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The White Victim-hood parade Continues With  the Superbowl

Written by "I am the Next Hitler"


I love to see all the whites pretend to fight mainstream propaganda by hanging on every word and action mainstream propaganda does and utilizes.If you were a "man" you would display your open disdain for it's clear attempts to do so instead of participating in it's dialogue with whining and complaining at every step in reaction of.

If it is true, like I believe it is, that we live  in a world covertly run by Jews and are exposed to a media that they overtly own which means they are the arbitrators of accepted discussion, paying attention to it's latest comings and goings simply contributes to it's dominance by displaying your attention to be fixated on it's message

White victimhood apparently includes being scared to show their faces!

And what  is your message, you whites who think you are victims trampled on by every other race? You pursue the agenda of telling the world that you all live in trailers with trash heaped to the top of the ceiling and that you would live in palaces but for a conspiracy that involves all the inferior races operating the agenda of the conniving Jews who never had a country, rarely invented anything and stole all it now has. Your preferred notions of race separation, your open disdain, publicly screamed, often, of other non-Jews, allows you to concoct a narrative that all these people are in the Jew camp never understanding, though your religion tells you over and over, "Believing equals receiving!" and disguising to yourself and others the fact that your race purity notions, no matter how hypocritical, preordains that these other non-Jews you now call enemy, must be in the enemy camp for you give them no other choice!.

The Jew has you where he wants you. Determining everything by race. I have told you the real battle is for awareness and the Jew wishes you not to have it. You need it to solve your problems which have nothing to do with that illegitimate smokescreen (taught and stamped in by the Jew incidentally) I hate to repeat myself but here it goes relating to this matter:

Aware non-Jews are our friends, unaware white people will be our enemy till they understand the source of the "Titanic leak" (the Jew). The Jew is running around busily rearranging deck chairs so you will continue to see a new "cause" of your problem which has nothing to do with himself, the Jew, the source of the leak, the inventor of the mayhem, the culture destroyers. His deck chair rearranging has worked ever since his financiers removed the Byzantine empire from the history books in the 1300's or so. Since than there has been a slow, methodical building up of what can only be called a Jew World Order that today with the inventions of technology has entered a galloping pace and pretty soon will be fully unstoppable and his goyim slaves will be his slaves in fact and not just in wishful thinking and talmud preaching. 

This will be a loss for all non-Jews, awareness not recovered, totally stamped out, the Jew having fully implemented his Jewish tyranny, so powerful he can remove many of his cons envoked  from by which he attained it. Read these words and reassess and do it for "life" A great race sees the forrest, not just the trees in it's own neighborhood! See the forrest goy, see the forrest!

Returning to the subject at hand and leaving my digression

The latest rendition is to complain that the Super Bowl is one more new helping of White Genocide being forced on our plate. Beyonce, the MK Ultra's black star queen, is to sing an anti-white song at half-time, they say, and Cam Newton, the Black Negro Star quarterback for North Carolina, is going to score the winning touchdowns to pummel the aging Peyton Manning and the white race to the ground.

 Funny, I haven't watched the Super Bowl for awhile, I have no TV and I avoid mainstream cyber groups that believe the Jew owned propaganda  espoused in the media. Avoiding all of this, it is likely I will still have a small clue about what is going on due to other people's fixations so I knew Peyton Manning's team had made it. It wasn't till this morning I found out that Cam Newton's team made it. I assume it is North Carolina but that's simply because when I followed his career back four or five years ago,  I was aware that that was who drafted him.

I witnessed  through watching Cam Newton's Junior year at Auburn, perhaps the greatest season spectacle in NCAA history. The simple presence of this man, took a mediocre program all the way to the NCAA title  in one year with some of the most amazing football (Alabama-Auburn) I have ever seen. Since then, I had assumed he had faded into mediocrity, having been drafted by the worst team in the NFL but I see by their participation  in this year's big event, I was super wrong (no pun intended). I never worried about the fact that Alabama was dethroned by a Negro quarterback, I was just impressed with the spectacle. I never have spent time studying the White Race Religion, and in fact, avoid it's incoherent ramblings as much as possible, whenever possible.

Well I am now aware  of him in the Super bowl because another stupid white propagandist decided to make an issue of having a black quarterback at the same level of popularity as a white quarterback. He did this with insulting language against the whole Negro population, an MO of agent provocateurs who try and galvanize the literal trailer trash with such talk for the Jew, as I have seen over and over since following the racist segment of the greatest race ever to walk the earth (Let's ignore the fact that whites have decided you can only be white if you have no mixed ethnicity and let's ignore the fact that their racist movements are led by folks often with mixed Jewish ethnicity if not other races as well).

 This tells any intelligent free thinker that the "White Race Religion" is a hoax meant to neutralize and paralyze productive dissent.  I will not go into, today, all the folks with questionable backgrounds leading the muck raking counter to the muck rakers.

So, apparently, the Super Bowl game will be one more exercise in white genocide. Rodney Martin had a good answer for that in his latest article located here:

Interestingly, White Nationalists cannot in a logical and articulate manner debate and demonstrate an actual “GENOCIDE” as opposed to a Cultural and Societal Suicide.
When a person freely chooses to “race mix” that is NOT genocide
When a person decides to allow artificial “trends” to influence their life that is stupidity NOT “Genocide”
When people decide to do NOTHING about illegal immigration and in fact keep voting for the politicians that allow illegal immigration that is INDEED voting FOR illegal immigration and is suicide not Genocide.
When people allow gender bending in public schools, that is not Genocide that is suicide.

Image result for white trailer trashI believe Rodney hit the nail on the head there. There is no white genocide. If a guy gives you a gun and says to aim it at yourself and pull the trigger to see if there are bullets in it and you are an adult who knows how to think, is it his fault or your fault if you pull the trigger? Don't get me wrong, brainwashing is a problem and the Jew is king there but he is getting us to voluntarily commit genocide and accomplishing this by censoring intelligent discussion as to cause, fact and blame and allowing, while advertising (often by pretending to warn or raise alarm) the  ranters of supposed resistance leaders they covertly fund and who push these self destructive messages.

There was a time last year that I was hoping beyond hope, the Andrew Anglins would drop these self-defeating MOs even while I continued to expose it for what it was. If, one day, Anglin wrote a piece I could approve of, I would post it in complementary fashion. Today, I have seen that such hopes were a pipe dream while even harder to detect infiltrators such as Kyle Hunt and his pupil, Sinead, whom Rodney Martin claims has a Jewish mom must be lumped into the same pile JWO garbage.

(What's your mom's maiden name Sinead? Interestingly, Sinead claims her mom is Irish and her dad is German but her last name is McCarthy, notice she does not utilize her husband's last name and that is a Jewish statement of rebellion in and of itself. I mention this because Sinead has claimed her mom is Irish but the Irish last name is clearly the father's. Again Sinead, what's your mom's last name? Also, this could be a clue. Sinead claims that her mom totally supports her activism though they spent almost her whole teenage life trying to control her back down to being "normal" (even had her committed, she says but now supports her-MK Ultra much?). This just a couple of years ago. A  lot of questions to be fully ascertained with this probable Jewish infiltrator who looks like "the wicked witch of the east " but it's a major gulf to cross going from commiting your daughter to a mental institution for two years and  constant infighting over her behavior to supporting her now so quickly and hardly believable unless important areas of the explanation have been distorted)

Ladies and Gentleman, Stormers latest contribution to assuring mindless paralytic drivel supplants intelligent assessment-------------------------------

Beyonce to Perform Anti-White Song at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Saboteur 365
February 7, 2016


Taking a wild guess, I’d suppose that 100 million Americans will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. I will be among the 200 million that won’t be watching.

If not for the presence of Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl would be the perfect spectacle of Negro worship. It really is worship, the new secular religion. Our big dumb Negros battling against your big dumb Negros makes for quite a scene. One that holds no interest for me.

But what I find a thousand times more offensive are the Satanic half time shows that the NFL puts on. From “nipple slips” to images of Baphomet, the NFL has sold its soul, if it ever had one, to Satan.

Beyonce is scheduled to perform the song Formation at the game:

The video was published February 6, 2016, and already has over 3 million views. I haven’t watched since I prefer not to up the number of views. The youtube comments by blacks are hilariously hateful and racist towards whites. Blacks view Beyonce and quarterback Cam Newton dominating the Super Bowl as proof of black supremacy.


***It takes a person brainwashed on the JWO to believe wearing a robot suit trumps personal expression and sees it as anything beyond personal choice of the actor however "victimized"whites will grab anything, no matter how harmless, to justify their persecution claims***


Age will probably catch up to Peyton Manning at the big game, which will be forgotten a week after it’s over. But during the game, emotions will be running high, I suspect. Blacks will be going ape (pun intended) over Cam Newton.

And at halftime, expect this:


A day ahead of her anticipated return to the Super Bowl halftime show stage, Beyonce has released new single “Formation” along with an accompanying music video.

mbies who will drink in the message of black superiority, so the owners (many Jews among them) have politicized it.Set in New Orleans, the clip features shots of Bey lying on top of a sinking New Orleans police cruiser as well as a graffiti’d wall that says, “Stop shooting us.” There’s also a scene of a black child in a hoodie dancing in front of a line of police officers in riot gear. At one point a man holds up a newspaper called “The Truth” with an image of Martin Luther King Jr. on the front page captioned, “More than a dreamer.” Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s daughter, also appears in the video.

Beyonce will join Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show on Sunday afternoon on CBS, during which “Formation” will make its live debut, according to Entertainment Tonight. She also headlined the show in 2013. Last week, she and Coldplay released a video for their collaboration “Hymn for the Weekend,” which has since been accused of cultural misappropriation for its portrayal of India.

As the leftists lose control of the narrative, the attempts to politicize everything are becoming ever more desperate. Who would have thought that football would be anything but a game? But football delivers eyeballs of the zo

And the zombies will arise and love it.


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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.



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