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Why I Fight the Subversion

***Note from IatNH- I was in the middle of writing this article, concerning the weird clash going on with Sinead and whoever she looks at when she is PMSing when I was made aware of Sinead's "Clearing the Air" video, a rambling, insult hurling affair that contained little substance but was noteworthy because it revealed her lack of control over the rising questions as to her authenticity. Also  a few of her "explanations" begged for more answers such as,

  • "If you, Sinead, were in Nashville at sixteen trying to bump start a singing career, a trip that would need a good deal of preparation before undertaking, how do you address the corresponding time frame stated elsewhere that you had been forcibly incarcerated and sent off to Utah (I think) for being out of control, on drugs and engaging in "sex for advantages".
  • Since Sinead was addressing controversies surrounding her, why was there no mention of the Celtic Rebel emails recently written about by me claiming prostitute like behavior over a period of several years?
  • why no mention as to who is your husband, a continuing novelty that makes no sense

Written byWhat we get  instead is Sinead weaving a self-serving narrative of being persecuted unfairly for being a woman, ugly physical attributes of her exposers, implying some sign of evil there with,"straw men" narratives where claims are made of assertions not actually made and spending five minutes talking about it as if it was fact.(Specifically, her claim that I implied she was in videos involving sex with black men) 

This is a famous Jewish tactic and is used to be an example of the absurdity of the charges being made against her, for since this straw man charge is so easily debunked (no film evidence forthcoming, all the other charges must be suspect as well) Tony Martin describes it quite well.

What Sinead did reveal in this rant was her willingness to bring forth lying Jewish propaganda narratives in attacking her enemies. For example Rodney Martin works with Press TV. All she had to do to make that a negative is use the  term "Islamist" Press TV. Mixing that in with her recent provocateuring against a Muslim hotline site and you have a demonstration of the propaganda she has used against her followers. Why you would stereo type a whole race of people in the negative that could be your allies if treated differently, is a fine example of Jewish divide and conquer and further evidence that Sinead entered this movement in service to the only group that gets positives from that type of rhetoric and of course I am speaking about the Jewish race

Add to that Kyle's reference to this, as asserted by Rodney Martin, when he was attacking Mr. Martin, "Rodney works for "Non-white Press TV." and ladies and gentlemen, you have clear psyoping going on. Kyle and Sinead, both from extremely rich backgrounds, both probably assigned together to infiltrate and distract the goyim in the formulation of Renegade Tribune (they became hard core WNs overnight). Clearly Kyle is implying that working with non-whites makes you the enemy. Who does that serve ladies and gentlemen?

Image result for Rodney MartinKyle mentions not that Press TV may, indeed, be a secret zionist op, a valid concern. No, he dismisses them because they are  a non-white  area of the goyim. To remind, the Jews intend to enslave all goyim. The Jews are the problem behind the curtain and goyim fighting goyim is equivalent to fighting for the best scraps left under the Jewish dining table. All that type of behavior is for the servicing of the Jew as it continues to weaken further the ability of the goyim to subdue their real foe, elite Jewry and the talmudic mindset of those elites.

 Kyle and Sinead both expose themselves as ops for engaging in these slanderous assertions, behavior one could conceivably give a pass to if it was done by deluded goy still under JWO mind control.Clearly Kyle and Sinead are in full knowldge of what their claims imply and are doing it because it serves who they serve, Jewish power

These are enemies in our midst and I wish it was just Kyle and Sinead but unfortunately it's all around and to fight the "Real War on Terror" we need to undelude ourselves from their midst***


It looks like when Sinead finds a nice niche, she's never satisfied for long. Three years ago she used her bodily Jewish feminine charms to warp the perspectives of Truther celebrity targets to "sleep" her way into a movement that was exhibiting the potential of doing serious harm to her first loyalty, the Jewish race. Jews infiltrate movements and organizations like termites eat into wood. The fact that they have had a two thousand year long war with all goyim hosts of countries they walk into which has been so effective because of the Jew trick of using misdirection when taking subversive action. The enemy is undermined and looking elsewhere for the cause. Also, the only non-Jews allowed to know of the ongoing psyop are bought off gentiles, duped by the allure of fame and fortune or just staying alive. Otherwise the goyim don't know and all aware Jews make that a first priority to keep them from knowing.

JEW VALUESToday, as the JWO nears finality of the end game, more are seeing the enemy in our midst  but that internet that allowed the information to be shared with others, is also being used to lock it into small rooms with walls filled with sound damping insulation. The deludeds are still clueless because of the Jewish dominance of all areas of media communication which means their agents dominate the "resistance apparatus" as well.

Just as the MSM is looked at as a friend to the 80% who count on it for news, the alternative news of which Sinead and Kyle Hunt are a part, too, is controlled through a sort of blind trust from having been the first guides folks, taking the Jewish, red pill, came into contact with upon coming back down to earth.

Using comradery and the inside info made available from the Jewish hierarchy and disinformation to exert control while steering mind focusses for the elites, these "friends" of the resistance are actually controllers of where your mind looks as long as you accept their presence and their assertions as serving your cause with unquestioned loyalty.

People ask me why I focus on folks like Sinead and that is the reason. They are part of the JWO mind control apparatus and watching how Sinead entered a movement area not yet fully under JWO thumb is great for educational purposes of our people.

The Jews have an agenda and no such thing as feelings of brotherhood or pangs of guilt are allowed to get in the way. The Talmud is  the book that tells the Jew how to wage covert war on the gentiles. The Talmud is a book that says you are being a bad Jew if you help a gentile in distress. Fortunately, the unaware Jews don't take that seriously but unfortunately, the elite Jews do take it seriously and if they ever display some show of brotherhood with the unwashed, you can be sure it is "good for Jews" to do so.

If you doubt what I say, simply understand that Jews targeted the most prosperous nation on earth, Germany, for daring to rule itself without allowing international Jewish people within it's borders to control it's money, heal it's people, propagandize it's citizens nor make it's laws.

This slight to Jews was so outrageous, that 100 million dead people later with an Israeli state assured and Germany subdued, Jews continued to harvest vengeance for that audacity on the former Reich in the way of mass killings, forced resettlements, giving up property for Jews, and paying reparations for a made up holocaust that was turned into fact by their domination of all the mass brainwashing tools. To this day, Germany is a covert Jewish state and more so than the many other covert Jewish states that too have behind the curtain abodes where only Jews can go to cause mayhem and gentile destruction in anonymity.
So enter the Connecticut Jewess, stage left, with a clear mission that even the celebrity truther goyim didn't fathom. They saw just another star struck truther who looked to be an easy lay and part of the "benefits" package associated with notoriety. However, this truther chick with a collection of nude pics ready to send to her next target of choice, had a much deeper agenda.

The Jewess temptress who infiltrates into the heart of the upper echelons of goyim circles has been around probably since the Jews made sure Christ spent a whole day pinned to a cross.

The Jews have never been hung up on morality or telling the truth because of "higher law". They, in fact, consider it a goyim weakness. (1) Sinead, in her targeting of Celtic Rebel, the eccentric truther, quickly fathomed a dead end towards penetration of the op he served and began sleeping around with anyone who might offer inside access.  Her MO was she hooked them with her body granting sexual favors when that was called for. Lacking goy moral guidance, she could also be found gallivanting around with male blackstuds in one night stands having learned long ago that sex can get you stuff and was addicted to the habit.

Is she a "beta slave"?  I hope to find outWas Sinead's "Incarceration" something more.....

At some point she fucked Kyle,  the claim being while she was still Celtic's chick. This ended a relationship between the two males and just one of many relationships that started going bad as special favors for Sinead meant someone else lost a position or a consideration. With an innate Jewish morality that only worries about consequences for herself and her culture destroyer brethren, Sinead was getting what she wanted and the world was good.
As she retells her New York days, she now plays the perfect Aryan woman model mentioning how she, with this super talented repertoire that by all rights should have had her becoming the next Hollywood superstar but for expectations of sexual favors granted, rejected it all for love of a wonderful aryan man who then told her about the impending genocide of the white race. There was no two timing, no truther groupie lifestyle and no personal agenda to gain inner access to the movement. It was love and the great Aryan man Kyle (so great a man she must never mention his name in the husband role?), who by the way, showed no signs in New York of being obsessed with white genocide nor hobnobbing with blue collar confederate flag waving whites who believe Jewish propaganda concerning Muslims and every evil non-white goy until the formulation of Renegade Tribune in 2013).
What Sinead does not mention is that two former good buddies became bitter enemies because of a woman, Sinead. When looking at the history of Renegade, it has been marked by constant infighting. Michael Sledge and the other partner to Kyle both left in disgust, other radio personalities left in protest to Sinead's being unduly favored and the rumors started flying, about wild lifestyle, race mixing, fake real names, Jewish origins and from multiple sources a plenty of all the disgruntleds. 
Coincidentally Kyle and Sinead left the movement for a year at this time. Too many people, still around, knew who and what these two really stood for which was basically making money and conning the goyim and doing their bit in the psyop which is called White Nationalism for the JWO.
As IatNH (I am the Next Hitler) only started noticing the Renegade crew mid summer 2015, I am not sure if Sinead was subversive continuously  or if there was a lull and she held in the real her but in the fall, 2015, Sinead revealed to me, her real self with this nasty post in reaction to criticism for hosting a show about Flat Earth. Flat Earth is one of those topics that can be very distracting and very divisive and why covert Jews are likely to make big issues of them. 
Image result for Jew soapShe not only defended herself but started attacking people in a mean and personal way and especially men. I think we can say that this is part of her character, now, having exposed itself, is basically primed for battle at the drop of a Jew slight hat. In the last few weeks, persons and leaders in the alt-right-WN movement, Angelo Gage and Lana Legtoff have been on the receiving end of her wrath. This wrath has included the most disdainful remarks concerning their character and  I am forced, as I observe in wonder, to ask, is this the famous "Jewish projecting personal faults onto an opponent" psyop I have read so much about? I think it is!

(Jews claimed Hitler wanted to take over the world in 1939. Jews say that Muslims are trying to take over the world today-as does Sinead. The only group, then and now, trying to take over the world is the Jewish group {they use their media to advocate so most are not aware it is THEIR ADVOCACY})

Lana in the video Sinead just released was savaged as an after thought having made the video to attack myself and Rodney Martin.  I think with the  Lana inclusion, it's close to "sticking a fork in her" time cause  she's clearly done for. Knowing the goyim, I am sure it will take a while to find the oven though. I would say  put your nose to the air and whiff for the exceptional smell of Jew, Germans made famous, with all that WWII soap. You will then find her, goy and show her the exit (or the oven) door***

Dividing and conquering for the Jew, or just a Jewess psycho obsessed with power

Two Krypto Jews Collide

Two months ago, everything seemed all hunky dory between the two infiltrator Jews no one will call infiltrator Jews. The ongoing psyop to only go after young people who grew up with 911 as just another fact to learn at school is being manifested in the three stooges, Andrew Anglin, Angelo Gage and Sinead

Two videos here-two months ago, Angelo was on Sinead's good list. The 2nd video shows all was not rosy beneath the surface in WWE-ville

Andrew, a  person of weird mixed blood, possibly with Jew, Angelo, who looks Jewish, occasionally releases bits and pieces of his Jewish dialect as he speaks and looks the part while getting his start in the movement with the help of Jews (The White Network- Jew owned), by the way, and finally Sinead, The Jewess from afar who pressed enter while giving many truther celebrities head and whatever else her body could offer. Yes, the age old Jewess temptress trick on young horney goyim almost always works and these Jewesses never forget whose side they are on, believe me.

That cum entering her mouth after ejaculation might as well be their gentile, tribal loyalty being tucked away into the Jewish co-opt machine and with that release of liquid, Sinead swallows, in full, the soul of her enemy that she has just laid

What Sinead, Kyle and Angelo doEven though the JWO is a staged production when dealing with the goyim, the way they determine their next WWE champion is by letting their gladiators joust it out in the ring, seeing who gets the biggest following and determining whose performances bring more people in to watch their spectacles. In-fighting between two ops serves two purposes

  • It helps the handlers and their bosses decide who shall be enabled to higher levels in the subversion plan
  •  it further distracts the goyim from the real behavior being undertaken that continues to sink the goyim ship, an act that is necessary before fully building a "finished" JWO that will last a thousand years.

This then offers sound explanation for why Sinead is engaging in seemingly unsound behavior. Remember, in the world of WWE, it is most often the bad guys who draw the biggest crowds. A girl that engages "crazy" on que is a great attention getter and psyop starter.

Sinead the sweet Aryan woman one day, total feminazi bitch the next and each cycle, carrying her goyim followers right along apparently oblivious to the contradictions she emanates, makes all her fellow actors in this Jewish play never too sure if they are on the "good" list or the "bad". Since  she has demonstrated an amazing ability to rat on her compadres and not be outed for her own dirty laundry, I can only assume it is accomplished because she is the one acting like she's got nothing to lose (entitled Jewess?) and maybe she doesn't.

However, enter stage right, me. A 66 year old man with bags under his eyes and looking like he just came off an all night crack binge, has changed the rules. He does not work for, nor with, the enemy. He does not believe the daily lies and subversions being enacted and he is quite capable of seeing the orchestration coming from behind the Jewish hidden curtain. He is quite capable of seeing those links that allow the Angelo Gages, Sinead McCarthys and Andrew Anglins to appear magically and with great fanfare, introduced by other handled puppets previously enabled and who change agendas and advocacy on a dime according to assignment.

He notices the movement orchestrations going back years, with study, which are for cycling the goyim mindset into new distracted channels that support the over-all agenda and next big subversion being prepared for. He did things the goyim are supposed to be too distracted to do. He checked into background claims, contrary assertions, any and everything that would single out  these WWE gladiators as compromised assets for the enemy.

He kept at it while others said, not in my backyard you don't. So he went into the adjacent street to continue his cluefinding unimpeded by the goyim who want to believe in something and since the enemy disguised as friends was all around them, latched onto just the wrong thing and isn't about to hear from you that it is the wrong thing. He did this with many months of hard work going unappreciated

He labored looking for a situation, anything, that could demonstrate so clearly the paralysis caused by the enemies within. Sinead's unwarranted attacks that correlated more closely with it being "that time of the month" than any merit behind what she was stating seemed to be an opportunity.


IN this observing of Sinead and  noticing how she is getting away with it, in astonishment, he found some severe weaknesses in her that no one else was willing to address. I am the Next Hitler is working under the premise that a full exposure, of this Jew asset,  to a significant number of the previously deluded or the clued in but too shy to make it known, can be the underpinnings of a real movement against the JWO. As the goy realize the full extent they are being played, they are either going to give up or find a real place that get's it!

All I can say is "Come on Over!"the communist fist, a clear sign of who Angelo Gage was serving in his days as chairperson for NYF

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