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Their claims are intentionally illusional.There's only one choice, "Hitlerian Enlightenment"

It's "Conspiracy Theory Thursday"!

Written by Slave on 10/29/15

Before I begin let me just say, these are all, mostly, speculative opinions based on my belief that our movement has been infiltrated forever and that there is some sort of method to this madness though I am not fully cognizant of what that madness is leading to.

It's going through various phases measured from the "Ground Zero" event, or the false flag, international, inside job that called for sacrificing innocents for an eventual result desired through committing the atrocity. We, born and raised in America and rarely threatened on our native soil, have long looked the other way as our military found it necessary to commit atrocities on the other side of the world in the name of fighting the "mythical fight of the moment" for the bankers of mostly Jewish persuasion.

When it happened to us, though disguised by false flagging innocents, we  turned, what for many others elsewhere, saw as a daily occurrence, that of a couple of buildings destroyed by bombs and missiles, into some world wide mourning, catastrophe event because, we, the spoiled children of the chosen land, America, are not ever supposed to experience war directly. We are supposed to make others experience war directly. 

The lesson for us? To the elites, everyone else was a threat including the legally governed. Of course, awareness levels needed to be raised to assimilate this lesson and the shock of 911, which  did the trick for more than a few, helped that along but don't believe for a second that they weren't ready with ammo as this new awareness began to take hold.

All these musings matter little,  though, since we know the world is ruled by people using us as pieces on a chessboard and the time is coming hither, to let us experience first hand what most of the rest of the world has found common place. Uncloaking from "aberration events" carried off by evil people from afar who "hate us for our freedoms" to, the more honest, blunt trauma military force they've been using elsewhere, it will soon be our time to be the overt targets. If any country is to remain on the "protected list" it's Israel not us. We are in for troubled times and we need to take action so that trouble can turn in our favor. This is why I write about what I do while many wish not to contemplate what isn't so warm and fuzzy.

Notice all these crazy Muslim groups only fighting Muslims and threatening America and Europe, never Israel (calling Barbara Spectre)? That's cause they're really CIA-Mossad ops and not what is claimed. Jews want goy Americans to protect them while being subverted by culture clash and you get them to be willing to do so  by scaring the bejeesus out of them.

No explanations of why this is so are needed to be given to a public conditioned on fairy tales and events that make no scientific sense when scrutinized. The people have learned not to look. They have learned to believe the myths and the lies and quit seeing with their eyes.

"The joke doing the rounds of the British Union of Fascists at this time (1939-aproximate) was that the Jewish national anthem was, 'Onward Christian Soldiers.'" It still aplies today!

To realize everything you were taught from the cradle on, was a lie, is, indeed, traumatic. Some can do it and some just can't. Some can see the Jew behind the curtain, some just can't. Those who can of all colors and all cultures are our natural allies and those who can't will be our enemies.

It is who was being serviced with the 911 event, Israel and the international Jewish people, who caused both World Wars to enable Israel's creation as well as, all the while, blaming goy governments for the havoc and atrocities created by it (accomplished by covert control of the Allies and overt control of  the propaganda system). So what again is the big deal about 3,000 people killed from their point of view? There is no big deal. It's the only way to go about it! You understand their position and how it couldn't be any other way, right? We're just cattle, fleas to be sprayed when they fly too close:

Protocols 11-4


4. The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?
5. There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ....
6. It is not worth to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....
7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the goy without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road?

To top it off 90% of Americans don't know this slight of hand happened, accepting it all as the sorcerors presented it. However, I side-tracked a bit. I'm here to talk about the Jew-aware community and how it sprung up after 911 and how it is evolving subtly away from being Jew-aware with a little help from our Jewish tribe member, friends. Again, I need to state, I have only been conspiracy aware for  the last four years and  some of what I will talk about happened before I was in this arena. My explanation will therefore be inadequate but perhaps others will weigh in?

Soon after 911, a man named Eric Hufschmid wrote a book saying 911 was an inside job. I have linked his site, though he has moved on to other pre-occupations and it is semi-dormant. It is a period statement of the early years right after 911, however. Reading much of his site, this guy claims to know the Jew is the problem but considering his writing mostly occurred between 2002 and 2009, for some reason, he always says Zionist when he refers to them. I suppose Jew outing was just beginning and he was traversing the landscape with care?

He was extremely close to Chris Bollyn as well. As far as Eric was concerned, everyone in the movement was a covert zionist. It turns out he may have been one as well. Bobby Fischer, the only Jew, I am aware of, that totally outed the tribe, was killed by Jews

Hufschmid Is it believable that Eric's sister is married to the son of Rupert Murdoch and Eric is left unaffected about this to where he can be fighting for the exact opposite things that Rupert, a part Jew, full blown Zionist, is? Also, concerning Bollyn. Is it believable that in the middle of nowhere, in the early 70's, Chris is a ski instructor who just happens to chapparone Rupert Murdoch's family on vacation? That he lived on a Jewish kibbutz with an IDF girlfriend but he's a standard bearer for truth and unloyal to Jewry in any way?

Well, this seems to be the first wave and you can throw in Michael Piper into the mix as an overt enemy of those two (op on op fights?). Piper, tied to the hip of American Free Press and it's Jewish owner, Mark Lane, outed himself, full blast, with his behavior regarding Sandy Hook.

About the time Eric and Christopher began petering out, a few new people came along and took the Jew-outing to a new level. Mike DeLaney and John Alan Martinson Jr. or JAM.

DeLaneyAs far as DeLaney goes, he seems to be a support player. Martinson did the ground breaking 911 video called "Missing Links" in 2009 (Listening to it last night for the first time, it feels like the video has been tampered with at strategic points in the narrative). This is the guy that boldly, while mincing no words, outed the Jew. JAM is an enigma, however, because he burned out quickly and I have come up with a theory as to why, so put on your TIN FOIL HATS!

My theory is that Martinson was "compromised" from the beginning and his job was to show the community that there was no future in going after the Jew. I believe this because after two years of Jew-outing,  he made a goodbye video saying his life had been ruined, he couldn't get a job, he was being psychologically harassed, and no one would send him money and then JAM vanished having made the necessary impression and accomplished his mission.

JAMNever mind his links to Satanism implies a Jewish mindset on the unimportance of the 95%, referring to them as "Mundanes" (think Goy) and the videos capturing him in what seems to be an FBI sting against some militia group in Ohio.

 DeLaney, meanwhile, had apparently entered as a patriot in 2006 or so, gravitated to outing the Jew and, right when Martinson was leaving the movement, became a racist. So who does the mantle that Jam was holding get passed to? A young, twenty year old from Ontario using an alias and going by the name of ZionCrimeFactory. This guy, seemingly, was enabled right as I was beginning to learn about the Jew in 2011.

I do not, looking back with my best analysis cap handy, believe Zander would have been talking so Jew blunt without Martinson making that kind of language "acceptable" in the movement. Me, not having experienced JAM as it was happening and he was doing his thing, only  saw ZCF as he was happening and I got my first "aha moment" on Hitler at Zander Fuerza's site (later Zander renounced  these views and because I found the 180 reverse not credible, Zander got placed on my cointel pro op list).

Zander, too, like JAM, boldly, without mincing words,  outed the Jew in a provocateurish manner. In hind sight, it seems a little strange that Martinson and Fuerza, took it as far as they did, basically calling all Jews evil. That comes off as agent provocateurish. It's one thing to have a discussion about that possibility, and it's another to claim it as fact and I see "no win" in doing so and a lot of down-side....if you aren't an op. 

Brandon befriended former enemy Kevin Barrett when he changed assignmentsImage result for Brandon Martinez

However, if you are an op, you do what you are assigned to do and Zander was assigned to out the Jew and took up with, you guessed it, Mike DeLaney!

It was weird seeing the non-racist Zander allowing his website to be dumped on by Christian Identity racist haters and when I first entered his site, I thought it didn't make sense at the time and asked some unanswered questions about that in comments.

Then the WWE event I have written about so much involving, you guessed it, Mike DeLaney and Zander Fuerza where DeLaney closed ZCF's site down at the height of it's popularity or better yet, stole his site which then takes us back to Martinson, who apparently had his Missing Links video stolen by DeLaney as well. (Interesting that both Martinson, in 2011, and Zander, in 2013, disavowed all their previous work right before disappearing)

So, as Martinson was selling "DON'T FIGHT THE JEWS, IT'S NOT WORTH IT" reality and then split, it was time for Zander to sell the "ONLY RACISTS ARE JEW-WISE, HITLER LOVERS" PSYOP. After his site was taken over, Zander or ZCF spent the next eight months on a second site basically refuting his previous four years of work, all, apparently, as a result of getting ripped off by a  WN guy, DeLaney.

Then without a word, Zander disappeared but unbeknownst to us proles, he didn't really leave, he was reassigned having accomplished the second phase of the anti-Jew psyop that Martinson started. He simultaneously pops up with  a new website called Non-Aligned media as a guy named Brandon Martinez. This was at the end of 2013 and about halfway through 2014, I figured out Zander's slight of hand and started investigating the dude which continues to this day.(One  thing about these ops and possibly because of MK Ultra-like training they were forced to receive at early ages, they all have little sense of humor which is very noticable at such an age, 20-ish, where it is so common to laugh and be gay. They are like robots)

His new assignment calls for being friends with many people Zander had called kosher conspiracists, and thus the need to pretend he was never Zander, was adopted which he continues to this day aided by many people at the top in this effort by keeping mum. (so what does that make them? Is it a club for disinfo specialists?) He's also been assigned to convince truthers that Putin is like Hitler-fake resistance and  the goy should give up.

However a year before Zander departs, an SJW warrior, morphs into a hard core anti-semite and starts a site called "Total Fascism". His name is Andrew Anglin. His views have done a 180 from prior to him starting that website and changed 90 degrees more to the website he's on now "Daily Stormer", a place to convert just plain stupid racists into Jew-wise racists and this is the third phase of this effort I am writing on, today, done by the Jewish elites to psyop Jew-awareness to distraction and scapegoat blaming. Anglin is putting the emphasis on  "goybeasts" being the main threat to white folks. The Jew-aware movement has evolved into a segregated race movement and Andrew's site is the "hate site" of choice when the MSM Jews need to scapegoat some whites for one of their fake event specials they have on prime time.

Image result for Andrew Anglin

It's Andrew's job to believe everything the Jew says and call it real while also saying you can't trust the Jews. All of this further solidifies tying in white race haters with people challenging Jewish tyranny. It's a way to neutralize the opposition by just calling them a Nazi and letting the brainwashing and stupid whites, that name call others, do the rest.

...And guess who was right by Anglin till recently. Mike DeLaney, the supporter and chief. Of course I am trying to counteract all of this with my Hitlerian initiative proposal but that is how I see the evolvement to this point (remove your tin foil hats please). It seems that Anglin is trying to lay a foundation for some goy on goy wars for the Jews whether it be ideological with SJWs or biological with Muslims and Blacks or gender based, demonizing white women that don't suck a man's dick on que. 

Anglin's site is an infiltrator heaven having one guy getting arrested who was Anglin's second in command for 3 months. He also was outed as a Jew so....Now, the question is, "Who is William Martel (apparently William only exists at  Stormer. Is this an "undiscovered Joshua Goldberg" in our midst)?"

As always, updating as I consider necessary

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