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Always keep in mind who the real enemy is!

How to address the Muslim issue as We Gain Power

What do we know?Image result for Barbara Spectre .. I have  recently addressed the ongoing Muslim immigration issue that seems to be consuming more and more of my European brother's pre-occupations. I would like to define further, how this delicate situation must be handled if we want to avoid or make less likely the fact that one more goyim war for Jews does not result from this subversion.

We know that  the Jew enemy, the source of all evil is using all it's powers to exacerbate the mental health of the White European culture. They are using regularly occurring false flags such as the recent Paris bombings, staged beheadings produced by Rita Katz or some similarly connected ops and pictures from MSM I and MSM II, alike, to dramatize this situation as a crisis.

 Image result for Barbara SpectreIf they didn't want us viewing this as a crisis they would be tamping down the scrutiny. The fact that they are providing the problem source as well as dramatizing for all to see the threat this problem source is for all of us means there is a deeper agenda they wish to occur from all of this.

Image result for 3rd tier dissent

When I say MSM I and MSM II I am emphasizing that the alternative press is playing it's role for them by posting, for the pretend opposition, story upon story maligning the invaders and implying they are evil in nature not people like you or me.

War 101 says you always de-humanize your enemy.  The MSM I which acts as good and bad guy alike, causes the problem behind the curtain and then plays good guy arbitrator on the stage to counteract the pre-planned dismay felt by the acted upon who have  their feelings likewise inflamed by the covert enemy apparatus known as the alternative media.  

media hoaxes and the ppl that sell themA. Jones, the AFPs, The TUT's, the Renegade Tribunes and the Daily Stormers have all given their card hands away to eyes hardened from long observances down the rabbit hole of things that are obviously intentionally overlooked here, noticed not there in an accordance to do the enemy bidding, an enemy of us that in truth is an ally of theirs.

With this knowledge it is incumbent that those with krystal vision who see the infiltration, the misdirection and slight of hand tell truth to power. It is incumbent that when lies are expected and desired by those being led by lies, truth is offered with the exposure of lies rendered that have enabled the delusion..

Stormer has had a consistent version of who their real enemy isIt is only through awareness of who the real enemy is that we will be able to fathom when we are being played,  when we are being steered  towards a bridge to nowhere and the right path to take that will lead us to that bridge to somewhere. A bridge that confronts the lies head on and in that brief igniting of perception gathers a few more of the previously blinded followers to instead follow us for it is we that know the way.

Some uncomfortable truths have to be acknowledged.

We are being told that the foremost enemy we face is not the Jews and those telling us that are supposed to be one of us who also lead us. I challenge this fact that they are one of us. I challenge the notion there has ever been a truly independent resistance unfree of ulterior motives but one who, in reality, have done the bidding of the source evil Jews.

It is these supposed friends, The Daily Stormer's, The Renegade Tribune's and the like that enables, at just the right moment this, till now, fact of life:

"When a pulse quickens Jew agent hands will lead opinion in the direction of enemy aims (not ours), for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Our deludeds who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating the source enemy Jew's opinion or any opinion that seems desirable to him and In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will, in fact,  follow the flag which we Jews hang out for them."

As this fact of life becomes clear those that "get it", as they expose the truth to those that don't, will grow in an unco-opted following as the leaders watch over all with eyes that pierce the deceptiveness of Jew untruths and misdirections to kick out deceivers who will inevitably come to subvert the "play". Never again will this unco-opted group believe, blindly, a made for TV event or cater to the lowliest of the low animalistic tendencies that resides in us all to do the service of the Jews and make their jobs easier.

Since it has been our fake leader, friends that have propagandized  us to first prioritize the Muslim scapegoats as our  source enemy, no toleration will continue to be shown for any such notions to be proposed. No toleration will be shown for intentionally inflaming articles to portray a whole goyim people with a demonic brush for to be one of us is to acknowledge the Jewish power residing over all of us and with that knowledge taken to heart, a unity becomes more easily accomplished where division previously resided...

Image result for I light the way!We will win over the deluded fans like we have won over those teetering on the fence in regards to Sinead. We will expose the lies hidden behind their image created. We will expose them so bad anyone with half a brain and eyes to see, unclouded by preconceptions to be held onto at all costs, will be forced to credit us with the enlightening and move our way.

As a race ideology has been formed to make these kinds of demonic charges against those from other races stick, we will, while acknowledging that race factors do indeed exist, acknowledge that race is an issue that clouds the ability to see the demon Jew doing the directing from behind his curtain wall where he plays all races in a dance that gains him power while killing bits of all of us doing the dancing  in the process.

All this, now, new reality, this new awareness does not change the fact that we have unfriendlies in our midst, recently let in.  We must acknowledge that  our animosities have been as a result on both sides of doing Jew bidding for causes claimed to  need resisting but never in fact were as offered. 

This too is part of that battle for awareness. Like Candice Everdeen (Hunger Games) at a certain moment had to change her aim from that of a foe in the Jew arena to targeting the dome that housed those in battle for the Jews, we must unlock our hateful gaze placed on the Jew directed enemy  and put it  where it belongs, pointed at the Jew heart.

 To do this we must acknowledge that the Jews are conducting this evil mess from behind the curtain. We must acknowledge he has forced us to be his combatants on the stage and acknowledge that our enemies on the stage are his combatants as well. Then we must endeavor to make "behind the curtain", where the elite Jews hang, part of the arena for all to see. This can not be done by pretending the Jew does not exist or only acknowledging levers he uses to engage his powers.

The source must be outed, the curtain shredded and the Jew placed  in the arena. How do you do that, you ask? You unmask the Jew by unmasking his lies. You unmask the Jew by unmasking his infiltrating  Jew, fake goy agents like Sinead. You unmask him by telling the masonic Anglins to take a hike and don't come back no more.

That mean face shatters with awarenessImage result for Vince McMahon's daughter

 You don't accept anything from the MSM I nor MSM II on agent testimony alone and you acknowledge that they are both agent driven. You want to see the lampshades. Hell, you got to see the lampshades and folks there never were any lampshades so they won't be able to show em to you.

When they have been confronted in the full light of day for all to see, the pail of "Jew truth" water may be tossed  onto the source of all evil Jew's body and as our awareness grows with his body shriveling before us we watch as the image necessary to maintain power shrivels into an ugly Jew lie  goo mess  covering the floor where he used to reign.

As we have had to join forces in order to get this far,  no one is the same after this happens and no pre planning about what you thought you would need is still real before your eyes.  The Jew has passed his power along to you with his shriveling and what we have standing in place of a rulership built  on the need to keep the ruled  ignorant is a new dawn where all is possible and truth the partner of our rule!Her aim is where it should be. On the Jew!

Praise Jesus!...I am the Next Hitler...Will you help me do this?

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