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  • "Game of Thrones" from a Jew-wise Perspective

    "Game of Thrones" from a Jew-wise Perspective Any regular visitor to my site who has been coming for more than a few months is bound to notice my new incorporation of GOT (Game of Thrones) imagery and metaphors into my narrative. First, let me say that the show very well maybe a co-intel psyop. It's producers and main writers are both connected Jews who supposedly had this revelation after the scene where Bran gets pushed Read More
  • Anglin and the alt-kike,

    Anglin and the alt-kike, "Muslims would have done 911 if they coulda!"

    written by Blindlight "the watcher on the wall" 9/14/16 Hey guys. I need to stick this in a little deeper and make this bitch squeal while I am still pondering the subject of what just happened off the  911, Andrew Anglin article aftermath. Late last night, after producing this video, I started thinking through the ramifications of these blasphemous claims made by Anglin from his September 12th redo of his 911 article where he back tracked, seemingly, from his Read More
  • A Different Slant on Race

    A Different Slant on Race

    London sold to the public as poor white was actually a product of "The Rich Race" and pushed communismA Different Slant on Race In the beginning , there were four different races created through  isolation one from the other over thousands of years. If representatives of one or the other race made their way into the location of another, it was not a big event even if this newcomer assimilated into the native population. It was a rare occurrence and within a Read More
  • Plenty of these Veronica Bouchards but no Evalion history as

    Plenty of these Veronica Bouchards but no Evalion history as "Veronica Bouchard" till the interview. Maybe she just got that name?

    Extra, extra, Jew media says Evalion's name is Bouchard, not Rothman. She must therefore be a goy, eh, guys? So says Global News Media of Canada and unasked placed on my you-tube wall by "The Key" This that Evalion? Nooo, but her name is Veronica Bouchard Interesting there is no google history for EVALION BEING VERONICA BOUCHARD before this article. Why you think that is? Clearly she's ok telling folks who she is if she just Read More
  • Before the US  got it's

    Before the US got it's "Belle Knox", AKA Miriam Weeks, Germany had it's Sibel Kikelli

    About eighteen months ago, I explored the, what I call, "Bell Knox Psyop" with my readers. To remind, Belle or Miriam Weeks was a Washington State gal who enrolled in Duke and before the first semester was up, was doing triple x porn. This was picked up by the MSM and she landed on "The View" as well as "Piers Morgan" and many other news shows, basically treated as a barrier breaker by the Jew media in heroic fashion. Read More
  • Jorjani's Family was close to the Shah

    Jorjani's Family was close to the Shah

    Jorjani's Family was close to the ShahBlindlight has stumbled into the evidence that validates his speculation that Jorjani, new enabled rising star in the alt-right,  had family ties back in Iran to the highest levers of power, namely the Shah of Iran who was deposed in  a coup in 1979. In a comment addresssed to Abu T Audi, Jorjani says vaguely, "Wonderful. My father also knew her(The Persian Empress, Farah Diba Pahlavi), actually my family was fairly close to theirs, Read More
  • Why I Don't Trust Lasha Darkmoon

    Why I Don't Trust Lasha Darkmoon

    My sneaking distrust of Darkmoon began when I started bringing up the idea that there were a lot of agents passing for respectable  information disseminators in the movement.  I had just witnessed the psyop against the people that were picking apart the Sandy Hook psyop. I saw respected folks like Deanna Spingola, Mark Glenn, MC Piper, Rodney Martin expose all their body parts in this endeavor. What I also noticed was that beyond getting annoyed a tad, Read More
  • Why am I not Surprised, (((TRS))) outed as Jew op

    Why am I not Surprised, (((TRS))) outed as Jew op

    Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but the racist alt-right movement that has latched onto him is already showing signs that it’s falling apart. The loosely knit group was shocked to the core Saturday night when one of its most influential leaders — a man known to his online followers as “Mike Enoch,” a virulent racist and anti-Semite — was revealed to be a New York website developer named Mike Peinovich, who has said that his Read More
  • I Have No Home, I Have No Pack. I Am No one

    I Have No Home, I Have No Pack. I Am No one

    It feels particularly appropriate for yours truly, Blindlight,  who rejected racialist friendly overtures to join them upon becoming Jew-wise because I couldn't  accept their logic that it could only be movement for White People, this removing the Jew from power.  Of course racialists have always had a lot in common with cults. Charismatic leaders, often co opted by the enemy, leading them through unproductive streams and trails, distracting away from when they should be looking Read More
  • VK Clark -

    VK Clark - "A man's penis should go in a man's mouth!"

    VK Clark has always had a thang for weird men. She has basically been a MILO groupie for a year, is my guess and here is a total puff piece on him while she also gets digs in at all the anti-Jew men within her radar screen.  Please note, VK Clark loves Jews, prefers a JWO to say a CZAR world order and has openly said so. Her home page is filled with unkind insinuations Read More
  • VK's husband's erased comments and more

    VK's husband's erased comments and more

    Click this link to download comments erased by Clark   these comments above and included in this pdf have all been deleted as of today by VK and her secret black husband, all relevant because Clark has been living a lie as a public figure claiming singlehood and a-sexuality, an afliction that makes you hate the touch of another person. She, as stated above, also has never put her  real image on the web, as Read More
  • VK Clark, Tranny (?), Jew (?), Black Husband (?), Oh My!

    VK Clark, Tranny (?), Jew (?), Black Husband (?), Oh My!

    The above is a German male, Miley Cyrus equivalent personality. VK Clark promoted Bill Kaulitz as the perfect Aryan male for three years with an amazing array of articles and pictures and videos pushing this elitist, Jewish privileged, gender twisted creep. Knowing this, Clark's real Jewish roots begin to make sense behind this  caper as well as the concerns that (((Clark))) herself is a tranny. Poor Bill seems to have been (((replaced))) by a fag named MILO Read More
  • When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die

    When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die

    A whirlwind of events, challenges, insights, you name it, have been part and parcel to my life the last ten days. From a casual article stating the obvious, that VK Clark is a Jew tool pushing cultural marxism and resistance division, the game expanded to the revelations about the Evalion whore's continued whoring, the Sinead's jones that believes through division, she will rule over all of us, to the cyberbullying attacks conducted by VK Clark Read More
  • Pewdiepie will take us to White Race Nirvana

    Pewdiepie will take us to White Race Nirvana

    One thing Pewdiepie  does and it's a Jew technique, is edit out all the areas he comes off as a total dork, you just see what he wants you to see. I, let the whole me shine through, unedited, warts and all Read More
  • Weev's ethnic Jewish and Indian heritage verefied?

    Weev's ethnic Jewish and Indian heritage verefied?

    I, Blindlight made this call about 15 months ago or so. I read the claimed email of Weev's mom who claimed the need to call in a rabi with a person she was communicating with after she had referred to her Indian roots ( Weev claimed this stuff was made up and I am sure he will try and claim this as well about the Cupid site).  Read More
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Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”

Mike King — via Rebel News Dec 13, 2014


False alarm bells regarding the deaths of “millions of Jews” rang during both World War I and the Russian Civil War which followed. During the loud sound and smoky fury of wartime, such tall tales of genocide at least appeared to be somewhat plausible to the superficial reader. But during the peacetime of the 1930’s, even the most dim-witted newspaper worshipper would never believe such tales. Yet, as we shall soon see, that didn’t stop the audacious Zionists from trying.

Alfred Tarski (left) with Stalin. Click to enlarge

Alfred Tarski with Stalin. Click to enlarge

As the Berlin Olympics of 1936 approaches, Adolf Hitler has been in power for nearly 3 & 1/2 years. The initial anti-German hate campaign of 1933-34 has subsided as the world now realizes that the atrocity propaganda was false. Though removed from high positions in the press, banking, government and academia, the Jews who remain in Germany prosper in the revitalized economy. During the 1930’s, 75% of German Jewry is middle-class or richer. Even the legendary Max Warburg, though stripped of his dominance over Germany’s Central Bank, chose to stay in Germany until 1938, making serious “bank” the whole time.

As for the rest of Europe’s Jews, they continue on, unmolested and generally more successful that their Gentile counterparts. The Jew Leon Blum has just been elected Prime Minister of France. The government of the Soviet Union is loaded with Jews, and so is the ruling class of Great Britain. Even in mildly ‘anti-Semitic Poland’ and Fascist Italy, the Jews are not being bothered. In short, just 3 years before the outbreak of the German-Polish War, the European Jews of the 1930’s are safe and sound, with many of the ones in booming Germany doing very well.

The Jews of Europe are not being “persecuted” in 1936!

1- Max Warburg is making lots of money in Hitler’s Germany
2- Leon Blum is elected Prime Minister of France
3- Lazar Kaganovich is controlling Stalin’s Russia
4- Baron Rothschild is the most powerful man in Britain
5- Alfred Tarski: an acclaimed mathematician and scholar in Poland

The full original can be viewed by enlarging the article image below.

New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlargeSo, given the good treatment and relative success of European Jewry, it is nothing less than astonishing, jaw-dropping even, to discover a May 31, 1936 issue of The New York Times carrying the bold claim of a “European Holocaust” affecting “millions of Jews”. How can this be? As even the High Priests of Holohoaxianty will admit, the wartime internment of Jews didn’t begin until the latter half of 1941. The alleged mass executions are said to have started in 1943, ramping up to full-scale genocide by 1944. Oops. It looks like some over-eager Zionist went off the script and let the fake cat out of the bag a full 6-7 years too soon!

This ridiculous shock claim of a “European Holocaust”, made by a group of “Christians” fronting for the Chicago and New York Zionists, forms the basis of the case for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine; which the British had conquered as part of a World War I payoff to the Zionists for their help in dragging the United States into the war on Britain’s side. Not content with mass immigration to British-ruled Palestine (The British Manadate), the Zionists, speaking through their “Christian” front men and dupes of the shadowy Chicago-based ‘Pro-Palestine Federation of America’, now want the British to crack down on the oppressed Arabs and give the Jews a nation of their own.

The Holohoax: a LIE in 1936, a LIE in 1945, and STILL a LIE today!

New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlarge


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