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Hey Goy, those personalities on Troudeau's interview list are all leaders of our movement. Houston, we have a problem!

Come together, goy! (In transition to perfection!)Grrr!

     Forget these, hon?  Hey guys, anybody that would allow themselves to be photographed or on TV with or interviewed by the likes of Kevin Troudeau  not only needs HIS head examined but the folks that continue to worship those numbskulls do so as well and unfortunately, America, indeed, the world  has entered into such a space in time where con artists have the respect and status of great leaders and award winners and as you can see, tacky Alex Jones, hopefully, just became a little more tackier in some of your adoring, lustful, hero-worshiping eyes, outed again by yours truly but, TBH, he's about like Sean Hannity at this point, right? Now, go get your girl friend to give back the balls she took from you and let's start cleaning house of all this scum, OK? Damn right,ok! On with the show!

Right, It's my article. The name's Slave and today's 5/12/15Miracle cures the Elite don't want you to know about!

 Hey Buckaroos, we've all heard about those miracle cures on TV and all. Unfortunately none of them work though everytime they come up with a different slant, those still buying the bullshit of those that bullshit in order to rule, find themselves out of money and no better off.Have it all with Alex's "Miracle Powder"!

 Well I'm here to tell you, today,  there is a miracle cure available that can truly make a difference. In fact, several, so keep right on a readin for you won't be sorry, but we guarantee you that they will be sorry because "THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW"!

 Let's judge AJ guilty by association, stick a fork in him!Remember how A.Jones said you could be a "globalist Fighting Machine" with his miracle cure. Well, between you and me, that's just the kind of stuff you want to avoid and the best way to avoid it is to"Throw the TV in the pool!"

Yep and after you do that, "unsave" all corporate media sites on your internet browser and after you do that, "unsave" all the fake resistance sites which is probably, if you think yoJoshua is either stupid or getting paid!u are aware, just about every news source you seek out each day. At this point we now have a chance to start making progress.

Kevin Troudeau is now in jail. I think he started popping up on cable in the '90's with a slick style anyone with a brain could see right through. This just reaffirms my claim how people have learned how not to see the obvious because this guy never changes tactics, just specifics of what he's selling and he never lacks for fans as demonstrated in this adjacent picture. That poor dude who wants to send him money is really an idiot. If you are one of those, YOU REALLY DON'T BELONG HERE! The fact that Alex Jones and his ilk are happy to provide a forum for his brand of cool should be another clue. If you are a committed Alex Jones supporter, YOU REALLY DON'T BELONG HERE!

So, right now I know you're thinking, " Hey Slave, what  'miracle cures' do you have up your sleeve?"

 Well, let's get down to it, shall we? First of all, there are a couple of principles we have to understand and assimilate to start, plus, we need to know our weaknesses as the "inferior race". Let's remove our egos and acknowledge a few things inherent in human nature:

  • Deep down inside a person born into a particular group is going to have a belief that his group is more important than any other group. Endless hours might be spent by that person or his friends to come up with reasons why that is so. The participation in such endeavors contrary to actually being a sign of you or your race's greatness, is a sign of you or your race's averageness exemplified in the need to do exactly the same, self-serving thing every other person or race is doing
  • Apart from whether you are or are not  inferior or superior and I am not addressing "supremacist Jews", here, it is a fact  that the "master" race, at this time, belongs to a people who call themselves Jews. I am speaking in broad terms here. Individuals will always be individuals and should be uniquely judged accordingly but any honest appraisal of the people who call themselves Jews has to come down to the point that, by and large, most Jews are aware of their better circumstances and quite happy to support motions in whatever capacity to help keep it that way or improve it. The evidence that this belief can take hold while  in support of all things Jewish is easily identified by looking at the plight of the Palestinians and that whole psyop. I, personally, even before I woke up, found myself "defriended" by Jews totally buying into the idea we have been sold in America and probably most other places  that supporting Israel is an act of American Patriotism. However, I found Jews demonizing you for this while non-Jews would have, at most, disagreed politely, in most cases. Any idiot that hasn't been brainwashed or can see through the intimidation tactics used to enforce this mindset, can see the faulty logic of equating American patriotism to supporting a country on the other side of the world (just because your bank is owned by a Jew). It's pretty amazing how well this psyop has worked and continues to work.
  • As the master race, Jews are trained in the weaknesses of the goy and mind-controlled as to the "enemy nature" of the goy, actually, being taught that  in hard times the goy will turn on them and to, therefore, only trust their own. The fact of the matter is that it is often the other way around while the hard times are often Jewish psyops, intentionally setup for world takeover agenda reasons. As an example, the switching of Jewish support from Germany, in the US to England in the middle of WWI is but one of a thousand examples and it is a fact that has to occur in the nature of the Jew because Jews have an internationalist mindset due to their tribe being spread apart while remaining a strong cohesive unit for so long (it's in their DNA now) and their interests will always be to Judaism and the Jewish race and  the goals of the Jewish people over any needs of individual countries they happen to be traveling through. I have heard it said and it sounds true, that Jews consider individual countries as colonial enterprises.
  •  Because of Jewish small population numbers, they are forced to control through trickery and deceit and this in turn makes the goy mindset of honesty and nobility a weakness to exploit in Jewish eyes, commented upon with disdain in the Catechism. Our non- Jew traits considered a weakness is part of an integrity the Jews scoff at  since they consider us their enemies and something to exploit with no guilt! As a counter measure, we, the non-Jew people must consider as a given till proven otherwise, that a Jew is an enemy till proven to be a friend. As a goy born with a trusting nature, it pains me to say this but I am simply acknowledging the fact that we are a nation, the non-Jew nation that has been declared war upon and am responding in kind.
  • The Jewish holy book called the Talmud has entrenched this view of non-Jews into the vast majority of Jews in our midst. If you think you know some very friendly Jews, try refusing to grant their spun myths such as the holocaust any legitimacy and their white washing of Jewish-Zionist involvement of 911 and see if a shouting match doesn't ensue and barring that,  a petition to the admin to censor the conversation and barring that, a petition to ban the violator from Facebook, (Jewish op) and barring that, a drive to have you fired from your job, and barring that, a JDL team to comeby and remove you from this life! Whew! Jews are happy to be your friend as long as you continue spoiling them by humoring their myths. Let me help you with the facts, here. Their myths are self-serving to all Jews, that's why they got spun and the only reason placating their myths are good for us, individually, is because we are scared of what Jews can do when they are opposed as a group who already have mechanisms in place for handling what they consider subversion. That is a crisis I can't avert for you until our numbers grow in those willing to oppose the Jewish myths. However, I would say it is necessary to oppose the myths and YOU WILL FIND THE JEW CEASING TO BE YOUR FRIEND WHEN YOU DO SO!
  • Now, listen up goy, this needs to be part of our code! "It is no deceit to deceive a deceiver!" When your opponent has proved to have no regard for the truth over and over, it's nothing but pure idiocy to continue an expectations game of honor not mutually shared! I find the arguments in our community about the importance of having accurate facts amusing and tend to think the loudest advocaters may be INFILTRATOR-SUBVERTERS EMPLOYING INTIMIDATION TACTICS FOR THEIR MASTERS. I got an accurate fact for you, goy. The Jew believes everything you own is rightfully his and we need to find a way to change his mind or stop the effort ON THAT. Consider masons and infiltrators as "Goy-Jews".
  • For the last one hundred and fifty years, at least, the Jews have controlled us by, covertly, controlling our various political organizations, be they churches, social clubs, political action operations, etc, etc..This has been done through subversion, trickery, spying and often by using fake goy or "krypto Jews". Krypto Jews pretending they are goy and steering ideas in the directions of Jewish aims through targeting weaknesses in the mindsets of their host. Early on, I said to "unfavorite" all your media sites. The reason for that is that only co-opted agents are filling the slots. There is a selection process for enabling and disabling such people and much hinges on their following orders, unquestioningly, when needed which affects the information that is shared  and the direction the focus is aimed as well as the actions taken. Please be aware that it matters little if the co-opted disseminator is being paid  or simply scared to buck the Jews and so falls in line. The damage is near equal with the main difference being a dissembling goy might more easily be converted to our "pure" cause. Know this! Normal goy codes of conduct do not apply when trying to remove infiltrators that are taught to never admit they are infiltrating. As you all may be aware, I attack some people I believe are ops because I have concluded that it is the only way to determine if they are. Our "being nice" to each other is killing us and the enemy has learned to count on it. How bout let's try and throw them off a bit, shall we?
  • To counteract this and before any resistance is possible, we have to clean out the movement or better yet, create a movement with that priority in mind and go as slow or as fast as needed. Baby steps when needed, an all out sprint at other times when needed. We have to be adaptable to changing circumstances and constantly on the lookout for new ways they use to subvert us. It is a fact of life that provocateurs will undermine any legitimate overt behavior that challenges the Jew World Order. With that in mind, any resistance, once we find enough people  that have joined to make it worthy of being called a resistance, must act, anonymously, to the greatest extent possible and remembering the prior code of no deceit in deceiving a deceiver, to act appropriately in that spirit.

So again, you say, "Hey Slave, when are you going to tell us about the "miracle cures"?

    I think it's time for that, "Now is the time!". I think a good first step would be that because Jews accomplish much of their subversion through misdirection and one of the most common misdirection techniques is name changing, I recommend all goy, intelligent enough to do so, change their name to that of a known, commonly used, Jewish name. Tentatively, I have decided to petition for a new name of Slavebergenstein ( I figure the added "Stein" will make up for the fact I don't look Jewish. If it is affordable, all goy that change their names should also get a "hook-nose, nose job to cement in the misdirection.sorry about the"gross" but this is what we are trying for with the nose

  Be careful, goy, of the seductive Jewess-kingdoms fall for such bait! Obviously, at this point when enough goy have done so, this should start making the Jew think twice in occasions he took for granted before (the Jew is used to NOT having to look over his shoulder). To add to the effectiveness of the disguises, learning some Jewish jokes that make fun of the goy is always recommended. As an example,  Schlomo said to Jacob,"why did god invent goyim?" Answer-Somebody's got to pay retail! ( If a Jew was unsure of you beforehand, this will undoubtedly put his mind to rest!

  Another idea that jumps out at me is to "false flag" Jews for a terrorist act . The idea is to make it look like we, who are pretending to be Jews, are the perpetrators and obviously targeting the black population or the Arab population. This will also encompass the need to fully become a non-Jew movement as opposed to a multi-faceted divided front by having appropriate crisis actors to fill all roles (this will probably be trial and error). To be clear, if our movement is still "Neanderthal" to the extent no compartmentalization of dissent has been breached to enable joining together, let us false flag an attack on our white crisis actors (and actresses), blaming the event on the Jew (us, but  nobody else knows)! Again, very trial and error here!

On a more serious note and with some maturity in our cause, we have to make any co-Intel pro operative more scared of us than he is of the Jews he has been working for. Looking for ideas on how to do that!

Ever wonder why Jews are never the victims of a false flag provocation? (yes, I am aware the Jews,occasionally, sacrifice their own) It should be obvious. This was a Jewish invented strategy and since the goyim don't even know they are at war, it doesn't even occur to them to do such hideous things!

The advantage the Jews have always had is that they know what their purpose is.The Talmud has taught them that purpose from day one and once they assumed virtual control of our lives and the economy,  they have subverted our natural  tendencies to fulfill our purposes ever since because, to remind, everything we think is ours they believe God has granted to them. All Goyim should know our purpose is to keep the Jews from taking over by any means necessary, but first, we have to have a real resistance. Part of growing that real resistance will be tearing down the Jew built walls of compartmentalization that keeps all potential Jewish declared enemies from breaking bread, unifying and strategizing and you all know I believe the Jew is more behind that division than natural tribal pride and again, this isn't a strategy that started last week against us but two centuries ago.

Jewish "paid for" revolutions are not what we need to revolt.

A topic I didn't touch on but have brought up before, is that Judaism is, in reality, a "secret society" whose principles were passed on to masonic organizations to teach anointed goy how to act like Jews. Make no mistake, Jews are at the top. I can't stress too much that Jews rule by lying and so many of these silly arguments about who is an authentic Jew and particularities about religion are quite irrelevant. All you need to know is that if you are an ethnic Jew of any sort, you have a right to go to Israel and no one else does. The fact that so many Jews are atheist but super loyal to Jewish aims should dismember any notion that religion is all there is to Judaism. The fact that 90% of the original Bolshevik leaders were Jewish atheists is important in the recognition that they were JEWS. Being Jewish is their UNITY! Yes, the Talmud is a political handbook on how to takeover more than a religious handbook and whether a Jew declares atheism or not, one can't escape the indoctrination of the culture you grew up in. A culture seeping in Talmudism and in hate for Christ and, therefore, Christianity and a belief, self-serving at best, that they are God's chosen people, a belief, probably, to hook the stupider superstitious Jews who need a reason, no matter how dumb and this one is dumb, to non-assimilate with the hosts and follow the dictators of the Jews (rabiis). Oh yes, some can figure it out later and escape but it starts so early much of the belief system isn't consciously thought about and most never challenge it.

 Nuff said for now but it's a topic that will be revisited

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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