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about the trustworthiness of Miles Mathis

Miles Mathis likes to claim he's a researcher that outs all the "fake events" people have grown up believing in as well as famous individuals, of which he "proves" are not represented as they truly are in history ( in what I will call "the ruler's myths"). 

Blindlight noted this back in 2015 from his very first looks while perusing Miles's site and while seeing Mathis, the last two years, more and more, admit to the huge psyop Jewish power has been pulling off while refusing to actually out their JWO conspiracy as the "source" problem of concern.

Blindlight heavily attacked Mr. Mathis for doing a slip-shod investigation of  "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION" where he spent barely a paragraph on the actual text that  went into detail on how it's suggestions related to how Jews carry off their psyop, but, he rather, offered a twisted analysis on why there was every reason to believe that the "chain of custody" of the offending manuscript pointed to aristocrats forging this brilliant but evil "takeover" manual to scapegoat Jews and of course, as always,


(Blindlight acknowledges that this case (authentic-not authentic) can not be proven either way which makes the prescribed behavior offered within the text that much more important to line up with the behavior, currently and in the past, of those in question (Jews).

Blindlight claims circumstantial evidence, that Miles completely overlooks, Jewish Bolsheviks making both anti-semitism and owning a copy of the protocols a death penalty offense in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, offers a tell-tale message that they are, indeed authentic.

Why does Mathis ignore this? Because, he entered into this PDF with an objective assigned and those details didn't reinforce the desired take-away, that it was an aristocratic psyop against Jews and not something written by Jews).

Blindlight claims that its interesting to note that the event  (PDF on the protocols) also seems to be a place MIles did an extreme pivot on his bareing open his concerns about Jewish misbehavior, odd since the article implied the opposite (they were innocent!) but the subsequent behavior, verified by looking at articles before and after the one in question, shows he would do the opposite and begin finding Jews under every nook and crany. Miles finds there were Jews in places never revealed  that they were, areas of power and influence kept hush-hush by the elders so the goyim wouldn't know. Not only were there Jews but lots of Jews. Lots of Jews everywhere

Indeed, here, Miles aides his Jewish relatives in keeping the goyim from not fully knowing who's doing what and how in that piece about the protocols but for some reason totally changes direction afterward, enough so that I emailed him several times to confirm he was now admitting that we had a Jew World Order in our midst (no response, though he did answer other emails).

Though he did start majorly admitting Jewish complicity, when pushed against a wall to name the Jew as the most major threat, Miles consistently refuses to do so in an extremely odd verbal sidestep he has accomplished on numerous occasions when he felt compelled to  address his naysayers.

Blindlight must further note that while Miles loves to take out "heroes" of the GOYIM WHO ARE JEW-WISE (like Czar Nicholas, like Hitler, like Napolean, like Jack London, like Ezra Pound and like Hitler's rise to power, claiming these were agents or psyops of the ruling elite,  Blindlight continues to be amazed at the glaring omission pertaining to the HOLOCAUST, an event the elites refuse to scrutinize beyond the official OCT (official conspiracy theory) while alternative media has had a field day.

If Miles goes where no one dare go before, is it not in Miles's power to put a lid on this caper so we can call it a done deal if he would but imbibe in the holocaust elixer? The holocaust is a lie to denigrate a, should be goyim hero, Hitler, while making Jews lots of money, and selling their "eternal persecution" story that they can then use in their GOYIM DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY while pointing to the White race being the scapegoats for all, basically, Jewish capers since 1492.

Granted, he wouldn't be covering new ground here but there are a lot of people, semi-Jew clueless, that follow him who might be swayed into the Jew-wise world with such an outing, for I think it can be clearly stated it is Jews that profit from the story and it's origins ( financially and psychologically) more than anyone else and it was Jews that had the power to keep it from happening (by outing  the claims through their media as the lie it, in fact, was.) It is a cruel story targeting an innocent nation, Germany, with Jews having the proven objectives (world domination) and the means to foment that cruelty to achieve those objectives!

Since the Talmud advocates such behavior be carried off against non-Jews, whenever needed, Jews had to corner the media market to assure their modus operandi was forgotten by the general public. For in long ago times (before the printing press) the goyim were much more informed, accurately, than now (50 years of Jewish misbehavior almost always earned a banishment from the premises before 1450 (the birth of the printing press).

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After all, this behavior, this self-serving exaggeration of reality and morphing it into a lie, was documented once before in an event obsessed upon by Jews to this day, the Spanish Inquisition. As what happened first with the Inquisition, many untrue rumors were spread, after the fact,  about the barbarity of the Inquisition. These were rumors sold as a fact that helped propel the Protestant Reformation psyop against the Catholic church and affected societies by defaming the inquisition as an evil attack by Catholics on innocent Jews and gentiles thus fueling the flames of Judaized Christianity (Protestantism).

These lies were spread as soon as 50 years could cloud the issue in people's minds via pamphlets made from the newly invented printing press, an invention the Jews immediately realized would aide in mind control!

Mimicking that, holocaust proponents, 30 years after the end of World War II, using their absolute power of the press and the media, began a huge history distortion surrounding what they called a holocaust which reminded me of Longfellow's poem about the colonel's lady and Judy O'Grady.

More reading!

The Colonel's Lady (Spanish Inquisition) and Judy O'Grady (Holocaust) are sisters under the skin!


Image result for The Colonel's Lady and Judy O'Grady are sisters under the skin!

Then after WW II, the ruling elites, Jews at the top, perpetuated a cruel hoax to illicit war-time support, with no intention of ever clarifying the distortions, by the turning of work camps (basically Jewish prisons) into death camps (Jewish extermination). With an infinite amount of money and a Talmud demanding all good Jews be willing to lie for their people,  experts were hired to back up the claims being made and paid "crisis actors and actresses", almost all Jews, have been making a living, ever since, crying, with no tears, over what never occurred to them born out of the mind of a group of Talmudic Jews who fixate on the number "6".

Blindlight notes that it was Germany, that, over and over, was attacked and demonized in the age of enlightenment, an age created by Jewish thinkers and funded by Jewish bankers. After all, Germany was the most prosperous country in the world and forced into war in 1939 as a result of Jewish lying called "reality news" of which the chosen people dominated (not to mention their government powers exerted behind the curtain with the use of puppets).

SO the Jewish propaganda system planted holocaust seeds, in 1945, of a great Jewish shrinking of population (negated by the red cross and World Almanac) for propaganda purposes, to assault non-Jews with, thirty years down the road

Here is the famous PDF of that article

1970 brought holocaust propaganda back to the forefront, much ellicited by Jewish operatives pretending to be racialist whites and targeting Jews

Where's the holocaust, bros!

an astonished BlindlightSnap7

Blindlight is stymied to come up with a valid reason that can forgive Mathis's clear ignoring, intentionally, of a huge event that may be considered one of the main "LYNCHPIN LIES" "That Deep State" rule depends on to justify their behaviors and who they demonize and who they call terrorists (white racialists).

Yes, there can be no good excuse here and soil is fertile for Miles to do damage here because, by extension, all members subsequently supporting that lie have outed themselves (including the Jewish owned media, of course) if the lie is exposed in all its glory. Just think of the questions we then have exposed which also might undermine Mr. Mathis's previous claims such as:

Why demonize Hitler as everyone's enemy if there wasn't a holocaust (Miles calls Hitler a elitist tool)? Not one  answer jumps to mind after a thorough holocaust debunking ( a Miles Mathis expertise that Miles, himself, claims goes beyond all others - his debunking skills - use it on the holocaust Miles!) The lie is a way of continually chaining Western Europe under Jewish thumb. We must take note who the Deep State is currently blaming for all evils to western audiences themselves (Either nationalist whites, or radical Muslims) Wouldn't it be nice to remove those chains, Miles?

Blindlight is stymied for any good reason to justify bypassing the holocaust because it's effectiveness as a Deep State prop is so enormous.

Which then asks the question:

Is Miles one of us, or one of them?Image result for Wolf in Sheeps clothing

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