One other issue to address is the topic of National Socialism. “Nazism” as it is more commonly known has unfortunately been labeled alongside the pro-white movement for a long time. The Left-wing media constantly trots out the mantra that any pro-white individual is either involved in neo-nazi organizations or in the Ku Klux Klan. Backwards mentally-deficient men in funny costumes are given the microphone and allowed to spew hateful and downright foolish rhetoric which only serves to deter legions of passionate white men and women who genuinely love their people and keep them sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a true banner to rally behind. National Socialism from the very beginning had no qualms about betraying the right-wing parties in Germany and was openly hostile to the Church. While Hitler made passing remarks supporting Christianity, it is clear when one looks at his writings and words that his goal was to replace worship of God with a worship of the “Aryan” people and of himself. The right-wing and the monarchists thought that they could work with the Nazis to achieve a bulwark against the communists. Just as the modern pro-white movement seems to have made a silent alliance with National Socialists, we somehow are unable to look at the example of the past to know what happens to those who deal with monsters.

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Know who the Real Enemy Is and It Ain't me!

The co-opted site, Renegade Tribune, blocked me from commenting simply cause I told them they sucked Jew dick. No, actually I think Sinead, who really hates a guy that thinks for himself,  told Kyle to do it. I have brought Sinead to your attention before, a young girl that came out of nowhere to "marry" Kyle Hunt and pushes the WN talking points as her cointel pro assignment.

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TO rehash, a couple of months ago, I got some evidence of revivement on the world stage pertaining to John. I wrote up a fairly positive article on him, initially and  then when I saw he was becoming visible over at posting three blogs in a row, I began commenting on his you-tube channel. I was all in for John to show me he was into uniting. Alas, it was not to be for in some or all of John's replies to yours truly and others, he made his distain known to all, even those he had never interacted with before

This led me to post  a reassessment

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Two months ago, soon after the Joshua Goldberg case broke, I started taking a look at Andrew Aurenheimer. Proclaimed to be  some sort of boy genius, he garnered the reputation of hacker extraordinaire, giving one head-ache after another to TPTB (Jews). He is also a renowned troll and unfortunately way to intelligent too seriously believe the bull-crap he be espousing up above there on you-tube.

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Queeny looks like she'd make great soap!Some of you may be aware of this person. She portends to be  a researcher who follows folks within the identity movement mostly, but others as well, whom she proclaims are not legit. Once she targets a person seriously, it appears she doesn't let them go. In that instance me and her are a bit alike. She also claims to be in the Identity movement or Christian Identity herself and that outward reason for her concern about "fakers"

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Monday, 23 November 2015 07:34

Two Krypto Jews in the WN Community?

I thought I'd pull up two krypto Jews pushing white victimhood and race wars as fake WNs. Julie (Jewlie) Mitchell is small time but my forst op encounter from three years ago. Angelo Gage is someone who just caught my attention being pushed out and enabled by known infiltrators like Andrew Anglin. He has, like Jewlie, fairly obvious neanderthal features, brags about his hero worship of infomercial huckster Anthony Robbins and is a trained hypnotist.

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