The Hitlerian Pyramid Initiative

This started with three essential articles explaining my Hitlerian Pyramid Initiative and now includes articles that support the mind set we must face and the attitude we must adopt

To avoid confusion, please begin with :

Hitlerian Enlightenment acknowledges that the pre-requisite to solving any other problems is  the recognition of Jewish obstruction and subversion. Hitler united a predominantly all white volk and turned poverty into prosperity, a disdain for others into a loyalty for the fatherland. What is clear is that good people can disagree on the importance of the race factor when we still have the Jew factor to confront while working together to subvert it's tyranny. Two years ago I made a feeble attempt to deal with this in the first article I ever wrote.

Since then,  it's become clear to me that what I call the Hitlerian left and right are refusing to realize that they are two sides of the same Hitlerian coin and therefore not enemies  to demonize and undermine but comrades that get the imperative that the Jew needs confronting. This is the primary thing that should be able to unite us all.................................

Through Deception They Wage War....On Us!

The Jew World Order is sold to us as real in the public arena. Those that make the rules and order the actors on what to do and not to do are behind the curtain. Ever since Paul figured out a way to get the goyim to undermine it's king and status quo within the Roman Empire via the "Christianity psyop", the Jews have done most of their work behind the curtain,  in the backstage area where the puppet strings emanate from.

Of course, the most loyal, best actors are also Jews but when you are dealing with goyim niches that are inherently distrustful of Jewish power, that must be covered up. Therefore, they change their name, get a nose job, adopt an anonymous cover ID online to sell the Jewish agenda through the acting out on the public stage

Working Within the JWO or seeking Removal, How to Tell the Difference

This article idea was born off the writing of these other two articles. Resisting the NWO Does Not Include Fighting For First Dibs on Jew Crumbs and My Theory on the Abrahamic Religions-Are They a JWO Controlling Mechanism?. The topics dealt with are when the JWO really began in its present form and the temptation promoted in the other of accepting the JWO as a fact and maneuvering for higher status within the op.

The problem with that though is many of these folks simply maneuvering for higher status within a corrupt operation are pretending or implying that they are fighting it. Their reasoning is usually scanty as they prefer to focus your attention on the JWO talking points being promoted throughout the world that apply to their advocacy. Those folks, maneuvering within the deceitful JWO mechanism are referred to in the protocols as third tier dissent:

Do you really want to work within that system heading for a bridge to nowhere for the 99% or do you want to bring it down with blood and fire! Choose wisely, now, while a choice is still there.

Saturday, 04 June 2016 10:56

Hitler Tried to Bring About an NWO

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Hitler Tried to Bring About an NWO

For anyone totally Jew-wise, it is a fact that WWII was a war between goyim ruled countries and Jewish ruled countries.The Jews sensed the danger of Hitler the moment he took power and immediately began to lobby for a WWII. Hitler understood that Germany would never last alone against international Jewry and so began to methodically bring other European entities into his sphere of influence. Unlike what people like VK Clark imply or miss, Hitler was attacking Jewish power when he attacked other goyim nations.  The trick is to see that these nations were dominated by Jews. As Miss Clark and others like her like to pretend that international Jewry doesn't exist and makes it all about individual countries, she and they pretend  the Jews don't control but only influence and thus this ilk Jew reliant suckups reinforces the Jewish myths of goyim power and a shadowy innocent Jew that just wants to be let alone.

 The trick is to see that these nations were dominated by Jews. As Miss Clark and others like her like to pretend that international Jewry doesn't exist and make it all about individual countries she and they pretend  the Jews don't control but only influence, this ilk reinforces the Jewish myths of goyim power and a shadowy innocent Jew that just wants to be let alone...

I am the Next Hitler Breaks down What He Stands For

 It has come to my attention that many WN leaning gentlemen, disenchanted with the way things are are going with their movement, are coming to my site with expectation that my personal value system will line up closely with the group think occurring amongst identitarians, many of whom identify themselves, at least loosely, as White Nationalists

First of all, before I go into my beliefs, I would like to say that it is my opinion that the Jewish elite power structure has in place a system dedicated to undermining the traditions of all nativist cultures. Jews, being an international tribe that has lived for thousands of years not defining it's nations by where rivers flow, oceans beach or mountains rise up has methodically gone about in covert fashion, the business of usurping as much power as possible from the locals. Early on, they realized  that two prerequisites were needed to do that efficiently and effectively. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 03:49

Hitlerian Masonic Explanations

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You are just moving deck chairs if you aren't going after the JewThe above banner shows the inherent difference between a masonic point of view and a Hitlerian one. The Tom Cruise caption, "Show me the lampshades!" In that simple exclamation, it tells you where a Hitlerian demands to go and where masonic entities such as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Daily Stormers dare not to go if they wish to receive attention. My stance and I am the Next Hitler, is that we can not proceed, in any productive way, to solve our real problems without adopting a Hitlerian view point

Now, the JWO slight of hand, here, is  in the creation of ops like the Daily Stormer that hint at being Hitlerian but, on all important issues, come down masonically. This is standard control the opposition technique

Saturday, 20 February 2016 13:47

Separate Release of my Anti_Jew Statement

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I articulate for this video, my belief that the movement has to focus directly on the Jew if we don't want to continue camouflaged same ole, same ole....subverter, pretend goy- Jewlie Mitchell

The White Victim-hood parade Continues With  the Superbowl

Written by "I am the Next Hitler"


I love to see all the whites pretend to fight mainstream propaganda by hanging on every word and action mainstream propaganda does and utilizes.If you were a "man" you would display your open disdain for it's clear attempts to do so instead of participating in it's dialogue with whining and complaining at every step in reaction of.

If it is true, like I believe it is, that we live  in a world covertly run by Jews and are exposed to a media that they overtly own which means they are the arbitrators of accepted discussion, paying attention to it's latest comings and goings simply contributes to it's dominance by displaying your attention to be fixated on it's message

Sunday, 06 December 2015 11:00

My Evolving World View "Fighting the Last War"

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Image result for My evolving Analogies of Our World PredicamentAs I gaze down the street, whores on both sides lookin for Johns,  windows bein bashed in to the shop because "black lives do matter" as the radio plays in ear phone telling me some Arab went on a killin spree, behind my gaze and between my ears I know I am seeing the fruits of the labor of the revolutionary talmudic Jew in all these happenings An evolving process, speeded to  amazing quickness as the monopoly of money mixes with the greed of the intelligent man below him to get him to do and perform treats for daily he would never do if he understood the purpose of the doing.

When I see those words in that photo above, I am struck by the fact I hear little silence around me. However the silence of my would be friends is stark when it comes to engaging in Hitlerian thinking, the mindset through which is the only way to have a meaningful change to our dilemna.

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