How to address the Muslim issue

I have  recently address the ongoing Muslim immigration issue that seems to be consuming more and more of my European brother's pre-occupations. I would like to define further, how this delicate situation must be handled if we want to avoid or make less likely that simply one more goyim war for Jews does not result from the subversion.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 01:54

Why I Fight the Subversion

Why I Fight that Subversion

Two months ago, everything seemed all hunky dorie between the two infiltrator Jews no one will call infiltrator Jews. The ongoing psyop to only go after young people who grew up with 911 as just another fact to learn at school is being manifested in the tree stooges, Andrew, Angelo and Sinead

Andrew  person of weird mixed blood, possibly with Jew, Angelo, who looks Jewish, occasionally releases bits and pieces of his Jewish dialect as he speaks and looks the part. He got his start in the movement with the help of Jews, by the way, and finally Sinead, The jewess from afar who pressed enter while giving many truther celebrities head and whatever else her body could offer. Yes, the age old Jewess tempress trick on young horney goyim almost always works and these Jewesses never forget whose side they are on, believe me.

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 Colonialism- Jews led the way, "When a jew must commit evil, let him go to where he is not known to do so!"

Colonialism began in the 15th Century. Guess who led the way.  Jews in Portual and Spain. This carried over into the 16th century but started to wane. Who was the new power? The Netherlands, out of Amsterdam because why? Powerful Jews resettled there

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Thursday, 29 October 2015 22:05

It's " Conspiracy Theory Thursday"!

  Ok, before I begin let me just say, these are all or mostly speculative opinions based on my belief that our movement has been infiltrated basically forever and that there is some sort of method to the madness.

That, it's going through various phases measured from the "Ground Zero" event, or the false flag, international, inside job that called for sacrificing innocents for an eventual result that will be hastened up a good bit by committing the atrocity. We, born and raised in America and rarely threatened on our native soil from other belligerent straw-men countries have long looked the other way as our military found it necessary to commit atrocities on the other side of the world in the name of fighting the "mythical fight of the moment" for the bankers of mostly Jewish persuasion.

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A week ago I stumbled into two videos that were supposedly outing shills. I am familiar with the video creater and he may have some issues as well. One of the videos was a summary of all his reasons why he thought JAM of John Alan Martinson was an op. He exposed various sides to martinson's charactor and displayed him as an exploiter of sorts.

I was all in on accepting much of what he claimed but in reviewing some of his work and, TBH, I haven't even seen "Missing Links" which is Martinson's creation, I decided to simply present various facts, pros and cons. One of the first things Martinson told me and he mentions it a lot in his videos, is that he is a satanist.

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Many of you may be aware of a  new presence in the White nationalist community, sort of. By sort of, I mean, I get the impression it's more an image than a reality. For some background, Weev is some sort of hack-tivist guy that got arrested and sentenced for infiltrating  AT&T somewhere before 2014 and he was sentenced to forty-three months in jail. He served less than a year and was released with an apparent overturning of the conviction, this, in April, 2014.  Weev is not a racist in anyway, history wise, please see  the adjacent video and the crowd he is surrounded by and the fact it is a "We Are Change" production, a covert Jew op run by Luke Rudkowsky who never talks about Jews and is an immigrant Jew from Poland, I believe.

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I claim it as self-evident when one looks at the last five hundred years of revolution against the goyim social order, that if a resistance main target isn't the Jew, he is ultimately at the Jew's service. anti-Zionism is not necessarily anti-Jewish and easily manipulated towards Jewish aims for remember, communism is never totally dead for it is at its core Jewish. But like Zionism, Communism and its evil, Jewish roots can be manipulated through media domination, to mean anything but Judaism. No, my friends, if you aren't attacking Jewish power, you aren't doing anything that the Jew can't swing to their advantage.

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Leaving the extremely important topic of why Andrew Winkler , AKA, "The Rebel of Oz" is a fucked up piece of "Trailer Trash " shit, Jesus has told me to share my heart on the Jewish strategy of connecting Hitlerism to racism. Let me restate for everyone new, there is no unco-opted resistance movement at this time just a Jew World Order anti-thesis movement to the more handle-able cattle  that are designated democrats and republicans and what I call masonic right and masonic left. The anti-thesis to the masons are the Hitlerian left-right and the anti-NWO  pro Jew movement.

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A couple days ago I posted an article by "Endzog" where I did a rather massive critique of some of his gripes that he laid out mostly centering around the impending doom of the "white man". Mind you, when "Endzog refers to "white man" he literally means males that are "white" With this one fell swoop, this writer has eliminated one-half his potential audience of the white race. Pretty amazing and, of course, he would not admit this when challenged I dare say but the words speak for themselves. This man is concerned about the Jew World Order because of what that means to European White Males and that's it.

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  Creativity is a funny thing. When it comes your way you better grab it by the horns because it will pass you by and may not come back and the chance will be lost. Before I realized Lady Gaga was an Illuminati witch, I found her quite intriguing.

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