Dr. Evil is not going to change. he is going to stay evil and so will TPTBResisting the NWO Does Not Include Fighting For First Dibs on Jew Crumbs

I think awakening via an event like 911 which was the blatant attack by a government on its own people under a false flag scenario is one of those events that if not shattering your previous worldview about the nature of the power structure that rules us, can quickly lead to that reassessment.

 When it happened to me, I was not Jew-wise and probably viewed it as an "Inside Job". Due to the network, I was operating in at the time, the Ron Paul groupie cult,  it was but a short time before MK Ultra mind control, eternal Illuminati bloodline families, Rothschild Zionism, and satanic creatures, being at the bottom of it all, quickly started fighting for dominance within my prerogatives as to the cause.

I soon realized that there was an international shadow government that coordinated  the activities of these elitist subversives via the three cities, Washington-military, London-financial and the Vatican-religious. Since I wasn't Jew-wise, it didn't occur to me the huge omission of Jerusalem within that framework.

I got that idea as well as many others from "The Ring of Power" a Grace Powers movie. Grace Powers is one of those people that are probably connected with the elites but pretending to be one of us. I assume the name is fake and she has little direct action with everyday folks which is always a red flag when scrutinizing for subversion. She has no name, she has no face, she is no one. You can't stand behind NO ONE. This is her website where "no one" operates. She entered the movement early from afar and stopped at the Zionism, Israeli gate as far as criticism goes. She seems to engage in Jew psycho babble drama to up her popularity. This shows her going in the direction of "Jews are Change" Jew Rudkowsky's grassroots corporate resistance op who is selling workshops on how to be a resistance fighter.

However, at the time, that all passed me by and the information got me looking deeper. She was pushing the Jesus was really Caeser myth which if you watch the long documentary you will see. That's a red flag that she's a covert Jew or satanist working for Jews at a minimum since I have now discovered that all the Abrahamic religions are Jewish psyops.

By this point, it was clear to me that our power structure WAS THE ENEMY. I realized this by seeing how all real revelations about the nature of power were not only kept hidden by  our representatives in government but also in the mainstream media we had all been brought up to believe was watching out for our interests. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the holes in the official 911 story were being kept hidden and the lies were being supported by our free press.

Adding two and two together, it quickly became clear to me that it was not possible to work within such a corrupt system. If lying was the ticket to entry,  trying to change the structure from within seemed to be not an option. Instead, I would use the pretension of free speech that the Jews have fostered in order to undermine goy kings to awaken the populace for a real revolution to resolve the problem and work around the corporate structure that is part of the ruling apparatus.

This is why I got involved because something inside of me had always told me of the hopelessness of our political dialogue within that structure and 911 helped me reassess it from being a random natural occurrence to that of orchestrated evil hidden by the mind controlled 24-hour propaganda organ called tv and radio.

Becoming Jew-wise through understanding the Jewish roots of all revolutions and latching onto self-incriminating documents such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion took it to a new level in me who had been a person who grew up quite comfortably around Jews in my youth. I had already noticed that my previous complaints about Israel had elicited scorn from the Jews on my friend's list, however, so I suppose that was a warning of what was to come and also an explanation of why so many gentiles avoid those areas of criticism.

I, however, have never been part of  Jewish corporate America, owning my own small business and have not had to worry about pleasing Jews to stay employed and still don't. This makes me unhampered by livelihood concerns when criticizing the Jew. Much of this occurred in 2012. I morphed from a cynical political watcher to a guy on a mission to expose the subversion ( I have since become a cynical watcher of the corrupted nature of those who make a pretense to expose the subversion while they do their share of subverting. In other words, I have come to the conclusion that "the resistance" is tied into the JWO power structure).

Coopted agents like JAM passed for real dissent and fooled me Much of the community had few illusions, I thought, that the cancer that could allow a 911 to happen could be easily cut out. The main system was censoring all our content counting on the fact that most people believed in the authenticity of the corporate news structure where they obtained their information. Watching successful-looking people trained at selling warn the populace about this crazy group of subversives that could actually entertain the notion our own government would intentionally kill people it was elected and set up to serve was a powerful talking point for all left unexposed to the red pill.

Even with red pill exposure, people's need to believe in their upbringing could often rationalize away the harder to swallow truths associated with our subversion..And then there was the subversion within the resistance itself that I had but a vague inkling of in 2012 but quickly started to assimilate. After all, just becoming Jew-wise makes you aware of that whole part of the movement dedicated to not exposing Jewish power. What that meant was  that there was an organized effort, ongoing, to link any Jewish findings of guilt to "anti-semitic tirades". Talk about 911, MK Ultra, elite family dynasties,  blood kin to Noah all you want, but keep the Jews and any blame you might assess to them out of the discussion.

Just understanding the fact that, yes, it really is the Jews behind the subversion opens up the infiltration psyop flood gates as a new problem that must be confronted. Many of you, I am sure, have noticed my ongoing efforts to do so these last two years. This is so because of the fact that no resistance can succeed with your generals all on the payroll of the enemy.

Anglin in place to "cuck" the Jew-wise out of white nationalismThis fact, yet to be coped with adequately, is taking a toll on the real dissenters out there.  The purity of the vision of the problem is getting corrupted by the non-stop onslaught of subversives distracting from what needs to be done to resist and trumpeting the need to work within the structure by playing up the messages of the day the elite release and reacting to it with their "agendas for success".

These subversives imply to their audience, their success by pointing to their MSM exposure and their good ole boy network propping each other up passed on to the followers as "freedom fighters". The fact that that seems to impress highlights the shallowness in the  foundations many fighting the evil have in their belief systems. Something is missing in their critical thinking skills. Some part of the JWO "nothink" system still takes up space in their brain.

It is a red flag when Jews advertise a supposed subversive by calling them an anti-semite."Warning" to the public is also advertizing to the public. It reveals the person being warned about to be controlled opposition, a limited hangout or fake, take your pick.

It is always the case when one looks at the history of subversive movements, that the power structure tries to bring the upstarts into the fold and they throw bones out to the resistance leaders to join with the big boys. It is so clear that that is occurring now with so many folks hopping on the Donald Trump bandwagon, a clear zionist puppet who sprinkles in a few controversial messages to make us think he really might be an enemy of the status quo. The fact that the obvious being ignored by the leaders who assure their followers assimilate their message of choice and lets me know that what once had the potential to do serious damage to the power structure is well under control "playing dead" on que.

Perhaps it is just me. Perhaps what I assumed about other's understanding of the situation was never close to the reality of the real situation at hand. For example, in 2014, I had the notion that if those folks whining about Jew censorship on Facebook could be given an adequate alternative they would be eager to join for it would clearly undermine their control. Boy, was I wrong there. I quickly found out that the Jew addictions cultivated over the last 2000 years were cemented in, even with those folks that were holocaust and 911 aware.

Then, when you add in the fact that the JWO was totally on the inside of our movement from the beginning, controlling or leading the dialogue into areas of least harm and mix that with people's need to continue their white privileged lives in fact while they pine for some sort of never-land possibility they will not take steps to create, it provides fertile fields for leader subverters such as David Duke and Andrew Anglin to steer the crowd into a fight of empty eloquence over a battle already lost such as when whites sided with Jews  against Adolph Hitler in 1940 and gave all of Europe to the Jew.

These people  wish to keep the JWO that's good for their particular people or causes and likewise scream about the part not working out so well. This allows for them to honor Jewish white colonialism in areas such as Canada, the USA, Australia and South Africa while blaming the Jew for the slavery part. They take pride in the JWO colonialism because, in their own self, tribal conceit, they think they were behind it so dialogues have to be created on how no blacks were in South Africa before whites came,  and Indians slaughtered the originals whites that came to the North American continent 5000 years ago and simply got what was coming to ASSUAGE A WHITE, NATURAL SENSE OF GUILT THAT OCCURS WHEN YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR A JEW OP and make it your own...

In other words, let's forget about logic, fairness and intelligence here and parrot out narratives that show you and yours in the most noblest of lights. The Jews too like white support for the history of colonialism, or the American Revolution, or Christianity, or the splitting of Christianity through the Jewish created Protestant movement. Whenever we self-identify with a part of the Jew World Order, it's always good for Jews. Not only that, but it hurts the areas we do get as being part of the subversion when we don't assimilate the full aspects of the con. The con I call the Jew World Order.

The Jews begin to tremble until they realize the lack of depth to the goy gaze and animal qualities are reaffirmed, their safety secured!

To conclude, when a group of people who understand that both 911 and the holocaust are systemic lies that must be kept hidden to rise in the Jew World Order, that false flags must be accepted at Jewish explained, face value to participate and they still participate, they are announcing to one and all that the JWO can not be defeated and we need to do the best with what they allow us to engage in to get the best deal we can. Of course, most all of these same people know where the ship is headed having quoted many of the JWO aims in various posts.

The object is to make a world overtly subservient to a handful of privileged folks and pay homage to the religion of the Jews as the one world religion that remains approved. Please recall, during the Bolshevik takeover, Christian clergy was slaughtered, Christian churches burned. Jewish synagogues were left alone.

Yes, the Jews created a goy slave religion called Christianity that brought them into the mind controlled universe of the Jews away from their pagan roots. Yes, most NWO dissenters still support that power structure as a gentile entity, not Jewish. The Christian church has served its Jewish purpose for  when a rule stands on the stage in all its power, it must cast aside prior games needed to be played in order to get to that position. It's one thing to have a decadent society and be able to blame Christian-pagan pawns as scapegoats. It is and will be another when Jews unveil the messiah after a huge goyim bloodbath just down the road. You will find yourself in a whole different world. A world with a boot pressed against your face forever, many of the "liberalisms" previously fostered to subvert, no longer needed for their aims and removed as an option..

Do you really want to work within that system heading for a bridge to nowhere for the 99% or do you want to bring it down with blood and fire! Choose wisely, now, goy, while a choice is still there.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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