Saturday, 27 February 2016 12:22

Hitlerian Pyramid Intro

Hitlerian Pyramid Intro

I come on for twenty minutes in this video below to explain a bit about my site and more specifically, my Hitlerian Pyramid concept and encourage you to spend some extra time getting acquainted with the content. As it has new concepts expressed in a way unique to my oratory, many people can leave confused upon the first reading of this material. I encourage you to keep coming back to it if you are or become a regular reader of my site or I consider  the concepts inherent in my world view and refer, in passing, over and over in other articles, these positions and constructs

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Once Upon a Time, I had a Sinead McCarthy Problem, too!

Those who have read my two bios articles are aware that I masqueraded as a female for awhile about two years ago. I found myself in some difficult circumstances because of that that reminds me of what Sinead must feel not being able to come clean about her Jewish roots and her fake name

Part I

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I reiterate the need for some goyim to seek out a stronger ball transplant for their anatomy

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Saturday, 20 February 2016 13:47

Separate Release of my Anti_Jew Statement

I articulate for this video, my belief that the movement has to focus directly on the Jew if we don't want to continue camouflaged same ole, same ole....subverter, pretend goy- Jewlie Mitchell


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