Memorial Weekend, We Look at the New Editions of Evalion and Brandon Martinez

Today, we continue to look at the evolving focuses of two people I have been talking about a lot recently, Evalion and Brandon Martinez. You will recall my recent three articles posted concerning Martinez's  overt assignment switch where he scrubbed all his prior articles written over the last three years but also announced why he had to do so. Muslims, it seems, are no longer sympathetic creatures deserving empathy for the transgressions the west has laid upon their territories.  No, some incredible insight has allowed Brandon to see their evil nature and their diabolical plans behind the scenes that are laying a trap for western white man with the diabolical Jew also in on the psyop against them.

He warned that several parts of his prior advocacy had to change to pursue this line of inquiry. False flags were no longer an issue to be debated when presented with MSM descriptions of horror with suspect data for backup. He did this by defaming many false flag proponents as anti-white social justice warriors of a sabbath kaffirism bent, a derogatory term to likewise imply an anti-white bias and invented by Brandon, himself.

It looks like that means any future 911s will be described after the mainstream media has laid the foundations of what  can be considered and his justification seems to be:

Despite the fact that none of their revelations about false flags have stopped even one war or intervention to date, they keep trekking on with the “research,” which gets sloppier and less intellectual each year.

Martinez,  interestingly,  attempts to give a balance between the complicity of Muslims to follow through with a Jewish agenda not in western interests and the scapegoating of Muslims by Jews to do so. What he prefers for you not to realize is, FALSE FLAG DENIAL directly helps Jewry and hurts both Muslims and the Western White man.

In other words, if evidence, or lack there of, makes an event, like the recent Manchester concert, seem dubious. and that if not confronted, the Jewish manipulation possibilities of the event are immediately lost and we are only left with Muslim existence and  Muslim extremism in the west as the issue that is clearly good for Jews and has us whites demonizing pawns rather than the true enemy and inevitably fighting but one more goyim brother war.

As the above quote of Brandon's implies, trying to out the true perpetrators of the event has  made no serious mark on the behavior of TPTB. While this argument can be made, My own personal experience is that realizing false flags were a regular means to move nefarious agendas forward, brought me to the realization of just who the true enemy is and that he gains more power when he has the rest of us at each other's throats looking away from him. Nothing better than false flags for that.

With this knowledge admitted, how can we ignore false flags as a serious threat?Snap3c

Since this cult of evil got full control of the money supply in the US through the Federal Reserve Act, we in America have had the 1929 depression that heavily socialized America towards communism, Two world wars, a fake cold war because people were kept unaware that the same group controlled both the US and the USSR and in the name of that, two major spats in Korea and Viet Nam, not to mention the creation of Israel for Jews to have a country of their own while everyone else loses theirs through wild immigration policies.

The war on terror, which is the driving force and fueled by false flag propaganda are our motives for doing everything we do as a nation since 911 occurred and has never been recognized for the misdirection it, in fact, was. To continue fueling this fear that leads to more drastic measures to confront something that doesn't exist? More false flags, like Manchester, Paris, so many to talk about and so little talk occurring.

Sneaky Brandon, then, in one fail swoop, weights everything against Muslims and Islam which helps the Jews behind the curtain.

If you acknowledge Jews are behind the curtain and are the prime mover of events and Brandon does,

 Khan (Muslim mayor of London) is an open-borders globalist who wants to drown Britain in a sea of strange foreigners, turning not only London but the whole country into a squatting zone for refugees and assorted vagabonds from the Third World. Khan is the perfect Muslim screen for the Jewish elites to implement their agenda.

not looking into the possibility of false explanations being presented by the powerful is sabotage of the potential findings we will get. Brandon's cover is that he is on the outside of a long list of shills doing exactly that, herding discussion of likely Jewish capers to areas focused solely on the arena. An arena staged by behind the curtain Jews to have us living in a land of make believe while paying admission to be so entranced.

Brandon is, therefore, happy to sabotage though cloaking his treachery in what seems reasonable to pursue. Yes, for the last 500 years, the goy have been moving deck chairs around on a sinking ship sabotaged by Jews and have been fighting over as to what deck chairs go where.

911 did temporary damage to that comfortable but inevitably dead-end existence and now Brandon is here to officially put a lid on the type of scrutiny that can divulge the behavior of the true enemy and keep all eyes on Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper fighting in the center ring. Choose a side, place your bets, good against evil!

and get ready to get very wet when the ship sinks!

Not acknowledging the reality of ongoing false flag technology being exercised against we the people is doing the exact thing the diabolical elites in power wish us to do so when we see a Kevin McDonald, intellectual leader of the alt-right, tweeting over and over about Muslim terror in the form of the Manchester false flag and we understand that Kevin is too smart not to know this is a potential problem but still, not a whisper of concern, we may assume all the Kevin McDonald's out there are adversarial to our cause, the cause of freeing ourselvs from the tyranny


SO I ask Brandon. If a new 911 happened, are you going to believe the official story?

Before I tackle Brandon's "Semitic Controversies" article that have neo-con Jews screaming about Linda Sarseur, a Palestinian Muslim, let me touch on Brandon's criticism of Richard Spencer. He basically called Spencer a cuck for his "pro-Jew", new interpretation of the Holodomor which racialist whites have enjoyed using to undercut the Jewish victim-hood claims of "the Holocaust". Here I find nothing to argue with in Brandon's logic and is a good demonstration of why he can con you into believing he is legit. I have, however, learned that you have to observe these folks in a variety of narratives to understand what their advocacy is all about and who it serves. The fact is that since his reassignment, he has adjusted his message to be extremely alt-right compatible (Muslim terror friendly, false flags don't happen, whites need their own homeland)

Brandon would't be Brandon if he didn't rattle the boat. I don't think he can help himself. Who he ultimately serves, IMO,  is counting more on the anti-Putin bias that Brandon has been pushing for the last year than fitting perfectly in with the alt-right agenda as it stands today. Other than Russia, Brandon seems mostly in sync with the alt-right at this time.

Somehow, Brandon found a way to push his Jews and Muslims are conspiring against whites narrative in "Semitic Squabbles" that he wrote two days ago. In it Brandon plays up how these two groups are divided illustrated by this video where MILO, Pam Geller and other Jews rant and rave of the evils of Linda Sarsour.

This is where it helps to know Jews play both sides and act out both sides for the  fluoride numb goy masses to be swayed. Linda Sarsour is a totally kosher approved Muslim who sides with Israel when the shit hits the fan. A huge clue to that is noting that her second in command is a Zionist Jew named Jennie Goldsein



Jennie Goldstein in Bay Ridge, Jan. 25, 2012.(Rachel Barrett)

. The organization plays more or less the role that Abraham Cahan’s Forward played for the immigrants of Eastern Europe a century ago.

The executive director of the organization is Linda Sarsour, 31, a Palestinian-American mother of three who wears the hijab and plans to become the first Arab-American on the New York City Council when she runs in 2017, after the local seat opens up. Sarsour, who took over the organization in 2005 and has raised its profile tremendously—she was honored in December as one of 10 Champions of Change by the White House—travels a lot on behalf of the association. The young woman who runs the association day to day, juggling budget memos, the census, and calls from the BBC is all of 24 years old. Her name is Jennie Goldstein, and she is a Jew from the Upper West Side.

“Everything without precedent, or controversial—it lands on my desk,” Goldstein explained when we met. “When Linda’s out, I’m the last answer. I make it rain.”


What this means, of course, is that Jews are both good and bad goys as catalysts for all sides on display. They set the stage, invent the agenda, claim the realities to consider. They did it on soap boxes at workers factories in Russia to rally the goy against the Russian aristocrats and they are doing it now playing us with fabrications bolstered by total control of the story on events and happenings each day.

The internet and 911 poked a hole in that basket and Brandon has now been assigned to help fill in that hole so we all can be the obedient cattle of old walking slowly towards the end game of Jew design.

However, there is illogic in Brandon's advocacy. While he acknowledges the orchestration from behind the curtain in forming his arguments, his conclusions consistently ignore all the data and find a pro-Jew bias in his answers

 So while we should call out the distinctly Jewish racial agenda of loudmouths like Gellar, Breitbart, Milo, etc., we should also oppose their bearded Abrahamic cousins who are no friends of European nationalism either.

Despite the serious divide between Muslims and Jews over Palestine, the more mainstream factions of the two groups have actually joined forces to thwart the nationalist/identitarian renaissance sweeping the West.

A strong ethnic and cultural nationalism that doesn’t kowtow to any foreign group of usurpers is obviously the best way forward for Europe.

That statement basically defines Martinez's advocacy, now as a pro-identarian player. Apart from the non-believability of this stance when looking at his various personas now scrubbed from view as inconvenient history over the last five years, Martinez has bought the divide and conquer realities that all the goy must stay in their little blocs of interests and concerns and expect no help from anyone else.

This jibes perfectly with the Jewish agenda of being AGAINST everybody but pretending they are FOR everybody using control of information and advocacies of various Jewish interests to make the full case. Martinez, an advocate of the authenticity of the protocols where the Jews themselves state all non-Jews rightfully deserve to be enslaved and therefore have defined all non-Jews as their enemy, nevertheless seems happy to help that along by emphasizing to racialists that no one is our friend but ourselves at this time, stated in his first piece released May 15th in his new assignment

There’s really no group out there that Europeans can count on to acknowledge their plight and aid in stopping the Great Replacement Plot. Do we really think that Africans, Arabs, Asians or non-white Latinos will sympathize with the concerns of European sovereigntists when all they want is to come here and stew in the riches of Europe, exploiting what Europeans have built? The idea that some Muslim Pakistani can be an ally against globalism simply because that Pakistani hates Israel is a dangerous delusion. That Pakistani might hate Israel but he also hates the West and Whites and probably wants to impose Sharia law on us infidels.

The slight of hand here, knowing Brandon from way back, is the tricky way Brandon has boiled down the issue to one problem, THE GREAT REPLACEMENT PLOT. At one time Brandon knew Jews were tyrannizing everybody. On second thought, he does probably still know it and you should know what that then means......

We will continue that watch but on another front, we have the Evalion focus shift to redefining Stalin and to focusing on the slavic region exemplified in her new twitter name 

 For those behind the times, Richard Spencer and Evalion, in a coordinated attack, claimed the holodomor never happened, that it was an accident and Jews were innocent!Snap34d

What went down was roughly, around the first of May, Evalion and her new handler, Red Fascist dictator promoted a pro-Jew reinterpretation of Stalin, implied Hitler was the biggest mass murdered who ever lived and the holdomor was a Jewish plot to undermine the ppl of Ukraine, lol!. Neither, it must be noted felt the need to touch the obvious holocaustianity problem but would you expect Jew ops to undermine Jews? Of course not!.

Long story short, Evalion twittered me and tried to convince me she was totally innocent of any malfeasance. In the doing, she basically admitted an ongoing collaboration with Richard Spencer if you can believe it while telling me I was full of shit!

Evalion's implicating twitter comment

When is the msm ever correct? They demonize stalin just as harshly as they do to hitler. So is the msm correct on stalin and not hitler? Makes no sense sigur. You clearly have done no research yourself on actual historical facts. You just talk shit.
2h 2 hours ago
Khrushchev was a known liar. Yeltsin as well. Rockwell and Known controlled op David duke based their claims against the USSR on leaked "files" from kruschev and yeltsin look it up.
2h 2 hours ago
Stalins wives were Georgian and one was Volga German I told you this look it up for yourself old man
Your sources are bullshit based on lies
I changed my own assignment. Richard spencer and I have been working closely together on different strategies
2h 2 hours ago
We're gonna take over the world mwahaha

Interestingly, she seems to have trouble with the concept of capitalizing people's last name. Don't they do that in the Talmud?

Though that isn't 100% proof, acknowledging a behind the scenes coordination of sorts with Richard Spencer and then mimicking his Holdomor claims in public within days of each other is pretty substantial circumstantial evidence

I suppose the other thing I can say about Evalion's Stalin shilling is that I have to ask "WHY?" It's always not what you say but why are you saying it? Stalin was independent of Jews?Now whose narrative does that help?

You get three guesses. Evalion, I have my one eye on you, girl!

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