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Zander - Brandon - Fuerza - Martinez - "I'm Backing White Racialist Europeans now (To Help the Illuminati). So?"

Part I ...............(part II here)

As has been mentioned recently on my site, Brandon Martinez erased the last three years of his life in you-tube videos and article writing that he had done primarily through the horribly mislabeled "Non-Aligned Media" web-site. (last "saved" snapshot of Non-Aligned Media)

Why that name proved horribly inappropriate has been pointed out time and again by me in my article analysis made on many occasions, of Brandon's "evolving?" world view.

In any case, whether he realized some of his positions, consistently taken, made this "Non-Aligned" claim obviously bogus, or whether the positions he had taken less than a year ago in many instances were baggage for him to carry, Brandon deleted his site and fixed it with you-tube to have his channel removed.

About May 14th seems to be the first day he published content on his new site, simply called "The Thoughts and Writings of Brandon Martinez". I say new site but only "new" because all prior content to May 14th has been expunged. Here is an early "capture" via "The Wayback Machine" , of his site as it looked in 2014.

It is the same site, used since 2014 when he disappeared as the Jew outing ZCF (ZionCrimeFactory Website saved here) and appeared on the scene as Brandon Martinez, Zionist power interpreter, the new format often allowing him to ignore his previously never ignored JWO obsessed preoccupations with the  elephant in the room, Jew.

See below where Zander has no doubt who the true enemy is and was highly praised for his cander. Also notice, this was a very early article when Zander was barely 20 years old. He came into the movement as a kid, totally Jew wise. In case you didn't know, I have found that to be a huge red flag

Organized Jewry, The Inciter of Global War and Genocide

War is a Jewish racket

by ZionCrimeFactory

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, we have been fed a crock of Jewish/Zionist dung-heap about the Second World War. Our governments, beholden to Jewish money and political influence, have been peddling fantasy stories as truth, fairy tales as fact, and preposterous fables as history, for seventy years straight. Our criminal governments have been lying to us and manipulating us into fighting senseless, catastrophic wars with the sole purpose of vanquishing the enemies of International Jewry, and thus paving the path for the Jewish takeover of the entire planet.

WWII A Bloodbath For Jewish Benefit

It is a very difficult thing for Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians, Frenchmen, and other Westerners, to come to terms with the fact that i) WWII was a senseless bloodbath that served no purpose other than to benefit the Jewish Power Elite in various ways, ii) that we were fighting on the wrong side, and iii) Hitler was right about everything. Call it pride, cognitive dissonance, or some combination of both nobody likes to admit they were hoodwinked.

Interesting to note that what Zander knew then as a wet behind the ears newbie he seems to have forgotten today, focusing attention on distraction devices to remove our gaze from the true enemy. Zander, were you ever real? Were you ever authentic? I gots ta know!

***Ladies and gentlemen, it is my claim Zander or Brandon (who knows who he really is) erased this moderated content much in the same way he disowned his ZCF content. He did it because of a third assignment change, an assignment that focuses more on white, western European racialists interests while at the same time, clouding the elephant in the room, Jew realities all must deal with.

By all, I mean all non-Jews who are all being manipulated by this long time globalist interest whose preoccupations were rarely talked about until 911 happened and the internet blossomed allowing viewpoints other than "official" to get into living rooms of the easily duped goy.

As Brandon evolved away from Zander, he had to continue to acknowledge the Jew elephant from time to time knowing that some perceptive goy out there knew of this ID switch though he sure had massive help from every broadcast site he came onto for an interview that played along with the con (and apparently it was arranged that everyone did).

This third switch, though, marked for beginning by this official scrubbing of previous literature, was made potentially, believably reasonable if you accept his claims of the last ten months at face value where people, previously viewed as friends were being heaped upon with scorn.

If you accept this without question and many did, this new beginning will be but a blip on the screen but, apparently, Brandon has become aware of people not so easily herded from one view assignment to another  and has used the occasion of his reboot to address folks he refers to as  Mud loving SJWs, with a leftist bent, who love to engage in useless conspiracy theory.

Apparently with his new assignment world view stated, in one of three major statements addressing the issue which we will later go into, that now defines him colluding with White Nationalist - Alt-right interests and adopting much of their focus of concern, defaming terminology must be incorporated for folks he previously aligned with while doing much of his work  through "Non-Aligned Media". Definitely an inconvenient reality if not scrubbed and successfully deflected away from.

We will look at these attacks or posts one by one for he defines his enemies clearly and who he has contempt for now:

First, I must lay out my world view which will then tell you why false flags, including 911 still matter, why I believe we are being encouraged to feel they no longer matter and how that encouragement, if successful, leads to very little confrontation of the Jew elephant and very much confrontation with those the Jew elephant wants us to fight

Most of the truther movement occurred as a result of questioning the OCT story given by officials over what caused 911. Over a period of  several years, some brave souls began to find clear Jewish complicity in the attacks and the Muslim claims became little more than a smokescreen to hide the true perpetrators for those with new eyes.

These realizations have opened the floodgates to secrets kept from long ago about who really pulled the strings of major events in our history and lives, Many of us, Brandon when he was Zander included, found the Jews to be the guilty party.

For example, to my knowledge Brandon still believes THE PROTOCOLS were a Jewish document which he explained as to why, clearly, when he ran the site Zion Crime Factory by referring us to Banjo Billy's great read on the Jewish effort to de-legitimize the notion.

If you accept that it is Jewish globalists that wish to invoke tyranny and you understand that much of that is accomplished through misdirection and outright fabrication, you must then be willing to challenge all made for TV events that offer little proof and odd circumstances. If the Jewish elites can control all the mechanisms to sell a false 911 story, any weird mass killings with odd witnesses coming forward must be challenged when they clearly have an obvious "who benefits" MO.

But let us be clearer.

One of the purposes of 911 was to sell a "War on Terror" agenda using Muslims as the scapegoats  to replace the real terrorists or in fact do the bidding for the real terrorists who have an agenda to defame Islam as they have an agenda to defame westerners for the claimed interference in the middle east to Muslims.

The Jew wishes to be on both side, is on both sides, funds both sides and encourages and discourages both sides.

Brandon celebrates the closing of "Non-Aligned Media and the beginning of his new assignment


911 was and is the rationale to keep interfering in THE MIDDLE EAST and continued false flags, which previously, false flag outing Brandon needed to delete information of from his site to begin his new assignment, must be continually perpetrated and sold to continue the con and ramp up the hate.

Brandon, therefore must debunk the value of such notions in order to sell his handler's agenda (goy race wars). Look, Brandon should know, if anyone should, that folks who pull off 911 with little trouble convincing, surely will pull off many smaller capers with similar success (He wrote two books on 911 proclaiming Jewish origin).

We can assume that at this point. Zander would have us feel like guilty goy for distrusting the MSM narrative without proof otherwise of the more likely explanation. I say  when proof is wanting, Zander, why do you demand us to have it and not they?

Why are you working pavlov's dog, MSM-like mind control techniques into your advocacy?

I believe Brandon has been reassigned to support the white racialist agenda that clearly defines Islam and not Jews as our major problem. Brandon will make that clear in the first article we look at with skirting reasons to now ignore  things like false flags  and such because they are irrelevant.

Brandon has evolved from outing the Jews to blaming  the Muslims and masquerading as a racist

Well I must ask, is it IRRELEVANT that there are many coopted leaders herding us around pushing the case without similar efforts to keep our eyes on the Jew prize and why is that? Because our movement is being led by the otherside?
Questions that must be confronted to get our priorities straight but now let us see if Brandon has his priorities straight or if he is "working for the enemy".


Well, it's quite a ways from saying ISLAM IS OUR PROBLEM, IDIOT, to claiming Jews were behind WW II. Zander used the fake Delaney confrontation to disown his stated views on Jews, Hitler and National Socialism recently referring to Hitler as a lousy speaker, like Trump!



Now he has left behind his apparent transition mode (Non-Aligned,cough,cough, Media) into something now much more likely Brandon will try to make a living at if he can get rid of the hounds following after him.. So let's looks at

sheeple 32Unworkable Alliances

This picture fronting this short screed says a  lot about the points Brandon wishes to bring home

Evil looking Muslim accosting innocent looking white girl

A train load of hostile looking Muslims with signs promoting Shariah law

Jew implied collaboration working with Muslims in the evil pictures of Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel

a map showing Islam invading Germany

Hey Brandon. What happened to the Kalergi plan. Was that plan formulated by Jews and Masons or Muslims in the name of Shariah takeover. Well,  you wouldn't know this is Jew orchestrated from this pic and you aren't supposed to know cause you are supposed to be a low IQ white guy who cares for white people and white people only (this is what they teach them at WN school). Also note this is a picture Andrew Anglin would happily post on his race hate site (for those unaware, Anglin and Martinez pretended to hate each other during the Delaney fake takeover back in 2013)

So pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Let's see if his word advocacy matches the visuals, shall we?

Brandon the Jew provocateur wastes no time with some non-white defamation and telling whites how alone they are and how everybody really hates us!

There’s really no group out there that Europeans can count on to acknowledge their plight and aid in stopping the Great Replacement Plot. Do we really think that Africans, Arabs, Asians or non-white Latinos will sympathize with the concerns of European sovereigntists when all they want is to come here and stew in the riches of Europe, exploiting what Europeans have built?

Link to article

Here's where i pick apart Brandon's whole focus of the lay of the land. Brandon is accepting the Jew created landscape, without saying so, where all groups have interests which keep any collaboration, a reality that can't happen. As I am sure Brandon knows deep down, the Jews tyrannize everyone and groups uniquely according to what they have to work with. Of course why would non-whites have a mutual interest in excluding themselves from any ability to compete around whites.

It's a ridiculous proposal but what all groups have in common is they are all being lorded over by Elders of Zion who don't wish to have their names mentioned. Brandon seems happy to simplify Jewish tyranny as only happening against whites and to whites and all other races are happily serving Jews. In reality, though, it is through Jewish subversion that we may all find a common purpose and need I remind my listeners once more that being Jew-aware, which is a necessary first step to fighting Jewish tyranny is a pre-requisite to finding an ally.

We will never have all blacks or all whites on the same page for Jewish mind control automatically makes those under it's spell Jewish puppets. Our resistance will stem from those freed of that. At some point joiners will come if they think we might win but that is a long ways off. It's not about race, or ethnicity it's about Jews manipulating the environment so we will be at each other's throats.

Too, notice how Brandon easily falls back into the defaming references to non-whites as a stereotype, "all they want is to come here and stew in the riches of Europe, exploiting what Europeans have built?"

I have debunked white race superiority enough elsewhere so as not to labor on that but for it to sell, Brandon needs this previously brainwashed in belief accepted

It's as if Brandon decided to join the "Creativity Movement" and say truth means only what is good for the white race

Brandon sadly has devolved into little more than a shill for his handlers pretending to love the white race.

The idea that some Muslim Pakistani can be an ally against globalism simply because that Pakistani hates Israel is a dangerous delusion. That Pakistani might hate Israel but he also hates the West and Whites and probably wants to impose Sharia law on us infidels.

Isn't this exactly what an infiltrator, secret Jew would say to get us to do his bidding while we think we are doing our own?

Folks, if I closed my eyes, I could easily imagine these words coming off Andrew Anglin's pen. I can only repeat that fighting Jewry is done by exposing the real power behind the curtain and making behind the curtain CENTER STAGE. Of course Pakistanis under Jewish mind control will believe horrible things about whites. But unless backed into a corner and forced to fight, we need to win them over with ideas not plot and obsess on them as prime enemies.

Is that harder to do than arbitrarily just blaming Muslims for our Jew problem and pulling out our rifles? Of course it is. Obviously, it was easier to fight for Jewry against Germany than to expose Jewry. It's a huge order, but an order that Hitler showed was faintly doable. Should we try? YES. Will starting a goyim war with Islam over Jew crumbs do it? OF COURSE NOT.

We can continue for the next few hundred years being the Jew's gladiator fighters or we can throw the Jews in the ring. Who cares if a few Muslims want to impose Sharia. Without the Jew hidden hand they are no threat and have never been. We are their enemies because of a Jew trick. How bout cutting off the hidden hand and get rid of the trick?

Whites are just as much under Jewish mind control as other races. We need folks with Jewawareness or Matrix awareness. Race is no barrier there. Our interests unite when we unite against the globalist tyranny. Anything else is same ole, same ole.

Arabs and Muslims are merely using leftist losers to support their struggles in the Middle East while they take over the West demographically.

Let's be accurate here, Brandon, since you claim to like to be. Jews are behind the struggles in the middle east and Jews are using Muslim pawns (could be another group, doesn't matter) to make Kalergi happen. What's clear with Brandon's wording is he wants you focusing on the pawns of the true enemy and not the enemy for if not, why doesn't he use more accurate language to make his point? He is incorporating WN messaging, a Jew op from the beginning and I guess it reveals Brandon's nature as well.

He loves multiculturalism because he is a sexual degenerate with a fetish for dark women.

Image result for george galloway amineh abu-zayyadHere Brandon is attacking George Galloway with insulting Jew quality talking points. Focus on the personal being the MO behind the behavior. That happens to me anytime I expose a Jew op whose willing to attack back. This shill like denigration is becoming EVERY PARAGRAPH BEHAVIOR for Martinez and one wonders why his handler doesn't reign him in? Or is it good for "Divide and Conquer"? He also plays the low white IQ race separation card and "traitor to your race" canaard...So fucking JEW!

There’s a reason that the Galloways of the world are afforded a place within mainstream political discourse but the Nick Griffins are endlessly assailed, hounded and chased out. The Jewish establishment is far more fearful of the Griffins than the Galloways because overall they see organized nationalism among Whites as more of a threat to their global hegemony than that of low-IQ Arabs or Muslims who are easy to outwit and discredit.

To demonstrate the extent Brandon is playing you and what little respect he has for his audience, as do a lot of WN leaders as well, Brandon claims known Zionist, Nick Griffin, is  a hero to the white race. Haha, reminds me of how Jews just don't want you to know about any real rebellion out there. Here's a link defining who this shabbos goy is

AZL flag holder Transparent

Nick Griffin

Nicholas John Griffin MEP (born 1 March 1959), better known as Nick Griffin, is a Zionist politician, allegedly homosexual whose father is a 33 degree mason. Currently chairman of the British National Party after manipulating the position from John Tyndall, in Nick Griffin is Gay1999. Griffin embarked on a strategy to make the party “electable”-Zionist ‘double speak’ for distracting members from the core issue. Nick Griffin champions the BNP in its parochial little England flag waving sessions, as it focuses on Islamic miscreants but fails in pointing out who imports them. Meanwhile, Jewish members have hijacked the party and the words ‘Jew’ and ‘Israel’ are subject to the same politically correct criminality as the rest of the Marxist regime.


This article is already over 3000 words with no rereads for refining so I will make it Part I of a two part. This is a fairly important issue with Brandon starting his new assignment and we are on board to the con from the git go. We will tackle the next two articles I linked above in Part II plus any other relevancies

Look for it soon!

PS - I can't let this quote of Zander's slide, "they see organized nationalism among Whites as more of a threat to their global hegemony than that of low-IQ Arabs or Muslims who are easy to outwit and discredit.

No greater way to assure disunity and ill-will to casual talk down about your neighbors, I ASSUME emphasized by the WN leaders to insure separation for their Jewish handlers

Go o Part II

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