Would you trust your shit with this guy?C Av hJUAAAQ sDfffq Brandon's reboot and Justifications for doing so - Part IIIImage result for rationalizations for doing stupid shitBrandon's explanations for scrubbing his site. Do you buy it?

Part I.......Part II

Before we get back to my main theme in the doing of this three part narrative, Brandon has been busy as a little beaver creating his alt-right concern credentials writing two short pieces  contemplating the proper way to deal with the alt-light and I thought I would address some facts about all of that.

The main difference between the alt-right and light is the identity question. The Jewish question is something tolerated within the alt-right comment area but never talked about by post makers invited to write on

As far as I am concerned, the altright is a Jew op slowly bringing anti-semites back into the fold or hinting that they should air their Jewish concerns elsewhere. When you add to that the fact that Zionist alt lite folks like Pettibone and Blondie Beast are invited to rage against Islam and at best avoid the Israel question, I find that Brandon has an interesting navigation to try to keep any pretense that he is prioritizing the Jewish problem anymore while offering support to a site that stands currently for closet Zionism sure to be overt Zionism within a few years. Blonde in the Belly of the beast outing non-whites but never JewsImage result for Blonde in the Belly of the beast

Nathan Damigo, the altright's recent hero because he punched out an anti-fa porn star is clearly,a closet Zionist who has never said diddly about the Jewish subversion of Aryan culture, where as  Andrew Anglin, a claimed alt-righter, never has any of his articles reprinted on because they often have unkind references to Jews. This, a fact when he has covertly allowed Jews such as Weev to keep important positions at his Daily Stormer hate site rag and banned any negative commentary about the Jewishness recently discovered pertaining to the head of "The Right Stuff", Enoch.  This makes me assume that even the biggest raging anti-semite in the room, Anglin, is actually a covert Zionist.


Interestingly, I got this comment on my recent Evalion video from an anti-fa who has gone after me in the past making a mild warning to leave her alone

NazBol America
NazBol America 21 hours ago (edited)
stop fucking with one of our agents sigur, we have successfully made evalion into a nazbol. She has been improved and modified. She's now the perfect nazbol woman. everything is going according to plan and there's nothing you or any of the rest of you can do to stop us. Soon the Altright will be turned into nazbols and people like you will be eliminated. We are the resistance, We are the future!


Brandon's new found tolerance for Zionist puppets who stand against Islam like Geert Wilder and Nick Griffin, implying that Griffin, at least, is a thorn in the Jew's side, allows me to believe that Brandon will make a continued show of being Jew-aware and concerned but hold his nose and support those that wish to push the Jewish anti-Islam agenda. In other words, I am calling Brandon a con artist who secretly hates those he writes for and serves the enemy. A guy who must perform continued, though less so as time goes by, slight of hand to successfully pull off his ruse.

Obviously, scrubbing all his previous material potentially makes his con more likely to work and why so many went after him on Twitter. Calling them leftist, conspiracy theorist, SJWs in a scornful manner, Brandon referred to this situation in his fourth article posted on his recently scrubbed site.

What was the hub-bub all about? Let's take a look.

Lunatic Leftists & “Truther” Muslims Declare Jihad Against Me

Apparently because folks become aware, who don't fall into the category of low IQ whites, that Brandon has been guilty of amazing inconsistency over too short a period of time, defamation language such as "Lunatic Left" is the needed order of the day to combat  the heresy with. So I guess he is implying that you wouldn't be a lunatic if these contradictions weren't noted? If you are stupid, you aren't a loony?  If you are a bad goy who raises questions you are a loony? Well, let's have a look.

First notice the stereotyping for racialists with the aberrant implied behavior of Muslims of which he is clearly transferring through implication to his detractors in his posting this picture. We shall look at some of the tweets later to see if they are as he paints

A demented clique of “truther” Muslims and their leftist foot-soldiers are jihading against me on Twitter, allegedly for my “betrayal” (rather disillusionment) of their social justice cause to “save the world” and utopian fantasy of permanently ending war. Between the years 2014 and 2016 my writing was heavily focused on issues like US foreign policy, the Israel-Palestine conflict and other subjects that cater to Muslim sensibilities. I was, at that time, effectively a sabbath kaffir writing propaganda for Muslims and Arabs. I wrote for and gave interviews to mostly Middle Eastern publications. Some of it was accurate, but I wouldn’t stand by all of it today. This focus of mine attracted numerous Muslims and leftists to my writing. During that time I would often jump the gun and declare any terrorism involving Muslims “staged” within days without sufficient proof or research – part of the cognitive anti-war reflex to “debunk” anything that could possibly lead to conflict. Recognizing my error, I’ve since corrected that misguided tendency of mine. After coming across new evidence that contradicted what I believed before, I’ve changed my position accordingly on some of these events. That’s what honest people do; they don’t just indefinitely hold to a position no matter what.

Well, first we have to note that Brandon claims to be an honest person. I can testify that Brandon's three years as ZCF, hunter of evil Jews, was scrubbed from his bios and is not allowed to be mentioned anywhere around him where he has control to govern the conversation. Thus when Zander says,

  "Between the years 2014 and 2016 my writing was heavily focused on issues like US foreign policy, the Israel-Palestine conflict and other subjects that cater to Muslim sensibilities. I was, at that time, effectively a sabbath kaffir writing propaganda for Muslims and Arabs."  

He is misleading you and reinventing his rationales with an explanation that confronts his realities today. As the false flag outing Zander Fuerza, it was but only natural to show concern for the Palestinians and others knowing that they had been scapegoated as the culprits for attacking America on 911

When Brandon condemns his behavior to "Jump in" too quick with false flag conspiracy claims, I am not aware that any of the assumed false flags have been proven not to be.  Brandon is simply waving the flag that controlled opposition has been waving since Sandy Hook. That our side needs total proof to make claims or challenge MSM and government narratives while their side can just keep on telling us what to think and can lie with impunity seems to be the faulty inference here.

The focus is against us and by focusing their attention on us, the controlled opposition sides with those globalists that we know have pulled off monumental lying capers that led to deaths of untold millions. Once you know that, we still should assume everything they present, which is implied by saying to keep your mouth shut, is accurate? No, you assume a known liar is presenting a lie with his latest claims till PROVEN otherwise!

Also, Brandon went to huge lengths to dig up dirt on the false flags of interest to him, enough so to be the one truther in the room that uncovered every rock in the area of information. At the time, I didn't buy it, mainly because I knew not to trust him but now, in hind sight, he vaguely claims he jumped in too quick? Laughable, he ignored Sandy Hook because a handler op, Deanna Spingola was shilling the MSM OCT. He picks and chooses when to get involved according to other ops he associates with behavior on the issue.

This claim, of seeing things clearer but never saying why or that he had been irresponsible regarding false flags but never saying why, will be believed by the trusting goy most likely but from my end, it simply looks like a made up reason for why he did a 180 on many of his focuses of concern (much like Anglin's "the white race should be bred out" comment a year before he became a fascist leader. Amazing, the justifying explanations the goy accept if you are carrying an appropriate amount of race hate porn on you to feed the flock with and calm their agitation).

Then again, of course people are pissed when they believe you look like thisImage result for Brandon Martinez

only to find you look like thisImage result for Neo nazi with no teeth

Also, when Zander was stewing away in ZCF II, back in 2013, after Delaney "kicked" him off  his channel, he began reinventing all his beliefs claiming similar things about his unaware advocacy. All convenient for starting a new assignment and disowning what everyone had come to expect from him.

Please note his "UNAWARE ADVOCACY" was getting rave reviews across the Jewaware community, so he was basically calling everyone that was impressed, from Deanna Spingola on across the spectrum, stupid, by undermining his previous beliefs.

I guess Brandon is only loyal to truth and honesty and  so discards what impresses everyone else? Interestingly, his fight with Delaney happened when his Jew truth advocacy web site was at the height of it's popularity. AMAZING COHENCIDENCE? Yes, no?

A tactic he does again, now, though the words change to fit the situation the MO is the same

"Between the years 2014 and 2016 my writing was heavily focused on issues like US foreign policy, the Israel-Palestine conflict and other subjects that cater to Muslim sensibilities. I was, at that time, effectively a sabbath kaffir writing propaganda for Muslims and Arabs. I wrote for and gave interviews to mostly Middle Eastern publications. Some of it was accurate, but I wouldn’t stand by all of it today. This focus of mine attracted numerous Muslims and leftists to my writing."

So people were attracted because he told them what they wanted to hear not because they simply agreed he was right? Sort of a belittling way to dismiss the concerns it seems to me but, after all, THEY ARE MUSLIMS AND HE IS ADDRESSING WHITE RACIALISTS. WHO CARES!

Since Spingola was clearly an agent and Zander disappeared on the sleigh, he never needed to justify his prior disowning of his ZCF narrative, but because he is dealing with low IQ Muslims (his reference) who fawned over him because he used anti-west lingo, they all got their undies tied in a twist?

Isn't it a Jew tactic to focus on the flaws of the enemy rather than address the legitimate concerns about you they bring up? In the video comparison below you will find Verdant Servant's claims and Brandon's response. Zander spends 30 minutes talking about evil Muslims and tying Servant  to that as a justification why his pinpoint, accurate claims may be disregarded. Not one claim was directly addressed and why? Servant used Brandon's writings and videos to catch him lying. Brandon couldn't go there.

This sabbath kaffir invention of his (a demeaning term designed to appeal to Muslim haters) and labeling himself that, once he wanted to get rid of his past writings baggage, though always justifying, at the time, with good arguments offered, his new found position taken, is hardly credible.

The amazing "new evidence" he claims to have received? Never explained.

It's true, honest people may change their positions and that can be good but in this case, ZCF or Brandon or whatever he goes by tomorrow or a year from now, does not pass the smell test and he hit that home by calling himself HONEST which has been easily proved to be a lie (Brandon has removed biographical material of himself that proves he's a liar but then there's the

Wayback Machine.


Brandon Martinez is an independent writer and journalist from Canada whose areas of expertise are foreign policy, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. His writing is focused on issues such as Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. His articles have appeared on Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Whatsupic and other alternative media outlets. (Never any mention of his productive Zander years, ever!)

An interesting response Brandon gave under his bios to a complainer

Brandon Martinezsays:

January 13, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Yes Doug, the Zionists who control Hollywood and the mass media have been feeding me an endless stream of Muslim kook-aid, lol. Ask Joel Stein who owns the crap you receive daily through your big screen TV.: 

You might like to know that the Muslim extremist types you speak of were trained, armed and deployed by the CIA in the 1980s Afghan-Soviet war. The CIA even produced textbooks for Afghan schools that promoted violence and jihad in order to spur them into joining the CIA-backed Mujahideen cause against the Soviet occupation. These are the same CIA/Mossad mercenaries fighting to overthrow the government of Syria.

This is all an Israeli destabilization plot cooked up in 1980s by Oden Yinon. You should read this instead of watching Fox News all day brother: 

BL - he was right then and he's glossing over and ignoring  this now to justify his con


Back to the main story:

These imbeciles believe that dogmatically sticking to a position despite encountering new information and evidence to the contrary makes you “credible”? No, that makes you a hard-headed and deluded ideologue who cannot admit your mistakes.

Stating there is evidence to the contrary causing you to change isn't providing evidence, bros

What it all comes down to here is that these Muslims viewed me as a powerful asset for their Semitic agenda when I was focusing on issues that they care about (Middle East, Palestine, wars). But now that I’ve moved on from that dead-end and shifted my focus to more pressing matters relating to the Zionist/Globalist war against Europe and White men in particular, an agenda in which Muslims are quintessential useful idiots for the elite, they feel let down and are now engaged in some kind of Islamic shaming ritual. Now that I have no inhibitions not to criticize Muslims and Islam when it’s called for, they’ve embarked on a lame social media jihad against me for rebuking their co-religionists ransacking Europe. I detailed the mentality and agenda of these Muslim “truthers” in the video below.

I took a spin through Martinez's claimed critiques of Verdant Servant's calling him out as a disinfo agent. Amazingly, or perhaps, tellingly, not one specific charge made against Brandon was addressed  using the 30 minute propaganda post to reiterate his new unkind spin on what Muslims are all about. Actually, he probably had no choice but to speak in generalities. I have seen Verdant's video and it is right on accurate where he points out Martinez used exact same circumstances to spin events occurring in exact opposite directions to suit his particular psyop at the time. I post both vids below

Yes, he was championing a Muslim cause before and now he is claiming them the enemy and he hasn't given a believable reason why he made the change. All that's happened in the mean time, since, is that Jews opened the floodgates into European lands a little wider and required only young criminal background Muslims may enter. Still seems like a Jewish problem to me, bros!

Below, still recalling Brandon's well timed copyright strike as I had VK Clark down for the count, I give a hearty laugh when Brandon scorns the idea that you-tube might have colluded with this imposter to rid his material for him making him SEEM the victim


 Rather than relate any more of Brandon's spew, let me iterate that Zander rejected the racialist mentality, reappeared as an, oblivious to race, anti-Zionist moderate who was Jew-wise named Brandon Martinez. Spent three years like that and in the last, drastically changed his focuses of concerns in, to be frank, unbelievable ways.

He began obsessing on Putin and Trump in negative ways and acted like a closeted neo-con which I believe he is, in fact. Now, he's scrubbed his site of all the material he no longer wants to own as he re-extends a hand, minus his previous tight Jew scrutiny, to the racialist, Zionist ilk that make up ALTRIGHT.COM which is very closely located to the room he left four years ago as Zander Fuerza

So we can go beyond Brandon's inflammatory rhetoric when addressing these Twitter SJWs, let us look at some of the comments Brandon himself linked to, I suppose, to make his case and see if what we observe is Jihad or well thought out issues taken with Brandon's behavior

We'll be watching Brandon, the infiltrator, really closely so stay tuned and help us out these motherfuckers who are all around in plain sightImage result for they live

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