The Hitlerian Pyramid Initiative

This started with three essential articles explaining my Hitlerian Pyramid Initiative and now includes articles that support the mind set we must face and the attitude we must adopt

To avoid confusion, please begin with :

Hitlerian Enlightenment acknowledges that the pre-requisite to solving any other problems is  the recognition of Jewish obstruction and subversion. Hitler united a predominantly all white volk and turned poverty into prosperity, a disdain for others into a loyalty for the fatherland. What is clear is that good people can disagree on the importance of the race factor when we still have the Jew factor to confront while working together to subvert it's tyranny. Two years ago I made a feeble attempt to deal with this in the first article I ever wrote.

Since then,  it's become clear to me that what I call the Hitlerian left and right are refusing to realize that they are two sides of the same Hitlerian coin and therefore not enemies  to demonize and undermine but comrades that get the imperative that the Jew needs confronting. This is the primary thing that should be able to unite us all.................................

Sunday, 27 September 2015 16:00

The Hitlerian Movement, a Challenge to Masonic Power

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I came into this movement three years ago. A movement the seemed to have a lot of promise after all, we know who's fucking with us.We know we've been lied to  and they will sacrifice us willy nilly to  fullfill their aims. When I determined that the source of the deadly leak was the Jew I began to peel away the layers that seemed to be the problem before and always I found a Jew puppeteering a goyim pawn. Sometimes it puppeteered and sacrificed pawn Jews all at the service of this Talmudic calling that states by all rights Jews are the master race.

Thursday, 24 September 2015 16:00

We Need a Way to Grow, Here's How!

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Well goyim, I have had a strategy for the last year or so, of exposing what is apparently co-opted behavior by leaders in the Jew-wise resistance. What I have found is that most within the community understand there is a problem but only wish to confront the problems in adjacent areas.....

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 08:00

Repost of my First Article Written in Nov. 2013

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a repost of my very first article. Little has changed from my base world view, just a bit wiser, perhaps

  • Never let the usurping entity and it's minions undermine your message by undermining you- keep the focus on the validity of the message- lies can't fight full on truth-they have to distract and obfuscate!
  • Never let them get away with quick references such as "Nazis and fascists" that promote "unthinking" behavior- they do this to win the argument with "sheep" still brainwashed- dissect, in public, their tactics

Recently, on the 29th, I published an article about the, encouraged, art of Jewish lying.We started  getting into

the area of misdirection, touching on it at the end. Of course it is an extension of the lie, an off-shute, if you will and not only employed against the resistance in the MSM, who, to those, living in the rabbit hole, is quite easy to see through but employed in the rabbit hole as well through agents and covert operatives pretending to have the same values and the same aims as us and often, due to their access of "inside information" are seen as experts and leaders for whom to follow.

Sunday, 22 March 2015 00:00

Avoiding 1984

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I have read 1984 and watched the the movie numerous times. It offers a bleak picture of what may be in store for humanity if government "Big Brotherizes" itself making 80% of the people, folks living in slum conditions, with objectives fixed on just getting by till the next day comes .Doing be-littling, back-breaking work, repetitive movements ad-nauseum all to make the elite machine as efficient as possible, paid in wages to allow a roof over the head, some food on the table and some crumbs if saved to buy something nice a couple times a year.

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