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How can you Tell When Those Around Us Are Engaging in Masonic Thinking (Among Other Things)Written by Goybeast on 11/3/15

When I see those words in that photo to the left, I am struck by the fact I hear little silence around me. However the silence of my would be friends is stark when it comes to engaging in Hitlerian thinking, the mindset through which is the only way to have a meaningful change to our tyranny dilemna.

Folks, the plans have been laid out for those of us that are Jew wise. Deterioration is going to continue. The pride of all people's heritages is being undermined except for those of the Jew and this is by design. Yes, the Jew is undermining our values, our way of life, our various ethnic identities, all the while making it as against the law as possible, to prohibit those of us who wish to out the Jew's agenda and his special privilege that no other race is allowed to partake in.

  • The privilege to start wars and not be blamed.

  • the privilege to cause the deaths of uncountable innocents without others finding out whose plans were behind it

  • the privilege of causing war chaos around the world and only memorializing your own kind for noted losses

  • the privilege of making up any lie and knowing you will get away with it because the media, that your cousins own, will assure the goy don't find out

  • the privilege of deciding what topics can and can not be discussed through the mind manipulation of "public consensus" which is really nothing but Jewish mind control

From this foundation of what we are up against, it is clear that a radical departure from what is acceptable  behavior must be made if any resistance is to be real and authentic and not just more "shuffling deck chairs on a sinking ship". Almost all "approved" discussion IS shuffling deck chairs only.

We were lucky  to get hold of "The Protocols of Zion" or the Jewish handbook discussing their world domination methods meant only for Jewish members of B'nai B'rth. In 1905 the document was released to the goy. Initially, the Jews hoped it would disappear on it's own but as the Russian Revolution was a perfect caricature of what that document laid out  and, likewise, WWI, Jewish power decided to de-legitimize it one way or another and began a fifteen year campaign to do so.

 In the end, they had to settle for pretending a Judge had declared the Protocols a forgery. This myth has lived on ever since thanks to the Jewish press that refuses to discuss the issue of the protocols in public beyond defaming them as "anti-semitic" literature. They can not prove they did not write them so they got a judge to decree they didn't, which he did in such a slip-shod fashion, a higher court had to reverse the decision. 

 The press handled that by pretending the court overturnment never occurred. Again, as we see so often, today, by not allowing coverage of a topic, the masses, who believe their news is authentic, never get a clue. Simply look at the  holocaust, six million claim that has been debunked even in back pages of the MSM but is still utilized as fact in the infantile news sources the goyim have been trained to fixate on for their information.The screaming tabloid headlines still yell six million died and no one is allowed to correct for all news is taped before airing these days.

***Remember the Jew that quit on air at RT about fifteeen months ago? Do you think the MSM would ever allow the 6 million lie to be outed in such fashion as that phoney Jew did when she went into her mission statement of protesting evil Russians for reacting to western intervention in the Ukraine and therefore quitting her job at RT in protest? Lol, baby, lol. Nothing reaches the duped public but what they want to serve up. Says so in the protocols! (go to 12-8)
See video you be getting played masonically, goy! Learn about the WWE arena, here***

What any thinking resistance fighter must learn is NOTHING, the MSM or Jewish news puts out, can be assumed to be true. To assume that a habitual liar is telling the truth is bad strategy and stupid even if the liar is willing to bribe you. And this liar that is of the Jewish race and who has legalized the counterfeit printing of money as long as HE does it, has been successfully bribing goyim, consumed with the idea of personal success in a Jewish, nightmare world, for hundreds of years now to where the feeling seems normal! Of course, living day to day and never thinking long term, as we are encouraged to do, assures this result. 

Protocols 11-7

For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the goy without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road?

If you grow up in a house with a 3 foot ceiling but you are six feet tall, you will think that is normal to live that way cause you won't know any differently and perhaps even get used to the discomfort while interpreting it AS comfort. That's what has happened with how we look on the world, with Jewish glasses:

Protocols 12-5

5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;
if already now there is not a single State where there exist for us any barriers to admittance into what goy stupidity calls State secrets: what will our positions be then, when we shall be acknowledged supreme lords of the world in the person of our king of all the world ....

Not only do we think what they want but in the next paragraph they tell us they have penetrated areas goy stupidity believes are secure. These are huge statements. Think about them tonight instead of counting the usual sheep, oops!

Review of Hitlerian thinking as opposed to Masonic thinking

I have several assumptions, I have concluded are true, to base from where we go from here.  Any behavior not resisting the Jew is working for the Jew, knowingly or unknowingly. For any entity not to work for the Jew, it has to, with deep detail, analyze every area of resistance being put into use and continue to do so all the while you go because, I can assure you , if you give the Jew and his agents an opportunity to compromise you, if you look the other way for but a second, he will.

This, my friends, is easier said than done and perhaps because we have always been penetrated, no one is using minute care to assure this is resolved ( the ole 6 footer in a three foot ceiling house trick). Of course much of the problem is that the Matrix is not a "something" you just see through and  now you see clearly kind of thing. In other words, it's not like being born again and  you will be saved no matter what you do from here on out, Hallelujah! The  opportunities for illusion never cease and can never be assumed gone beyond.

The Jewish matrix has been weaving webs of trickery for thousands of years. Structures that you believe are solid are permeated by the Jew. Belief systems you believe are your own were seeded to you from subtle Jewish programming done from behind the curtain so you wouldn't know the nefarious aims behind them. See this adjacent picture? Even many of us that are Jew-wise see Islam as as big a problem as the Jew Problem from which it stems. Ask yourselves who taught you this thing about Arabs? Has it been a reality from your earliest memories of childhood, the untrustworthy Arabs, the shiftless nigger, the guilty white-man who tyrannizes every other race? 

YES, most of you see through some of this Jewish programming but  using Hitlerian logic, we need to scrutinize it all and not hold on to what was comforting to our previous lives before seeing beyond the cave, we grew up sheltered in. Hitlerian logic is tasked with the job of, first, determining what information is real and what is self-serving for our enemy. The enemy, when we are using Hitlerian logic, is known to be the Jew source. We look at every explanation and determine, "Is the explanation adequate? Does it lead the reader to properly focus on the exact cause or does it misdirect?"

If it misdirects,  that explanation, for whatever reason falls short, it belongs to the masonic thinking category and likewise distracts ourselves away from our targets. This is what all masonic information is there to do. That's its job! To keep you clueless! To fill you with pretend logic and made up or irrelevant facts that will protect rather than out and find the perpetrator Jew behind the event. It, therefore,  leads us to enemies the Jew wants us to fight, instead of TOO THE JEW, as we have been fighting for him for 500 years plus to our very own detriment and why we are in this fix to begin with!

We have been fighting for him because we have failed to see him as the cause because we have believed him when he has said, "Look the other way, AWAY FROM ME!"

This means as a beginning,  you have to take information from the Jewspapers in small enough quantity not to be sucked back up into the lies it produces but only enough of it so you can point out those lies to those being duped but who have a possibility of waking up to their co-option!

 Hitlerian logic recognizes an international chessboard underneath all the various goyim foolery compartments where baby blankets serve to make the goyim feel safe while the Jew slowly leads them to the slaughter house. Assume if you are Jew-wise, that when you get to the slaughterhouse, you will be slaughtered and use the Bolshevik revolution for a prep course. The first thing the Jews did was kill the bourgeoisie, the goyim smart enough to resist! They then tore down Christian churches, leaving synagogues be, threatened death to those holding a copy of "The Protocols" and to those who spoke the truth about Jews (They called that antisemitism and you died for doing that. See them trying to re-enact that drama today. It is in various states of evolvement depending on the Jewish control already in place. All Jew truth everywhere is being systematically made illegal to scrutinize).

So we now know there is a good chance that "safe houses" are not safe, that they have been penetrated by Jewish agents. What do these agents try to do? They try to get you to think masonically. How is that demonstrated? They try to get you to see events through the eyes where the Jew is left untouched or unspotted or unmentioned. This is total in the MSM but it's more subtle in the alternative media that is dealing with targets that are more aware of the subversion. 

 Groups that rarely buy the MSM official explanations have to be tricked into buying an illusion that seems real. For the Jew-wise, that means claiming the blacks are as big a threat as the Jew or the Muslims (agent provocateur,Jewlie Mitchell, for example) or ranting on how misbehaving white females are made by women's lib and forget about all the Jewish female leaders that got them headed that way, done purely to subvert the host (Andrew Anglin engages thusly) while focusing on some inherent lacking in female biology that then focuses us on bickering amongst ourselves and loses sight on the the original conniving Jew behavior that created the atmosphere for the male complaint in the first place.

Again, always let the first causers bare the main brunt of our wrath not our own and for you racialists that believe you are too good to interact with non-pure bloods, get over yourselves. And for you keeping quiet while the worst among you act out or lead you to act out, speak up for silence is complicity! The pawns are rightfully our allies  and of from whom we may find greater numbers within our midst. What the Jew wants you to do is get so pissed off at what you see in front of you that you will forget there is a curtain not too far away where this is all being orchestrated from (Vince McMahon's room). 

 For those that fall for these tricky lies, you have just been sucked into the Jewish masonic world view while thinking you were staying above that water and in Hitlerian airspace. You have bought into the Jewish matrix lie system once again. The cold hard facts is that if you scrutinize most of the alternative media focus, they are simply giving a minorly different  slant than the MSM is. You have been co-opted, till you realize it and break free.

Again, this is a tricky area when you have cointel pro that has penetrated your group and is trained to use subtle misdirection to achieve Jewish aims. You will then have like what you see at Daily Stormer, the Anglin op, where his behavior will vary widely, focusing on the Jew heavily for short bursts and then coming back to Jewish taught racist memes, that  are for the purpose to mislead, such as evil blacks and Muslims that distract from the source Jew.

If you must refer to them, bring it home to the Jew so potential comrades don't conclude you are enemies. When we are misled in this way, this allows the targets (us) to believe they are resisting while still being fooled and  it allows the Jews to paint those aware of Jewish power abuse as anti-semitic people that hate every other race thus tying anti-semitism to blind hate and rage (and illogic by implication). This again is tricky, because the Jew will try to do this no matter what but why hand him the ammo to do it with? You dig?

Who needs unnecessary baggage that blocks the Jew-awareness we have from being espoused because we are answering the charges that we are demeaning blacks and Arabs and Jews. Don't you see? This equalizes Jews with Arabs and Blacks in the eyes of the illiterate onlookers whom we have an opportunity to sway.

We want the Jew cause to be the focus, not the Jew just one of many giving whites blacks and Muslims. There is no equality of trouble causer there. It is the Jew behind the curtain orchestrating the damage and all the deluded act out as pawns we see committing the act (for Jewish goals). Why again do we waist time on pawns when there are plenty more to refill the landscape if necessary? You feel me? The Jews are the leak, the pawns are the water. Go for the Jew!

If you are doing that and believing the misdirections, you are supporting the Jew World Order in ignorance. Ignorance is the fuel upon which the JWO moves so don't feel too bad if that is you. It literally takes a Hitlerian effort to rise above Jewish Masonic thinking. Why do you think there was only one Hitler? Why do you think that, other than NS Germany and the Spanish Inquisition, Jews have been on a role for five hundred years. Thinking masonically is status quo, 911 aware or holocaust aware or not, most are still in, by and large, the masonic matrix mind control scam and, to that extent, still deluded.

Unfortunately, little can be done in the way of REAL resistance till ops like Daily Stormer are held to account for their masonic programming of goy hate into the Jew-aware agenda. Since Stormer is a fairly solid reflection of a White Nationalist mindset, this also means a Hitlerian awakening must take place within the WN,  a, highly likely, forever penetrated operation totally in cahoots with Jewish power (trying to mix Jew avoidance, here, Jew clarity, there, is a mix that comes out masonic, in the end game and a Jew win!).

This article claims, when you click the pic, that Hitler is making a mason sign. I just put my hand on my hip and it makes the same sign. I'm not a mason. Hitler wasn't a mason!

You can tell the most reliably controlled figures by the ones that are constantly being interviewed in the mainstream press. These are the Jared Taylors and Andrew Anglins who have significant followers but are reliable in that they will not challenge Jewish explanations of events in most cases. In other words they accept the masonic landscape for a starting point.

If you are going to use Hitlerian logic, you simply can't do that. You have to make them prove their initial premise and refuse to move the discussion forward until that is resolved.This failure, to do so, is equivalent to a Joos, slight of hand maneuver that tricks those that follow after such folks as the Anglins and Taylors who are the agents for the cause, whether knowingly or not, chosen accordingly. If you adopt masonic thinking, to get a seat at the table, you participate for the Jew, after that, because you have agreed to his terms, his playing fields, his arena.

What this means, folks, is that the Hitlerian point of view tends to be kept from the public discussion. My idea of a Hitlerian Pyramid, that brings all those, capable of rising to the logic, together, even though many ideologies may differ, done by the uniting on that one idea of the  JEW, FIRST CAUSE and, by so doing, bridge that gap that has kept us apart and take that necessary first step, as a people beyond small cliques, that any real resistance must take in unison. Ideology obsession is a unity killer. Outing Jewish subversion is simply a hard-core fact. There is no ideology there.

Till that time and place, we continue to argue in our small groups and get disinfo'd that this or that leader  with their small cult following has the answer. We will continue to believe that scapegoating other goy, exploited races for problems caused by the Jew can lead us to some answer that will solve the problem in some LALA, NEVER-NEVER LAND TO BE in the near future while the Jew tells our leaders, passing on the illogic to us, "Good goy, keep it up,  they will never figure it out! Here's some sheckles!".

Targeted, hit and played! Now, get up and do better through your newly acquired awareness of the full playing field. You have left your cave, quit pretending you are still in it. Don't agree to what you know is a lie!

We can continue to don that loser's role or adopt a "Hitlerian attitude" that keeps the enemy Jew, priority straight, never losing that focus.To better understand the Masonic-Hitlerian mindset or the pro-Jew-anti-Jew outlook, read here. To understand the concept behind my continued use of the WWE-Vince McMahon analogy, read here.

To recap, Masonic thinking is being willing to pretend the Jew is not in the living room. By that very fact of pretending, the Jew problem can not be solved by engaging in their arena. Hitlerian thinking, always addresses every issue by acknowledging the Jewish problem or by getting to the Jewish problem as the first cause of the negative event. It does not tolerate ignoring the obvious so as to be called "Good Goys" by pretending their elephant is NOT crushing our living-room chairs!

These modes, Hitlerian and Masonic, are incompatible by nature for one thrives in darkness, the other in light and Hitlerian thinking can only enter the masonic universe by being strong enough in numbers to where the Masonic actors are convinced we, Hitlerians, have to be addressed and they must break some of  THEIR RULES to address it.  Until that time is reached and they make their decision as to whether  to deal with us or not, masonic game playing is like "Pissing in the wind" and you don't want to get that kind of wet, believe me, because it gets sticky real quick.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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