Hitler Tried to Bring About an NWO

For anyone totally Jew-wise, it is a fact that WWII was a war between goyim ruled countries and Jewish ruled countries.The Jews sensed the danger of Hitler the moment he took power and immediately began to lobby for a WWII. Hitler understood that Germany would never last alone against international Jewry and so began to methodically bring other European entities into his sphere of influence. Unlike what people like VK Clark imply or miss, Hitler was attacking Jewish power when he attacked other goyim nations.  harder to figure are the ones that name the Jew while covering for themImage result for Hitler's NWO

 The trick is to see that these nations were dominated by Jews. As Miss Clark and others like her like to pretend that Jews don't control but only influence, this ilk of Jew reliant suckups reinforces the Jewish myths of goyim power and a shadowy innocent Jew that just wants to be left alone and never hurt nobody!...

Every war of any significance over the last 500 years has been a psyop for Jews. They admit it in their protocols and speeches to other Jews when the goyim aren't supposed to be listening and until you get a hand around that fact, you, dear reader, will be an easy target for Jewish misdirection and fake saviors they continue to place in front of you as part of their con.

 Hitler saw what the Jew was, an organized subversive body. He saw their ability to not only mind control ordinary Jews to do their bidding but ordinary gentiles as well, accomplishing this by media control and educational curriculum influence which he gained by manipulating goy politicians through supporting them and their lackeys for positions of influence in areas of strategic significance for Jewish power (almost everywhere)...

The system within which he operates I call masonic. Judaism is a secret society at its heart and it has gained control of masonry-like organizations as well as cults and religious branches, while creating the "liberalism" that is used to then, create the democracy, one man, one vote, so easy for those with too much power to control...Hitler saw the Jew behind slavery, colonialism, most exploitation going on while, interestingly, he took an area of political thought actually invented by Jews but did what the Jews never intended, follow through with the goods and make it work. He went about putting in good people to implement socialist policies that forced the rich and powerful to cow-tow to the will of the state when in conflict. He had quickly had the most successful economy in the world when just a few years before,  the whole country was in the poor house. His success came from his desire to truly serve and lead the people he ruled getting an aware people who had the nation's best interest at heart to implement policies.At the same time, he removed all of the Jewish roadblocks  and though Jewish power was diminished, Jews as a body still were better off than the gentile body they lived next door to. Bingo, Germany climbed to the top in a couple of years from barely scraping by while earning the respect of many great men who also saw the corrosive Jew evil seeking more and more control. Men like Joseph Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Mahatma Gandhi and the English king who was quickly dethroned by the real leaders of England, the Jewish bankers....There were good reasons why most exploited third world countries decided to fight for Hitler if Jewish control had not seized too much control over them  by the start of the war.

Hitler had no sympathy with the exploiter's mentality, even when it came to animals but for those of you unconvinced of this Jew- gentile confrontation analogy, all one has to do is give me a good reason why the US enabled and supported the Bolshevik takeover of Russia as they slaughtered gentiles by the millions and tore down their churches while leaving synagogues standing for Jewish Russians. All one has to do is see their toleration of the Russian invasion of Poland and their intolerance of Hitler's attack. Then look at the end of the war gift to the Bolshevik Jews of half of all gentile Europe. Now do you see?...

For those that believe in Hitler's co-option to the Jews,  I would simply point out the need to demonize Hitler to this day as proof that he was not a controlled operative. Hitler was everything the Jews want in an anti-christ except for the fact he wasn't a Jew and he didn't serve Jews...

So, as I watch the goy wholeheartedly fall for the race war psyop being promoted by the MSM I and II, it is saddening to see the same ole, same ole in a different dress working for the Jew, the same psychology and misdirection being implemented, the same infiltration going on and the goyim still not realizing they are Jewish tools in this continuing psyop arranged for their participation....

For those of you who believe Hitler's rise to power was intentionally allowed by Jewish bankers, please answer then why Bolshevik Jews were assigned to do to Germany what it had done to Russia and almost succeeded. Guess who stopped them. If you guessed Hitler and his men, you guessed right. After 40 years of a fake cold war with the bolsheviks,  former communists are treated with respect in ways the German fascists will never be in this Jew World Order. If Hitler worked for the Jews as indeed the Bolsheviks did though it is publicly denied,  why is one demonized and the other tolerated in the west with many sons of rabid communists of old in positions of influence anew as I write. Please refer to the Martinez piece here and Bill Browder....

So, though it is possible that bankers allowed Hitler to rise the question of why the Bolsheviks would be utilized in their attempt at takeover must be adequately answered. Did bankers turn their Bolshevik, lower Jews into pawns and enable both sides to fight each other for some Hegelian dialect reason or were they really trying to overthrow Germany with communism as they looked for their best way to expand their Jew World Order and didn't think Hitler could stop them? That failing and Hitler succeeding, did they implement another protocol from their protocols? They foresaw the issue in Protocol 7 and Hitler became that issue?

It was either a fact that Hitler was true dissent or a fact that the Jews were implementing their Albert Pike WWIII blueprint, which by the way, was never mentioned in the protocols, the protocols having been discovered to  have been written after 1871- the year claimed for Pike's supposed three world war vision. Protocols 7-3


3. We must be in a position
to respond to every act of opposition
by war with the neighbors of that country
which dares to oppose us:
but if these neighbors should also venture
to stand collectively together against us,
then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

 I wonder why they wouldn't mention this three world war plan if it was cemented into the ground as of 1897? No, I think I will go with Hitler being real resistance to the Jews, a man who got many  nations to follow him so we had to have a, Jew forced, world war to rectify...As I repeat often about the racist obsessions these days. 1940 was the year to fight for your white homelands and get behind Hitler. Whatever it is you are doing now, is being implemented behind the curtain and through his agents in the arena. The Anglins, Aurenheimers, Jones, Ickes, fake terrorists with the deliberate exacerbating of tensions from MSM I and II, are their tools to accomplish the implementing.

Had Hitler won, had most of the world not followed the Jews and seen the good in Hitler instead, what a wonderful world this would be and I wouldn't have this website up.  I believe I need three dragons please!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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