This is Who Michelle Kaplan works for -Renegade, do you support Matt Heimbach?

One other issue to address is the topic of National Socialism. “Nazism” as it is more commonly known has unfortunately been labeled alongside the pro-white movement for a long time. The Left-wing media constantly trots out the mantra that any pro-white individual is either involved in neo-nazi organizations or in the Ku Klux Klan. Backwards mentally-deficient men in funny costumes are given the microphone and allowed to spew hateful and downright foolish rhetoric which only serves to deter legions of passionate white men and women who genuinely love their people and keep them sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a true banner to rally behind. National Socialism from the very beginning had no qualms about betraying the right-wing parties in Germany and was openly hostile to the Church. While Hitler made passing remarks supporting Christianity, it is clear when one looks at his writings and words that his goal was to replace worship of God with a worship of the “Aryan” people and of himself. The right-wing and the monarchists thought that they could work with the Nazis to achieve a bulwark against the communists. Just as the modern pro-white movement seems to have made a silent alliance with National Socialists, we somehow are unable to look at the example of the past to know what happens to those who deal with monsters.
***basically Mathew just called Hitler a monster. However given the obvious Satanic, secret society leanings he and his creation display, is it surprising? Is he really blaming Hitler for weird interpretations of his rule later on. Should he not blame his parent organization, World Jewry? ...666, Mathew!Heil satan!***

Matt pursued this Jewess, Ashley Rae Goldenberg, while he was in a relationship with an Aryan woman

When the Nazis seized power, they imprisoned, harassed, and killed their former allies. The people of Germany were betrayed by the rhetoric of the National Socialists, only to be dragged into a fratricidal war and shameful behaviors that embarrass the white race to this day. As the true warriors of the Fatherland bearing belt buckles that bore the eternal phrase Gott mit uns marched off to face down the international Bolsheviks, the scheming Nazi leadership and thuggish supporters sent them off to their deaths.The true colors of the Nazis were shown by Satanic pagan rituals, abuses of human rights, oppression of the Church, and the willingness to sacrifice Christian patriots by the millions to achieve their goals.
***Scuse me Mattie, can you get your head  out of your butt for one minute? Who started WWII, again?***
 How can a group say they want the best for the white race when they treat our Slavic brothers no better than animals, bomb and murder innocent white women and children in the cities of Europe, and then betray the very people who fought and died for them by ordering the destruction of food and basic supplies to punish the German people for not winning the Nazis’ two-front war? I commend and honor men like Anton Schmid, Claus von Stauffenberg, and the 77,000 men and women who were murdered by the Nazis for resisting the tyrannical regime. Most of the German population was duped into supporting the Nazis and realized too late what their true intentions were. We as a movement cannot make the same mistake twice in thinking that the pagan Nazis can be negotiated or partnered with. It is easy to look superficially at Nazis and see things that most pro-white advocates like. The strong stance against communism, opposition to international banking, and a strong folk identity all seem to be very positive things. But we cannot be deceived as the German people were, for beneath these few agreed-upon notions, the National Socialists are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I would rather die next to the heroic men of the July 20 plot than ever raise my right arm to Adolf Hitler. I myself sometimes forget to make the differentiation between the Germans of the Second World War and the Nazis. Fighting the Soviet Union and attempting to defend Germany is heroic, and it is hard not to be moved by old war footage of Wehrmacht soldiers at the front or likeable Generals like Rommel and his Afrika Korp racing through North Africa sparring with Patton. The masculine image of the German folk during World War Two is something that inspires many and is why many pro-white advocates end up buying into at least giving the Nazis a seat at the table. The men of the 21st century pro-white movement who admire Germany during this period, however, are not supporting the Nazis.
***Are you and Satan the ruler of the pro-white movement, Matt?***
While they may have been forced at gunpoint to serve under the swastika, I have almost always found that the movement respects soldiers who fought with honor, courage, and chivalry, not murderous thugs like the Gestapo. We must entirely and unquestionable denounce National Socialism and promptly remove all of their influence from our movement. If the pro-white movement wants to honor Germans from the Second World War, they should focus on the Germans who fought honorably for their Fatherland, not those who betrayed it like Adolf Hitler and his clowns Himmler and Goering.....source

info on Heimbach's Jewess tryst:

At her Tumblr blog Communism Kills, she, Ashley Rae Goldenberg, admitted a few months ago that Heimbach had pursued her:

From part of 2011 until August 2012, I used to see Matt Heimbach. We met because he was holding a huge Israeli flag on a sign that had a bunch of Tea Party slogans on it, about joining Youth for Western Civilization on my campus.

While the group never formed, we hung out a few times. There wasn’t really anything more than hand holding sometimes. He had a girlfriend, I really didn’t like the idea of a relationship. Every now and then he’d ask me, “What are we?” and if I would be able to live off his 30K a year salary. He asked if I’d be okay with sending my kids to church, but that was the extent of it.

This was all before he became a fascist whatever the heck he is now.

When I was working at the news headquarters in the summer of 2012, that’s when he started getting very strange political views. He showed me he had a Blood and Honour tattoo on his arm, and I thought nothing of it at the time because I really don’t do much digging in to white supremacy cults. Anyway, we talked every day on the phone when I was waiting for the bus. One day he invited me to go see David Duke speak at his White Student Union in the fall and I thought that was incredibly bizarre, and politely declined. That was the beginning of when I noticed unusual things happening.

The next time we spoke, it was because I was in tears over something one of his former YWC activists said at work (“Judaism is a Satanic cult”), and Matt went on a rant about how the Holocaust never happened. Needless to say, I was turned off majorly and we only spoke a few times after.

Whenever he’d contact me, I’d question him about how his Facebook posts said stuff like, “drive the Jews out of the country and burn down their homes” and he’d still talk to me—and he said it had nothing to do with particular Jews. Yeah, it baffled me how someone who could post about wanting to kick Jews out would tell me he’s still interested in me, a Jew. I’m as confused as you are, still. I don’t know how someone could be so two-faced.

I have absolutely nothing to do with whatever activism he’s involved in now. We do not keep contact anymore. We’re Facebook friends, but that’s it.

It has come to my attention he spoke at a Stormfront conference and will be speaking at a National Socialist event. Obviously, I condemn both of those organizations. When I knew him, he was a Ron Paul Tea Partier type who loved Jews and loved Israel, and even shared my dislike of Ron Paul for his views on Israel. He even had pro-Israel bumper stickers on his car. He was talking about the idea of even settling down with a Jewish girl, so there’s no way he hated Jews back when I knew him. I mean, I met him because he was holding an Israeli flag. Those photos of us together? That’s his Israeli flag.

I mean, come on. If you hated Jews, why would you pursue one? And if he hated Jews, why do you think I’d even talk to him?

In some of Matt’s speeches, he mentions his former beliefs. That was when I knew him. Not now. I have no idea what he has become now. I have nothing to do with him now.

I am not responsible for any of Matt’s actions. Do not associate whatever he says with me.

She has now clarified:

A lot of people are writing in to me because they saw the article on “Destroy Zionism” saying Matt Heimbach and I used to date, which apparently is a way to try to defame him after the “Nightline” special came out. It’s important to note, I believe, that while he was pursuing me, he had a girlfriend at the time, yet believed it was fine to go after me because “it’s not like i am going to marry my girlfriend anyway.” If you’re going to decry degenerates, well... That’s pretty degenerate.

When I met Matt Heimbach, he was a a very mainstream conservative. He loved libertarianism, Ron Paul, and even was a huge supporter of Israel. In fact, in those photos going around on the internet of us, that was his Israeli flag. Almost overnight, his views seemed to change. He got a “Blood and Honour” tattoo and I, not really keeping up on my Nazi references, didn’t understand the reference. A week or so later, he went from asking me questions about if I would be okay raising “our children” on his salary, to posting on Facebook that he believed in burning down the homes of all Jews. He was not, by any means, a white supremacist, white nationalist, or neo-Nazi when I knew him. He used to mock Stormfronters, KKK members, and neo-Nazis. He did not hold any of the views he holds now when I knew him.

My relationship with Matt Heimbach was completely terminated in August 2012. I have not maintained contact with him. I only know what is going on in his life from the news. And it’s unfortunate he has garnered such publicity.

In another post the Jewess, who hypocritically supports Jewish nationalism while she objects to White nationalism, calls Heimbach her “ex:”

Yes, my ex was on Nightline last night.

Also in another:

My fucking ex is on Nightline fucking what is this no WHAT.

Eyes Open, Goy!

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail


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