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Vince McMahon says Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

The Resistance Is Resisting All But the Jew!

I claim it as self-evident when one looks at the last five hundred years of revolution against the goyim social order that if a resistance's main target isn't the Jew, he is ultimately at the Jew's service and a "useful idiot".

The Jew's behind the curtain, look there

 Anti-Zionism is not necessarily anti-Jewish and the claim is easily manipulated towards Jewish goals for, remember, communism is never totally dead and is, at its core, Jewish (Many roads lead to the same FEMA camp). No, my friends, if you aren't attacking Jewish power, you are doing nothing that the Jew can't swing to their advantage.

 There is a reason that any goyim in the MSM that makes the mistake of calling Jews to the carpet, have their lives turned upside down. Why even the great Stone Cold Steve Austin tiptoes when it comes to talking Jew:

Rick Sanchez quibbled that the Jews claimed they were a repressed minority and got kicked immediately out of the club (had to suck Jewish cock to get back in!).

Unabashedly shining the light on who the Jews really are is basically a death sentence on everything they have worked for the last five hundred years to attain. All those too aware goyim they were forced to kill, not to mention the collateral damage, all the wars they had to start, all the false flag revolutions where the objectives sold had nothing to do with the desires to accomplish in fact! In essence, all those superb lies going bye-bye, down the drain!

 The Jews call it a "temporary evil" (1) and I suppose temporary is one of those words, that, until you further define it, can mean anything to anybody but I will say this. Most folks when they think of temporary, think of a very short period of time within one life span. Of course, the Jews have never been one to let predefined word definitions get in the way of a good pitch. Anything to make a sale and any cost to keep someone from stopping that sale being made....So for them, "temporary evil" means "from the birth of Judaism till now".

Since  most global chaos is Jew orchestrated, everyone ultimately is trying to resist Jewish tyranny whether they know it or not but due to Jewish, successful misdirection, they end up fighting something else in their minds (WWII, for Jew tyrants against goy ruled countries, was sold as fighting for freedom and democracy with the fuel to move that beast, the lying Jewish press and the controlled governments of England, the US and Russia). This is why Hitler was so brilliant in his ability to keep the game focused always on the Jew (If you don't realize the real fight is between the crowd and Vince McMahon and you care who wins and loses on the WWE stage, then, Vince always wins and same for the Jews).

 Being fairly new to the movement and speculating, I believe it has gone through a few phases since  911:
  • First realization of an "Inside job"
  • a realization that the "inside Job" was run, to a large degree, by Zionist, dual citizens
  • a realization that 911 was attached not to just an NWO but a JWO
  • Through successful infiltration and side-tracking of the movement, the relegating to lip-service the Jewish problem and re-labeling of Jewish problem symptoms as primary, in and of themselves, such as immigration, The Fed, false flag attacks, race wars, culture subversion, all these, as  different but equally important issues to undertake and separate from the Jewish problem. This is the killer one because as soon as you delink a problem from the Jew, he will manipulate it completely away from him both within the movement and without. As Jew Abe told me once upon a time

Jews leave by the front door and other Jews climb in through the side window.

It's been a week since I put out a serious article. I've cycled through my regular co-intel pro punching bags. I added Andrew Winkler, AKA "the Rebel of Oz",  to that punching bag list, though more as a problematic  "useful idiot" who defends the networks he  has been around for years as "real resistance" while trying to sell the people on a bank that works the same as a Jew bank but somehow does not become predatory because of Andrew's impeccable character (ROFL).

Anyone on the Kevin Trudeau show has a trust issue I think I have gone into his supposed impeccable character plenty enough for those reading here to be very aware of this man. I see his connections with a Rixon Stewart who promotes folks like Paul Joseph Watson and therefore Alex Jones and  Mike Adams, in other words,  people who don't know how to say the word "Jew". I see his connections to Barnes Book Review - AFP and know from multiple sources the dubiousness of these ops but to Andrew, they are all totally legit.

  I think my main concern today is a realization that most people in the alternative media, whether co-opted or not, spend most of their efforts trying to figure out how to make a nice JWO or a good Jew World Order living while leading the way in the movement at the same time. Of course, you can't and you are automatically a subverter once you start gearing decisions upon immediate social and financial gains. I can tell you, anyone really fighting the JWO will be initially rejected in a  culture that lives on lies and even the alternative truth movement is primarily lies masquerading as REAL truth. The prophets say to hang tough so.... if you want easy and most people do, keep doing what you have been doing but there's a light on at my site just in case.....

You can't "out" the source of the problem and make a good living. It's not possible so, therefore, all those doing so are altering their messages to make more money and avoid Jewish reprimands whether disguised as goy bosses or what have you. There are an infinite number of disguises that mask Jewish subversion. They have censored themselves like a Brandon Martinez who decided a year ago there was no money to be had in outing the Jews, so he left the racist crowds behind, a group that will out the Jews as well as scream hate for just about anything else you can think of, and decided to cozy up to all his former pretend enemies such as Kevin Barrett, Ryan Dawson and Joshua Blakenly who only use enhanced code when referring to the Jewish leak ( Several articles I have posted show the stark contrast between the way Zander Fuerza treated those three and how Brandon Martinez now treats them. To be doubly sure I haven't lost you here, Zander disappeared, at the height of his success as the biggest Jew outer in town to become soft spoken Brandon Martinez, the guy who doesn't want to link Jews to communism because 'nothing is that black and white'. It actually feels like two different people ala MK Ultra).

 VK Clark has long resigned herself to working within the Jew World Order and made herself an agent provocateur with a super focus on women hating men and Racist WNs who she believes, hold to a false Hitler worship. Brandon, likewise, has this Putin fixation. He thinks it's extremely important for his idiot robot listeners to know that Putin is compromised. What I have said all along and Zander used to know this, is anyone you read about in the Jewniverse is compromised so big whup to that! (Clark and the new Brandon are like  siblings in their methods and I tend to call them married or brother and sister). Jews love any kind of goy on goy infighting and truth be told,  they usually set the stage by creating the movements for the goy to fight over to then appear on the scenes as, "good guy" arbitrators. Calvinism was invented by a Krypto Jew and the English Revolution and the Thirty Years War, both occurring at the same time, really changed the fortunes of the middle age Jews. It allowed for their re-entry into all the countries, they had prior been forced to leave, as each revolution had a primary goal of liberating Jewry.  Jew havoc, in the funding of both sides, occurred and the rewards were millions of gentiles being wiped out as they, themselves grew in population, in wealth and power. This had occurred in the "Thirty Years War" and English Revolution, financing both from Amsterdam and this successful effort would only gather momentum into the eighteenth century starting with the American Revolution, a masonic endeavor (bummer!) contrary to, Jew taught, hype.

Today is no different for the SJWs and the WN supremacists, the MGTOW movement and the Feminist movement with their Femen cousins who never protest anything with an overt Jew smell are cases in point. False flag terrorism, fake enemies that have conned their way to public belief as real, global warming, freezing, fake concerns for helping third world countries, that  the elites have previously bombed and maimed, go right  in with the Talmud exhortations of "Take all the goyim gold and enslave them by any means necessary" and create necessary illusions to do so.

Nothing says "I love you" more than authentic WWII "Jew" soap. Put it on layaway...for a fee - Jacob Goldstein

Jews definition of a holocaust is when the rate of growth in the Jewish population declines as proved  here

Sadly, I am finding a comfortable, but pissed, Resistance that is content to focus on hobby horses of lesser importance even after shattering truths, like that link above, are displayed while the 80% of the deluded simply won't believe anything unless the  media, that they don't understand is  Jewish run, says so (no matter how solid the proof).

  It was Jews through the creation of people movements like Calvinism that challenged TPTB and began the undermining of the goy overt powers while Jewish covert power, with its instrument of Gold, grew un-impinged and became stronger branching out into every walk of life.

Clark in her focusing on problematic goy groups, with deep exasperation, is doing little different than WNs and CIs who post, all day long, videos and articles proving that Muslims and Blacks are enemies of White folks. She just has a different niche. She's a woman who plays a revisionist, man hater on tv as opposed to a white supremacist who hates most non-Whites like Andrew Anglin does so effectively. Is there any real difference? Her need to push the inclusive nature of the 3rd Reich does also smack of a distraction technique for why spend all your time trying to prove something to racists who ain't never gonna think different when ignoring the Jew enemy leaves us all vulnerable on a sinking ship. She's either following orders or following her greed and obsessions, common sense be damned!

 People are choosing issues they feel strongly about over the one issue that counts which is the subversion and impending Jewish full takeover of society through the much spilling of blood.  All these people find other distractions to obsess on because POWER DOES NOT LIKE SCRUTINY and they are happy to oblige though they would never admit it. Is there really any difference to obsessing over minor race differences and pretending what you find can influence the future of the world to that of folks, every four years, trying to get a candidate in the Masonic left or right movements, called Democrats and Republicans, to be the answer that has never come before? Ladies and gents, Hitler found the answer but as one country ganged up upon by all the rest, he couldn't keep the hurricane from the German door! He confronted the Jew and demoted him and got results so fast, it still boggles the mind.

It didn't matter to Jewish power that Hitler was great for the German people because, for Jewish decision makers, it's never been about anything but Jews. When your Talmud tells you that goyim are the enemy and you are a bad Jew if you show them follow? It permeates the culture at a sub-conscious level due to cradle to grave brain-washing.

They happily lived with Jim Crowe and slavery in the US without guilt pangs but they couldn't overlook that some rich Jews lost their places at the table in Germany and through their lying press, sold the innocent persecution narrative for the 666th time except now with modern technology, the truth that they spend their lives hiding from us was that much easier to keep hid......

You have to understand Jews think they are supposed to rule everybody and if they are deprived of that privilege, well, it sure, by gosh, is persecution in fact connoted an impending holocaust that they would have to make happen. In the end, all goy have to kiss the Jew ring and bring the Jew his dinner whether currently friend or foe. Know ye fellow Goy, it's all window dressing. The Jew's only friends are themselves. Everything else is strategy. Since I am being so hard on Jews, know ye "little Jews" that I am talking about your sick relatives up the food chain. Join us and I will welcome you for if I didn't, I, myself, would be a racist (yeah, I know Trotsky invented the word and I must hate white people)! I won't hold my breath, though.

So what does Anglin come up with? He wants the Jews to assign us White Reservations because well, Jews are so good hearted and all and try to always play fair and besides, he says, they will lose control with all the sub-humans taking control. Alternative intellectuals reduce themselves to commentary about cuckold conservatives and Donald Trump and unfair statistics against whites as if they didn't know there was a Jewish enemy problem that, until confronted by resisting, was going to keep on doing exactly what they have been doing and through their media, ignore anything they don't wish the public to be aware of.

This, too,  simply accepts the Jewish problem as a given that can't be touched. When forced to speak of the Jew a Veronika Clark uses all the kosher disguises in the doing, thus assuring knowledge of Jewish subversion does not grow forth seeded from her lips and that only those aware already will get her full meaning. Her brother Brandon Martinez is the exact same way now since leaving the racists and their blunt Jewish confronting technique behind. In fact saying he was brainwashed before and thus labeling without stating that Jew truth and white supremacism are tied together and therefore a disease, he has done much to undermine legitimate criticism of Jews and championing of Hitler. I dare you to find anything positive Brandon says about Hitler now.  I assume the kosher brigade got some concessions from this turncoat to allow him to spiel his misdirection from Canadian soil openly. 

 Of course, none of this is really going to matter anyway because Jesus is due on September 23rd, 2015 so, enjoy your last month. Those who don't get raptured will be living in hell for quite awhile but never fear. Renee Moses,  a born again Satanist who pretends she is a Christian, has a bunch of writings to tell all of you who don't make it, how to survive (she will be raptured so she won't be available, herself). Of course, she loves Jews and has totally bought, publicly, that they are god's chosen people and Muslims are fighting God's will. 

 By the way, most, if not all, of these upcoming prophecy fulfillments are directly tied to the Jewish calendar and of course all her video clues have been produced and censored and edited by Jews since they own that industry. Add two plus two and realize all the revelations are Jewish in origin and your answer is:

Yes, it's a Jew World Order, baby!

As the folly continues, Andrew Anglin tells a Jewish publication (all MSM publications are ultimately Jewish)that the  real fight is going to be between FASCISTS and SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS while, on the side, he integrates everything VK Clark is concerned about with men into his fascist agenda as her nemesis which apparently means  that only white men can be fascists and white women can make them coffee, scrub the toilet and stand by her man. Anglin's wet behind the ears, white cultists will be way too busy to give the Jews any of their concern with all these new diversions in place Anglin has set forth.

 This clarifies for any astute observer that both Anglin's and Clark's transformations, that have left the Jew focus way back in the rear, will represent opposing sides in the, soon to come, misdirections. As long as the Jews have a plan, have infiltrated our movements and we are just reacting to their latest endeavors, we are nothing more than a perennial tupper-ware party gathering picking through their latest offerings but Vince says I'm not supposed to say that too loud or I'll cause a commotion.

The "True Left" is targeting Anglin's crowd and works with Clark, apparently, happy to ignore her obvious like of God's chosen shown by her citing SPLC investigations for backup to her argument claims, along with defense of the ADL when they are attacked (They do good work!), and charging yours truly with  anti-Semitic hate speech for being bluntly honest about Jews (and that's a crime you know)..

It's realizations like these, that show me people do not want to confront the truth if you can give them an illusion substitute, to work in it's place. I am often left to wondering if I am beating my head against a brick wall trying to get people to focus on the source. It is the learning of the "writing trade" that buffers me, the understanding of my site, ongoing, and the continued seeking of knowledge, for I am such a babe in that endeavor, that allows for the patience needed to continue.

I am beyond the stage of spending hours on Facebook, mixing and socializing with info-sharers. So many I see in a rut that they are happy to continue, the same information being shared, the same values expressed for the last three years. At first, it was all a novelty and  I drank it with gusto. Then, when I came upon clues, totally new, and met indifference with the sharing, my armor got pierced and it became longer and longer between revisits. Then when my cyber neighbors  noticed my intolerance for their intolerance and my total disinterest in sharing the dysfunctional behavior, I was declared an op and banished from certain enclaves to then seek out new ones until I am left with my own enclave, a light sitting near but with  the knowledge, most people are happy not to make use of....And still, I go on......Written by Slave 8/7/15

Protocols #1 - 16

16. Out of the temporary evil
we are now compelled to commit
will emerge the good of an unshakable rule,
which will restore the regular course of the machinery
of the national life,
brought to naught by liberalism.

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