My Evolving World View "Fighting the Last War"

Notice Jews leading blacks!

Written by Goybeast...12/06/15

As I gaze down the street, whores on both sides looking for Johns,  windows broken for access to shops for heistin down the road in the distance because "black lives do matter" while the radio plays through ear phones telling me, in between songs praising chaos, that some Arab just went on a killin spree for nonsensical reasons but I know it's not what they say cause I never lose sight of Vince McMahon even if it means going behind the curtain to keep tabs on him and ignoring the bullshit in front of me meant to hypnotise.

Behind my gaze and between my ears I know I am seeing the fruits of the labor of the revolutionary Talmudic Jew in all these happenings. An evolving process, speeded to  amazing quickness as the monopoly of money mixes with the greed of the intelligent man below him to get him to do and perform "miracles" for daily bread he would never do if he understood the purpose of the doing.

they claim there are two ways to goImage result for My evolving Analogies of Our World Predicament

All technology is at the service of the money lender Jews and this NWO, that will culminate in the reign of the Jewish anti-Christ, if their plans are realized, had it's small, humble beginnings limping to various European locations during and after the Spanish Inquisition. Then, in the mid-nineteeth century, infused with radical Ashkinazie blood, the Sephardi Jewish  bankers with lower class Jewish peoples, schooled in the Talmud, sought vengeance on those who would deny God's Chosen people it's rightful place next to the throne as ruler of all the animals and "animal" humans (goy ), alike.There is a third way-the Hitlerian way

It had been the Catholic church that had checked their power for many, many years but around the 13th century, the culture subverters had swung power to a less stable throne in the name of the various goy kings.

The richest of the Jews found their way to Amsterdam and started the first central bank in 1600. With this and the creation of the first corporation, Dutch East India Company , all goy hell was about to break loose.

From there they attacked two areas simultaneously. In the Thirty years War,  they funded Protestant proselytizers and  enabled war through the financial mechanism of funding both sides, a conflict that decimated 75% of the people of what is now considered Germany. Roughly the same time, in England,  they used their Krypto Jew agent Oliver Cromwell to subvert the throne while religious chaos they funded in the streets reigned for a two-pronged attack.

Successful in all ways, in 1661, they got the government of England to legalize slavery in the area we now call the USA. It was the Jew that took it upon himself to bring Africans here as animal humans and tempt the European white colonists with this "against God" assault on life.

After establishing another central bank in England, speculative masonry became a weapon used in England and Europe and the Americas to act out the Jewish agenda, the Illuminati formed in 1776 and soon after, the French Revolution vaporized all old French ways and the American colonists got their freedom to be ruled by a masonic patriarchy in the disguised form of a representative republic. The "Elders" of the Jews, now, had a tried and true formula for goyim annihilation battle tested numerous times with overwhelming success.

Why are we, whites, always about to drown?So there's a pattern here. These three revolutions dethroned or lessened the power of the goy kings while introducing democracy and the concept of liberalism. As the unseen money power, that was slowly taking over the various information outlets, took root, they used "democracy" as the way to rule in secrecy over the goy as king despots with no accountability, accountability falling to the honor of submissive goy scapegoats when punishment needed to be rendered. As they said in the protocols- with democracy, one man one vote, rich or poor, land owner or not, the power of appointment was effectively placed in their hands.

Until the end of WWII, most of these conflicts were primarily European conflicts. Between 1600 and 1941, there were ever recurring battles between various white Europeans. They never had a feeling of solidarity that reached beyond their national borders and were easily persuaded to make whites, from elsewhere, their enemies. Ultimately, this is what the Jew wanted and this is what the white man did.

Refer to Albert Pike's Third World War Plan and notice since WWII, most of the fighting is occurring elsewhere and why is that? After WWII, the Jews effectively owned Europe, The USSR and the USA, so you tear up what you don't own.

The Europeans were kept as "house niggas" for Jewish acquiring purposes. Once acquired, the land of Israel obtained, Muslims slowly took center stage. The six years war with the Jewish bombing of the USS Liberty, unreported in the media, court-marshals threatened to the survivors to keep their traps shut, headed Europeans in the direction of Muslim demonization psychosis.

Another war in the 70's, oil depletion, high prices, inflation, initial teaching of the "terrorism sham", the Iranian revolution, possibly staged, to enable a "terror believed" environment for the duped slaves  to be mastered in and herded....

IJoos "staged event" implicating Palestinians and throw in a German Neo-Nazi for dessertn the 70's and 80's, the groundwork started being laid for the war on terror. Claimed terrorist hi-jackings, in hind site, likely false flag implicating events, began occurring with regular frequency. It was a preparatory psychology laid into the American and world psyche so that when the big kahuna, 911, occurred, in 2001, the people are psychologically prepared to accept  this as real with little questioning of the claims as to who perpetrated it and that it was done at all (the Flintstones)

Of course, Americans, being spoiled, think 911 was a big event! You think it could in any way be compared to the slaughter and rubble-izing of Iraq and Afghanistan? "Why yes", say Americans in their ignorance and obsession with mwah!

The name of the game then is causing chaos. Who be running it? Vince McMahon, that'd be who!

What do Americans worry about? The couple of thousand banker mercenaries that got hurt disguised as American soldiers (and the Jew laughs on at the dumb goy!)

So we are now targeting Muslims as evil. Hollywood has been doing so since it's beginnings in the 20's as Jews knew back in the early 20th century what they were planning to pull. They want race wars and Muslim wars. The third world war is supposed to be the way-paver for the Jewish messiah afterwards. Jew gotta Jew and he gotta do what he gotta do. Better to not think of the casualties along the way. They are all sacrificed for the Jewish Utopia (even a few jews).

Fighting the last war, are you, white man?

 I live  in troubled times. It has been fifteen years since they claimed the Flintstones did 911. In 2011, though already more aware than most,  I fully began a process of waking up catalyzed by the quick assimilation that 911 was committed by internationalists and that how the attack was carried out had little to do with the official story-line.

It took six months longer  for me to  realize Jewish involvement was central and key to pulling this off (realizing how controlled the media was and is, is necessary to taking this step). Of course right after it happened we began the "fake" war on terror which replaced the "fake" cold war (Jews controlled the USSR and the USA, the cold war was simply an excuse to invade "in-play countries" to protect the world from the evil enemy using banker mercenaries disguised as  freedom fighters or tyranny enforcers for the two teams which was really one team which, again, was that ole Vince McMahon, slight of hand, trick).Thus, when I became aware,  the damage was ingrained into all my friends and to the nation that we had a never ending war of terror on our hands that we could never totally win..

We can call this Jewish propaganda if you'd like, with Muslims being demonized

 Our country has slowly upped the anti- with perpetual wars in the mid-east for Jews and multi-cultural clash, intentional immigration policies here at home with weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, mass shootings, usually staged and implicating either independent whites or Muslim terrorists to look forward to.

The infiltrator Jews have infiltrated the resistance and intensified debilitating racial discords as primary focus of concerns between non-whites and whites.

Whites are being encouraged to unify but the rest of the world is being encouraged to rally against White subversion-privilege. Even within the white movement, efforts are being made to  grab the sympathy of white females as being oppressed by backward traditional European expectations harbored by these supposed Jew-wise white resistance fighters who spend all their time hating on women and non-whites but wear a "With Jews You Lose" sign to assure alliance is clear to all dumb goy, that Jews are with all non-whites and females in this psyop against the white race who is in the process of being demoted to "field nigga"..

This brings us to the "fighting the last war are we, white man?", part.

European man! Look what you been doing the past 400 years, killing your own kind, your own race, never worrying about racial survival and always believing Jew lies for the need to do so.

Then a man of your people named Adolph Hitler, dared to say, in a world Jews had effectively taken over after WWI, that the answer wasn't in fighting the aristocrats for the proletariat, a Jew taught meme that worked wonders in Russia and almost Bolshevik-ed Germany in 1918. This was the wrong mindset, he said, look higher than that, beyond the arena that the Jewspapers and the Jewish butt-kissing politicians trumpeted as the playing field. Look to your people as brothers, not enemies and begin to doubt what these strangers making speeches, as if they were anointed to lead you, were saying to you.

It took ten years, but Hitler took power in 1933 and even with an immediate Jewish boycott, Germany became the beacon of the world. Unfortunately, goy beacons make Jews sick and very nervous so propaganda, almost all in the hands of the Jews, began to demonize everything Hitler did in the Judaized world surrounding the upstarts

This was the time to say no to the Jew, in unison, as white people but we didn't!

Did the white man care about his race enough at the time to go tell the Jew to shove it up his butt? Nope, he kept buying Jew lies. He bought that the most prosperous people in the world was ruled by an evil dictator who wanted to make Germany the Master race. In irony of ironies, one more time, war broke out between mostly white people, at the service to the Jew against a goy leader not owned by the Jew in order to defeat him for the Jew (oh lordy!)!

Fast forward to today. The Jews won WWII, took over Europe in total and have treated it as a colony, a colony to serve the Jew, ever since. What do whites do? Complain about White genocide and blame the Muslims and Hispanics for doing it. Oh sure, vague lip-service is paid to the Jew but when it gets heated it's all focused on other goy at the service of the Jew cause as blind agents. Remember now, the third world war, that the Jews want, is to be against the Muslim world. The Jew has his eye on that prize, and you, white man, are here to help him get that!

Are you ready to be the "good goy" one more time?

If in doubt about a news event reported by the MSM, assume it's a staged or false flag event to implicate othersWhite man, you are being encouraged to worry about your genocide and encouraged to hate blacks for thinking "black lives Matter" (which I'm sure is Jewish run and funded) and hate Muslims for trying to take over Europe (psst, never mind the Jew, who opened the Muslim invasion spicket, enabled by the Muslim wars that annihilated their villages and hometowns, a feat we aided the Jew in accomplishing  by serving in his armed forces).

So, I have to laugh as I cry as I hear our Jew-wise movement say it's necessary to fight invading Jew pawn hordes before going after the Jew, himself. Anointed and enabled information disseminators, that supposedly represent our resistance, rant and rave at the non- white goyim "inferiors" that have joined up with the Jew, never taking note or bringing to attention that the abusive language, hurled at innocent pawns, acting blindly for malevolent manipulators, assures they stay in the enemies camp (which  is the covert plan being implemented, make resistance dysfunctional, isolate the main threat). Just keep a full supply of  white victim-hood and genocide bones to gnaw on, and they will believe about anything an agent says, right Jewlie Mitchell ?

The goy will never know they are advocating for the flag our enemies are flying because our leaders are their agents in huge numbers. These huge numbers allow in new folks or not according to their selling skills and their comfort level with outright lying and their ability to wheedle in strategic lies with revelatory facts meant to garner trust. The strategy is  very successful due to the fact most goyim are not capable of detecting infiltrators in their midst of which this little rant by a supposed "one of ours" is a great example. Notice the Jew is not mentioned once.

Actually, this is occurring everywhere you go in the alternative media, a covert Jewish plan inacted in the name of resistance so that, in the name of white race unity, we are all fixing to start WW III for the Jews to annihilate all that needs annihilating to bring in the Jewish messiah to reign in the 1000 year Jew World Order with all the goyim being snuffed or enslaved for the pleasure of the chosen few...

As Andrew Aurenheimer likes to say, as Andrew Anglin likes to say

Heil Victory, brothers!

but as I like to say

Focus on the real enemy!

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.



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