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Deck Chairs Rearranged, Jewish Propaganda in Place, Time for Race Wars Goyim!



 Colonialism- Jews led the way, "When a Jew must commit evil, let him go to where he is not known to do so!"

Colonialism began in the 15th Century. Guess who led the way.  Jews in Portugal and Spain. This carried over into the 16th century but started to wane. Who was the new power? The Netherlands, out of Amsterdam because why? Powerful Jews resettled there

Colonialism is by it's very nature Jewish. This dominance went on through much of the 17th century when they colonized New Amsterdam. In 1680, they lost New Amsterdam to who? England and why? Jews had just fostered a revolution that allowed their return for the 1st time, legally, since 1300. London was their new seat of power. They had a pretend fight with the Netherlands, real enough so the goy believed it so and magically England was the new sea colonial power.  It was the late 17th early 18th century that colonial England flexed it's power. Australia, much of North America on the east coast became theirs. Spain, an earlier Jewish sea power, having made it's Jews leave in 1492 held on to a few territories such as Florida but the power was all with England and it's Jews, for all practical purposes but of course the Jews told the goyim in England that they ruled the world and the goyim believed them! 

Mainland European chaos fostered by Jews

Around the same time period a krypto Jew became Catholic Pope and broke all the rules. Martin Luther was outraged with the behavior and his protestations led the way to the various new religions, Christian in origin with Jewish dogmas worked in. Many of the reform leaders were Krypto Jews such as Calvin. The Pilgrims who came to America had a debate on whether to make the official language Hebrew.

Image result for CalvinismAll this religious chaos then was stirred from behind the curtain by Jews, the Thirty Years War and the First major revolution like no other with organized unruly and funded mobs came out to begin to develop the Jewish MO for revolutionary chaos they would hone and fine tune with the following French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution. This first one was in England occurring simultaneously with the Thirty Years War. Yes a few failed such as the post WWI German revolution and the Spanish Revolution due to Hitler and his men but by and large it was all a huge success.

***“Contrary to general belief, Calvinism is of Jewish origin. It was deliberately conceived to split the adherents of the Christian religions and divide the people. Calvin's real name was Cohen! When he went from Geneva to France to start preaching his doctrine he became known as Cauin. Then in England it became Calvin. History proves that there is hardly a revolutionary plot that wasn't hatched in Switzerland; there is hardly a Jewish revolutionary leader who hasn't changed his name.

“At B'nai B'rith celebrations held in Paris, France, in 1936 Cohen, Cauvin, or Calvin, whatever his name may have been, was enthusiastically acclaimed to have been of Jewish descent (The Catholic Gazette, February, 1936).***

 Europe had many little revolutions, as well, all funded and caused by Jews though most had no clue as they have no clue today that current chaos is a Jewish creativity act. So, not only the religious wars end up putting Jewish hooks into the mindsets of all religions and greatly weaken the power of the Roman Catholic Church to pin the Jew down, but these new ideologies bore the kernals of the enlightenment in them which was the justification for the population to become anti-king and pro people power.

It was all a con of course for the distracted populous knew nothing about ruling  or how to choose a wise leader and were and are easy prey to this day of the tricksters of the Jews trained in political misdirection and sabotage for Al-Judaan

Jewish Money Monopoly Means never ending wars for Judaism

Right after Napolean's continental defeat, Jew's basically cornered the market on money through a stock market swindle misdirection that made many an English goy a pauper and all connected Jews super wealthy. Judaism which is built around the idea that Jews are the chosen people that God wants to rule over everyone else got it's first serious notion it could carry out this Jew World Order in 1815. But for the Czar of Russia, that country long demonized in Jewspapers for such deeds that limited Jewish power ( though they misdirected their wrath elsewhere to confuse), it very well might have happened.Image result for money and Jewish wars

Jews knew there was going to be a world war twenty years before we had one and they knew they were going to get the US to intervene once they got the Federal Reserve Act passed into law making Jews the owner and lender of money. This of course, had to be subsidized by poor people through the  Income Tax passed as an amendment in 1916, supposedly to make the rich pay more but of course that was a con to push it through. Never believe politicians and what they say when they want something from you. They will Rosie scenario or, if fear is called for, scare you half to death.

Now that they had unlimited funding capability, WWI was implemented, another Jewish hoax where Russia was pitted against Germany and severely weakened to the point the Jews switched sides to support England and lobby for American entry. This made Russia a Jewish state after the revolution and Germany the scapegoat of the 1st Jewish World War. Like I said before, Germany fought off the Bolsheviks and it was at that time and place Hitler decided to pursue a military career  and  remove the Jews. He began a ten year rise to power culminating  with his becoming total ruler of Germany by 1934.

Jews who had been setting the table for their "Jerusalem Swindle" needed one more big war to do it and to enter a new stage of their covert rule that would hopefully lead to their open declaration of dominance, something still to come or be fought off.They scapegoated Hitler for not being a good goy and made him the evil man of all time in  political spin only but when you control 80% of the media, that political spin carries a lot of weight.

Albert Pike's three world war blueprint stated that a third world war was going to be needed. After WWII, we immediately had a cold war creation between two former allies, Russia and the US, both, incidentally dominated by international Jewry. That of course means, they weren't really fighting, just making sure the goy thought they were.

1990 saw the implementation of the final strategy, a strategy still in transition, ending the cold war and a creation of Islamaphobia all in accordance and pre-ordained in Pike's three world war strategy . Islamic hate had to be fostered and emphasized but doing it through Jewish misdirection techniques so the Jew could pretend to be the arbitrator using "reality spin" to create the illusion of Muslim evil.

I think the point of all this, goy, is what you are seeing, the white ppl complaining about victimhood, the ongoing bombing of the middle east, the wink and nod immigration policies of the US of A and the  Muslim flooding encouraged by Jew serving masons and their masters is a continued Jew misdirection that has you worried about your safety and your past while the Jew continues to implement his plan of total world takeover while you adopt his distraction devices.

Because we can see an ongoing pattern of consistency of behavior for at least 600 years in this direction, it allows us to assume unexplained events likely have a Jewish origin and explained events likely have a lying clarification that serves this Jew World Order agenda. The masons became speculative in 1700 and thus totally under the control of Jewry (the word speculative screams Jew by the way)

It is necessary to co-opt a certain number of influential goyim to give the actions of the behind the curtain power seekers a public legitimacy that it wouldn't have if it were laid bare for all to see. These goy masons and krypto Jews are governing our lands in the interests of the international power of Jewry that wants one race to rule for convenience as opposed to many nationalities and strains to accommodate at the same time.

When you start hating on your Muslims and blacks this week, goyim, please remember and know that you are doing that with the Jew's full consent. He moved the deck chairs again and made that leak, formally found, where he was located in the previous war, hidden again and you be lookin in all the wrong places as you did in all those other misdirections for him throughout this whole narrative of our recent past (600 years)

What if the Jews gave a war and nobody came? What if the Jews gave a war and we went looking for them instead of the enemy they told us to find?

Think about it! They told Katniss Everdeen as she aimed her arrows at a competitor in the Hunger Games to know who the real enemy is. It worked. Katniss rearranged her aim to shoot out the dome of the tyrannical ruler. That ruler my friends, is a metaphor for the Jews. Let's make them quit smiling and joking at our expense and start looking around for nearbye ovens they don't want to be in.

Shall we?

It is my pleasure to serve and annoy you for "I am the Real Hitler!

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