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 The David Cole Stein Incident Demonstrates Exactly What's Wrong With the Resistance

Zander Fuerza, currently going by the name Brandon Martinez, but "Shhh, guys!", he doesn't want you to know or say he used to be ZCF or the website CEO of ZionCrime Factory. He recently did an article outing David Cole Stein. Brandon aims to give you the impression that he's looking out for you with this, that he is going to tell it like it is, that he can discern real from fake. My thoughts on that here.....

Martinez has gone after several people and websites that he is calling disinfo. In the case of a Mark Glenn and "The Ugly Truth" website he has recently done both articles  and videos surrounding the guy and his place. Interestingly, Brandon never goes to the fact Glenn shilled for Jews for two years in regards to the OCT of the Sandy Hook "Staged Event". His posts concerning Glenn, here and here. Possibly because his original enabler, Deanna Spingola, too shilled for the elites, Zander-Brandon has kept his mouth shut on Sandy Hook. Anything to stay in the club, eh Brandon?

Here, he goes after the Alt-right. Many of his attacks are well thought out and on first reaction may illicit a positive response but let's be clear. Zander only outs other folks when it is safe to do so or he has been assigned. This recent "event" with David Cole-Stein and yes, this is how David refers to himself now, could be a combination of both. He wants the street cred of outing an op but there are mucho things he wants you to overlook about the case as he does so...

Best buds, Cole, Weber, MartinFirst, a history primer. David Cole joined forces with folks like Ernst Zundel and Mark Weber and became a leading holocaust lie exposer in the 90's. Then, a claimed confrontation with the JDL that included a beating and death threats enticed him to totally renounce his previous views. This should have been a warning across the bow when a comrade reverses course like this for whatever reason but our ever forgiving goy tolerance gave Cole the benefit of the doubt.

Ten years later or more, he is exposed as one David Stein, republican party animal and merchandiser of classical holocaust videos sold to the Jewish, mind controlled goyim. At this point Cole decides to adopt both last names to make himself marketable in both areas of politics and again, what do the goy do? 

click to hear Ryan thanks David for his courage, lol! Also read the clueless comments made by Rodney Martin and Phillip Marlowe.With these folks leading the way we deserve our own genocide They are curious about why he did all this and give him the benefit of the doubt, AGAIN. Almost every and any resistance broadcaster welcomed Cole-Stein onto their show as the story of the moment. Never mind, he had been outed as a goy traiter by his prior behavior. David says he was forced to do it and please take him back! (please check a couple of these pages to begin to see why the white race is being genocided) The willingness to believe and forgive anyone if their speil is halfway decent and of course the way being led by the MSM II interviewers that have him on their show is a trademark of our corrupted resistance.

If Cole was not clearly proven to be an op, he was clearly a traitor for not only renouncing his views but acting in the opposite direction on the sleigh and you may assume all of your info disseminators, in the area I call MSM II but you may call the Alternative Media, that interviewed this Jew asshole and gave him a platform, are compromised or stupid goy and useful idiots of agents too scared to say the truth if it might hurt their careers.

A quick list of folks making this list is in that search but to name a few, Andrew Anglin, Rodney Martin, Mark Weber, Codoh, Ryan Dawson, Kevin Barrett, Brandon Martinez, Joshua Blakenly, VK Clark and that's the tip of the iceberg. All this was happening in 2014 while I was outing VK Clark. I noticed it, looked up the surrounding details and pronounced his persecution claims a lie to allow for a change of assignments.


So fast forward to last week where Brandon has this confrontation with David Cole-Stein and basically gets called a paranoid idiot by Stein.. Stein goes on to say that it was always a ruse from the beginning and gave quick details how that was so.

So, Cole reveals what he was doing. Brandon, why are you just now reporting on this? Linked article with pic click below

****Now Brandon includes his brave "protection of his people" right here

The sad fact behind all of this is the damage has been done. Cole has milked the cow, totally and Brandon comes to inform us when it is too late to do anything about it.The signs were all there, "The holocaust view renunciation letter", disappearing with no word (a trait Brandon has, by the way), Acting the exact opposite in a new identity (another trait Brandon has to an extent).

Cole-Stein-plays the typical Jew and says whatever will get him sheckles

Once Stein was uncovered, living a dual, opposite life than that  of David Cole, Holocaust denier,  there should have been no stone unturned to out this fucker for the piece of Jew sleaze he is but, then, this is how you know the movement, if you can call it that, is run by the enemy. There was no attempt to debunk David Cole...

Did Zander-Brandon realize it at the time and stay quiet to keep sheckles flowing or did he just not know? Well, my answer because there are red flags all around Zander that can be found here, is that he's an op and this little confrontation above was a fake fight like his Delaney-ZCF row was a fake fight. 

The technique is to feed them classified information on a group they dislike, in a way they want to hear it, then, once properly earning their trust, herd them in the direction the elites want (Jews). Having earned the confidence to then take advantage of the trust generated, THEY HAVE BECOME PUTTY IN THE HANDS OF A PRO.This MO is accomplished over and over and another reason why the white race is under threat

Brandon's friends are people like Deanna Spingola and Kevin Barret and Gilad Atzmon. He censors his site in Jewish fashion. He has disabled "copy and paste" for sharing his text, another sign of a Jew op, IMO.

Brandon has never aired his views on Sandy Hook, one of the most obvious false flags of all time. Ask yourself why and then join Sinead, me and others to make these traitors reveal themselves so the deluded may find a better way and begin fighting the ...

"Real War on Terror"!

Let me add one more thing. Brandon, if I am wrong about you make yourself accessible and answer the charges addressed against you. Sinead did. If you are legit, show us you are legit! Explain why you have never written one article on Sandy Hook. Explain why you stopped running ZCF a month prior to being fired but had the time to engage CI personel in unkind chatter. Explain why bad blood between you and Delaney forced a re-evaluation of Hitler. Explain why Arthur Topham is attacked mercilessly by the Jewish mafia in Canada and you are ignored. Don't worry, there is much more but I will stop now
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