Avoiding 1984. It could Happen

***Note to readers- this was make second major prelude of resistance visioning I came up with, originally posted fifteen months ago. Therefore, I deem it proper to include it in my "Hitlerain Initiative section***

written by Slave

it's gonna be fucking awful!I have read 1984 and watched the the movie numerous times. It offers a bleak picture of what may be in store for humanity if government "Big Brotherizes" itself making 80% of the people, folks living in slum conditions, with objectives fixed on just getting by till the next day while doing be-littling, back-breaking work, repetitive movements ad-nauseum all to make the elite machine as efficient as possible, paid in wages to allow a roof over their head, some food on the table and some crumbs, if saved, to buy something nice a couple times a year.

 All this requiring a substantial army of about 15% of the population to enforce the dictates of the day, no questions asked, blind loyalty expected, thinking outside the box strictly forbidden, if 2+2 is claimed to be 5, agreement offered.Then you have about 4% who have either by birth or by extreme talent  earned privileged perches to create and serve the master 1%."Thought crime", "own life" behavior no longer accepted with severe penalties rendered all being mind-controlled into a public to accentuate that part of themselves that is robotic and best in service to the elites where to do otherwise immediately brings on pangs of loneliness, for to think for oneself, does make one truly alone in this new,1984, age.

So I was thinking how lucky I am to live in a free country, with none of these issues but what if I wasn't?

(necessary allusion to make believe)

What would be a good modus operandi (MO) for a lowly prole, indeed a group of lowly proles, to insert a cog in the wheel to make the masters worry for their safety and distract them from their aims instead of always vise-versa? Picture this made up scenario.

The elites have been working their kabalistic majek for many years.They have conditioned the public to distrust their heritage, countries outside their borders and inside, their neighbors,too. They have segmented all groups as if within fences, but in reality with mind conntrol, that all others not like you are not to be trusted and in case it's not clear if you are one volk or 10 races within one country, they broadcast horror stories to assure that you believe the latter.

Horrible diseases and nuclear type weapons capable of planet, total destruction are made by the elites so as to make the proles quake as to their utter dependence on "Big Brother" to save them. Various "fear psychologies have always been the easiest way to keep people compliant and obedient. The elites, who, basically, use groomed puppets, sold to the people as folks just like them, have drug laced, in covert ways, strategically, many areas of life, all to sap personal initiative and make a compliant obedient worker for jobs no one would "to die for".

They have manufactured elaborate hoaxes bent around events of destruction perpetrated by wild unstoppable enemies as an excuse to implement all sorts of legal spying maneuvers that basically make only the most carefully thought out interactions free from alien scrutiny. They have utilized sacrificial false flag killings, in increasing numbers, to make the people fear for their safety and accept one police state enabling measure after another.

They are creating misery already in many areas of the globe, utilizing the power of TV to make it all seem like make believe to the governed at home. They have trained folks, loyal to themselves, the Jewish elites, to pass their persons off as folks loyal to the masses. In the case of the unaware sheep, they are meant to guide gently, in the direction the elites want.

In the case of those that are half awake and gossiping about what doesn't add up between the claims and the realities, they send ops to enter those confines too.They are there to give trick explanations and fantastic claims that mesmerize all for the purpose of neutralizing and disabling any possibility of dissent that might turn into action against the wishes of the powerful.

They have still more, that act as instigators for dissent but in reality are taking their places to control it. These too, sent by TPTB on a mission of trickery and nullification. They focus on a target aware, problematic group and they analyze the weaknesses and potential distraction points they exhibit.Then they are sent in promoting an anti-elite message to co-opt the trust of their targets and when that is accomplished, they begin testing the resoluteness of this potential mob, throwing in the talking points that are given appreciation by the targets while not rocking the Elite boat. It may even look like it is rocking but that is because, this matrix web has layers of illusions to cross, so many layers.

Then there are the folks who flat out come to the point that they now realize that it's themselves, along with all the other various factions of proletariet who are targets considered to be enemies of the rulers and not just the "enemies" broadcast to them by the elites. They see thru all the cons that are perpetrated as facts that 90% don't see. It is for these that the best, trickiest intel operatives are sent. If the infiltrators can't move the group with words and ideological distractions, they simply do things to obstruct, as if all innocent but obstructing just the same. They are pretending they are someone they are not. They are pretending they are part of the resistance and they are not.Tthey are spies! It is this last group that is the potential saving grace for the people against a tyrannical elite. It is this group more than the others that hear the talking heads spouting "pretend dissent" and seeing it for what it is, not getting to the core of the problem, indeed sending a delusion to the proles, proclaiming hopelessness. It is only these people  in this last group that are capable of starting an unco-opted resistance because it is only these people, of all the 4 groups, that can identify  the endless amount of misdirection going on.It is this group that determines that the only way to inform accurately  the rest of the proles and then to get real number changes in the aware quotient is to remove the disinfo agents and liars and shills of the state apparatus. It becomes known that  if the liars and shills  know there are real prices to be paid for lying and shilling, it will be harder for TPTB to gather reinforcements.

Thru high level scrutiny with priorities placed on those folks suspected of shading, distorting and outright lying for power while pretending to be one of us, the weeding out process with dire consequences for the guilty is enacted.

There is a certain morality in this tactic, for the stakes could not be higher for all mankind and indeed the world. The elites have gained control through teaching us to serve mammon and not our higher natures. They rule through deception and do what ever they can to make our accessibility to real knowledge mute.

We begin to find in these agents that no one wants to lay their well being on the line for a cause they don't believe in beyond the money or other threats used to buy their loyalty. Secrets divulged, after all, is more preferable than the consequences occurring for being outed as a traitor. The wavering folks that are coopted but not totally owned start unshading the truth as their boldness grows along with our success. They always wanted to do it but position, family, feelings of friends held them back.

This last group will have realized that true loyalty has to be above going to the highest bidder, that there are things that you do, not so you can have an extra car or 3 car garage, but because it is necessary to the survival of your volk. Thusly, efforts will be made and systems put in place to seek out and identify traitors in their midst, not only in their group but in some of the others as well. The mindless majority sheep will simply follow whoever is winning the psychology war but the other groups can be tightened up for loyalty, real truth dissemination and strength of purpose.

The 1st initial actions of resistance will have a catalyzing effect on the folks needing that extra push to get started cause everyone has wanted to start doing something they just didn't know what. The action of the fourth group is clarifying that issue.The elite group has started showing them the way. The proles aren't just being acted upon and pushed around, they are making the enemy empire begin looking over their shoulders. As things move along, the force that strives for good will clear paths and illuminate visions in the doing of the right things. It will be a terrible and mighty fight before it is thru, but in the end, it is the only way to avoid a "1984".

Read this article to see the tip of the iceberg-the enemy is living amongst us and their motives are to subvert us http://goybiscuits.com/friends-don-t-let-friend-drive-drunk-mcs.html

Luckily, dear reader, we live in America, where all that I haven spoken about could never happen!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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