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MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

Blindlight recommends to think long and hard about allowing the MSM to label you as a hate group by distorting your words and chopping up your views. Also excited commentary is a mistake and loaded language (since you know the interview will be chopped to accent that)

By the way, I fully expect MSNBC to win here

The Jewish-controlled media always chops up my interviews, dramatically altering my message to give their audience a poor impression of me.  The media typically performs this reporting alchemy in a “creative” manner or under the guise of “time-sensitivity,” reporting some of what I said; and in this country, reporting some truth (even if not the whole truth) is sufficient to avoid a slander lawsuit.

But sometimes the children of the lie can’t help themselves, and they blatantly slander me on the air!

The reporter states that when she questioned me about being a “civil rights advocate” that I said I was advocating for “working, white, Christian men.”

But in my own full recording of our interview, when she asked me that, I did not qualify my response with the restrictions “working,” “Christian,” nor “men,” and neither were the people for whom I advocated exclusively white.  Actually, I said that I advocated for,

…all groups which are victimized by Jewish supremacism, including Asians, blacks, white Americans.

The media intended to discourage vast swaths of the population from respecting and voting for me by portraying my advocacy as exclusively for specific whites.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  My advocacy is inclusive to all victims of Jewish supremacism, including Asians, Arabs, blacks, whites, Jews themselves, the working and unemployed, Christians and Muslims, and men and women!  The media slandered that I only advocated for the rights of a single group, when in fact I said that I advocated for a diverse set of groups.

Throughout the full interview, I explicitly stated that white Americans were not the only group that suffered from Jewish supremacism.

“…I feel Jews are using this position of power over other races to marginalize them and exploit them, not just whites.”

“I believe whites are one of the many groups that are oppressed and targeted for destruction by Jews.

I cited the primarily Jewish-led Bolsheviks’ genocide of Europeans.  I cited the Jewish dominance of the trans-Altantic slave trade and fantastically-high per-capita rate of pre-Civil War slave ownership, both of which scarred African Americans’ legacy in our country.  I explained that top-of-their-class Asian Americans lose seats at Harvard to Jews with very low scores.

I explain my position as a civil rights advocate at other times, too.

“[David Duke] is a civil rights advocate, just like me.”

“A civil rights advocate, for…?”

“Human rights, the rights of all groups to self-determination, the rights of all people to have freedom of association.”

MSNBC is going to seriously regret slandering me when I serve them with this lawsuit.  The enormous sum of money we secure from these liars will go a long way to fund future campaigns of civil rights advocates and mass-awakenings of the American public.  If we made it this far on a few thousand bucks, how far would $1 million get us?  $2 million?  $10 million?

Perhaps we will also get a public apology from MSNBC, during prime time on the most-viewed weekday, admitting that they sabotaged my character, interfering with our political process by using a bold-faced lie to cost me new support in my Senate race.

They should have stuck to Pavlovian conditioning.  As more and more people sicken of the fake news media, they will turn to us for the truth.  We will never stop telling the truth, and we will never stop naming the Jew.


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