I am the Next Hitler Breaks down What He Stands For

{required reading if you want  to argue with my world view}

 It has come to my attention that many WN leaning gentlemen, disenchanted with the way things are going with their movement, are coming to my site with the expectation that my personal value system will line up closely with the "groupthink" occurring amongst identitarians, many of whom identify themselves, at least loosely, as White Nationalists...

First of all, before I go into my beliefs, I would like to say that it is my opinion that the Jewish elite power structure has, in place, a system dedicated to undermining the traditions of all nativist cultures. Jews, being an international tribe that has lived for thousands of years not defining it's nations by where rivers flow, oceans beach or mountains rise has methodically gone about in covert fashion, the business of usurping as much power as possible from the locals. Early on, they realized  that two prerequisites were needed to do that efficiently and effectively. 

Obviously, Jewish dominance in the banking systems where they traveled allowed them to purchase favors and loyalty from local folks who had no bigger purpose in life than making that day and the next the best it can be. By the middle ages, Jews were well on their way to making inroads to, first, manipulating kings into dire circumstances and then offering them a monetary lifeline or a lifeline from which their money could obtain for them the needed remedy.

From this weakened state of the goy kings and the heresy perpetuated in religious circles, we start to see, by the sixteenth century, a European land ripe for revolution. It was through these revolutions that allowed the Jew to become a fully hidden power behind the curtain, using the kings for scapegoats until they were done away with altogether via revolutions of the people. These were always Jewish revolutions that disguised themselves in populist rhetoric so as to enlist local support against the gentile aristocracy.

Since 1600, the Jewish accumulation of power has been more and more unstoppable but for, perhaps, Hitler's short reign. With money monopolies assured, harnessing the power of the press, the great brainwashing machine that allows the Jews to proclaim:

5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent the they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;
if already now there is not a single State where there exist for us any barriers to admittance into what goy stupidity calls State secrets: what will our positions be then, when we shall be acknowledged supreme lords of the world in the person of our king of all the world .... protocols 12-5


The "They Live" glasses was the exact opposite of what the jews referred to in the protocols. When worn on the nose, the Jew behind the curtain was fully exposed

 "Colored glasses" the Jew has placed on their noses basically boils down to Jewish descriptions of worldviews that are assimilated by the gentiles. I would note that nowhere in the protocols, the document probably most accepted for defining the Jewish takeover plan, does it define only white people as the enemy goyim. In fact, nowhere does the term white people or European peoples get used.This implies therefore, contrary to the inflated egos of the white mindset, that their takeover plan while including the subversion of whites is not obsessed exclusively with the subversion of whites that much more than any other race. They need it all!

What is known, through a study of all the various goyim infighting, is that Jews profit  the most through goyim on goyim conflict. We can, therefore, assume a basic strategy of the JWO is to force what the Jews see as goyim infighting while what they want you to see as being enemy threats on your flank That must be handled. They want you, whatever race or country you are from, to feel as separated from other ethnicities and populations in much the same way the Jew deep down feels separated from you (though he pretends the opposite in your company).

To do this, he becomes a constant collaborator, fostering ill will wherever he finds it convenient for enhancing his power. He then disguises this fact further by acting as an arbitrator, usually for the weaker party until the playing field has accomplished what it was supposed to. This has led me to take the position, even before I opened up the "blindlight" website, to say it was in all our interests as non-Jews to communicate to others our mutual benefit received from attempting to get along and combine our knowledge against the Jew enemy for all our good.

Multi-generational racists are predisposed to fight this worldview tooth and nail and subverted leaders encourage this endeavor as "good for Jews

Unfortunately, the Jew has been one step, or more, ahead of people like me and proceeded to set up the playing field of resistance to his liking. You can say there is a power structure in place to infiltrate legitimate resistance locations and turn them and that it is through these operatives that people are then enabled to hold power within the groups. If you don't play ball you don't get in. Fortunately for the Jew, he often doesn't have to spell it out but uses public pressure exerted by his covert operatives already in place to do the trick of getting compliance.

An aura around the power structure is placed to where, if you criticize it, you are being

subversive, disruptive, a hater, a conspiracy theorist

and so on. By the time I opened "blindlight" website, I understood the basics of this and it has only been reinforced in that believing as I enter my third year of operation.

A sample from my article written almost two years ago called "Avoiding 1984"


Avoiding 1984. It could Happen


written by Slave
I have read 1984 and watched the movie numerous times. It offers a bleak picture of what may be in store for humanity if government "Big Brotherizes" itself making 80% of the people, folks living in slum conditions, with objectives fixed on just getting by till the next day while doing belittling, back-breaking work, repetitive movements ad-nauseum all to make the elite machine as efficient as possible, paid in wages to allow a roof over their head, some food on the table and some crumbs, if saved, to buy something nice a couple times a year.
 All this requiring a substantial army of about 15% of the population to enforce the dictates of the day, no questions asked, blind loyalty expected, thinking outside the box strictly forbidden, if 2+2 is claimed to be 5, agreement offered.Then you have about 4% who have either by birth or by extreme talent  earned privileged perches to create and serve the master 1%."Thoughtcrime", "ownlife" behavior no longer accepted with severe penalties rendered all being mind-controlled into a public to accentuate that part of themselves that is robotic and best in service to the elites where to do otherwise immediately brings on pangs of loneliness, for to think for oneself, does make one truly alone in this new,1984, age.....read more


So we have a Jewish problem that affects all races and all races are used to subvert other goyim for the Jew. Temporary alliances are formed when it is in the Jew's favor to do so but this does not change the fact that the Jew is everybody's enemy and this does not change the fact that most are clueless to the real aim. Whether the goyim knows it or not, the Jew does know it.

Therefore, when some of us find out, we must pass along what we  know. We must make public what the Jew wants kept secret. We must change the arena to include behind the curtain access with the biggest spotlight shining on it and not allow it, as the Jews prefer, to stay in the shade, unspoken of....

What the Jew has been able to accomplish with his media control and his subversion into all resistance apparatuses is that he has been able  to govern the discussion of the various groups towards ways beneficial to him while making it seem as if by the "free will" of the participants the ideas followed were formed. This is why the infiltrators are so important. They are people who look and behave just like us but are "crisis actors" playing a role for the subversive Jews. In position because other "Crisis actors", already in place and trusted, vouched for them as to their knowledge, reliability and trustworthiness and  we believed them....

Receiving classified information and extensive training before entering the assignment area gives off the "illusion" of expertise to further make his assimilation as a leader of trust more likely. I can't say this too much. IMO, there is nowhere, currently, one can go, of any size or consequence, that hasn't been infiltrated  at the top.

 It has been my agenda for two and one-half years to create something pure. My mechanism for doing so is to expose the infiltrators. It took me little time to realize that infiltrators were all around and no one cared to scrutinize their immediate surroundings. What you got for a substitute to that was scrutinizing the Alex Jones group or the David Icke group. People at TUT or Daily Stormer were encouraged to trust the leadership and if they didn't they were banned. I didn't really have to join any of these folks to realize the groupthink was oppressive and critical thinkers not allowed so I set up shop on the streets just outside their digs so I could yoddle to the clientele as they came in or out  of their cyberspaces where mind control lessons would take place.

In the beginning I used a sock puppet ID but when I began engaging VK Clark in my first cointel pro outing, I decided to chuck my former anonymous self to the wind and announced who I was while keeping a writer's identity (which is currently "I am the Next Hitler") The focus of that first year centered around VK Clark, Zander Fuerza AKA Brandon Martinez, "The David Crowley Murder Psyop", and Andrew Anglin, to name a few. All this while I would expose monumental amounts of their charade and expected an onslaught from the subversive agent structure in response but nothing ever came of that to where I developed the thesis that co-opted opposition tries to pretend unco-opted opposition doesn't exist until that is impossible. 

Interestingly, the only two exceptions to this, in  my twenty months of engagement, has been with the two female operatives, VK Clark and one Sinead McCarthy. As most reading this piece will know, I am currently engaging Miss McCarthy in her truthfulness over who she is and who she is really working for. It's not that she hasn't tried to observe the "code" of rules that says you don't recognize an aware goy in public. It's just that on a few occasions she felt  compelled to answer some charges I laid at her feet which gave her too much publicity for her to ignore . Mix this need with an uncontrollable urge to lash out at men and she threw some unkind gossip my way and implied because I was ugly and older than 39, I wasn't believable...

I would describe Miss McCarthy as a tremendous talent probably a product of childhood mind control to access areas not normally available to most. She has some wild tales about her upbringing but I have to say, at this point, it is the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to peruse all the articles on my site written about her. Now, to pinpoint likely ops, I have developed   a formula from which to operate. One premise is that the WN movement was devised and invented to be a dysfunctional outlet for white race worshipping goyim. As an automatic that stems from that, it's exclusionary of all folks not being readily identified as white.

awareness is the key, not raceNow, when I say readily identified, I do not mean they are white. In fact, the likelihood is that most of the leaders are mixed race while passing for white and of course this should have red flagged your attention that the likely mixed  race came from a Jewish element though not necessarily....

What is necessary is to speak and evoke, what I call, the "White Race Religion" for the audience, a bunch of standard mimes and claims that all folks wanting to be part of the club must agree to. For example "Diversity means anti-white" or "diversity means finding the last white person"

All these mimes assume, as fact, that everyone is supposed to show  absolute loyalty to the white race, and if you don't you are basically the enemy. Back to me, I ain't any of that. I am a 100% white person with no Jewish blood going back at least three generations. My ancestry is 1/4 German, 1/4 English and 1/2 Croatian.  I have always felt the most comfortable  among white people and have had few close black friends.

 However, I have always intellectually recognised that my preference doesn't mean superiority or that they are somehow evil that aren't white. Some of the WN ilk would call that Jewish programming.  If it is, it's programming voluntarily kept as I have become fully Jew wise and I wonder if they aren't the ones getting played with their "divide and conquer" white race loyalty stance. Now, because I don't parrot white segregationist mimes nor bow down to their claims about what the white race should be able to expect, does that mean I am anti-white or a traitor? 

You will have to decide that for yourself but I see it as thinking for myself. Since I see the WN mindset as Jewish programming covert in nature, it seems a pretty weak claim to  make out that I am a Jew puppet here. The last thing Jews want  is for all the goyim in the US to realize it's the Jews and join together as one volk against them. My advocacy promotes that environment. So what does that mean? Well, it doesn't mean going into black neighborhoods of downtown Detroit and handing out "It's the Jew" flyers". It simply means to exercise good judgement and respectful behavior towards all people and treat them as you would like a stranger to treat you. Maybe the Golden rule?

Don't walk around in front of non-whites talking about how great white people are.....Before I go any further, I was recently asked why I don't tell non-whites this stuff. I would correlate my focusing on whites to like a dad  focusing on the behavior of his son and not every other child in the neighborhood. If the situation arises I will speak to non-whites or those other children, but white folks are my family or my child is and that is where my true loyalties and responsibilities lie. I can make my little niche around me better.

That being said, we all have to live together and preferably in peace. What is clear is that the Jews will not allow that as long as they are in power while striving for more and a completion of their Jewish utopia. By the way, at that time, everything psychologically changes. When they come out from behind the curtain in full unstoppable power they will no longer need to push drunkenness and porn and debt. These were always just subversive tools. Don't believe me? Reread the last half of the protocols for my backup on that....

The conclusion I have come to is that ideological wars, race wars, gender issues and crazy theories are conversations we all will continue to have but let me suggest we come to an awareness that we are being governed by a subversive element who will in no way cater to our notions here if it undermines their game plan and that should be the one overriding purpose of our aims. To focus on them, the enemy Jew!

Do not let the unnecessary take the place of the necessary. This means in a JWO developing:

Races aren't supposed to get along.
MGTOW is going to be invented to fight feminism
wild notions of who is behind it all is going to be lied into the system by Jewish intellectuals working for Jewish interests.

So what did Hitler do in 1920?

He realized that communism or Jewish takeover, was about to happen in Germany.
He quit thinking about a career in architecture and focused on developing a political movement.
He started with a group of six men and built a party from scratch rejecting the notion he would be able to do what needed to be done within an already existing structure
With a lazer focus unable to be obtained within typical German political apparatuses, he used his op to fight the Bolshevik Jews tooth and nail and won a resounding victory in 1933
He banned the communist party-Jew op
 He separated currency from Jewish control
He removed Jews from education and the media
He developed a one volk ethic where class separation used to dominate and turned a country in turmoil into the greatest country on earth....so great, it had to be taken down

SO why did Hitler fail?

Though he dominated some of Europe, world Jewry still claimed most of the rest of the world
Jewry immediately started planning for war when Hitler took power
Hitler had an unreal notion that the English people would see through Jew lies and come to support him
Hitler didn't have the killer instinct possibly  because there was something in his Jew logic he still didn't fully grasp, they would do anything to beat him!
Infiltration within Germany undermined him (Why is it no one ever subverts the Jews in any significant way?)

 So I come to the table loving my race but not obsessed with my race.

I believe in cross border human rights for all people.
I believe the Jew is the cancer that has to be removed before any positive change can occur.
I believe before we can remove the Jew we have to start removing the tip of the Jewish problem, subversion within our groups by his agents.
Until this is done or we win over enough people to start a clean unsubverted movement, no action other than self preservation is worthy of taking or will lead anywhere towards accomplishing our goals (agents will work hard to sell the opposite)

and what is that task? Why, we need to take our country back of course and there are two choices.

You are with us or against us.
You see the Jew danger or you believe the Jew misdirection.
You fight the Jew or you fight for the Jew.
You believe the WWE fake fight  or you ignore the misdirection to go and grab Vince McMahon and haul him off to the nearest oven.
You see things through a Hitlerian logic that refuses to accept falsities for truth or you adopt a masonic, hide your head in the sand, worldview and hope that the Jew changes his mind.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to getting started. White race worship isn't going to remove the Jew but it will turn off potential allies as you dolt all over your supposed race greatness and unfair victim-hood that you imply only whites can feel. Can anyone out there, tonight, see how that attitude might be good for Jews and why fake goy just might be sent in to promote that behavior ingroup?

The time is running out, everybody says it and the Jew's are saying it the loudest pretending they are you. They are asking you to commit suicide while telling you you will be free if you follow. I am saying don't do this thing, goy. Remove his mask and see who he is and don't say I didn't warn you....

Can you help me do this for all of us (non-Jews)?

I am the Next Hitler and I will always be waiting till there is nothing more to wait for. If we don't do tit who will? Certainly not those blinded by Jew misdirection. Only us! and never forget......


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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.






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