sheeple 32wZander's (Brandon Martinez) Pathetic Overview of the Anti-Islam Agenda He Now Supports Part II

Part I of this narrative here

In part II of my critique of Brandon's overt assignment change into an anti-Islam crusader we will deal with the 3rd article written in his newly cleansed web page called

The Thoughts and Writings of Brandon Martinez

BL note - Here is a link to his latest screed just put out today. While apologizing for this guy's unwillingness to confront the Jewish question (or the one true enemy) Zander nevertheless promotes him much in the same fashion he promoted Nick Griffin, exposed in my first article as a Zionist operative. It seems the new "Lite" Brandon Martinez, while making a show of non-support for the alt-lite, will in reality be an ALT-LITE VERSION OF HIMSELF in this third edition or assignment for himself. Many hints over the previous six months were given by Brandon prior to the official removal of all prior evidence of his past (through article and video scrubbing) one being his support for pro-Zionist Geert Wilders because  of the Muslim questionC Av hJUAAAQ sDfMeet the new "warm and fuzzy" Brandon. Fuzzy for the Jews, that is

Leftists, Sabbath Kaffirs and the “False Flag” Cult

That article link, above, was written on my birthday, May 15th, but I doubt it was meant to be a birthday present  from the ever changing Brandon Martinez. It wasn't meant to be but it was because when you analyze his well made talking points, it is by noting what is not being considered that exposes Brandon's hidden real agenda and why my critiques often throw Jew ops off course.  They are used to catching the goy up in their various webs of gobbledygook, whereas, I avoid the web in the first place and proceed with equipment that destroys the web.

Before we tackle Brandon's talking points meant to disarm those that would question "official" explanations of important events, let me restate why false flag probing was, is and will continue to be an important focus for us trying to expose the JWO that is based and leans so heavily on deception in order to rule over usImage result for false flags

False flags are inherently part of "Problem, reaction solution" indispensable to forwarding the elite agenda

From Part I

First, I must lay out my world view which will then tell you why false flags, including 911 still matter, why I believe we are being encouraged to feel they no longer matter and how that encouragement, if successful, leads to very little confrontation of the Jew elephant and very much confrontation with those the Jew elephant wants us to fight

Most of the truther movement occurred as a result of questioning the OCT story given by officials over what caused 911. Over a period of several years, some brave souls began to find clear Jewish complicity in the attacks and the Muslim claims became little more than a smokescreen to hide the true perpetrators for those with new eyes.

These realizations have opened the floodgates to secrets kept from long ago about who really pulled the strings of major events in our history and lives, Many of us, Brandon when he was Zander included, found the Jews to be the guilty party.

For example, to my knowledge Brandon still believes THE PROTOCOLS were a Jewish document which he explained as to why, clearly, when he ran the site Zion Crime Factory by referring us to Banjo Billy's great read on the Jewish effort to de-legitimize the notion.

If you accept that it is Jewish globalists that wish to invoke tyranny and you understand that much of that is accomplished through misdirection and outright fabrication, you must then be willing to challenge all made for TV events that offer little proof and odd circumstances. If the Jewish elites can control all the mechanisms to sell a false 911 story, any weird mass killings with odd witnesses coming forward must be challenged when they clearly have an obvious "who benefits" MO.

But let us be clearer.

One of the purposes of 911 was to sell a "War on Terror" agenda using Muslims as the scapegoats to replace the real terrorists or in fact do the bidding for the real terrorists who have an agenda to defame Islam as they have an agenda to defame westerners for the claimed interference in the middle east to Muslims.

The Jew wishes to be on both side, is on both sides, funds both sides and encourages and discourages both sides.

911 was and is the rationale to keep interfering in THE MIDDLE EAST and continued false flags, which previously, false flag outing Brandon needed to delete information of from his site to begin his new assignment, must be continually perpetrated and sold to continue the con and ramp up the hate.

Brandon, therefore must debunk the value of such notions in order to sell his handler's agenda (goy race wars). Look, Brandon should know, if anyone should, that folks who pull off 911 with little trouble convincing, surely will pull off many smaller capers with similar success (He wrote two books on 911 proclaiming Jewish origin).

We can assume that at this point. Zander would have us feel like guilty goy for distrusting the MSM narrative without proof otherwise of the more likely explanation. I say when proof is wanting, Zander, why do you demand us to have it and not they?

Why are you working pavlov's dog, MSM-like mind control techniques into your advocacy?

Bringing us back to the present, false flags are used by the elites to create anomosities between the slave races to deplete their power, will and wealth while picking up the leavings for themselves, their own power enhanced. Whenever we debate the expected explanations of these events on their terms,  there is no possible WIN for us beyond moving deck chairs to a better location on a sinking ship and a pure win for them if we accept false realities as a foundation for beginning our scrutiny.Image result for false flags

Interestingly, Brandon makes my point quite well here but he was so wet behind the ears in 2015, right? He now sees the real picture

This, then, is why, nothing else should be talked about when inadequate explanations are given that could have life changing consequences of events that beg authenticity. We shall see that Brandon is not going to spend much time analyzing this notion but simply effort in defining the impure motives of the false flag left, as he claims, thus  paying homage to divide and conquer by provoking low IQ racist guttural responses.

Why we should keep our focus on the one true enemy, Jews, something Brandon continues to hint at as being fact to this day behind all his anti-Islam propaganda, is probably best explained by the great Zander C Fuerza in his treatise on the evil nature of the Jewish mafia:

Moreover, as far as warmongering is concerned, it is (and has always been) the Jews, not the Germans, who incite, instigate and agitate constantly for wars (for profit). Jewish banking houses and financiers, such as the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Sassoons, Speyers, Oppenheimers, Guggenheims, Montiefore, etc, have pretty much been behind every major war of the last three hundred fifty years or so.

This logic makes it clear when applied to today's numerous confrontations, that tricks and false explanations are being used over and over by those controlling propaganda to have various slave races, that includes the vast majority of the white race, continually fighting each oher. False Flags are a huge tool of that method and Zander-Brandon now tells us, "Don't go there, it's a road to nowhere, serve the Zionist agenda and fight for better Jewish crumbs under their elaborate meal celebrations!"?

The smell of kosher misdirection is nauseating, isn't it?

Brandon begins his article defaming the motives of false flag scrutiny for his, apparently, MSM sympathetic, new audience he wishes to capture as readers ( and why it was so necessary for him to delete his past)

There’s a lot of cross-pollination between activists within the “anti-war,” “peace” and “truth” movements. Among them are a sub-group of conspiracist gurus obsessed with uncovering “false flag” events that spark war. Since most of these amateur, largely internet-based “false flag” investigators, are essentially fanatical anti-war activists of a leftist bent – many of whom would literally become human shields to prevent bombs from landing on some third-world country – their conclusions about events are heavily slanted to suit their obvious bias to “prevent war” at all costs. These types of people are effectively social justice warriors who believe they can save the planet from “armageddon” by “exposing” some terrorist attack as a “psyop” by the government. Despite the fact that none of their revelations about false flags have stopped even one war or intervention to date, they keep trekking on with the “research,” which gets sloppier and less intellectual each year.

As I said before, I rarely buy these provacatuerish explanations offered as to why people would doubt the OCT explanations offered by the kosher media surrounding goofy psyop capers. JEWS USE FALSE FLAG EVENTS TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA, Zander knows it and I know it. Apparently he is saying, quit trying to defeat the Jewish power structure. You are living in a dream world. Accept the defining explanations offered by the powerful that will herd us, meekly, slowly closer but inevitably so to a 1984 police state scenario where no resistance will be possible, a boot planted on our foreheads forever!Image result for like a boot crushing our skull forever-1984

 Zander continues:

An interesting phenomenology underpinning these currents is sabbath kaffirism, a term I invented to denote people who have, in their anti-war zealotry, internalized extreme philo-Islamic attitudes since it has been mostly Islamic countries affected by recent US-led wars in the Middle East. Instead of just opposing the wars they believe are destructive, they take it upon themselves to pen pro-Muslim propaganda day and night, declaring all criticism of Islam invalid and virtually all instances of Muslim terrorism “staged” with crisis actors faking scenes of death and carnage. Muslims, of course, love this. They don’t have to do any work when they have an army of leftist propagandists doing the heavy lifting.

Here, we find Brandon aligning false flag advocacy with an irrational Muslim defense, all themes that play well to the brainwashed WN-Alt-Right crowd he will soon be courting. This is an easy leap for Brandon to take because all WN entities but the renegade ops of Heathen Women and Renegade Tribune preach OCT, Jewish explanations of all events currently going on in order to support race wars for Jews.

Those two links though are definitely part of the "White Race Religion" cult and are definitely part of the divide and conquer advocacy program focusing mostly on demonizing and dividing racialists from within the group.

Brandon conveniently forgets about the one true enemy behind these false flag capers, for whom which to recognize would or should, had we good effective leaders, unsubverted, help us leave these petty SLAVE RACE SQUABBLES, instigated by Jewish power, for a later time once all the slaves have been liberated, the boot eased from our foreheads. Good leaders would keep us focused on "Snow", metaphorically speaking.

When Brandon says "Muslims, of course, love this.", he is playing the WN herding game of assuring slave races never unite in any meaningful way and, in fact, decreeing that it is delusional to believe possible. In the process he slights a non-white ethnic group, with negative stereotyping already implanted within the racialist structure, to reinforce against uniting and also antagonize those who might think to join with better treatment.

Image result for hootenannyThere is a reason WN leaders always make it clear to their flock that their audience can never go beyond "white people". Thus specifics are added to sentences making that clear over and over just in case some wandering GOY BEAST happened upon their HOOTENANY (Somehow Jews always get in as fake whites, Weev, talkin to ya, buddy! - is that the Jewish privilege I heard so much about?).

Brandon's implied prior agreement with this statement, now erased to hide the evidence, would make Brandon a laughing stock to a critical thinking, aware community if one could ever happen.

While it is certainly true that many vested interests in race wars for Jews might use false flags and pro-Muslim explanations as he says, this is inherent in any area of concern when trying to expose the JWO  and when moving it from behind the curtain to the center stage arena for all to scrutinize unencumbered by walls and curtains.

There is no shortcut to becoming Jew-wise and no one day when you GET it all and can't be tricked. This is why claiming to have swallowed one red pill and therefore  now, in the know about the caper often makes we goy susceptible to the next Jewish misdirection or psyop that this experience did not uncover. Becoming totally Jew wise is like becoming one with God.

It's a lifetime endeavor that requires on your toes attention at all times.

Brandon's clear awareness of this in his prior life as Zander, thus defines him, now, as a nefarious player infiltrating us with kosher explanations suitable to the aims of corporate elites (Jews). It makes him one of the many that must be exposed and seen through if true resistance were to ever catch on. It is why the unpleasant confrontations are necessary to get a real thing happening

These leftists, consumed with a hatred and animus against everything “Western,” will always side with Muslims against the West. But interestingly, things become more complicated when the squabble is internal, where you have Muslims warring against other Muslims. In those cases, like we’re seeing with the Syrian civil war, the leftist zealots almost uniformly side with the more “secular” factions among the Muslims like the Ba’athist regime of Assad. In fact these same leftists employ all the typical neoconservative tropes about menacing Muslim terrorists in their propaganda war for the Ba’athist regime, since its opponents are largely theocratic Muslims. Yet the secularism of the West doesn’t stop these same leftists from siding with theocratic Muslims when they’re in conflict with the West, does it?

Note - Zander was a supporter of Assad before he received his new order plans

Wouldn't you think Jews weren't behind the curtain, listening to this type of simplified explanation as to why people protest the different forms of tyranny occurring? Can you feel the "Jew" in Zander's race war mentality explanations of why pro-Muslim positions can't be offered for a white audience  as substance for standing against the globalist oppression?

It is a fact that people blindly believe the kosher media in huge numbers. The only way to counterbalance that fact and begin to address the globalist tyranny is to challenge OCT explanations of ongoing events to the various niches being duped. What is going on here when we look at the whole landscape is a globalist herding back into the fold all those who left, post 911.

Brandon's various advocacies  are a testimony to that, the renegade Zander, the more moderate Brandon and now the good goy, Brandon, Muslim hater setting up the next race war for Jews.  I wish you couldn't make this stuff up. 

Note - one way you know Brandon is an op is his insistence on pushing his new talking points to reinforce his agenda. He will never relax and easy to see through once you become a not so trusting goy. It's robot like (I'm referring to comments, here)

Herd away, bros!

the leftist ideology and worldview is an anti-White animus, so when brown-skinned Muslims are targeted by an ostensibly White “imperialist” country, the leftist takes up the cause of the Muslim. However, their secular bias shows itself when Muslim populations fight each other, a juncture in which leftists feel the need to “choose a side” in the foreign conflict, waving their pom-poms like a cheerleading squad at a high-school football game for the more secular elements among the Muslims.

Brandon now implies a racist blind hate mentality for anything white with these notions being addressed, again serving the brain washed in the separation cult of white identity that is taught to consider all non-whites as their enemy and Jews conveniently ignored more and more and at best, receiving lip-service and vague references inplace of the emotional provocateurish language so good at herding reserved for the mud races (a "creativity" term for all non Jews and non-whites).

When Brandon claims the leftists must choose a side and support secular Muslims, say like in Syria, again he is ignoring the fact that there is civil war only because the globalist elites are instigating it and the fact that who they support or not depends more on who the globalists are supporting (for they are the true enemy). His defaming insinuations are a clear attempt to persuade low IQ whites, ironic since Brandon considers himself such a deep intellectual (move over Andrew Anglin)

Finally, an inadequate sum up that obviously works with people trained to react with Pavlov's dog responses:

Even if these hacks were right and every single act of terrorism pinned on a Muslim was somehow staged, that would not make mass Muslim immigration to Europe a good or desirable thing for a variety of other reasons, principally the aggressive culture war Muslims wage against their infidel neighbours.

 Good goy, Zander, is on full display here, implying false flag scrutiny is a thing for goofy internet bloggers (please don't use the WAYBACK MACHINE to find my previous articles, says Zander) and who cares, it's irrelevant. Muslims shouldn't be in "white only" countries!

I repeat. Muslims are here because Jews invited them into Europe.  Many Europeans were invited to come to the US. Do you defame them for taking that opportunity? Then you shouldn't defame other cultures especially those under colonialist oppression. Your argument is with the culture destroyer, globalist Jews who are doing so to remake these cultures into a better Abrahamic, idea, Jewish image that they have envisioned since they sent Paul into Rome to convert the pagans.

Folks, Zander is not your friend. He is working for those same culture destroyers in the advocation of slave against slave friction that only serves the master race and the rich race who are at their beck and call

Looks like there will need to be a part three to wrap this up in a bow.

Next up, Brandon's attack on Twitter "leftists", as he claims and whether Brandon is getting the whole truth out with his charges

Part I of this series, here!

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