers, to help make the changes necessary for a JWO. (Think Zionists forcing Jews into Palestine for an example)

    It can not be a mere coincidence that Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation complaining about the behavior of a krypto Jewish Pope while not acknowledging the Pope's crypto Jewishness, this immediately after the Inquisition and then all hell breaking loose on European soil as native Europeans were convinced that all evil came from the Catholic church (I got this fake pogram idea from Jon Bjerkness, though he has not explained why this is so but I have investigated the huge Jewish familiality between Ferdinand, Isabella and the Jews.)

    I think that puts a nail in the early fact that the rich race was also part of the white race at the time.

    Regardless if you believe that it was whites that were needed in the colonialist act to aide the Jew and the rich races desire to plunder, expand and fulfill their goofy prophecy, it is best, for propaganda purposes, to give conquering and first priority credit to the Jew and rich race and under-emphasize the rich race ties to the white race at that time.

    This then creates an atmosphere of unity, if that consistent message is put forth, between slave whites and all other non-white slaves and puts an intellectual bulls eye on the Jew and their elite  "house niggaz". It is also clear that emphasizing why whites are better than other slave races may be good for the ego but bad for fighting the true enemy.

    No one likes to be constantly told, true or not, of their subservient nature (referring to non-whites). Jews hammered this fact into place long ago, used to living as minorities and offering to each group their reasons to feel comradeship. As long as whites need to substitute the lack of real power by claiming a innate superiority as a substitute, they will insure no one ever empathizes with the facts on the ground thwarting our potential and rather, instead, see us for all our overt  claims of superiority that dis-include them, the true enemy.

    It is clear the rich race has always aligned with Jews rather than their own native populations with expulsions occurring in ages where that native population could literally scare the rich race for it's own survival to make a show of kicking out the Jews while most likely allowing secret Jews to continue on by aiding in the ruse to where they were never totally gotten rid of.

    It also seems we must ask ourselves and try and figure out if the, advances in lifestyles and technology would have been possible with only a goyim mindset handling what new discovery was emphasized and where.The case of NAZI Germany is the only time I can think of where a goy ruled society proved itself superior to it's Jew run counterparts but even so, Jews were part of the Reich though not often emphasized.

    I think this underlying fact is what is subconsciously making it hard for even red pilled whites to reject Jewish mind control, all together. They are willingly receiving the therapy and even their forms of subversion are likely Jew guided. 

    The situation couldn't be much more hopeless than it is and I see little ways of changing the inevitable, sadly, to where I am beginning to question openly opposing it, the way i have been, since the things I point out, no one is willing to adopt or begun to see any benefit towards implementing.

    I, therefore, wonder to what extent it's worth having a target on my back and a first priority reservation for a death camp, where revenge oriented Jews finish me off by pulling out my entrails and making me run around in circles while they clap and cheer


    I see moving deck chairs on a sinking ship. I see people arguing if that's actually the best place to move the deck chair. I yell,

    "Find the leak!"

    but they fully believe it is in the MOVING OF DECK CHAIRS the leak can be found

    and I cry insideImage result for Jew tears


  • AvatarPaul Cancer  jsigur • 15 hours ago

    I would have edited it if I knew you were going to publish it. Yea, White sharia seems like it could backfire.

  • Perhaps we should help it. It is supposedly intended to trigger, but who will it trigger? It is a multicultural meme with Islamism attached to it, so it will no doubt sow a lot of division among WN's and NS's.

  • Some men will buy into it and attack others in the movement and it will produce bad feelings and eventually probably spawn new subdivisions and perhaps a more viable movement, although that will of course immediately be targeted for subversion.

  • I am seeing that the whole DS crew is definitely "in on it" all producing pieces promoting White sharia in tandem with the Tanya Gersh psyop, while called out by the Renegade flat earther retards who will be disregarded for the usual reasons. It's all making me itchy, I tells ya.

    • It certainly seems like Sinead's reason for existence is to assure all WN know about the evil Andrew Anglin and nature of WN men. She's truly morphing into a better edition of VK Clark.

    • All the women she grooms push this feminine division shit and as I keep saying, Sinead and her group are the intentional Yang creation, by and for the benefit of Jews, to Andrew Anglin's intentionally divisive White Sharia Yin.

    • These are all problems to argue over after the leak is fixed not before. It is the one of many different forms of water that comes in from the leak that is sinking the ship because it advocates deck chair rearrangement for which to argue over.

    • No one sees it for what it is, the leaders keep reporting MSM news as if something out there will make it better and thus my pessimism for  fighting for what no one wishes to acknowledge beyond occasional lip service.

    • Deck chair rearrangement comes when the ship leak is fixed and we can now make a better Titanic whose future is not in doubt

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      Yogiguy  Paul Cancer • a day ago

      I think you make some really good points and overall I would agree with you and Joe's current rich/Jew race controllers.

      As for the "white " race accomplishments are great but being tricked or ignoring the Kosher tactics of controlling all races is a huge shortcoming and a total embarrassment. Henry Ford as well as other Jew-aware goys, even the Jews are telling us what was happening and whites keep ignoring it.

      Another fault of "white" race may be that they are too trusting and assume people will keep their word, which is great for Jews since someone has to pay retail prices.

      As for Joe's two tier grouping it seemed to miss a subtle third group of multiracial leaders of influence and power and that's "Beautiful People" with a complimentary group of "Tall People." Neither of which I am part of but these two of the third group are potentially highly revered.

      Last point for the "white race" missing accomplishments is in the Spiritual realm. It's the realm of "enlightenment " which I find whites in a very small percentage. I would consider 3 major modern enlightened beings: one being Iranian, 2 Indian, Meher Baba, Rama Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle would not make my list although, arguably, both are very aware.

      Buddha would be considered a stronger candidate over Jesus Chris since the Buddha's existence is not arguable or Jewish derived.

      White, Caucasian or Aryan, is there a difference or all regarded as the same? Overall, I like your thoughts posed and great to hear that Joe took the task of clarifying his thoughts with an article.

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        jsigur Mod  Yogiguy • 20 hours ago

        Also, it's been a good while since I wrote it but it held up pretty well to what I think now and clearly, my 6 race categories are a bit simplistic

        and promoted to demonstrate that we, slave races, have much more reason to see beyond the divisive rich-Jew propaganda pitting us against each other and emphasize common bonds which, again, implies we should cease  obsessing on lying Jewish news in  the MSM and controlled Alternative medias.

        We should scrutinize closely, for loyalty to the cause, anytime folks from either ruling race, that portends to be on our side,  wishes to join and influence. The temptation to use them stems much from the fact they have been brought up to believe they are leaders while we have been brought up to assume we will be led

        What I see now is our groups dominated by rich-Jew subversives, pretending to be us, operating in a good ole boy network of other enabled subversives pretending to be us, and, thus, the need to truly start over, with tough questions asked when necessary for all would be and continuing members, a movement worthy of the fight.

        We control who gets in through starting from scratch in lieu of joining some already created entity likely started by Jews or the rich to pre-empt full discussion of the true solutions to the problems. It is possible for former rich race loyalists to see their original group for the evil they are acting out but should bare more scrutiny than the common man if they wish to enter and be a positive influence along with us.

        Any new group  start up with us must have declared all MSM news, including the fake resistance, alternative brand, to be deemed subversive, distracting literature meant to herd the masses towards a destiny such as a cow to the slaughterhouse.

        With this as our backbone and accepted by the core of our group as fact,  distraction capers that rich-Jew race subversives who somehow sneak in or their dupes should be more easily struck down and the mission kept pure as we keep our sites on the true enemy and the lies, in all it's forms, they commit.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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